Scott Hines is leaving your corner…

It’s a good day for shitty contractors who like to rip off the elderly!

Earlier this week, KFOR’s Scott Hines – the reporter who handled the station’s long running “In Your Corner” series for the last decade or so – announced he is leaving Oklahoma’s news channel.

Scott made the announcement on Instagram, while apparently gazing into a mirror after finishing a color run 5K:


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It’s not a “GOODBYE”…it’s a “SEE YOU SOON.” This week…bittersweet…as I wrap up my 15 year career at @kfortv4 Still have an infinite thirst for truth and connection…I’m listening to my heart & following the twinkly lights. The emotions come and go.. feels like a death (because it is)…as I bid farewell to “In Your Corner” and my K4 immediate & extended family. I’ve been taking a long hard look in the mirror in 2019..reflecting on identities…attachments…and the roles I’ve assumed over my 39 years on this earth plane. i’m feeling really grateful.. for ALL OF IT… but NOW is the time to consciously & deliberately shift into a new space, new energy.. a BIG lesson in trusting my life path… accepting what is.. and having faith that all is well.. and that the path of least resistance will reveal itself to me no matter what happens. Bring it — Unknown! I’ll share more later. In case you get a wild hair 😉 You can catch my Farewell IYC story TONIGHT (Wed. 9/25) @ 10pm on KFOR-TV. AND my “Corner” brother Marc Dillard & sister from another mister @amanchor are putting together one final “look back” piece airing TOMORROW night (Thurs. 9/26) @10pm on K to the 4. I Love You. BIG Hug. Photo cred: @nickmphotography #soul #evolution #quantum #jumping #heart #courage #okc #news #farewell

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TLDR – Scott is quitting KFOR to either join a meditation commune or climb Mount Everest. Possibly both.

Regardless of why Scott is leaving, this news is bittersweet. First of all, it means we may never get to see Jordy again:

Second, Scott is and was a good dude. He was always one of my favorite co-workers back when I worked at KFOR. In fact, I think it was me and Lorne Fultonberg who gave him the nickname Scotty G!

Each week, during our Frugal Friday employe potlucks, Scott would always bring delicious homemade baked treats for everyone to enjoy. Just like Emily Sutton’s cotton candy casserole and Abby Broyles’ Coors Light long-necks, his mini-loaves of vegan pumpkin spice muffin bread was always a crowd favorite. From the moment he brought them in the front lobby – all comfortably tucked away in a checkered-towel inside a bread basket – their sweet, spicy and bready aroma would permeate through the entire complex, hitting you in the face like golden leaves blowing in an autumn wind.

Or something like that.

Anyway, we wish Scott all the best in his quest to consciously & deliberately shift into a new space, new energy while finding a new flight path. I’m sure area thieves, con men and out-of-state roofers do, too.



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22 Responses

  1. Is he transitioning? Interesting post he made, makes me wonder. Regardless I wish him well!

  2. Sounds like he’s having a mid-life crisis. When I had mine, I went to grad school. Given the chance to do it again, I would have picked a red sports car and a young girlfriend – would have been the much cheaper option.

  3. He must have finally got those Lumineers paid off.

  4. Good riddance. I’m not a fan for personal reasons.

    He does look like he’s transitioning. Maybe he’ll re-emerge in six months as Scottie Hiney.

    1. What kind of business were you exploiting the elderly with?

      1. By the way, I was kidding!

        1. Man, you’re good! 😂 I was selling them catheterized depends in a box. I used the slogan, “We’ll catch you whether you’re going or not!” I had a great price point; but apparently the product has yet to be invented.

  5. He was nice to me when he put me on TV and seems like a nice young man overall. I hope he discovers what he’s looking for. I suspect it lies outside of the confines of OKC. jagat mitthya. ayam brahmasmi.

  6. I fear this may be the first of several long-time, well-paid employees as NextStar begins their ownership. Huge conglomerates love them some cost-cutting 🙁

    1. +1

  7. What/Who is NextStar? I’ve seen NBC advertising the heck out of them.

    1. It’s a media company that recently acquired the company that owned KFOR. Hence why you now see their big logo after each newscast. They’re one of the largest (if not the largest) owners of smaller market tv stations.

      1. Could have been worse. Could have been bought by Sinclair.

  8. Like the late Boone Pickens, (more a fan of Slim) not exactly the saint he’s put up to be. Never returned my call for help some years back. Not gonna say “good riddance” but still kinda thinking it.

    1. Good riddance I say, he never answered my phone call either.

    2. Ooooh, Slim Pickens in that re-make of the Billy the Kid/ Kristofferson remake years ago, dying while “Knocking on Heaven’s Door” was playing,….great scene,….
      I have a relative that worked on Boone’s mansion, and told me that the guy had the equivalent of landing strip lights in his bedroom that came on as he made his way from the bed to the bathroom – awaaaay over there.

  9. He saw the writing on the wall, or should I say, a nail in his forehead from a pissed off rip-off artist…

  10. you can hire a 23 year old for half the salary they pay long time employees at KFOR

  11. The most amazing thing about his farewell video on KFOR was seeing Heather Holeman before she started wearing half of the ULTA store. She looked a lot more natural back then.

  12. Could someone please get the Pontificator, Kelly Ogle to follow Scott Hines in retiring? He is pure arrogance, as is his two fake cents. When he follows up with Your 2 Cents, he makes sure almost all of the replies are from people who side with him on any issue. Sometimes, I think he writes all of the replies. I’ve gone to channel 9’s website and to Kelly’s Facebook page where you’re supposed to be able to give your feedback. None from the channel 9 website are ever used and you can’t find his recent pontifications his My 2 Cents Facebook page, only old, old, old My 2 Cents comments. I think the pontificating Ogle is too scared to debate with people who have real opinions that don’t agree with his. He needs to go.

    1. Maybe he can tell you’re a nutjob.

  13. I’m sure he is Healthy. I know he runs and exercises but it also looks like he could use a
    sandwich. I hope he isn’t one of these people that can’t enjoy things cause they are too worried about how they look. Have a piece of pizza already. 🙂

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