Wayne Coyne has online temper tantrum over bad Braum’s experience…

Although we’ll never be accused of being best friends, Wayne Coyne and I actually have a lot a common. For example, we both started graying way earlier than our friends, we’ve both became first-time dads north of 40, and we’re both creative geniuses who are internationally recognized and revered in our respected fields.

In addition to that, we both like to complain publicly about our negative experiences at Braum’s.

Check out this rant he posted yesterday on social media:

That’s kind of funny. I always say, the easiest way to find out if someone is a true Oklahoman is to ask them to rate their worst Braum’s moments. If they can’t instantly fire off three of them, they’re an imposter. Having a nightmare experience at Braum’s is a local rite of passage — like singing the BC Clark Jingle or being filmed by the Video Vigilante.

Wayne Coyne, however, wouldn’t have to rattle off any whimsical tales about finding glitter confetti in his ice cream cone to get street cred. He and his baby momma have Braum’s tattoos…

That being said, I do have to ask Wayne one question– who the hell waits around an hour at Braum’s? That sounds as believable as anyone saying they can name one Lips song after War With The Mystics. My general rule at Braum’s: If I have to wait for more than 10 minutes for my order, I’m cutting my losses and moving on. If you have to wait that long for food, you probably don’t want to eat what they give you.

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41 Responses

  1. That is an awful Braum’s. I went in there to buy cottage cheese, and they had the janitor working the register. She didn’t speak a word of English, and had no idea how to use the register. The people behind the fountain refused to help her. I’m done with that location!

  2. Braum’s is to food what the Flaming Lips are to music – TOTAL FAIL!!!

  3. Braum’s at 16th and Classen has done right by me in the past, but things are not going well over there now. I was there Saturday night 6/29 and saw employees giving each other the side eye, folks looking like they didn’t know what they were doing, and the guy behind the “order a burger” counter had to ring up my pint of ice cream because there was no one at the grocery counter. Not exactly a well-oiled machine.

  4. I’ve been getting food at the Braum’s in Edmond for decades and never had
    a negative experience worth remembering. With all of the real problems in
    the world, this is really silly.

    1. Edmond’s work force is a big step up from most places – young people who are sharp and want to work, older people who don’t have to work, etc…Hell, some of em can even make change!!!!!

      1. You must not be an employer.

        1. Go to the one on 164th just off Penn, and then tell us Braum’s doesn’t have a far superior workforce to choose from in Edmond. Go right down the road a few miles to the one off Western and Memorial to see how drastic the difference really is.

    2. Braums is either pretty good for fast food or Dante-esque descent into horror or madness depending on where it’s located, with no in-between. I’d agree that the Edmond locations tend to be a lot better than a lot of the OKC ones.

      1. Not sure the one which you speak but the one in West Edmond on Second is the worst. I swear every time i go there I just want to kill myself for being an idiot. The order taker tries to speak as fast as possible, then when you get to the first window he just puts his hand out and shakes his head at you. I swear they train up idiots there. It is time Braum’s goes the way of Coit’s. Eff them, no one will care to remember them.

  5. Speaking of shit. Wayne thinks it’s fine to walk his little dog and not pick up its shit. I yelled at him enough that he changed his route. So, thanks Braum’s. He doesn’t deserve crinkle cut fries.

    1. I think I know you, ha ha ha

  6. He’s probably upset over the sign that says “no shoes ,no shirt, no filthy hair you haven’t washed since Nixon was President, no service.”

  7. That Braum’s is the unhappiest place on earth. Also, the most terrifying.

    Upscale areas on every side, on a major boulevard, and they can’t fix up that location? Or destroy it with fire?

    Never mind, I feel the same way about the one at Penn and 39th.

  8. Perhaps the Braums family should build a giant vagina around the entrance to make him feel more appreciated.

  9. What even is the Flaming Lips after At War with the Mystics?
    Also who the hell eats inside of Braums? Go through the drive-thru and you’ll have your food in a cool 35 minutes.

  10. My question would be, if you are at a burger place that generally has a less than 10 minute ticket time why would you not ask about your food after waiting for maybe 15 minutes? Fun fact, people will exaggerate, shocker I know. I watched a couple waiting to be seated at a popular new restaurant in the Paseo the other night, they had been waiting for 20 minutes but according to the couple they had been waiting for an hour and demanded some free stuff, we had been there 25 minutes, waiting, patiently, but then again we are not from Edmond and know for a fact that the world does not revolve around us.

    1. You should be a staff writer for TLO. Your disdain for Edmonites is tiresome too.

      1. If you’re homeless down there, you can now sleep or lay around anywhere in town! What a progressive city council! Go for it.

        Austin has come full circle. 25 yrs or so ago they passed a city ordinance against sleeping in the shrubs around campus and town and now you can camp anywhere! Is Austin a great town or what?

        PS – I left town when I could no longer sleep in my favorite bunch of mock orange pittosporums without being harassed by the police.

      2. That’s because Edmond really, truly sucks ass. It and Jenks are exactly the same. Avoid both at all costs.

        1. I spent most of my childhood in SOKC(north of 59th), then spent a year in Del City, then moved up to the better part of SOKC(south of 240), then up to Moore and finally some cities west of OKC. I have lived in Edmond for the last 17 years and am very happy to have raised my children here. It was good then but not so much now. However, it is far superior to Moore, Yukon, Mustang and OKC. Moore was by far the worst place I lived. I would put Yukon second worst with Mustang a close third. I have a high regard for SOKC but it is mostly halcyon.

          1. Yukon is trying to be Edmond and Mustang is trying to be Yukon. Mustang has an indoor baseball practice building……what a bunch of wimps. Only play sports of days with sun and temps between 75=76 degrees. or not raining.

  11. Seriously, I’ve been perplexed by the poor service at ANY Braum’s for years. Aren’t they basically pulling from the same labor pool as McDonald’s, Arby’s, Burger King, etc? Yet I have never had a fraction of the difficulties at other fast food joints that I consistently experience at Braum’s. The quality of the food is pretty good, (although there’s a good chance that what you get is not what you ordered, but the place is always dirty and the service is terrible. Is it the fault of their managers? Their system? (assuming they have one). Or is it just The Oklahoma Standard?

    1. It’s not just Oklahoma, it’s Braums in general. Went through the drive through at one recently in Texas and the person taking my order acted like they’d overheard me saying terrible things about their mother. Maybe there’s some sort of electro-shock treatment at the beginning of every shift?

    2. When you hire people who are too stupid to make and count out change what do you expect.

  12. I stopped at the Braum’s in Durant on Sunday. My expectations were low as I entered the place. They met my expectations.

  13. Two Oklahoma companies that have given up on quality: Braum’s and Loves.

    1. Amen. Think it’ll take longer than five minutes after the opening of the Love’s Travel Stop Stage at the new Scissortail Park before it has trash strewn about and a sticky floor?

      1. I’m an on cue boy.

        Love’s and 711 can get walmartish at times, but they’re still better than Braum’s. Even the cows hate that place.

  14. He was pissed because no one recognized him. Except one kid who was surprised he was still alive and the panhandler outside who told him to move on that Braum’s was his territory.

  15. The one on I-35 and Robinson gave me H. Pylori, which led to an Ulcer. Good times.

  16. Reading these comments makes me feel like the last flaming lips fan in existence. I can name EVERY song after awwtm. Jeez. Admittedly, I’m 90% there for Steven, but still. It is a little weird to bitch about a fast food experience on the same account you sell your art on; but Wayne really is just some guy- he’s not super rich or mega famous, but rather an eccentric dude in his late 50s living his life in Oklahoma. People act like he’s broken some crazy high standard when he does something normal like get pissed at braum’s for taking too damn long. Maybe you guys should find an actual celebrity to hate on.

  17. That particular Braums is the absolute WORST. I finally vowed to never, ever go there again even though it is in a perfect location for me. Sad.

  18. Back in Lake Days, Eufaula Braum’s had to be in the top 5 worst. No matter what day or what time. Always a cluster! But recently I had to put down the Milk and the 14.00 Rib Eye and walk when the Hamburger Line wouldn’t check me out. Grocery Person had been missing for about 15 minutes before I tried the WRONG Line. Walked out and called Outback delivery and spent twice as much. Then a really good Tip for a very efficient and friendly Delivery Person…N May….it’s everywhere.

  19. That Braum’s has fed thousands of Classen SAS kids. Only reason I know it’s still open, lol.

  20. First this is a sign of a good economy, the only people working fast food are the otherwise unemployable.

    The quality of service and cleanliness at Braums seems to vary a lot; that is an issue for upper-level management who should demand consistent standards. The one near my humble Norman abode was pretty bad for time (we kept going back to buy the low-fat milk which really is the best around), but they got a new manager and it is much better now.

  21. Was it really an hour? No one waits an hour and then not get their food. How high was he? Cause waiting an hour for food you swear you paid for, sounds like he thought he ordered and paid, waited and the employees are just like, ‘look man…you fell asleep in the booth over there. We didn’t call the cops cause your glitter was attracting more customers but you never ordered anything. Would you like to?’

  22. I have frequented that Braums for 7 years and in the last 6 months it has gone to shit…. terrible service, bad attitudes and so on…. used to be a guy that played guitar inside there off and on and they ran him off too… gotta side with Wayne on this one

  23. *Removes Braums tattoo*

  24. braums is a ripoff company !! switched to 1/4 lb burgers from the old 1/3 lb yet same price and the new meat is not as good of quality ….also they rip you off with the half gallon err better cheek the false bottoms and you will see you get much less!! yes braums like sonic has totally gone to shit and I refuse to go anymore!!

    1. Don’t forget how greedy they are with their fries.

  25. He’s not lying! Not a fan of Wayne’s but the same thing happened to me at that location maybe a month or 2 ago. It took 45 minutes, maybe more. We thought someone had ordered like 45 cheeseburgers, but it was just bad service and by that point everyone was trapped in the line. Once we got to the window we could’t understand what the problem was. There was a kid just absentmindedly refilling straws, like he had all the time in the world. The manager eventually came to the window to inform us they had “student workers” helping out, whatever the fuck that arrangement is, IT’S NOT WORKING OUT.

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