Jennifer Garner learns some Oklahoma toll booths don’t accept Capital One Cards…

Over the weekend, Hollywood actress Jennifer Garner – a future member of the Oklahoma Hall of Fame because she’s famous and owns property here – apparently got flustered at a toll booth on the Oklahoma / Arkansas border while heading to her organic baby food farm in Northeastern Oklahoma.

We know this because she’s famous and filmed the experience on Instagram, which made the local news:

I know Jennifer probably wants to stay on brand with this Capitol One thing, but it’s okay to keep some change in your wallet. It’s also okay to get a PikePass so you don’t have to get three-dollars change in quarters like some kid at Aladdin’s Castle just to pay turnpike tolls.

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15 Responses

  1. Toll booths are so 17 century. They should be able to take electronic payment st the booth. Yes I know that’s a pike pass. But hell vending machines take cards anymore.

  2. Don’t take the toll road…

  3. I think you’re burying the lead here.
    This should open up a larger discussion as to why these toll booths are so far behind other states.
    They still operate as if it’s the 1970s. The NTTA has figured out how to still charge everyone and not have to have someone in a booth. Kansas has done this as well. They should at the very least accept credit cards.

    1. No, in the 1970s they had a polite human there to take your payment and give you change.

      1. Very true

    2. No, at the very least all should have either a human being or a bill changer.

    3. How are we so far behind other states? The NY/NJ turnpikes still require you to come to a stop even if you have an EZPass. Their booths are just a giant clusterfuck with no lanes afterwards too. Chicago is the same way.

  4. In Colorado headed south on I-25, we took a toll road to get to I-70 while avoiding Denver traffic. Only we didn’t realize it was a toll road. (And an expensive one, but darn well worth it.)

    Not to worry. That toll road has license plate readers. They sent the bill for the toll to our rental car company, which put the extra charge on the credit card we had used to pay for the rental. What could be easier?

    Oklahoma evidently isn’t a “top ten” state yet in how it collects tolls on its numerous turnpikes. As Nunya pointed out, you can even use a Capital One card at pop machines. Most motorists who pass through Oklahoma on their way to somewhere else aren’t going to have a PikePass. Heck, many of our residents don’t have a PikePass.

    At least Jen has the good sense to carry a bit of cash with her – even if she can’t immediately put her hands on the correct change at an unfamiliar toll booth. And to her credit, we didn’t get the common pathetic whining of the rich and famous from her: “But I’m a celebrity. I don’t carry cash. Why are you hassling me?”

  5. To be fair, everything about toll roads in Oklahoma is stupid. We should not even have them anymore. It costs about $5 million per mile to build a 4-lane highway. The OTA’s annual budget is $334 million, almost entirely funded by toll costs. Every turnpike in Oklahoma was fully funded a long time ago. They should be converted to normal highways.

  6. Not to mention she is as more than likely in a rental car, reason for no pikepass!!

  7. Jennifer spent her early life in a backward state (West Virginia), so I’m sure she was aware that she was in familiar territory here.

  8. She owns property here?

  9. Pikepass – What’s in your wallet? (or really..on your windshield)

  10. Sorry,Miss Garner that’s the Oklahoma way.

  11. Take the long way home…

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