Report: Sam Presti Has Grown A Beard

Over the summer, the Thunder melted down two talented players and flipped them into enough draft picks to start a brand-new franchise. The writing was on the wall after an unspirited first-round playoffs exit versus the Portland Trailblazers, but it’s wild to enter the 2019-20 NBA season where the most famous returning player is Steven Adams. Granted, Hornets legend Chris Paul will be returning to OKC, but the rumor mill is already churning with stories about how the Thunder is looking to dump him ASAP.

Knowing all that, it’s both weird and oddly fitting that the biggest news coming from the OKC Thunder’s media day was general manager Sam Presti showing up with a beard:


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Looking ahead. GM Sam Presti on commitment and standards, as he spoke to media today.

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This seems trivial, but there’s a lot to break down here:

  1. This is a guy who is always meticulously groomed and clean shaven. As a guy that decides one or twice a year to cut off my beard and then just grows it back out because that’s how living with depression works, I relate with Sam, but am highly suspect of what’s going on behind the scenes. This isn’t a classic baseball ‘playoff beard,’ this is a man who has possibly had a Coor’s Banquet as breakfast in bed recently. Maybe I’m projecting.
  2. He’s got a lot of gray hairs, which isn’t unusual for a 42 year-old man, but his hair is still perfect. Is he dying it, or is his stress manifesting itself purely through his facial hair? Personally, I think men look good as silver foxes, so I hope he just lets it go natural.
  3. What local IPA is he arguing with the bartender about in this picture? Presti has magically morphed from looking like a guy who only drank LaCroix to the dude who tries to educate the bartender about his favorite rare wheated bourbon.

We’re not going to pass judgement on his new look. Personally, I think he looks pretty handsome with the beard and pulls it off well. It’s just strange, like when you were little and your dad decided to grow one out and it was just kinda creepy.

Either way, Sam’s beard is defines the energy of Thunder fans all across the state going into the next season. We’re all exasperated, exhausted, and ready to just put the past behind us and move forward.

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6 Responses

  1. I remember when his wife dated all the KU players

  2. The real question is who will be purchasing the ownership portion from the Aubrey McClendon estate. If it isn’t an in state buyer, and some of the other owners also sell the team could move forward to a new state.

    The lease with the city ends in 2023, but the team could opt out at the end of the season (2020). Not that there needs to be yet another rumor, just pointing out the agreement. Perhaps Presti is sending signals as to his persona in that new city, or is looking for a new gig.

  3. Who gives a flying fuck. The man just gave a 1+ hour news conference and said absolutely nothing. After 10 years of this shit I’m worn out and don’t care.


    2. I didn’t care prior to the last 10 years and cared even less with each succeeding year. Don’t care one bit how the professional basket ball bounces or who is bouncing it! Go colleges and high schools, especially high schools!

    3. Is the Thunder the training team for the NBA, they keep trading off any players that make a difference in scoring. Just more of players that play for a couple of years then get some experience then move on to a better team once they sign a bigger contract……. We are still a 2nd tier city with this management team.

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