TLO Restaurant Review: Mid-Del Taco

Out among the dusty lots and vacant fields of Del City sits the visibly cost-efficient Mid-Del Taco, 4320 S.E. 15th, a run-down down-home Tex-Mex joint that’s been sitting there, doing mucho business with their tacos and burritos, since the early 60s. Obviously, they’ve got to be doing something right, comprende?

As Del City’s urban cowboys and other assorted shit-kickers filled the small spot for lunch, I stepped aside and let them order first; they knew exactly what they wanted, not even bothering to look at the menu. The young woman in the kitchen was getting the orders out as expediently as possible, her official Mid-Del Taco t-shirt getting covered with melted cheese splatters and ground beef spurts, the true dangers of this job.

I needed the menu though; with a mostly impressive list that puts many taco huts to shame, I had finally decided on the Super Burrito, a Spanish Pizza and a Taco Dog, all somewhat unique and apparently popular at this spot. I also noticed an Indian Taco on the board and, remembering glancing at a bunch of tribal license plates in the parking lot, figured why the Hell not and added it to the order as well.

A Star Trek pinball machine was parked by the door, practically begging me to break the Prime Directive as I waited patiently for my food. Loaded with a couple of quarters from my pocket, I began banging the flippers without any logic, executing an Klingon-like tilt here and there; my rustiness reminded me I hadn’t played pinball since that old Terminator 2 game that sat at the washeteria on N. Western many years ago.

My timeless reminiscing, however, was gently broken by the clatter of trays hitting the table; I made my way to the booth that was situated next to the picturesque window facing 15th street. The Tex-Mex delights were strewn about on different paper sheets and paper plates, obviously overloaded with plenty of meat and cheese on each generous portion.

I started with the Super Burrito ($3.29), which lived up to its heroic moniker. Every high-powered bite was filled with diabolical ground meat and angelic-enough cheese, as well as a thick dowsing of beans to prove its point. That was followed up with the astoundingly ribald Taco Dog ($2.29), a thick red hot wiener topped cruelly with, again, shredded cheese and crumbles of meat to make one of the sexiest franks to ever touch these hard and  heavy lips, at least in Del City.

The Spanish Pizza ($2.89) was a true earmark of culinary architecture, the steaming mound of ground beef set on a tostada shell with enough sprinkled cheese and slammed jalapenos to, at least in this vicinity, classify it as a pizza, from Spain or otherwise. I ate what I could hurriedly, excited for my final digestive bout…

Normally I give most Indian Tacos made outside of an Indigenous fundraiser quite a bad rap, but if I’m being honest—and I always am trying to be—Mid-Del’s Indian Taco ($6.49) wasn’t half-bad; sure, the frybread was a little too compact for my tastes, but, once again, the ground beef and pinto beans that were spilling over the top definitely made it, at least to me, the best choice for immediate Indian Tacos in Del City.

Packing up my leftovers and bidding a “live long and prosper” to Captain Kirk, I silently wondered how anyone in the surrounding areas could even, with a full heart and empty stomach, dine at a Taco Bell or some other bullshit faux-Mex eatery; but, you know, judging from just how full Mid-Del Taco was as I was walking out the door, I’m kind of guessing they probably don’t. Cómpralo ya!


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21 Responses

  1. I believe it’s on SE 15th, not NE 15th.

  2. They also have some of the best guacamole in the metro. Pretty sure it’s only available 1-2 days a week but it’s too notch

  3. One of the best little Mexican food establishments around.
    Would pass by a Taco Bell every time to eat real meat (no fillers) Mexican food at Mid-Del Taco.

  4. Try Tacoville next for an east/west taco showdown.

    1. I agree. I am a fan of both

  5. Oh F yeah. Moved back to the metro a few weeks ago and hauled ass back over there for my fix. Only rivaled by Taco Stop in Ponca City. GREAT food.

  6. Went there every day in high school been years . Graduated in 1982 and I still go there today. I love there food it is a amazing place to eat.

  7. Def on SE 15th. The hot sauce alone is worth the trip. Frankly disappointed at the lack of mention in the write-up.

  8. I don’t know that I can believe you after the way you thoroughly trashed the best spot in Del City, Don’s Alley…

  9. The Taco Dog. How I survived freshman year at Del City High before being licensed to drive.

  10. Absolutely the BEST taco/burrito/flat nacho place in the State. I have been eating there since 1971, and when my Family and I moved to Guthrie, we make it a point to drive down for a late lunch or early dinner occasionally. Both sauces are incredible! Love the mild on the flat nachos and the habanero on tacos, burritos, taco salad, etc. Another delicious plate is the Chili Cheese Burrito. Make sure you have a big appetite though! The people that work there are also great and super friendly. I do believe it has changed ownership a time or two, but the food has remained the exact same. Cannot ask for more than that, especially in a world where people mistakenly think they can improve a great thing. Mid-Del Taco is by far better than any chain faux taco place! All of their food is fresh, made-upon-order and fairly fast!

  11. I am 52 years old. I remember very well, looking up at the porcelain donkey and Spanish girl (which still hangs on the wall) when I was just a toddler. 3 years old or so. I still drive out of my way for lunch every chance I get.

  12. Ate there a bunch when I was at DCHS

  13. I love Del Taco
    It’s the best
    I spent most of my high school days eating there and still love it today

  14. Haven’t been there in a while but I know they used to have an “all you can eat” deal.

  15. Went to Del City High School and we ate lunch there all the time.

  16. I love MidDel Taco and the ladies who run it are amazing.

  17. Oh, man, you know how sometimes the right combination of words can hit you just the right way and a serious case of the giggles ensues? “Out among the dusty lots and vacant fields of Del City sits the visibly cost-efficient Mid-Del Taco..” got me going and good! I tried to read it aloud to someone else and just couldn’t make it through. Thanks, Louis!

  18. I went to this place exactly once, and it was the least Mexican “Mexican” food I can ever remember eating in a restaurant. It was pretty much what your aunt Carol would have made in 1985 with a couple packets of Lawry’s seasoning, a pound of 80/20 beef, and a pile of cold tortillas.

    1. this is so true and I wanted to put something like that too but everyone was praising it. It is home made food. Ate there twice when I lived in Del City. 2nd time, seeing if it improved.

  19. I would like to thank each and everyone of you for your comments! This makes Jean and I very proud!

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