The Oklahoman has retired…

Another failed Oklahoman experiment is being put out to pasture.

Yesterday morning, while its few remaining print subscriptions were being delivered to grandparents and bagel shops all over the metro, The Oklahoman quietly re-branded as the, placing its longtime digital news brand into a static, redirecting, vegetative state.

For the last time in TLO history… via NewsOK:

The Oklahoman is combining and into one website: The experience will now be found at beginning May 21.

The old URL will now point to The former is going away. The full print replica, also know as the e-edition, will remain available as before.

Basically, they got rid of that weird website and changed the name of to Make sense?

Although we don’t run self-congratulatory house ads that brag about our oh-so-bold criticism of the paper, we’ve always enjoyed poking fun at The Oklahoman and its failed projects. Does anyone else remember “WTF is Wimgo?” Week?

That being said, I’m going to miss NewsOK, at least in a nostalgic sense.

Launched in August of 2001, the website started as a joint venture between The Oklahoman and News 9. I guess the idea was The Oklahoman would handle the wordy journalism and newspaper-style stuff, and Channel 9 would handle the TV journalism and video stuff, all at one convenient, co-branded web location. Here’s what the website looked like in its infancy:

What’s fared worse since 2001? The Oklahoman’s local media empire or the Nebraska football program?

Kelly Dyer Fry – the Oklahoman’s current publisher  – was the first General Manager of NewsOK. That’s ironic in a Frankenstein’s Monster sense. Here’s an enthusiastic article she wrote about the site in 2002 when it celebrated its one year anniversary. launched almost a year ago. In fact, Aug. 19 will be our first birthday.

We work on NewsOK everyday. We understand it — we know it inside and out. Yet, oftentimes in conversation with friends, we will still hear, “I didn’t know you guys did that.”

That’s funny. I bet Kelly still hears the same thing 17-years later, which probably explains why they’re killing the NewsOK brand. Here’s more:

NewsOK is a limited liability corporation jointly owned by KWTV NEWS9 and The Oklahoman. You can find news and information from both entities. Every morning, a team of editors gets online and sorts through the many news stories that go online from The Oklahoman. They also begin taping segments from the NEWS9 team and post video clips online. Stories are updated throughout the day. What you see at 8 a.m. may be totally different by day’s end.

We have live weather radars and seven-day forecasts. We have extensive photo galleries from The Oklahoman photographers. We have stock quotes, sports scores and crosswords.

You will also find advertising online. The classified ads from The Oklahoman go online every day. Many have direct e-mail or Web site links that bring the ad to life. The ads are also searchable. Many print display ads are online, as well. They, too, are searchable.

Yep, they had stock quotes, sports scores and crosswords. Fancy, huh? And who doesn’t like good, searchable print ad? Kelly Dyer Fry is an obvious visionary when it comes to digital media. It’s a good thing the Oklahoman’s out-of-state owners named her publisher!

In all fairness to Kelly, I don’t think anyone could have foreseen the tidal wave of change that was about to viciously hit the newspaper industry. Way back then, smart phones didn’t exist, Google had not yet cornered and saturated the banner ad market, and video streaming was a cumbersome, buggy mess. Also, things like social media and blogs didn’t exist. Seriously, if you would have told me in an AOL IM in 2001 that a satirical pseudo-news blog that I will create in 2007 will not only outlast in 2019, but rival it in popularity, I would have bought everyone a round of .70-cent draws at the Midwest City Henry Hudson’s!

By 2008, Channel 9 finally saw where digital media was heading and realized they needed their own website. They abandoned NewsOK to launch I still think they’re still trying to make up for all the backlinks they missed in the early part of the 2000s. tried to adapt, and invested heavily in video and other products to build new revenue streams, and, well, we know how all that turned out.

Anyway, RIP It’s going to be weird not having you around, but I’ll still be sure to type your name in my address bar from time to time whenever I want to see a stock quote, sports score or play a crossword puzzle. Granted, it will be more out of instinct and habit than an real tribute, but always remember – it’s the page view that counts.

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16 Responses

  1. Laugh but when good journalism dies so does democracy. What’s the difference between those old fashioned print ads and Internet pop-up ads? Nothing. When the smirking Millennials figure out a way to provide vital information and make a profit let me know.

    1. This smirking millennial has been reading the DOK periodically since childhood and can’t remember it ever being worthy of being described as “good journalism.”

      1. I’ve read the Daily Dis for over fifty years. To this day in retirement I get up and read the Oklahoman and New York Times cover to cover. Yes the Oklahoman isn’t the shining example of investigative reporting with numerous grievous examples of shoddy coverage, slanted coverage or omission of coverage. But the newspapers of this country have brought many purveyors of corruption, evil and incompetency to justice. We watched an election in 2016 be stolen because social media, the news darling of millennials, was manipulated by a foreign hostile power. God help us all when good journalism disappears and all we’re left is staring at kitty videos and conspiracy theories coming over our “smart” phones.

        1. CRAZY LARRY HERE – Sure, I mean the Russians did you use social media to inflame sides, but really the stupid Americans that repost all this crap and don’t ever verify it are the ones to blame. I still see this in my newsfeeds! Sorry, but the 55+ crowd were EXTREMELY gullible in actually believing it, and STILL are. CRAZY LARRY OUT.

        2. Man you are a dumbass…

      2. Really. Who uncovered the DHS debacle which probably at minimum improved the lives of kids in foster care and possibly saved lives. Who covered the bombing better. Did you read the recent story about Logan, the young boy gone missing ? I could go on…. Get a clue.

  2. What can we do to rejuvenate the moribund business model of NewsOK? Any ideas?

    I know – lets REBRAND it as something new and exciting!

    New and exciting? Like what? Hmm…….

    I’ve got it! How about THE OKLAHOMAN!

    Yes! Let’s do it! Nothing says “new and exciting” like a soiled old name that has been around since before statehood.

  3. The only reason I take the print edition of the paper is to do the Cryptoquote and Crossword puzzles. It’s a bitch doing them on the screen. They seem to have a problem getting people to deliver the paper lately, so I have to go online and print the puzzles. While I’m not a grandparent, I’m pretty old and say fuck you to the digs you give old people.

  4. 18 years isn’t a “failed experiment”, it’s actually pretty damn successful. Facebook is 15, I guess it’s an experiment, too.

    Wingo, now that’s a failed experiment.

  5. That’s not even the end of it. Moving the NewsOK site is only temporary since Gatehouse media is about to replace the whole site at with the same site design as the Columbus Dispatch (

  6. I was a reporter at The Oklahoman when they did that KWTV joint project. Our questions in staff meetings: Does this mean you’re going to start hiring photogenic reporters over the best reporters with visual challenges? What happens when KWTV is in a news story? Are we going to protect them and keep it out of our pages? The latter actually did happen. Channel 9 lost a big defamation suit and the top unethical editors tried to kill it. There was a newsroom revolt and they had to run a few inches buried inside the Biz section.

    1. Haha visual challenges instead of ugly. Too great!

      1. Drunk-posting after 2AM again?

        1. Nope, I was in another time zone. In a bigger city with a lot of people who are libs and leftists…you know, morons.

  7. They forgot to scrub this from the top of the homepage– “NewsOK: Oklahoma City News, Sports, Weather & Entertainment.” So much for re-branding.

  8. Reuters, TLO and NPR do better jobs of reporting about the state than any newspaper.

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