Derplahoman Lawmaker to challenge Markwayne Mullin for Congress…

It looks like the Republican primary for Oklahoma’s 2nd Congressional District may turn into a good old fashioned Derp’off!

Yesterday afternoon, radical right wing Oklahoma lawmaker Joseph Silk – the guy who owns one of the most perfectly polished and penile heads in Oklahoma political history – announced he’s going to take on Marcuswayne Mullin in the 2020 upcoming election.

Here are details via The Tulsa World:

A state lawmaker put out with what he called the Oklahoma Legislature’s “very liberal” leadership said Thursday that he’s running for Congress instead of re-election.

State Sen. Joseph Silk, R-Broken Bow, said he will enter the 2020 Republican primary in the 2nd District against four-term incumbent Markwayne Mullin.

There are lots of different words a person can use to describe the leadership of the Oklahoma legislature – boring, conservative, deviant, theocratic, corporate, white, self-serving, bought – but “very liberal” is a new one. That would be like saying the shape of Silk’s head is obtuse and uncircumcised.

The again, the opinions we hold on others’ political leanings are usually just a matter of perspective. In 2018, some conservatives in the Oklahoma legislature decided to compromise some elements of their extreme right wing political ideology in an effort to keep teachers off their backs for the next 20 years. For a guy like Silk, who would love to convert all public schools into vacation bible schools, that is probably “very liberal.”

Here’s more:

“One of the things conservatives want to see, here and nationwide, is for (members of Congress) to go up there and actually do something,” Silk, a Broken Bow property manager, said in a phone conversation.

Silk said Republican lawmakers “haven’t rattled the cage on these ideas. … From what I hear Markwayne Mullin falls into that category.”

In all fairness to Marcuswayne, if there’s anyone in Washington rattling a cage on ideas, it’s him. Granted, that’s because he’s a silver-spooned plumber turned MMA fighter, but it’s a fair point.

Here’s how Silk spun his decision to leave the legislature and pursue a seat in Washington:

“I have come to the conclusion my energy and efforts will be best … utilized elsewhere,” Silk said in the statement.

In the telephone conversation, Silk said that “the makeup of the state Senate is very moderate” and that while he expects “conservative, constitutional” Republicans to eventually win the upper hand, he would likely be term-limited by then.

That’s cute. I think the real reason he decided to not seek re-election is because the conservative leadership in the Oklahoma legislature is looking to distance themselves from Derplahoman’s like Silk, who embarrass our state with the their extreme views, but once again, it’s all a matter of perspective.

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32 Responses

  1. Goddammit, why the hell won’t Silk just go away and be accidentally shot in the head by another Derplahoman that believes in “constitutional carry”?!?!? The man is toxic, poison, has incredibly nasty beliefs, and is just generally a horrible person and does not need to add to the fucked-up OK delegation to the US Congress, he’s actually way worse than Mullin (which probably means he’ll be elected by a landslide).

    1. You think he is toxic? Look in the mirror psycho.

      1. Thank you for that intelligent and insightful comment!

  2. I’m going to go make popcorn. And try to start some rumors about an affair between Mullin and Nancy Pelosi.

  3. I live in the Second District. Until this morning, my attitude towards my congressional representative was “Anyone but Mullin.”

    Then I read about Joseph Silk in the Tulsa World.

    Mullin is a vain, thin-skinned, entitled asshole who can always be relied upon to follow the Republican Party Line – and nothing more. He broke his pledge to serve only three terms because he thought that with his increasing seniority he could now “make a difference.” How do you suppose that is working out for him this term as an undistinguished back-bench member of the minority party?

    But Mullin does have some compensating qualities: he isn’t very bright, and he hasn’t done anything of note in his three-and-a-half terms in office. Mullin’s greatest dedication seems to be the maintenance and improvement of his muscle-bound physique in the Congressional gym. If he continues to keep that chair warm, he’s unlikely to do any more harm in Washington than any other generic Republican.

    Now comes Joseph Silk, who finds Oklahoma’s Republican leaders to be “very liberal.” God help us!

    I haven’t yet heard of Sen. Inhofe’s plans concerning re-election in 2020. My bet is that he will never leave the Senate until carried out feet first. Mullin would be an unfortunate but fitting replacement for Inhofe. Both are obnoxious, entitled, dim-bulb assholes from wealthy families without a shred of good sense. I have been frightened that Mullin might someday take Inhofe’s place. That could still happen, God forbid.

    They say that we get the elected leaders that we deserve. We may not deserve a lot, but surely we deserve better than any of the three men I have mentioned.

    1. +1 Property manager in Broken Bow?? I hope he owns some cabins around the lake. I get down there some. A lot of the property has past “managing” long ago!

    2. Scott Pruitt might be pissed if Mullin gets the nod over him as Inhofe’s replacement. Maybe a thunderdome face off could happen.

      1. Pruitt is clueless enough to believe that his adventures at the EPA have left him more popular in Oklahoma than ever!

    3. Is there a Silk in the Roy Moore family tree? Is there such a thing as a crossbred family tree?

  4. “constitutional” Republicans??
    Guess the polished peckerhead moron doesn’t know they are an oxymoron and extinct in today’s repubtard party.

    1. They think the constitution consists of three words, “God loves guns”.

      1. Jesus surely would have opened fire on all those moneychangers in the Temple with his AR-15.

        1. Hallelujah,can I hear it?

  5. There is a reason someone even beyond the far right fringe of the Republican Party like Senator Silk would run against a nondescript, irrelevant and generally harmless (by comparison) congressman like Mullin.

    It’s so obvious. Silk actually could win. It’s true today he is viewed as a long shot but Congressmen Meadows, Andrews and other such nimrods are already IN congress so Silk’s shot is not impossible.

    It is true Little Dixie has not exactly sent rocket scientists to Congress recently. Dr. Coburn, for example, viewed himself as the only honest man in Washington which of course is dishonest in itself but while he played the role of White Knight the economic lights continued to dim down yonder. Wes Watkins yammered around down there for 20 plus years and his district was poorer nationally on his last day in office than his first. His replacement, Bill Brewster, spent his time taking care of not those folks suffering down in southeastern Oklahoma but the energy dons in Nichols Hills and south Tulsa who funded his campaigns. BTW, at least both Watkins and Brewster finally fessed up about their real intentions by switching to the party that owned them them before, during and now after they were in public office – the Republican Party of course.

    As a voting group the men and women in Oklahoma’s poorest district continue to amaze by always voting against their own best interests when it comes to sending someone to represent them in congress. They might as well send Joe Exotic but I think he’s going to be, uh, tied up for awhile.

    1. SE Oklahoma has always been “Little Dixie.” The voters there aren’t so different from the traditional southern Dixiecrats (think Strom Thurmond and Jesse Helms) who began life as registered Democrats but started flipping to Republican in about 1964.

      Why do they vote against their own best interests? I have an idea, but I don’t want to start a food fight here.

  6. Yet more intelligent debate on lost ogle!!

    1. THAT is damn funny…..I don’t care who you are, it’s damn funny!

    2. Ummmmm….yeah….right… Well said donho!

  7. How in God’s name did Southeastern Oklahoma go from Carl Albert to Gene Stipe to Markwayne Mullins to Joseph Silk?

    1. You couldn’t write this if you tried. Anyone know a Producer? We’ve all lost our minds.

  8. They wised up to the crookedness of Stipe!

  9. If there were not so many IDIOT DEMOCRATS AT THE NATIONAL LEVEL (and if you have any sense whatever you know it is true whether you admit it or not), A DEMOCRAT WOULD HAVE A REALISTIC SHOT AT THIS SEAT. They just might anyway.

    1. Nope. They’re gonna unthinkingly vote Republican. Because Trump.

    2. Most voters on either side never look beyond the letter next to a candidates name before deciding who to vote for, because most never take the time to actually pay attention until the day before the election.

      But, in a sense, you are right. Republicans are the masters at hiding their own incompetence, malfeasance, and insanity by highlighting the relatively powerless crazies that a few Democrat districts have produced. They’ve pretty well mastered weaponizing their own hypocrisy because if they actually had to run on facts, they’d win very few elections.

  10. Don’t be surprised if yet another candidate comes forward to challenge the plumber’s helper.

  11. Patrick……..Why is my comment waiting to be moderated? I’m not moderate, I’m liberal so either moderate me or I’m going to hire Gene Stipe to sue you and if he is not available then how about that Polston guy with all the pretty assistants.

    Or worse I’m going to have my friend “Cut It” Battison to come to your office and sell you a used car or Mary Fallin to come over to your house for you to do an opinion piece that, if Trump is the best President ever than surely she was Oklahoma’s best governor…… least among the women folk who have served.

    Since you print Mike out West’s nuttiness the least you can do is print my nuttiness and your deadline is 9PM tonight or your doorbell will start ringing with Blondie with her finger on the buzzer.

    And as Dave Barry says I’m not making this up.

    1. Cal, sometimes my posts are delayed too, for no apparent reason. I think it’s a glitch in the website software.

      Be sure to check the box that says “Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment” before you post. When I forget, that seems to result in my posts being delayed.

    2. That’s damn funny, I don’t care who you are! LMAO

      1. By the way Cal, for you to pretend you didn’t know specifically where Fanne Foxe performed in D. C. during her hay day was a riot! People with any memory whatsoever, know damn well you were there!

  12. Us troops being evacuated from Syria… caught between two larger forces…
    Send in a plumber??? I say let the chaos unfold…. it’s a full moon ….

  13. Thank you Patrick. The rejection was killing me.

    1. You know Cal, you disappointed me a little by referring to Patrick printing my “nuttiness, but thankfully you referred to your own nuttiness at the same time!

      I really thought we were beginning to bond just a little with our exchanges over time. And it is an interesting bond what with one of us being a regular, hard-working American taxpayer that had a good job that took him all over the U. S. and one of us a life-long politician that actually oversaw the demise of a major political party in Oklahoma. Some kind of nuttiness, but nevertheless, I do respect you and your opinions. Later.

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