Lost Ogle Show (Episode 8) with Royce Young!

On this week’s episode of The Lost Ogle Show, Patrick and I chat with ESPN’s Royce Young.

In this amazing episode, they talk about a variety of topics including

  • The Royce Young and Marisa Mohi TLO origin stories
  • Going from sports fan blogger to ESPN sports reporter
  • “King Cupcake” Kevin Durant
  • Sam Presti and his managerial choices
  • Mommy Bloggers
  • Paul George and his Franklin Covey planner
  • Russell Westbrook and his precious little ears
  • The OU-Notre Dame game when Harden got traded

You can follow Royce Young on Twitter as @RoyceYoung. You can find Marisa at MarisaMohi.com, or follow her on Twitter and Instagram as @theMarisaMohi. Patrick is taking Bricktown Rob to get his sign Chris Gaines albums out of hock. Again.