Drunk Red Dog Dancer Arrested For Hitting Boss In Face With Billiards Ball

Here in a few weeks, a new documentary about the Red Dog Cafe – or Saloon, I’m not sure what it’s called anymore – will make its debut at the DeadCenter Film Festival.

I haven’t seen the movie, but it apparently focuses on the club’s rise during the 1970s oil boom, the colorful characters who worked there, and all the cool diseases they passed around.

If they ever film a sequel, this may be a fun story to include.

Via KOKH FOX 25:

26-year-old Ashley Priola is accused of throwing billiard balls at her former boss after getting fired for showing up to work intoxicated according to police.

Police said they were called to Red Dog Saloon for an assault after an employee was fired and had hit the manager with a billiard ball.

When officer arrived they were told Priola had gone the convenience store in the back room. Police retrieved Priola and brought her back to the scene.

I, admittedly, haven’t been to Red Dog since I took Louis there for his legendary food review about the club’s spectacular and now defunct kitchen, but when did they get a convenience store in the back? This takes On Cue’s expansion across the metro a bit too far.

Here’s more:

Manager, Hollie Jones, and a witness, Heather Daugherty, told officers Priola had arrived to work drunk.

Jones said she gave Priola permission to work, dancing on the stage, but she had fallen twice on the stage.

Police were told Jones then fired Priola for coming to work intoxicated.

Once Priola was fired, Jones and Daugherty said Priola grabbed a billiard ball and threw it at Jones hitting her in the face.

They said she then grabbed a second ball and threw it but missed.

First of all, if strip clubs fired every stripper who showed up to work intoxicated, there wouldn’t be any strip clubs left in Oklahoma City. Second, give Priola some credit. She has terrific aim! I watched enough drunken fights at Slick Willies in the 1990s to know that hitting a non-stationary target with a billiard ball is more difficult than you think. Having a 50% hit rate is impressive!

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29 Responses

  1. If I’d been that boss, I would have knocked the bitch on her ass BEFORE calling the police. She’ll probably meet her next girlfriend in jail.

    1. Run the risk of knocking an intoxicated person to the ground and their head hitting the floor, and either killing them or severely handicapping them. Better play it safe and let the authorities be the one to handle it.

    2. I danced for 4 years,and I only got drunk twice, which was in the club it’s self!
      So no not all strippers are drunk before arriving.infact none where!!! So maybe you don’t know the REAL problems in a strip joint!?! Fantasy island 1,is where police will find most female abductors(truckers)
      Fancy’s is where you’ll find big Tim drug dealers,just not so busy, anymore. Red dog is more hi class then most think,it would make sense they built a store on! GETTO GIRLS,PIMPS.
      Cover girls.. doctor’s lawyer’s hi ends go there ONLY just for one girl..let’s just say legal prostitution.Midway..is based all on dirty old drunks and Mexican’s with little money to spare,sad really! Boscos is decent,from my experience,my x-best friend married the owner.

  2. I read that the film debuted at SXSW.
    As for the billiard ball throwing… not exactly what I was expecting. I thought there would be a somewhat more creative launching method involved.

  3. Not exactly the kind of eight ball I would expect to be thrown around there..

    1. That’s funny.

  4. Is Ashley qualified for the OU presidency, she doesn’t appear to be a person of color but could be a fellow Native American, if she’s a tranny she will be hard to beat, at least give her public interview. I hope she can show at the campus library tonight to state her case and answer questions. Go Sooners, Big Red!

    1. Whats’ wrong? Couldn’t “pray the gay away?”

      1. Ooooo….

    2. Spot on

  5. Ah the Red Dog. The people I knew that worked there while earning their college degrees in the 90s and the poetry I used to write there. I live in Prague now (CZ, not OK) and I wanted to know how can see this documentary.

    1. >I live in Prague now (CZ, not OK)<

      Ah, the one pronounced "wrong" (Prohg) as opposed to the one "pruhnouncified right!" (Prayg)

  6. You don’t really know where she hid the billiard balls. Then again, you might.

  7. Ah the now defunct kitchen. I’ll take a No. 2 Hot Dog and hold the hair.

  8. The girl is right, such work can not be done sober ;)) And if the restaurateur turns in to pimp it has consequences ;)))))))))))) Old fool.! ( barlooooog at gmail dot com )

  9. Too bad about the kitchen closing. They could have offered a Stormy Don Raw Dog.

  10. Man they closed the kitchen?? They had the best hot link sandwich😡

  11. How did that second throw miss a legislator?

    1. That’s damn funny……….with a twist of truth!

  12. The kitchen is still open there is a convenient store next store not in the back.

  13. Back in the ’70’s, a woman who eventually became my first wife danced at the Dawg for about a year or so. That was when there was an actual dance floor there and live bands on the weekend. Wild, wild place. I was a young and stupid, drug-addled hippie-oid, and I spent a fair number of hours there. One of my most vivid memories is not of the naked bodies all around – they all kind of blur together – but a fight that could have been straight out of a Hollywood action flick. Pool sticks and balls flying, people crashing into posts, and I was weaving in and out of it like a scared cat, trying to get to a non-action locale.
    And the dancers, some of them, actually danced, instead of that stylized swaying that became the norm.
    Haven’t been to a strip bar in some 30 years, I guess. And the 1st wife is long gone.

    1. :::Haven’t been to a strip bar in some 30 years, I guess. And the 1st wife is long gone.:::

      A double win for you, sir.

  14. Lol…I go there every now and then. Heard many past stories but now and days it’s laid back. I do miss quarter beer on Thursdays. Hit n miss as far as the dancers are concerned. Fyi, never eat food at a strip club! #my2cents

  15. Oklahoma Standard Baby!

  16. Used to have a awesome burger basket but it’s always have drunk and high girls that worked there plus the managers were perverted and expected sexual favors thou I have known some of the dancers that had worked there to be actually do this to help pay for school and help supplement there income to take care of the family but they are long gone now miss the old red dog and Gordy the day manager the past away a few years back.

  17. Not for nothing, that doc premiered at SXSW. They had a prescreening at Dead People’s Stuff here in OKC and I was lucky enough to go. I have to say, one of the best documentaries I have seen. Very well done, very unique.

  18. Being one that not only worked there for a greater part of my younger life and being a BITCH that would be a stupid bitch up for shots and giggles. Because I could I learned a lot of life’s hard lessons there and maybe bunch of people who remain my friends to this day . So all you Na Sayers and haters who obviously paid my bills and others I know. It’s the Red Dog , Pink Puppy , saloon whatever . It’s a place where not much BULLSHIT is accepted and karma is a bitch . I am glad your ok Hollie and you know she will get hers as EVERY STUPID YOUNG DUMB BITCHES DO. Love you guys miss you too. DESIRE. Lol

  19. The Red Dog in the 70’s…good times and lived to tell the story!

  20. I used to go there on Christmas nights in the mid to late 90’s. The two sides of my family would celebrate Christmas right before and right after Christmas day, so Christmas evening was pretty boring for me. The interesting thing is the ladies would take EVERYTHING off. Completely nude. There were a surprising number of people there on Christmas evening. I suppose management approved this for that day. My guess is their logic was that no undercover officer is going to visit on Christmas day. So let’s make some $$! I was fine with it. They had a kitchen then. I ordered nachos one time. Never again.

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