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Another Oklahoma Lawmaker charged with DUI…

It looks like we have a winner in our 2019 “Who Will Be The Next Oklahoma Lawmaker to Get a DUI” Fantasy Pool!

On Friday night, freshman State Rep. Dean Davis – a Republican from Claremore – continued the fine Oklahoma legislative tradition of swerving around town drunk in an automobile. Unlike most of his colleagues, he was not only caught, but arrested.

Via The Tulsa World:

A Tulsa-area state representative was arrested on a DUI complaint in Broken Arrow after he reportedly resisted arrest Friday night.

A 911 caller reported a driver straddling lanes and going left of center in the 4800 block of South Aspen Avenue about 9:40 p.m.

Police stopped a driver, later identified as Dean Fenton Davis, speeding and maneuvering left of center in the 7900 block, an arrest report states…

He was driving 54 mph in a 40 mph zone and left of center when officers stopped him, and he smelled of alcohol, the report states.

When asked, Davis told officers he was coming from “a friend’s house” and said he had had “a couple” of drinks, the report states.

Yep, he went with the old “I had a couple of drinks at a friend’s house” excuse. In sober talk, I believe that translates to “I had five beers, a half-pint of Jack and a couple hits off the joint my friend’s younger brother brought over.” Seriously, cops buy “I just had a few drinks” as much as your girlfriend does “I forgot to reply to your text because I was driving.” Instead, tell the cops you’ve only had beer and will take the backroads home. Then they’ll be very forgiving!

Instead of that, Dean doubled down on the stupid and asked the cops to call the police chief:

Asked to step out of the car for a field sobriety test, “Davis looked up at (the officer) and stated ‘Do I have to call your police chief?’ ” the report states.

Officers observed several cues of drunkenness, including a loss of balance and nystagmus, a vision condition in which the eyes make repetitive, uncontrolled movements, and attempted to arrest Davis.

An officer told Davis to place his hands behind his back, but Davis said “I think you need to call your Police Chief,” and “continued to resist arrest” until two officers put him against his car and locked him in handcuffs, the report states.

This fool doesn’t know proper police protocol. You offer to bribe the officers first, and only if they decline do you ask to speak to their manager. Here’s a statement Dean gave to the media:

“I am embarrassed by this situation and deeply sorry to my family, community, and colleagues. There are aspects of this matter I intend to address in court, but I understand the very appearance of impropriety is unacceptable, and apologize for putting myself in this position. My role as a legislator carries the responsibly to lead by example, and in this case, I should have done better in that regard. I will ensure this does not happen again while working through the due process of the justice system.” – Rep. Dean Davis, R-Broken Arrow

Yeah, the guy who isn’t responsible enough to catch the wrong use of “responsibly” when proofing* his statement to the media will not let this happen again. Basically, he’s a good person to select in your next “Who Will Be The Next Oklahoma Lawmaker to Assault an Uber Driver” Fantasy Pool!

* TLO Typo Hypocrisy Disclaimer


  • Hey, you can’t knock him for the typo. He’s probably still drunk!

    But seriously, I was expecting the end of that statement to be his resignation. Nope! I do believe in second chances, so hopefully if he truly needs help, he gets it. Thank God no one was hurt while he was loaded behind the wheel. I don’t think public “service” should be in his near future.

  • Sounds like he is more concerned about the obstruction charge (“You better call your Police Chief”). I guess since he is a freshman legislator, and despite having some power roles he didn’t get the Oklahoma Standard password and handshake to get you released.

    I’m sure he will manage to get all of this expunged from his record after the “misunderstanding” is cleared up on court. I hope they release the blood alcohol content report soon, since he refused the breathalyzer.

    Just another day in the life of your average Oklahoma legislator.

    • Getting the charges expunged won’t hide the public shame and embarrassment he is currently living with, and will likely continue to live with for decades. A simple search engine query will forever have his name attached to the DUI. He might want to start making friends with some of the higherups at Google.

  • The competition isn’t fair. Not only does the GOP have a substantial lead in numbers versus Democrats they have more experience in hypocrisy.

  • I guess being a state legislator doesn’t carry the same entitlement that it did at one time. Don’t state legislators still have special license plates, like “H – 98” (or “S – 22” in the case of a state senator)? If so, shouldn’t the police know better than to mess with such important people?

    It actually pisses me off the most that this clown played the “call your chief” card when caught endangering lives – and expected it to work! What an entitled asshole!

    He is a former teacher and coach. I guess it’s better that pond scum like this hangs out in the legislature instead of with kids.

    From his campaign website:

    “As your representative in the state house, I will represent you with a code of morals, ethics and professionalism…. Bringing the office back to the people will be a top priority for me and the oath I take to protect, uphold and defend the constitution will never be forgotten.”

    • That’s the Oklahoma Standard: entitled Republican. Please correct me if I’m wrong, but doesn’t a breathalyzer refusal mean an automatic driver’s license suspension?

      • Yes, yes it does.

  • I’d bet the most embarrassing aspect, since he’s a Republican, was being reported for going left of center.

    • You win!

  • Just another ‘family values’ piece of shit Republican.

    • Ain’t it the truth!! Too bad those cops didn’t beat the shit outa him for resisting…they would have ANYBODY else!!

  • One more republican off the roster.

  • Remember the Republican Idiot State Senator that, in a drunken stupor, assaulted a female Uber driver in OKC back in 2017? Former Senator Bryce Marlatt earlier this year pleaded guilty in a plea deal on the old Uber driver case and was placed on 90 day probation and fined $500. Well 13 days after signing his sweet plea deal (he didn’t have to register as a sex offender for groping and kissing the Uber driver and got off lighter than you or I would have) he got extremely drunk and crashed his pickup in Woodward. The original Judge sentenced him to 90 days in jail for violating his probation, according to a story in the Woodward Newspaper.

    He is now referred to as FORMER State Senator and inmate #xxx-xxx-xxx. For the story google “Former senator ordered to serve 90 days in jail”

    • Remember Democrat idiot insurance commissioner Carroll Fisher? Got a DUI in 2003 while serving as commissioner. Resigned before an impeachment trial in 2004 on allegations of incompetence, neglect of duty and corruption. Plead guilty to embezzlement. Spent six months in jail for failure to pay alimony.

      Is this a great state or what?

      • Yes I do ……I even remember Cal Hobson being pulled over a few times for DUI….bet he talked his way out of as many as he got dinged on. I only thru out the Republican to show I am an equal opportunity offender!!!!!

  • “ I will ensure this does not happen again while working through the due process of the justice system.” – but after this process is over I am back on the road. – Rep. Dean Davis, R-Broken Arrow

  • Knuckle heads spend so much time . Look at the yellow in Paris and umbrellas in Hong Kong

  • He has an “R next to his name so come November 2020 all will be forgiven by his constituents.

  • This guy has some pretty powerful contributor/friends. Sue Ann Arnall gave him $4,000, and Prosperity Oklahoma gave him $2,500 (Sue Ann Arnall gave $5,000 to that PAC). Sue Ann is of course Harold Hamm’s ex-wife.

    Friends of Dan Kirby 2016, the Legislator who resigned after sexual harassment charges surfaced kicked in $1,500.

    Oklahoma Speaker of the House Charles McCall’s campaign gave him $2,000 to help get him elected. With friends like that it is easy to understand why the former Broken Arrow wrestling coach feels he is above the law.

    You can follow the money on this guy at this website:

    Probably won’t resign until a successor can be found and purchased.

  • The GOP is going to need a truck load of “thoughts and prayers” to save this guy.

  • Ya know what makes this whole situation even more absurd? This is not “Drunk Dean’s” first nor second DUI.. but his THIRD DUI! His district elected him KNOWING he was a repeat offender and look what happened 🤦🏽‍♀️. And that cocky little man had the guts to tell the officer he needs to speak to the chief? Wow. Talk about drunk confidence 🙄
    I actually have a mug shot from his 2010 arrest when he, yet again, got aggressive with the officer. What a loser…

    • Can you email that over?

      • Sure! What’s your email?

    • The only thing I am seeing on OSCN are four speeding tickets, one for 14mph over, one for 15mph over and one for 21-25 mph over limit. Appears he does like to drive a little fast in his Acura, and Honda, but no DUI.
      He also got a ticket for failing to obey a traffic sign.


      Don’t think speeding should keep you out of public office, but DUI, well that is another issue. Also prefer to vote for those who consider themselves public servants who work for the people, rather than those who feel once elected they are beyond any law that they choose to break.

      • I totally agree! He promised to represent HD98 and that means protecting and serving the public… hard to “protect and serve” when you’re hammered behind the wheel in your own district.
        And that’s correct, you won’t find one of his two previous DUI’s on OSCN, because he had one of them (the one from Stillwater) sealed.. The reason I know this is because my friend hired a private investigator a year ago and he found it.
        My family, like many others sadly, is a victim of drunk driving, so last year when we caught wind that Dean had 1 DUI from 2010, my friend asked a PI to look into in. In the midst of the PI’s research on Dean Davis’ 2010 DUI, he discovered a sealed report regarding a DUI he received in Stillwater shortly after the DUI in 2010. Since I didn’t hire this PI, I don’t know much more than that and I’m not in a position to bug him about it. But he did confirm that “Drunk Dean” has TWO additional aggravated DUI’s. It frustrates me SO MUCH that he’s driving around hammered on the streets on which MY children play, yet also makes life-changing decisions at the capital. It’s unacceptable and he needs to step down I believe.