What a Surprise! Kings of Leon to Play Scissortail Park Grand Opening!

More news about Kings of Leon? They haven’t been given this much media attention since 2009!

None other than Gov. Stitt himself announced yesterday that an award-winning band would be performing at the grand opening of our newest park. Look at how proud he is:

Hold that drum high, governor! You’re doing great!

Frankly, I assumed they were going to haul Toby Keith’s ass out for a rousing rendition of “I love this park.” What a surprise that, instead, we are being given the band that was named after a street in downtown OKC. Renderings of the concert makes it look like it’s going to be a fun time:

Scissortail Park actually looks like it’s going to be a neat facility, from what I’ve seen. A 70-acre park in the heart of downtown sounds like a great place for young professionals to roam on Limes, looking for a mate. I can practically see it already.

The park will be opening September 27 at 5 p.m., following the concert 

Reception of the announcement of the headliner was mixed, with Facebook Live holding some “great” takes.



My personal favorite, however, was an unnecessary low-blow from out of left field.

As someone who once spent actual money to see Nickelback, I’m both offended and aware of the shame I should feel.

This concert should be pretty fun, in all honesty. We could’ve ended up with so much worse of a concert headliner, but thankfully Garth is busy that weekend.

I’ll see y’all there this September.

Uncle Lenny is new.

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27 Responses

  1. That’s not the governor in the pic that’s the mayor.

    1. LOL

  2. I dont get your take on this being Stitt? Is that suppose to be funny?

  3. Great article unless facts don’t matter.
    The guy in the article you referred to as governor Stitt, is in fact David Holt the mayor of Okc.

    1. Yeah….I thought it was some kind of witty joke that I was missing. Apparently not.

      1. Understandable. You do miss quite a bit.

        1. Quite the contrary, I simply choose to ignore most of your bullshit until it becomes so egregious that someone must respond.

  4. What I don’t get is mentioning a “Low blow” about this band in the comments above, yet clearly bashing Toby & Garth in this article. Toby & Garth could run circles around these dudes. But maybe, just maybe, in about 20 years, if these dudes are still around, they’ll be able to fill Football stadiums all over the country like Garth. 😉

    1. I dunno, the Kings of Leon guys look a bit slimmer than Garth and Toby. I doubt Toby and Garth could run a full circle around them, much less a straight line. Toby probably doesn’t know what a circle is to begin with, he can barely spell “OU” and he only has a Moore schools education.

      1. Toby & Garth of legends, like them or not. Facts.

        1. *are* legends

  5. Looks like Holt has his “Sex on Fire.”

  6. So a $2 million gift gives you naming rights to a stage in downtown OKC. The first “free” concert is by a group that is paid by having a section of a street named after them, and sold to the public as making the city look “cool.”

    Oklahoma, is this a great state or what?

  7. I both love and have great pride in what Oklahoma City has been able to accomplish over the last 30 years…I have made home in quite a few cities during my career in the Hotel Industry, but came back home to OKC when the opportunity presented it self.

  8. If I ever heard a Kings Of Leon song then I couldn’t tell you what it was? That said it seems as if this is a hometown group that hit at least some section of the big time so… roll with it.

    1. “Gives You Hell” – Is that one of their songs?

      1. That’s All American Rejects. “Use Somebody” and “Sex on Fire” are KoL’s big hits.

        1. Not ringing any bells. Thanks though.

  9. Who is this Kings of Leon you speak of?
    Listen to my show you imbeciles!!!

  10. Are they really a Oklahoma Band. Google them and it says Nashville Band. Also I believe only one of the them was born in Oklahoma. Flaming Lips right now have to be pissed.

    1. We’re following the #OklahomaStandard in determining if someone is from Oklahoma. So basically if they lived here for about five minutes, they are an Oklahoman. Hence Ed Harris is an Oklahoman. Russell Westbrook is also an Oklahoman. Kevin Durant is an Oklahoman. He’s in the Hall of Fame!

      I agree that the band is not an “Oklahoma” band. They originated and were based out of Nashville. This is all purely marketing drivel. They (the band) are bandwagon fans of OU football, so I guess that makes them Oklahomans as well.

      Truth is, the city had a certain budget they could spend to bring in an act. KOL was probably the cheapest option that they could draw a squiggly line to being related to Oklahoma. Wayne was probably cheaper but he has diapers to change. Toby wouldn’t know how to get to OKC from Norman. Garth and Carrie didn’t return their calls.

      1. Affordable or not, Toby, Garth, and Carrie would have been a logistical clusterfuck for The City of OKC, so I doubt they were even mentioned to begin with. I’m surprised (and saddened) that no one thought of asking Jimmy Webb or the Gap Band to help, but I guess that demographic cough*oldfolks*blackfolks*cough wasn’t the desired target.

        Vince Gill maybe would have said “yes” but again, his audience is aging and might not appreciate the call to evacuate quickly should a freak thunderstorm come blowing through the middle of “Oklahoma Rising” – meaning that I would probably be a casualty also.

        Wasn’t there a contestant on “The Voice” that lived/worked in the Tulsa area for like a week but was primarily from Missouri? I think he tried to do “Dream On” during one of the finalist rounds and botched the classic “Dream on! Dream on! AAAAAHHH!!” scream worse than Bob Stoops botched any championship game.

        I’m sorry – what was the question?

  11. ANY Mariachi Band would have been a big step up…….and a big draw!

    1. Unfortunately and according to my NETFLIX viewing habits, a Mariachi Band playing happy songs in one scene usually turns into a prison fight, an ordered hit with collateral damage, or a DEA raid about halfway through the second happy song.

      1. That’s the fun of it – book em now!

  12. I thought it was Einstein; or maybe Bach.

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