Oklahoma lawmakers don’t want to impeach Trump

We all know that Donald Trump is a cool guy. He’s got a great haircut. His suits always fit well and don’t look like they were made for three children standing on each other’s shoulders so they can get into an R-rated movie. And his Twitter account is as entertaining as any of our favorite comedians, using clever zingers and one-liners and a command of the English language that puts TLO to shame.

But apparently, there’s a push to get him out of office. I can’t fathom why, he is the president, after all. It’s an infallible position to be in, even if he didn’t win the popular vote. I’ve been reading all of his hilarious and informative tweets, and it’s pretty convincing that there is a witch hunt against him, because that’s the way he described it and he’s the president, so :shrugs: ? Like, the guy ran on a platform of ‘draining the swamp,’ so there is no possible way he is corrupt.

Thankfully, seemingly ever elected congressperson in Oklahoma agrees that it would be ridiculous to seek impeachment. Obviously, state Republicans want to see these allegations thrown out the window, as News On 6 reports:

WASHINGTON, D.C – Speaker Nancy Pelosi announced the House is launching a formal impeachment inquiry into President Trump, which set off a string of criticism from Oklahoma Republicans.

The news brought on a series of statements from Oklahoma lawmakers who disagreed with the idea of an impeachment inquiry. Some lawmakers and President Trump have even called the inquiry a “witch hunt.”

The following are statements released by Oklahoma politicians.

Representative Markwayne Mullin said:

“Pelosi Democrats have been dead set on resisting President Trump since the day he was elected. They have wasted time and taxpayer dollars on investigation after investigation and now they’re taking it a step further with a baseless impeachment investigation. Will they ever stop this witch hunt? This is nothing more than a distraction from their failed socialist agenda. The American people deserve better than this ridiculous charade.”

We all know that Markwayne is a really sharp, intelligent, and respectful guy. His capitalist agenda is working out very well for the country, so we should listen to him.

But what about Kendra Horn, the first Democrat elected to Oklahoma congress in 8 years? She must have a different perspective:

Representative Kendra Horn said:

“It is my job as a member of Congress to ensure our democracy stays strong. That means pursuing the truth and protecting ourselves from foreign adversaries. Our national security should never be partisan.”

“I believe the testimony from the Director of National Intelligence on Thursday is essential to help us learn what happened and when. The rule of law also requires the administration to release the whistleblower report.”

Huh. That doesn’t really mean anything. In fact, this interview she did with NPR makes it clear she’s not at all interested in pursuing impeachment.

U.S. Senator James Lankford said:

“The House of Representatives is starting an impeachment inquiry when there are facts no Member of Congress has seen—including the transcript of the call or the whistleblower report. Clearly, this impeachment inquiry is a politically-motivated solution and a distraction to the real work that needs to be done.”

Lankford is, as usual, correct. We could be focused on optimizing our child concentration camps instead of focusing on a sitting president using his office to solicit information from a foreign power about another political candidate.

Congressman Tom Cole said:

“Speaker Pelosi and her fellow Democrats are doing an enormous disservice to the country by recklessly pursuing a partisan impeachment inquiry that puts the priorities of their Caucus ahead of the needs of the American people.“

“Whether right or wrong, it’s clear that House Democrats have already decided what they want to believe. This is an alarming disservice to the American people, who rely on their lawmakers to seek the truth – not politically motivated smear campaigns.”

“As an elected body of members entrusted with defending the Constitution, the People’s House should be working to actually improve the lives of the American people. Unfortunately, Democrats are set on condemning the president at every turn and in the process damaging the House as an institution.”

Tom Cole nailed it. Who cares whether it’s right or wrong? Why bother have lawmakers seek the truth when they can.. wait, what the hell is he even saying here? We are supposed to rely on lawmakers to gather the facts, but… please, don’t actually do that because it might appear partisan.

Ya know, I thought I trusted all these Oklahoma politicians, but now I’m seeing that they may not have our best interests in mind!

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51 Responses

  1. In other news, water is wet.

  2. They don’t want to impeach the Bonespur Cadet because like him they are all money-hungry morons.

    1. They judge themselves and others by how much money they have, not on smarts.

  3. Trump asked for a “favor, though” from the president of Ukraine; because it would be shame if something happened to all those weapons that Congress appropriated for Ukraine – and that the White House had put on hold for no apparent reason.

    Ukraine needs that help because it is struggling against territorial aggression from Putin’s Russia. Hmmm…..

    The facts are not in dispute. It ain’t hearsay any more. The White House’s own version of a transcript of the phone call in question documents the essential points.

    What “favor” was Trump asking for? That Ukraine try to find some dirt on the leading Democratic obstacle to Trump’s re-election. There was certainly nothing “political” about that, was there?

    But impeaching Trump for abusing the powers of his office for his own political benefit is unacceptable because… that impeachment would be political? Seriously?

    The GOP usually comes up with less ridiculous talking points than this. But they never before have had to defend something so obviously and seriously wrong, and so conclusively proven.

    What would our congressional delegation be saying and doing if President Obama had done exactly the same thing in 2012, looking to dig up dirt on Mitt Romney. Anyone? Bueller?

    1. Stir the pot…….love your approach!

    2. Hilary’s emails.

    3. Putin’s lacky president doing Russia’s bedding .

  4. The last sentence …. Lucas, you nailed it….

  5. There are many, many facts out there. Here’s one: Germany was one of the oldest democracies in the world prior to 1930. 1935 to 1945/ complete dictatorship and over 50 million slaughtered. 1946 to present/ back to a functioning democracy. donalds working the playbook to perfection. Cultists are hooked. Only 4 in 10 gopers believe J. Biden was mentioned in donalds phone calls. That’s successful propaganda at work. donald submitted the fact himself and they still don’t believe it.
    Things change very quickly as we’re finding out. Tune out propaganda. Our future depends on it. It is that bad.

  6. Two strikes!
    Urged both Russia and Ukraine to dig dirt.

  7. First line in every one of their obituaries will be that they were cowards and failed to put their country over party. The Trump stink will be with them throughout history.

  8. I’m shocked on a daily basis by people I thought were intelligent, rational and capable of understanding basic facts, who defend Trump with completely idiotic defenses of his lies, corruption, and utter dismissal of decorum and rules/law. Many times the defense is ” well Hillary/Obama did worse” or the dreaded “Well at least it’s not Hillary/Obama”. The disdain and hate for Hillary/Obama is so strong that anything other than them is not only acceptable but desired. I can’t make many, if any at all understand Trump not being as “bad” or not being them at all is not the same as Trump not breaking the law, it is two separate things they fail to understand.

    Most people I know, including those who blindly support Trump, if they had to work for or be around Trump for longer than 1 day, would literally want to beat the shit out of him. Unless you’re getting some form of compensation from him, most people would hate him at level that would shock them. He’s a disgusting human, regardless of his policies, which again is two separate things and many of the people in agreement with his policies, forgo his being such an asshat.
    Any person who has a daughter, wife, mother, and tolerates him after his treatment of women, then openly confirm they truly don’t love their children/wife/mother, and have shown supporting a deviant clown is above taking a moral stand and protection for the women in your life.

    I have a daughter and can’t imagine how I would be treated (and rightfully so) if I said my daughter is so hot, if she wasn’t my daughter I would date her, or if I said “since I’m rich/famous I can do anything, grab them by the pu*$y”, or “allegedly” sexually assaulted numerous women, or slept with a porn star while my pregnant wife as at home…………………….and so on……………You fuckers that support him, be proud, really proud.

    Now I’ll wait for all the “well XYZ-Obama-Clinton-Ad Hoc was worse or did this or did that”……..which all may be true but so is what I said.

  9. I had higher hopes for Kendra Horn and voted for her. Now finding out she’s just another DINO. When I called her office and suggested she stand with Nancy, her aide told me he’d received many, many calls that day, just like mine. Now proof positive they do not listen to we the voters.

    Kendra won’t get my vote again unless she steps forward.

    1. She has more sense than what I thought………..you, nah, bout what I figured!

    2. The only reason Kendra is a Democrat by default is because she’s not racists enough and worships the wrong Jesus to be a good Republican in the 21st Century.

  10. I’d rather have 1000 corrupt republicans in the government than a single honest and well-intentioned democrat. At least you can trust a republican. Who’s with me?

    1. Nobody????????

    2. Tom, are as culpable is the criminal in the WH for supporting him.

  11. Speaking of Hair Twittler did you see that batshit press conference he gave today?


  12. He won’t get impeached, so Democrats waste a tremendous amount of time, money and effort chasing a white elephant instead of concentrating on an election that will be here before your know it and when the debates start will not have the real issues cornered in a meaningful way.

    It plays right into Trumps hands…They are scared to death that they can’t beat him so they are clinging to a false hope that they will be able to impeach him…Although it will NEVER make it through the senate.

    The Democratic Party is a ship of fools.

    1. It worked well enough for the Republicans when they did it.

    2. Oh contraire. He will most certainly be impeached, by the House. Now whether or not there are enough GOP Senators willing to put country before Party and remove him from office is an open question.

      But those cracks are already starting to show and honestly what do they have to gain from going down with Trump? They could dump him and go with Pence and upgrade their chances without all the BS drama.

    3. Trump WILL be impeached, 100%. But it’s unlikely that enough GOP senators will break party discipline to convict him. Maybe a few who are retiring will, or maybe one or two others who still put country ahead of party.

      Not even if Trump shot someone in front of Trump Tower would most of them vote to remove him from office.

      Remember that I told you so.

      1. Now the reporting has revealed that Schiff knew about the whistle blowers report before almost everyone involved…After he looked the camera straight in the eye and stated that he never met the whistle blower before…Now, obviously, a blatant lie.

        There is nothing in the transcript that deserves a call for impeachment…It is a total puff of smoke that will hurt Joe Biden far more than all others involved…maybe that is what the DNC wants?…It is about the only thing that makes sense.

        1. I don’t know what “reporting” you’re talking about but I can guess.

          But even taking what you said on face value there is a big difference between knowing about the report and meeting the whistle-blower.

          Not exactly a hard riddle to solve is it? Certainly not evidence of a lie. As if lying was still a thing anyway?

          Trump lies on average about 22 times a day.

          1. Is the NYT considered reporting to you?


        2. Furthermore he compromised a codeword protected nation security system to hide the actual verbatim transcript of phone calls.

          I mean I don’t care who you are, or what he said that was omitted. In and of itself that is an impeachable offence.

  13. When I’m just about at my breaking point because it seems everyone around me believes Trump is America’s only hope, I can check out my TLO cohorts to be reminded there are rational, intelligent people in this effing state. I am Christian, I am registered Republican and I read beyond the headlines. It’s lonely over here to be the only one NOT worshiping at the church of narcissism.

    Trump will be re elected next year, his zealots energized by beating the impeachment in the Senate, and families will likely separate over their own political divisions. Trump will be unbearable… even more so than right now. I just don’t believe anything can beat this upside down world we’re living in.

    Then there’s you guys… most of you. Thanks for reminding me that there are still some who will not give up without one helluva fight! Buckle up kids, it’s gonna be a bumpy ride.

    1. Do you have any doubt that Nancy Pelosi is a narcissist?…Her net worth is calculated at $120M…How about Joe Biden?…He almost beat the hell out of ‘Cornpop’ with a chain, no less…99% of DC fools are narcissist.

      That is why I pull for Rand Paul…At least i know the man mows his own lawn.

      1. Mike thinks that a rich narcissist is unqualified for office.

        I don’t think he thought this through.

  14. Democrats, the welcoming party of inclusion, unless you like to think for yourself and perhaps have a differing point of view.

    1. Of course you are welcome if you want to join.

  15. Best Prez of several long lifetimes, why are the Elites so afraid?

    1. I thought Boren was your favorite Prez – at least in your wet dreams.

    2. Look, anyone can see this guy is a conman coming from a mile away, just ask a ten year old! Perfect example: you seem to speak of elites as if Trump is not a member. THIS IS THE CON!:::: The spoiled brat rich kid who has never really HAD to work a day in his life has YOU on record defending him against the “elites.” Didn’t someone mention something about a particular type of folk being born every minute??? Here is more con so you don’t have to rely on me: Going to denuclearize North Korea…..no, Going to lower drug prices….uh no. Going to make Mexico pay for a wall…no again, Going to win a trade war with China….no, Going to play less golf than Obama….not even close, Going to have a Middle East peace treaty/accord…..no again, Going to have tremendous health care….starting to laugh now, Going to have the world stop laughing at us……the leaders literally laughed at the stable genius to his face during the UN address in 2018. And finally, mainstream media is fake news! No one need read one word of media beyond the genius’s stupid tweets to realize what a buffoon he is. So throw out every freaking media beyond Trump’s twitter feed and you still get a juvenile, arrogant, petty, condescending, grammar-challenged, and highly insecure con man who constantly insults his followers intelligence with the aforementioned dribble. And you just completed the con with “Best Prez in several long lifetimes!” At some point this becomes just downright gullibility.

  16. WTF is that supposed to mean? Do you tape Fox then listen in reverse?

    1. When you play Fox in reverse, it says Rupert Murdoch is the Devil.

  17. I want Trump out, but he will not be removed by impeachment. There ae not enough votes in the Senate, pure and simple. The only way to remove Trump is to elect someone else in 2020.

    I was 16 when Nixon resigned in 1974. He did the right thing, but it hurt America. Forced removal of the President would do harm to our nation in the eyes of the world and ourselves.

  18. Nixon tried to place himself above the law. Any president who does that must be removed to save the Constitution and the Republic.

    1. Name a president, senator, legislator that didn’t put him/herself above the law…Ted Kennedy killed a woman for goodness sake.

  19. No shit Sherlock.

  20. Even I am not so jaded as to condemn both political parties because they both have flaws. Our state and country would be best served by Democrats in power now.

    The Republicans have proven that holding power, helping their rich benefactors and preserving white dominance are their objectives. The Constitution and rule of law be damned. Decency and compassion be damned. The teachings of Jesus be damned. The future be damned. They will destroy our country if left unchecked.

    I only agree with the GOP on the issue of abortion. But the party’s position loses its appeal when you see how little Republicans do to promote honest sex education or help children develop into successful adults.

    1. This is such a well written post! Your words are like a breath of fresh air for someone who just moved back after being gone for many years.

    2. Not me – I kinda like everyone having jobs, the economy doing well, unemployment at lowest point in 50 years, welfare down, etc – remember the obama years?

      1. But weren’t we headed down that road anyway before needlessly borrowing more money to pay for a tax cut? Aren’t we growing at about the same rate as the last of the Obama Administration, except we now have even more debt? That doesn’t seem fiscally responsible. I want low unemployment too. But as an employer, there is such a thing as too low unemployment. Business owners know what I’m saying. Difficult to grow a business or start one if the only employees left are the ones nobody wants. Don the Con is much more embarrassing for me to call leader than Obama any day of week.

  21. where’s your outrage at your Goddess Congresswoman Kendra Horn? even you nutty libs on here know if she speaks out for impeachment she’s toast in her election next year…you should be mad at her for not speaking out against the wicked donald…but as usual, in your eyes, leftists do no wrong

  22. Putin’s lacky president doing Russia’s bedding .

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