TLO Restaurant Review: Diamond Dawgs

As I sashayed on the boardwalk and right into Diamond Dawgs, 753 Asp Ave. in Norman, I was about to yell, to no one in particular, “This ain’t hot dogs…this is genocide!” but quickly caught myself when I sadly learned this eatery wasn’t the world’s only David Bowie-inspired frankfurter restaurant.

Instead, for some odd reason, Diamond Dawgs is a baseball-themed wiener outing, with quotes from the likes of Jimmy Buffet covering the wall. Disappointed and a little disheartened, I grimly moped up to the counter, “Rock and Roll Suicide” playing on repeat in my Stardust-kissed mind…

While my date—who warned me not to put my trust in a hot dog restaurant—had quickly decided on the “Dawg Pile” ($6.99) frank, I eventually decided on the “Cincinnati Red Hot” ($6.99) because it sounded like a track off Young Americans; additionally, because it was so prominently displayed on the menu, “The Wonderboy” ($4.49) corn-dog coney along with a side of Onion Strings ($2.49) were dutifully added to the home-run order.

For a supposed sports-based joint on the Fourth of July, there was a wide variety of hungry clientele here, from the typical Chads with the popular bent-to-the-side ball-caps to a comical hippie carrying a bag of not-so-popular juggling-sticks, all ready to perform at a moment’s notice. And there I was, dressed in tight red trousers, a black see-through blouse and a glittery eye-patch, obviously misjudging the room. But it was far too late to ch-ch-ch-ch-change now, as the food was on its way.

My Cincinnati Red Hot, with its fried jalapenos and sautéed onions covering on top, was a spicy red hot link grilled to the nines, a little jack cheese on there for androgyny’s sake. Each bite was a villainous breath-taker, the need for water an absolute necessity. The Dawg Pile, was a namesake “Diamond Dawg” wiener blanketed with a soul-lovin’ helping of Fritos, chili and cheese, all a rich source of a confident-enough sausage.

While the Onion Strings were good for perhaps a small handful, the extremely large basket had me wishing I had ordered a different side—perhaps the French fries—instead leaving me to cup the leftovers and save them for the next time I need to make a rather tasty green-bean casserole in a hurry. That being said, the engorged Wonderboy was a fine credit to corndogs everywhere, a hand-coated monstrosity that was a might bigger than what the Goblin King was packing in those riding pants.

While I still haven’t gotten over my initial letdown—think about the rock and roll renown you could be drowning in, Diamond Dawgs—but, regardless, Norman’s Dawgs really has got a lot to bark, bark and ruff, ruff at. For clarity’s sake though, I’ll just go ahead and say that Diamond Dawgs rule….ok? Cómpralo ya!


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15 Responses

  1. best dogs in town not norman! coneys and more at 44th and i35 loaded coneys 1.65! small but sooo good eat 3or4 going there for 5 years also the links and chilli pies are great and great service its the hot dog hole in the wall in okc!!

    1. My 7-year old nieces exhibit better grammar skills than you. Good Lord.

  2. Jimmy Buffett must have been talking about either Wrigley Field (Cubs) or Fenway Park (Red Sox). Haven’t all of our other old ballparks been torn down, replaced by shiny new ones?

    Even Yankee Stadium! The House that Ruth Built was torn down and rebuilt across the street in the Bronx.

    When did Europe ever tear down one of its aging cathedrals?

    Maybe Jimmy was high at the time. Ya think?

    1. On a related note – Fenway Franks best ever!!!

      1. Dodger Dogs

      2. Bratwurst at Milwaukee County Stadium, no, wait, they tore that down.

  3. diamond dog thumbs down!! sorry lewis allways think your reviews are right on,but think this place went twice,is too pricey for hot dogs and too me very mediocre at best give me the coney and more on 44 or coney island on capital hill good cheap basic dawgs!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    1. I thought earl was allergic to grammar…then i read your comment. Good Lord x2.

      1. It’s the “Oklahoma Standard”.

      2. what are you, the grammer police? fuck you get a life!!

        1. It’s grammar dumb fuck. Oklahoma Standard!!

          1. LOL! “Grammer”

    2. Hey “Johnie” — Looks like someone sneezed in your word salad, bud.

    3. I wasn’t disappointed in the food at Diamond Dawgs, I was disappointed in the pricing, but then again it’s Campus Corner and the overhead is nuts. This is just me, but there’s nothing like a big floppy slice from New York Pizza (on Asp between the Starbucks and the Chase bank branch). I tend to go there more.

  4. Louis is a regular Halloween Jack!

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