McIntyre Law Lip-Synch Video Ignites Controversy With OU Sensitivity Police

Last week, the OU College of Law held its annual “OU Giving Day” fundraiser – a “campus-wide campaign that provides direct funding to OU Law’s general fund and annual giving societies.”

In an effort to help raise money and awareness for the event, OU law students, alumni and faculty were encouraged to share awful, semi-embarrassing lip-synching videos on social media. For example, OU interim president Joseph Harroz performed this classic from Queen.

Yeah, that was pretty bad. If you’re going to lip-synch We Are The Champions, at least make sure to do a bunch of a coke, wear a biker hat and prance around in a white deep-V jumpsuit. I’m sure David Boren would agree.

Here’s another one by other members of the faculty. They for some reason chose the Golden Girls theme.

Yikes. I’m not a boring lawyer or anything, but for next year’s Giving Day, maybe OU should do everyone a favor and have people lip-synch famous scenes from Judge Judy or The People’s Court.

If you’re up for psychological torture, you can view more of these videos on OU Law’s Facebook. One video you won’t see is the one that was put together by TV’s Noble McIntyre with McIntyre Law.

Noble had the audacity to lip-synch about every lawyer’s honest dream – GETTING RICH!!! In addition to that, he danced and made it rain on his private jet, while being surrounded by some photogenic female attorneys on his staff.

Because we live in scary, puritanical times, the video offended the cancel culture enthusiasts who now populate and police all corners of the interwebs. Led by Jim Gallogly nightmare in the flesh Dr. Suzette Grillot – OU’s Dean of Inclusivity and Safe Spaces – they complained the video was sexist and distasteful, and got it removed from OU’s Facebook page.

Fortunately, we were able to obtain a copy of the video via the Ogle Mole Network. Check it out:

Really? That’s it? I’ll admit, the song and video is kind of douchey – I would have went with Lil’ Troy’s “I Wanna Be A Baller” – but the only thing I found offensive was Noble’s dancing!

Seriously, what was wrong with that video? It’s not like he asked me and the Thunder Kiss Cam girl to bring Ogletoberfest over to his law offices! That would have really crossed the line!

Outside of our OKC Cock Ring Selfie Competition, that may be the best Lost Ogle branded content piece of all time. It’s a shame the Kiss Cam Girls broke up.

If you want to read Grillot’s complaint, Noble’s lengthy response, and other comments from the popcorn gallery, you can do it on her personal Facebook page. One person who took extreme exception to Grillot’s comments was McIntyre Law attorney Abby Herren. She’s in the video and responded to Suzette on Twitter:

Wow. Outside of marching into Grillot’s office and shoving a crudely drawn “Resign” sign in her face, Abby handled that great. She brings up good points. Grillot did make a bunch of assumptions based on antiquated gender stereotypes. SHAME ON HER!!! CANCEL CANCEL CANCEL!!!

Grillot then responded with her own take:

Grillot brings up some fair points, too. In a way, the argument she had with Abby reminds me of the classic Miller Lite commercial from the mid 2000s.

Sorry. Sometimes I can’t resist being an obnoxious asshole.

Anyway, I guess I should go ahead and wrap this thing up, before I make too many snowflakes mad and lose our McIntyre Law sponsorship. Leave your take in the comments.


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17 Responses

  1. Lets look at any connection between Joe Harroz & Keegan Kelly Harroz. The red headed attorney in the can for witness tampering. Possible connection to the triple murder in Beggs. Boyfridend is “person of interest”?????????????????

    1. She kept the last name Harroz after her divorce. She is about as far from the “OKC – Lebanese Mafia” as Sammy Davis Jr.

  2. The kiss cam girls broke up. When did this happen?

  3. Wow, that’s a dust up over absolutely nothing. But I guess when you have to justify your position by creating drama. I believe in all things good and equality but people like this Grillot do nothing more than make the average person turn and go the opposite way. She reminds me of Gloria Steinem and not the positive points but when she would say anything to not concede to an argument she was losing. Pathetic. Must have been a slow day for the SJW’S.

  4. First, the Fat Boys break up…now the Kiss Cam Girls???

  5. Not sure if doing a skit inside what is supposed to be a private jet is the best venue to ask for donations. Also makes one wonder if OU would be a place to send your son or daughter should they want to study marketing, advertising, fundraising, communications, or TV production.

    This looks more like a high school student production, or something done at the last minute when those involved had been partying with Rep. Dean Davis before the traffic stop. Overall optics pretty bad in this campaign, and looks like Oklahoma’s flagship university needs to hire some adults, or at least some sober individuals to produce donation campaigns.

    Maybe they are marketing geniuses who understand their market for contributions, and we will see some even more bizarre productions for that target group. Perhaps the school really is an athletic program that also has a university attached to it rather than the other way around.

    1. Good lord – it’s like you didn’t bother to look at the OU Law Facebook page before just typing away. Of course it was like a high school production. So were the 19 others you didn’t bother to look at. It was supposed to be comical not some serious rendition similar to a Hamilton screen play. The complete lack of sense of humor by the snowflakes is astounding but sadly not surprising. The Grillot whine fest is in full force.

  6. Oh for god’s sake lighten up!! Grillot should have been suspended or fired for the way she attacked Gallogly. She’s the only person I know tho who made him look sympathetic.

    1. I definitely disagree. He was a disaster and she was one of the reasons he left. The board did a very underhanded search for a President and she pointed this out. There were several better candidates.

  7. So smart and confident women make you go the opposite way???? Says more about you than her.

    1. If she were as smart as you say she could articulate an argument that would get everyone listening to her side. Instead she is like watching a teenager not getting her way. Do smart women scare me? No well maybe, I married a PhD of Anthropology with a minor in Womens Studies.

  8. You can’t have a video of a lawyer singing “I Wanna Have Ethics” and showing them overturning convictions of wrongly accused folks now, can you? How’s that going to inspire people to donate generously to the douchebags-in-training so they have the drive to want to study hard & become lawyers? It takes bling, baby. Morals are for suckas.

  9. Great event, great cause, great pins on Interim Dean, black dude only one that can dance or lip synch……..naturally……AND my revised and extended remarks can only be found on OU website under Day of Giving. Too insightful and intellectual for TLO readers especially my friend Mike Out West And Permanently Out To Lunch.

  10. I guess I’m a snowflake because I thought it was a bit sexist (not a coincidence that he included three young, attractive women and no men) and more generally that it promoted an atrocious stereotype of attorneys that the university probably should have known better than to associate itself with.

    1. So did you want him to bring old ugly women instead of “young attractive women”? I mean seriously, those women all work for him if you look on his website. It’s crazy that you are offended that people that worked for him played a part in a video designed to raise money for poor law students. Good for him for raising money. Somebody has to since nobody commenting here likely gave a dime to the OU effort which sounds like it was a good cause. I bet the law students receiving the money are grateful.

      1. No one is disputing that those women work for him. But presumably there are also people who work in the office that aren’t young attractive females (if not, that is its own problem). Point being he didn’t pick three employees at random. He chose these women specifically so he (an older male) could look like he was making it rain on a private jet with beautiful young women. If you don’t see why that is problematic, you are probably Abby Herren.

  11. As if Grillot has read any feminist literature other than the faux pop-feminism bullshit…and it shows. Go to her supposedly “feminist” website that is nothing more than a shrine to her narcissism where she uses the very patriarchal structures she supposedly wants to dismantle in order to monetize it for her own personal gain. Her brand of shallow feminism requires nothing of her except to say “feminism” as much as possible and wear a t-shirt or hat with “feminist” emblazoned across it. Andrea Dworkin would be rolling over in her grave. Grillot is too worried about empowering and aggrandizing herself to care about anyone else, much less other women.

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