Emily Sutton Confronts Derplahoman On Facebook. Earns Free Mexican Food For Life.

On Monday afternoon, while severe weather anxiety gripped the entire metro, Emily Sutton brought a couple of bilingual employees into the KFOR weather lair to hype up that deadly, didn’t-really-materialize PDS weather forecast for the Spanish-speaking viewing audience.

Check it out:

That’s a cool thing to do. Hispanics make up approximately 20% of OKC’s population, and a good percentage of them speak little, if any, English, so providing them with a forecast in their native language is an excellent way to make sure they are properly alarmed and terrified like the rest of us.

Sadly, not everyone was a fan of Emily’s good deed. After her forecast, some old geezer left a Facebook comment to whine and complain about “Mexican language” being spoken on Facebook live. It received instant backlash and appears to have been deleted, but only after being shared all over social media.

Check this out:

Wow. Written like a true Derplahoman! If this guy hasn’t already, he should run for public office in southeastern Oklahoma. They love people who speak America English!

Sadly, we’re way too familiar with the Richard’s of the world here at The Lost Ogle.

In 2013, nine Spanish-speaking Guatemalan immigrants tragically lost their lives during the infamous “Blame Mike Morgan for Everything” May 31st tornado outbreak. When the local media examined what needs to be done to better inform, prepare and warn Spanish-speaking human beings about our state’s deadly tornado outbreaks, a loud and proud band of racists and bigots of all ages and backgrounds climbed out of the spittoon to gripe and complain on Facebook. We compiled the worst of those comments and wrote an article about it, which you can read here.

But before you do that, check out Emily’s mic drop on Richard:


Don’t be a Richard? Get it? That’s pretty fucking awesome. Our Severe Weather Princess isn’t all cotton candy clouds and sugar plumb raindrops, is she? She has lightning bolts hiding in that smile and knows how to use them.

Richard’s comment and Emily’s response quickly went viral in the OKC Metro Echo Chamber. It seemed like every comment and share either called out Richard for being a racist or praised Emily for being a hero and standing up to racist. She’s even been promised FREE MEXICAN FOOD AND DRINKS for life!

Geeze, I wish someone would leave a racist comment on our Facebook page! We’d respond faster than the new guy at the restaurant who brings out the chips, salsa and queso-like substance! Will someone just make sure that the people who own Abel’s see our response?

Anyway, as I mentioned earlier, Richard apparently deleted his message. If you can find it, let me know. In the meantime, you can check out his public Facebook account for some hilarious right wing Trump memes, as well as a lot of comments from people suggesting #dontbearichard.

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85 Responses

  1. Good for Emily! She took that creature down very well (seriously, he showed what an idiot he is just in his comment).

  2. All Emily needs is a lasso of truth and some bulletproof bracelets!

  3. The “Untied” States of America?These racist turds are always half illiterate.

    1. To be fair, considering the state of the USA these days, “untied” might be an apt description.

    2. Yea I noticed that right off; I’m certain he’s apart of the poorly educated that tRUMP loves SO much.

  4. Bravo Emily!!!!

  5. Wouldn’t you know it? Richard (if that’s him pictured on the top of his Facebook page) is shown proudly holding what looks like M-16 rifle. Making a statement of some sort, I suppose. What statement? Maybe not the one that he intends.

    Based on the crap posted on his page, he’s a Richard all right. Born a Richard and destined to die a Richard.

    The photos suggest that he’s a military guy. I thought that the military had higher standards. I know that the military doesn’t look kindly on having racist assholes in their midst.

    1. More than likely militia. Or poser.

    2. I think the pictures on “Richard’s” Facebook page are actually grandchildren and children. I mean if you’re going to be an embarrassment use someone else’s photo right.

    3. The pic isn’t him. From what I saw, all military pics are other family members. Thank goodness!

    4. He might be military guy. As a 22-year military veteran I can say that the military is a true slice of American culture. The military literally has someone from every social, ethnic, and cultural background. So, some military members are turds…not many…a very small percentage…but they are out there.

    5. I’m thinking he had gotten out of the military some years earlier looking at his page. His post was still a disgraces the uniform. If he is still active or reserved, I hope the USAF see this event.

    6. Hispanics, according to Pew Research make up at least 13% of the current US Military and are some of the most patriotic folks I’ve ever known.

  6. Emily can do no wrong. :::praises praises::: :::bows bows:::

  7. Perfect response. Thank you Emily Sutton.

  8. Emily for Senate!!!

    1. Learning the language would be more appropriate

      1. I’m curious, Debra, if you know any other languages. I do; a few to be exact. And there’s a difference between understanding everyday conversational English, and understanding the technicalities of weather preparedness and an understanding of severe weather precautions.

        I can go to Mexico and speak enough Spanish to order a meal or find the restaurant (or restroom in the restaurant) and make basic purchases, but I sure as heck couldn’t communicate to a doctor or nurse about a medical issue or talk to someone about a weather emergency.

        Try to learn another language and ALL of its nuances “quickly” and then tell me how well you do on that front.

    2. hurl

  9. It might be better if someone from Abel’s sees it. 🙂

    1. and I see it was corrected.. lol

  10. This was a good idea by Emily. Any station can broadcast a secondary audio program channel (or SAP). They could have bilingual announcers translating during the severe weather interrupted programming to the secondary audio channel.

    Broadcasters are also required by law to have closed captioning in English. They could very easily also have closed captioning in as many languages as they want, and could offer closed captioning in Spanish for all their programming.

    Digital TVs have all sorts of features on them, you might be surprised as you look at all the options you have available in the menus. Of course the TV stations have to transmit that information, and also educate the public on how to receive it by programming their TV.

    The technology is available to the local TV stations to do what Emily was trying to achieve. The problem is if the TV station is willing to spend the money for staff to perform these functions. Some stations do have sponsors for their news close captioning, so could probably do the same for the closed captioning in additional languages, and even get some revenue for doing what could also be a community service. Seems like a win-win for everyone, and Richard wouldn’t even know it was going on, as I doubt he could program his TV to receive Spanish audio or Spanish closed captioning.

    1. We said

  11. She hit the jackpot. San Marcos has the best Mexican food in the city. I drive from east of Remington to San Marcos for their food. Emily well done. More people should think of others like her.

  12. San Marcos is the shit too. Good for her.

  13. I loved that Emily had the interpreters on. I thought it was a brilliant idea. Thank you.

    As far as Richard is concerned, the United States is a diverse nation with a diverse population. When most of our ancestors came to this country came to this country, they probably did not speak English either. I have no patience for people with such prejudices. They are missing out on learning so much about life by not getting to k ow people from other cultures.

    I just wonder if Richard went to France or a non English speaking country if we would be angry that people did not speak English – his language. I’m sure I t would never occur to him to learn their language.

  14. Yay, Emily

  15. Way to go Emily!! You were very eloquent and graceful in your response. Thank for standing up for what is right!

  16. It’s San Marcos #4…….not Abels. PLEASE make the correction. Erik DeLoera owns San Marcos #4. He’s a great guy who I’ve known for many years, so I’m not surprised by his generous offer to Emily! I think it’s brilliant of her to bring in interpreters for the Spanish speaking OKLAHOMANS! Bless you, Emily! Bless you, Erik! And God bless ALL my Oklahoma brothers and sisters, no matter what language you speak!

  17. Hey, Emily, get an Arabic translator. That way, maybe you can score a free lifetime’s supply of healthy Mediterranean food. And you can rest assured that you’ll piss off a good number of Derps if you do.

    1. Good Shawarma is always a treat!

  18. Now i know which of the three rings to watch at the weather circus.
    Besides,i was getting tired of the guys and their red and purple storm erections.

  19. What does SE Oklahoma have to do with this? Are they Different from the rest of Oklahoma in their beliefs?

  20. Be like Emily!!!!

  21. Didn’t materialize? There were about a dozen tornadoes.

  22. I would take Emily out in any language!!!

  23. Nice job Emily

  24. Nice Job Emily. The Oklahoma Spirit!

  25. Beautiful! Thank you Emily Sutton.

  26. This is just Emily’s vain attempt take back the queen bee of weather title from Lacey while she is preggers.

    I see through this people’s champion ruse.

  27. Emily is awesome!

  28. Emily is wonderful! As is Erik!! Thanks for the shout out to The Lost Ogle, I’m sure we could work something out!

  29. I was raised in Oklahoma, and I would hear the comment often, “ you live in America, learn to speak English “
    I married a pilot in the US Army, and we PCS’d overseas. I am thankful the South Koreans and European Countries, and visiting Japan and China…. Canada, etc. I am thankful for the patience towards this okie who gave it her best shot to learn their languages. I got lost, needed a bathroom, needed directions. I learned a lesson in those years, one is…..it’s really not a big deal. I will also add, apparently those who are saying, learn English if you are going to live in the USA, believe me, our foreign citizens are trying. So, until they master speaking our language, show a little American intelligence, and help out. Way to go Emily! Thank you for wanting to spare one of Heavenly Father’s children during a storm.

    1. +1

    2. Thank you LauraJane Jensen. I think you could draw a direct correlation between lack of empathy and personal experience.

      The most “-ist” people I have met in my life had one thing in common, a total lack of experience with people outside of their immediate culture (I say culture rather than area, as some people are apt to move across the country, but then settle in the same mirror-image of the community they were in before).

      I believe one can be as Conservative or Liberal as they want and still have (or in some cases NOT have) empathy. What often amazes me is that even those deep in a religion can also have none. I have met two men in my extended family who traveled as you did and STILL hated other cultures.

      It’s the golden rule, yes? Treat others the way you would like/need/hope to be treated, if in their shoes. Your story illustrates that exact perfectly.

    3. /like

  30. Thank you for your gracious and well spoken response to Richard. There is no place for such cruel racial babbling.

  31. I agree with Emily, however, I take issue with your degrading remark about the people of Southeastern Oklahoma! While there is a few racist here just like everywhere else in the world. We are not all that way!

  32. This guy is giving all Richards a bad name.
    Fuck him.

  33. SAP much? The stories the lost ogle post are funny. That’s right anyone who voted for Trump is a racist sexist homophobe Someone should right a song.

    Yes we Trump voters want all Hispanics to die in tornadoes and flooding. Our secret is out.

    Can’t beat up free Spanish food for life though. Good for Emily.

    1. Write… someone should write a song.
      Here’s your sign Derplahoman.

    2. All I want is Trump voters to do is explain how they can defend/support someone who basically lies about everything, and by everything I mean if he’s talking he’s lying. He even lies when the truth would serve him better and promote his platform to his advantage. Now before you say “well Hillary/Clinton/Sanders/etc., lied or was worse” that’s two separate things. Them lying or being worse does not allow or make his “lying” okay. He’s a disgusting person whether you’re a Republican, Democrat, Libertarian, independent and his political opponents being “worse, horrid, or whatever” does not justify his out and out propaganda. I think in the future History will show “Trump” will be a term similar to that of Samuel Mudd, the Dr. who treated JW Booth, and his name became a tremendous insult.

      1. Miss seeing your posts, cap. This article, and the people in it, are a symptom of the greater issue. We’ve become a nation of “me first – my way or else” throwers of tantrums. From my perspective, everyone’s butt hurt, angry and irrational. While trying to use some introspection, I know that I have a laundry list of my own on this front – we all do. Now, can we …as a species… come to grips with that fact? It’s doubtful in my mind. I’ll work on my own shit either way. Great story Patrick…awesome, evolved move Emily. Great to see Cap post too!

        1. Thanks so much for the kind words,
          lack of post relate primarily to being busier and/or interest level in stories—not complaining or criticizing in any way, just some of the recent past items not my cup of tea. I still read, peruse, and thoroughly enjoy TLO, it’s writers, and those who comment.

      2. Explain themselves? Not possible.

        Trump supporters aren’t about reasons, or even about reason. They are about their own feelings.

        Trump spoke the truth for once when he said: “I could stand in the middle of 5th Avenue and shoot somebody and I wouldn’t lose voters.” Because they don’t care what crimes he might commit or how deeply amoral he is.

        Maya Angelou said: “I’ve learned that people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel.”

        HOW does Trump make his fans feel so good? I can’t quite wrap my mind around that yet.

        1. Spot on +100

        2. You are exactly right sir. I, being of the nerdy persuasion, always have to try to determine the “reason” for everything. Anyone is welcome to their opinions and personal freedoms, but I just want to understand the “why”.

          Trumpism, itself, confused me. I come from a long family line of upper-midwest Republicans, and they were horrified. They didn’t change parties, but wanted no part of what was happening. The only article that has ever come close to explaining things adequately, at least to me, was this one: “The Church of Trump” — The Atlantic (out of respect to the forum, I’m not posting the URL, but the Google search is a quick). It confirms exactly what you’re saying about how he made people feel, but expounds on it. Essentially, Trump meetings are/were much like tent revivals. It’s worth a read.

  34. Really feel like I’m surrounded by illiterate racists, a LOT of the time here.

  35. I’ll pile on with the cascade of praise for Emily. She did a great job in all aspects of this.

    And is it just me, or does she look better now now than she ever has? I hadn’t seen her in a while because I’ve been paying too much attention to Joleen Chaney and Meg Alexander…but DAMN Emily looks really good. I used to think she was ‘cute’, and now I’d say she has jumped up to the ‘hot’ category!

  36. Well done, Emily!!

  37. Learning the language would be more appropriate

    1. More appropriate than what? More appropriate than trying to protect the lives of those who haven’t learned to speak and understand English very well yet

  38. What do you call a Mexican in rubber boots? Rubber-Toe….

  39. I love Emily Sutton even more now!!!! The world needs more Emily!!! Be an Emily!!!!

  40. How about this old one?
    “Good thing we won the revolutionary war with England… or we’d speaking English now”

  41. Tell that to a French speaking Canuck… I bet they laugh

  42. I like that his name is Weathers, and he’s complaining about the, uh, Mexican language weather.

  43. Emily’s the goodest but she now has some competition on her own station. The weekend anchor chick Jacklynn Chappell is very hot.

    1. I must do some research on this ….

  44. Because this article does not have enough comments, Emily is awesome!!!

  45. I am thrilled to see this outreach and public service. Richard may not know it, but we are Americans because we live in North America. By that standard, every Canadian, Mexican, everyone who lives in South America and Central America is just as much American as Richard is or anyone else who lives in the United States of America. Sorry, Richard, but you are an idiot as well as a racist.

    1. It makes me think of National Lampoons “Dirty Movie” and “Another Dirty Movie” there is nothing racist about telling jokes about another race, class, or sexual orientation…

  46. Learn the language and come legal. That’s not too much to ask. She was being a bit woke here, but if they get hurt they will be in the hospital on our dime like Louis so the less of that we have to pay for the better.

    1. “Learn the language and COME legal” ? Really? You must be one of those ” very stable geniuses” I keep hearing about.

    2. Make Mexico pay for the wall clouds!

    3. Betting you’ve taken welfare of some sort in the past and will never admit it.

  47. His two favorite websites are info wars and the daily caller

  48. Erik is like one of our sons,and always speaks his mind from his heart.
    Emily, God bless you for being a lovely human being!!

  49. Seems like Patrickisadouche might just be a douche…

  50. El Reno Oklahoma … “many of the people there were Hispanic and don’t speak English… which has complicated the rescue efforts” Matt White mayor of El Reno…

    1. They should have probably learned English so that they understood the warnings. And call me racist all you want, doesn’t change the fact that illegals abuse our social programs and coat Oklahomans jobs and services. If you care about poor Oklahomans, you cannot support illegal immigration.

      1. You are a racist and an idiot. Don’t you ever proof read ? How do you COAT Oklahomans jobs? Both of your posts on this page alone have been pathetic. Oklahoma Standard!!!

        1. Butt. As English as the standard for verbal exchange in this country…. what do expect?

  51. Translate el reno from spanish to English … what don’t you get… or was it Fort Reno ..

  52. Richard is just more proof of what leads to Derplahomans. Living proof as to why cousins should not be allowed to marry! As a 55+ year Latino resident of Oklahoma, it just never ceases to amaze me how determined these backwoods Okies are in doubling down on their efforts to drag us back sociologically to the 19th century.

    My mother, a very well educated woman with a Phd in Education put it best: “No son mas comemierdas porque no es posible!”

    Louis: I’ll leave it up to you to provide the translation.

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