KOCO’s Alex Housden apologizes for saying co-anchor Jason Hackett looks like baby gorilla…

Earlier this morning, we received several dispatches from Ogle Moles asking why KOCO morning news anchor Alex Housden was seen giving a tearful apology to her co-anchor Jason Hackett and KOCO viewers on this morning’s newscast.

Here’s a sampling:


I didn’t get to see Alex’s apology, but I’m pretty sure I know what it was all about. Check out the following video we acquired via the Ogle Mole Network. When you do, try to ignore the toes.

Yeah, I can say that’s probably a good reason to apologize, especially if you want to have a career in TV news. Then again, knowing what we know about some Oklahomans, I bet a lot of people thought it was funny.

Considering Alex was even allowed to go on air and give that apology, I’m going to assume Jason Hackett was understanding and accepted it, and probably realized Alex likely didn’t mean anything racist or derogatory with her words, was perhaps unaware of the racist connotation of comparing blacks to apes, and that the whole thing was probably just an unfortunate, innocuous and very ditzy off-the-cuff comment.

Well, at least that’s what I hope!

That being said, I’m going to regurgitate what I wrote back when the Lawton weatherperson got fired for her poorly chosen Mind Mixer – We live in an ultra-politically correct age, and you can’t be that tone-deaf and oblivious to the world and still expect to work in mainstream broadcast news. That whole field is developing a zero tolerance policy to anything that might even slightly resemble racism, regardless of context or intent. Alex should feel lucky that she still has a job, and should probably stick with just reading the teleprompter.

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102 Responses

  1. If she didn’t realize that comparing a black man to a gorilla is offensive, then she is too stupid to be on tv. This is unbelievable. What alternative universe is she living in.

    1. I’m assuming you just moved to this planet, even though you said you grew up in jim crow Okieland. Otherwise you’d know that there is no such thing as “too stupid to be on tv.”

      1. Yeah. She’s not the only one

      2. Good one!

    2. Stupidity is a job requirement to be a local TV presenter.

      1. . . . and don’t forget to add “BLONDE HAIR COLORING” and two pounds of facial and ocular-area make up to that job requirements mandate list. Please help me to understand WHY so many women, of ALL ages, public figures or not, believe that LOOOOONG hair is some kind of age-reducing, glamour enhancing, empowering and REQUIRED “beauty badge-of-honor?” Note to ALL women, working professionals or homemakers: the gals with the short, sassy, and unique ‘doos ARE THE ONES THAT DRAW ALL OF THE ATTENTION, because they’re not long haired clones! Giddy up!

        1. That is the stupidest thing I’ve heard , I take it you can’t grow long hair I think that’s racist comment , apparently you didn’t think what you said through

    3. Coming from the invisible man

  2. It’s sad but true. Everyone now gets their feeling hurt by something. She’s pretty tame considering what TLO has to say about politicians and city leaders.

    1. Politicians and city “leaders” get to pick whether they want to be public figures. Black people don’t get to pick whether they want to be black.

      1. El Ojo- Perfectly said!!

      2. Maybe not but we all have equal opportunity , life is what you make it , no matter skin color . And o I know what hard labor is and maybe one percent was of any color but white American at the most was there doing what I done fire a living you can’t say poor me around me because that is bull crap

        1. That’s literally deflecting from the point of this woman comparing him to an ape. Which has a historically racist connotation. Wtf does that have to do with your “pull yourself from your bootstraps” mentality?

          1. All white people are not racist and I don’t believe she is

    2. Well you can try and tone this down all you want but when someone shows you who they really are betta believe it

    3. This was a personal attack!! Let’s stay focused. Not a politician or city leader but a Co-worker while working.

  3. It is obvious she was not thinking when she said what she did. I don’t think she meant anything racist. She just wasn’t thinking. She did the right thing and apologized. Lesson learned.

    1. Agreed. People who insist that they “don’t have a racist bone in their bodies” sometimes let something slip out accidentally. I’m certain that she didn’t mean to sound like a racist asshole on live television, and that she regrets her slip very much – even though it didn’t cost her her job… this time.

      Paraphrasing Maya Angelou: When someone slips up and shows you who they really are, believe them the first time.

      1. Well done.

      2. Yes indeed! How awful she didn’t loose her job! Inexcusable to say the least…

    2. Hold on a minute. Black people have to deal with racism from the time they get up to the time they go to bed. There is no reason why she should still be employed there. If Jason said something about her race, something abut women or something about the LGBTQ community he would be terminate before the segment is over. There should not be a double standard. it has nothing to do with being too sensitive now. It has to do with the history of racisms and racist terminology that has been used against people of color since before 1619. I am very disappointed if she is still an employee there and if I am Jason I leave and go got a place that supports me.

  4. I grew up in jim crow Oklahoma so I am keenly aware of how racism affects people on the receiving end. I understand the damage it can do psychologically and these days physically. Some people really don’t understand the microaggressions black people endure on a daily basis. Trying to minimize this incident is simply being tone deaf. If you think this is no big deal, fine, but I promise you that most black people will never agree with this.

    1. I’m pretty sure calling a black person a gorilla is more than a mocroaggression

    2. you are so right but I never thought we were that way when I was told it was not a racist state but times changes and I found out different I was a white raised in Louisiana and we did not think about those words only when someone got mad! we generly accept it as just the language. yes it was wrong but I believe she didn’t mean it!

    3. Thank you for speaking up.

  5. “She a Witch….. Burn her, Burn Her I Say…”. Monty Python and the Holy Grail. …..

    1. Where’s the GM on this? Why isn’t he speaking on behalf of the station, reassuring viewers and the community that the station values diversity and knows how inappropriate the comments were? His silence in the face of this ugliness is curious.

      1. so true not a peek out of him she will get away this and keep her job this is unacceptable

      2. Excellent point.

      3. If this happened in LA or some other major metro market, her ass would have been canned. Look at the demographics folks.

  6. Crap! I read the text before the video, so all I saw were toes!

  7. Sooooooo…..have you ever witnessed Alex Housden on air? Not exactly a professional journalist to begin with much more akin to a kindergarten teacher as she simplifies every single aspect of every single story for the poor dumb viewer.So just consider the source,not to mention the fact that considering it took place on KOCO which means most likely approximately two dozen viewers even saw it????!!!!

    1. “She a Witch….. Burn her, Burn Her I Say…”. Monty Python and the Holy Grail. ….. But if a humanbean looks like a dog or cat it’s ok to say “what’s up dog” vs. Meow so peop!e look like what they are.. In the animal kingdom…. So wrap your head around the idea that someone reacts to what they see….. What is perception….. Peop!e have some primate
      like features because we are derived from apes…….

      1. How the fuck are you hitting ! when trying to hit l ? They’re practically the opposite corner of the keyboard. Off your meds ?

        1. Sorry Mr. Housden😆

        2. cause “Peop!e Are Peop!e” where ever you go…….

      2. Is bazz defending calling a large black man a “gorilla” because we are all primates?

        Sure sounds like it.

        1. Yes I am, in fact my wife has the features of a Neanderthal ….. I remind her of that on a daily basis…. I would even go as far to say that her side of the family holds the missing link genes in human evolution…. but I don’t complain… and I don’t apologize to her for it either….. she in hand refers to me as a pesky WASP….

      3. shame shame shame it was an accident just not using her head!!

      4. Who says what’s up dog any more? And by the way it was dog with two g’s and not one. The saying was created during the 90’s when snoop dogg and other rappers were using it as a slang word. No one in 2019 says it anymore. you cannot try to justify her actions like that.

  8. Lighten up, Francis. There are racists in this world. Know the difference between when someone is joking around versus someone who despises someone because of the color of their skin.

  9. Jason Hackett is a classy guy and it has shown since he started on KOCO! She may well be “too stupid to be on tv”….then again…..

    1. Who and whaaaaa.. Reality t.v.

  10. If she is too stupid to understand that what she said is offensive, which is incredibly hard to believe, she does not deserve the opportunity to be put in front of the public opening her mouth about anything.

    The management at the station should be ashamed of themselves for trying to simply sweep this under the rug and not using it as a teachable moment.

  11. It was an ignorant comment to make. I saw the broadcast and it was not delivered in a mean way. She apologized and he accepted. That should be the end of it. I hope she does not lose her job.

  12. Did Tarantino film that for you?

    1. LOL. Those are the kind of prehensile (Uma like) toes Quentin would like!

  13. fire her honkey ass damnn racist she knew what she said dumbass

    1. So we call a little grandson who likes to crawl up everything a spider monkey, does that make me racist? It was a dumb comment give her a break…

      1. No but you saying that is based on his actions. What did Jason do to be called something that has been said about African Americans for hundreds of years to identify us as less than a human being?…..reporting the news?

  14. That a hand at bottom of screen

  15. Hey , though , give KOCO a break because they are the only station with diversity among their on-air staff. I get so tired of all the pale faces on 4 and 9. I am white but I want to see my world reflected in the newsrooms.

    1. 👍🏽I like the way you talk.😀

  16. She should be banned and charged with a hate crime, this is worse than Epstein and Clinton in the blue dress. A jail term and a requirement to hear a leftie talk about the danger of cattle farts.

  17. She showed us what is known as unconscious racial bias. She’s one of the actual white racists who think they’re not racists. Require her to take a racial bias course to understand herself and let her back on the air.

    1. I don’t see racism here…

    2. Let her take that course on her own die while she’s looking for new employment.

  18. “I get so turned of all the pale faces on 4and 9”
    Can I be offended by that comment?
    Nah. Sure is stupid though…I get your point. However, you should not true to be so clever. My 8th grade son would refer to you as a “try-hard”, which is not a term of endearment.

    1. Turned should be tired..

      1. And try instead of true??

  19. The video of the apology can be found on the NewsOn app, which you have to download. It’s during KOCO’s 9:00 newscast, around 9:07.

  20. If she knows what the Internet is she knows this is wrong it’s racist whether she meant it to be racist or not it is racist . I don’t expect her to lose her job it’s Oklahoma sadly these things are acceptable . If you don’t think this was racist then maybe you’re part of the problem . Do you really think that Jason wanted to go on the air except that apology like it was nothing I’m assuming his bosses told him he had to. People talk about the Oklahoma standard how Oklahomans come together and are great people , but this is what I see is the Oklahoma standard .

  21. Have heard much worse come out of black entertainers mouths on tv when talking about white people. Yet here we are.

    1. How about the Oki ZOO do a exhibit in the evolution of man… they have all the pieces there….

    2. That doesn’t count. Racism only travels in one direction.
      I wish I had no other worries but what people said about me.
      Of course, I’m a grown up and don’t let the words of others affect me.

    3. So this makes her actions right?

  22. On a lighter note, whose long ass toes are those in that video? 😱

  23. I can’t get over how OKC ZOO is the backdrop for this on air debacle…. publicity stunt, for the great ape escape …..

  24. Did anyone notice his hand on her knee? Was that ok? In a workplace setting would it be sexual harassment or another dumb mistake?

  25. This chick isn’t stupid! She knew this comment was racist . I’m tired of people making excuses for racist and terroristic behaviors

  26. People are so sensitive these days. Called the boss a classic example of human shit that could speak and he canned me. My ex-wife warned me there’d be days like this.

  27. How awful to say the least…her on air personally should be in the rear view mirror! Stop this madness! Now!

  28. How awful to say the least…her on air position should be in the rear view mirror! Stop this madness! Now!

  29. Oklahoma is a very racist state

    1. Yes, but…

  30. Kick Hearst media out of town, we need local ownership like this fine website!

  31. lets give her 10 years and she can pretend to like black people like Holt does and everything will be fine.

  32. I’m concerned that Jason Hackett may have thought his job was threatened if he did not accept the apology. She should at least be sent to cultural sensitivity training.

    1. Culturalsensitvitytraining… What the Fuck is that?

    2. There is nothing sensitive about culture…..

  33. Google Rescue Me Sensitivity Training and watch the YouTube video…..explains everything

  34. We all came from apes. It was not meant to be racist or derogatory. What about when people are said to look like their dogs? Give her a break!

    1. You have got to be kidding.

  35. Lara Spencer just did it too. Her comment about Englands toddler Prince George taking ballet class and loving it. She just made a public apology over her comment. She interviewed 3 grown men who are dancers and expressed her insensitivity of male ballet dancers.

  36. Political correctness = people looking to be offended about something. This is a classic case.

  37. You know this would be a good opportunity to think about the lack of diversity on all of the news stations (except Fox 25) and how they can restructure their programs/ stations to be a better representation of what our state should look like. They should take advantage of this and lead the way in adding more people of color to their station. I didn’t say just black people either I am talking about Asian, Hispanic, etc. I would love to wake up in the morning and see a better representation instead of turning on 4,5 and 9 and seeing all women who are blonde or brunette and white. To all of my white brothers and sisters here who question my comments. I want you to jot down the number of times you see a news anchor in the morning that is not white. Imagine how it feels to not see someone who looks like you in the morning when you get up and tell me how you feel afterwards.

    1. Sounds like you need to listen to the radio . you haven’t said anything to help the situation except being negative

  38. Bryant Gumble called and said your merit badge should be there any day now….. so I ask you why there are not more persons of color in television news cast…… demographics kid… don’t deny the obvious….. and by the way I am not your White Brother or Sister….

    1. Tavis Smiley… pbs. Gwen Iffl…. Rip…..my thing is this, if you had a predominantly black news cast how would that go? I see SNL news with Chris rock and Eddie Murphy doing the open with Lt. Uhuru doing the weather…..

      1. Bazz contientious stupidy is dangerous and you seem to fit in that category. I never said all black cast you.

    2. Hey Bazz…demographics have nothing to do with adding more people of color to the station. Demographics determine the number of viewers. I’m not your kid either.

      1. But without the viewers (demographics) …. there would be No actors(the media)…. I do not see what she said as being racist…. point blank, If she hadn’t worked with the man for a certain amount of time…. her mind wouldn’t have drawn a line between his features and the zoo story that was being presented…. a Freudian slip perhaps but definitely not racism

        1. Wrong…making a choice to add people of color has nothing to do with the number of viewers in this state. So I guess the NBA caters to just one race eventhough their commentators tend to be African American. So your saying an educated woman lacks the ability to differentiate between a person and an animal. You yourself need to rethink your position. Its oure racism to compare an African American person to a monkey when historically we all know that it was said to denegrate and treat people who were looked at as property as less than human. There is no other answer. Freudian slip is aomething you say recognize and immediately apologize for not laugh and act like there was no issue. That was the result of her true thoughts yhat came out because she felt that way.

          1. Apes are not monkeys, simian yes… but…..what have human features got to do with it??? What has human nature got to do with it…. it’s all relative …. let the monkey trials begin

            1. Again contientious stupidity

            2. Why wouldn’t I be contentious….. sir think… there is a reason for what she said…. the proof is in the puddin… argue the facts sir….

  39. WOW…after viewing “the apology” this is even more disturbing. Just enough wet eye to keep her job! What a joke! ( Jason was the class act during her apology )
    And that’s my 2 cents worth from an old white man👍

  40. CBS has picked up the story….. now watch for the spin…. wait it’s to late….swing batter batter swing…

  41. Still waiting to hear from the GM and station ownership! Where are they? Have I missed their explanation?

  42. Thank you Jason Hackett for showing your co-host and your viewing audience the meaning of grace.

  43. Oh God. If she would have said that to a white co-host it would’ve been just fine. She was just trying to jokingly talk a little trash. We’re all supposed to not treat “people of color ” any different. She didn’t mean anything by it. The black co-host knows it and so does koco. But they had to have her issue this cringe worthy apology so that all of their sponsors didnt drop them and so CNN didn’t write a click bait story on racist news anchors in Oklahoma. This world has gotten ridiculous.

  44. White People do this all the time .My Grandma once told me that what’s in the heart comes out the mouth

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