Oklahoma Lawmaker pitches study to stop “Reefer Madness” from harming Oklahoma…

The chin-head pictured above, who looks like he should be drinking with Peter Griffin at the Drunken Clam, is Republican State Rep. Lewis Moore.

Last Friday, he righteously requested the Oklahoma House of Representatives hold an interim study to investigate “Stopping ‘Reefer Madness’ from harming Oklahoma!”

Sadly, Lewis isn’t referring to the misinformation spewed by the infamous and hysterical 1930s propaganda film that inadvertently made marijuana look like the most amazing drug on the planet by warning people about its insanely exaggerated evils. He’s simply trying to be clever and referring to medical marijuana legalization as “madness.”

Here’s a summary of his proposal:

You may think it’s odd that Lewis is requesting to study these things after A) Oklahomans overwhelmingly approved SQ 788, and B) conservative Oklahoma lawmakers, for the most part, upheld the integrity of 788 with their “unity package.” But then again, you have to remember that Lewis is a theocratic Oklahoma lawmaker, and giving people from all walks of life the freedom and power to purchase a mild intoxicant that makes them feel good really grinds his gears.

Either way, as a self-appointed expert on the devil’s lettuce, I thought I’d be a good citizen, save everyone some time and money, and answer Lewis’s questions for him…

1. What are the dangers of marijuana use? Well, it can make you thirsty, hungry and sleepy. It also makes you dumber, while simultaneously making you feel smarter and more enlightened, which I guess means it’s a lot like religion.

2. What legal recourse is there to stop tainted product from coming into Oklahoma? I’d like to respond to this question with my own question: Where was this concern about tainted marijuana entering the state from the 1930s to 2018?

Not that I would ever admit to buying marijuana while it was illegal, but unless you knew the grower, you had no clue where the stuff came from and what insecticides, fertilizers and drying agents the Mexican drug cartels sprayed all over it. That changed a bit when Colorado and other states legalized weed, and medical-grade stuff started trickling into the state like smoke escaping from the cracks of a closed bathroom door at a high school-house party. But if guys like Lewis didn’t care then — when hundreds of thousands of people used marijuana each year — why care now?

3. Who does testing on substance right now? This is actually a fair question, and is something they’re still trying to figure out in states where marijuana has been legalized for many years. The accuracy and integrity of THC testing results can’t always be trusted, so I’d say just go with what your budtender recomnends. Most of the time they are stoned, and stoned people are usually way too honest.

4. Do legal sales encourage cartels and other negative forces in the state? Yeah, 100% without a doubt, the legalization of marijuana will greatly help the cartels that profited off the prohibition of a high-demand product for decades and decades and decades. The legalization of medical marijuana and the ability for consumers to by it from safe, regulated, local businesses, will be a boom for the cartels’ business. I guess it will also help the other “negative forces” in the state that profited off prohibition, like local sheriff departments and the Oklahoma Bureau of Narcotics.

Seriously, though, what shitty ditch weed was he smoking when he came up with that question? Is there a black market for medical marijuana? Of course! Just like there were still bootleggers and moonshiners following the repeal of alcohol prohibition, it’s going to take a while to legitimize the thriving multi-billion dollar marijuana black market. The people who benefited from the ridiculous prohibition will do whatever they can to hang on and make money. Can you blame them?


Anyway, if you have comments or thoughts on Lewis’s proposed study, I’d suggest giving him a call or email. When you do, keep in mind – this is just a proposal. House leaders like Jon Echols have been very clear-headed (like a nice a sativa) when dealing with medical marijuana. Let’s hope he sees the study for what it is – reefer madness.

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21 Responses

  1. If he’d just read the Gazette, all his questions can be answered. It has become the magnum opus on pot. But he also needs to realize what a windfall this will be. An old abandoned Sonic that has been vacant for years on Broadway in Edmond is now a nice clean green dispensary. What a country!!

  2. Marijuana laws came about because Nixon hated hippies. While research shows that there may be long term negative effects on brain development, the idea that it’s more dangerous or harmful than alcohol or tobacco is pretty laughable.

    1. Actually, marijuana laws came about waaaaaaaaaaay earlier than that – https://skeptoid.com/episodes/4401

    2. Guys of Griffin’s ilk still hate hippies as much as Nixon ever did. But at least Nixon had reasons. Most of them were opposed to him and his stupid war.

      Griffin is merely a garden-variety Republican dimwit.

      1. We have a whole state of them as described by last line of your post.

        1. High five Jimbo – you nailed it!

  3. This guy does realize “reefer madness” was a racist term, right? Oh wait, he is a Republican, he doesn’t care.

    1. No, you’re probably thinking of “porch monkey”.

  4. Here’s guessing that in the minds of the trumpenproletariat that “Reefer Madness” – the classic along with “The Birth of a Nation” – are soon to be two required “documentaries” for primary and secondary students in the Quakenado state. Any semblance of “sex education” – other than “just say no” -will be outlawed as political education and the dangers of hemp are part and parcel to a strong, fundamentalist outlook for society. Coming to a legislator in the form of a friendly amendment to Representative Moore’s bill near you, soon. You heard it here, first.

    1. The only sex education Trump and the spineless lickspittle Republicans care about is “is she my type so I can rape her”?

  5. This story from huffpo describes what has the moonbats agitated. Earlier today Illinois voted to legalize the sale and possession of legal cabbage. The governor claimed that he will look at commuting the sentences of “Non-Violent Drug Offenders”. Read on: https://www.huffpost.com/entry/illinois-legalizes-marijuana_n_5cf1833ce4b0e346ce7e26c7

    1. Was just going to say IL made it free rage chickens on weed today. Jesus Pence will be wanting to build a wall on the IL/IN border. OH THE MADNESS!!!!!!!!!!

  6. Normally, I’d throw a wrench into his questions, but I think these are good questions that non users and users alike should have. Where’s my green coming from? What pesticides are used? Are there negative side effects? How does my legal participation help career criminals become legit and does it dip into an unsafe black market? These are decent questions, but they are easily answered by a 20 minute google search.

    1. As mentioned in the article, Griffin never expressed any of his questions or concerns about weed when it was ALL illegal in Oklahoma. Had the US government sprayed your Mexican weed with herbicide?

      Therefore I question his motives about his new-found concerns. He isn’t about health – he’s really about prohibition, “Reefer Madness” style.

      1. Um, the state wasn’t responsible for regulating weed when it was legal. Now it’s kinda thier job…

  7. I see we’ve got some more conservative culture warriors to vote out of office next go-round. Those types just live in fear and anxiety that someone, somewhere, might be having a life and having fun.

  8. Sing along, gang! “We don’t smoke marijuana in Muskogee…”

    1. “We don’t take our trips on O P iodis”….”

  9. I wonder what the price tag is for this stupid Interim Study?

  10. What a dim witted numbskull pandering to the people at his church. Aren’t we tired of these folks trying to dictate other people’s lives from the pulpit? Haven’t we had enough bullshit from these morons? Isn’t it time for the people of Oklahoma to say enough is enough? Apparently not. Hahahaha!!!

  11. taited product from other states? Er marijuana is raised and sold in each state, not moved across state lines becuase the federal government regulated interstate commerce and still prohibits such commerce in marijuana? As a legislator, one might think he would have the intelligence and knowledge to not publicly show his lack of basic understanding of government…

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