Markwayne Mullin still too dumb to comprehend his own hypocrisy

Over the past week, Markwayne Mullin – a loyal defender and protector of Eastern Oklahoma hypocrisy and values – has gone on a barnstorming tour across his district to provide “impeachment updates” about our diabolical conman reality star president.

So far, the “updates” have followed a Fox News propaganda playbook designed to rally support for the president from his indoctrinated right-wing base. For example, check out some details from a meeting in Muskogee:

Mullin strayed from the format of prior town hall meetings, presenting slides and videotaped comments made by some of his Democratic colleagues in the U.S. House of Representatives. Mullin used the video, which was packaged with a soundtrack, to bolster an argument that U.S. Rep. Adam Schiff cannot be trusted…

“When you have a chairman that goes out there and openly misleads the American people, there is a problem with that,” Mullin said. “It is not a question of if he has lied, he has openly admitted that he didn’t tell the truth, not once or twice but multiple times.”

Yeah, you can’t trust a man who “openly misleads the American people” and doesn’t “tell the truth,” says the guy who A) openly mislead Oklahoma voters by reneging on his pledge to only serve three terms in office, and B) supports the lying, cheating, stealing person we know as President Trump.

The fact that Markwayne is such a hypocrite shouldn’t be a surprise to Lost Ogle readers.

First of all, the guy’s name is Markwayne. I’m pretty sure that’s Cherokee for “Kicked In Head By Mule.” Expecting him to understand hypocrisy would be like expecting a guy named JoBob to understand nuclear engineering, or how to message his pregnant daughter on Snapchat.

Also, hypocrisy has been a central theme of Markwayne’s legislative career. Check out how he opens and closes his most recent newsletter to constituents.

Under the guidance of President Trump, our nation continues to make the world a safer, freer, and more prosperous place. While Pelosi Democrats are busy playing politics on Capitol Hill with secret impeachment proceedings and closed-door hearings, our president is hard at work for the American people. This leadership is what our country and the world needs.

Yeah, who doesn’t feel safer, freer and more prosperous with a guy like Donald Trump in charge? Say what you want about Trump, but you can’t question his high morals, principles and commitment to do what’s right for uneducated white American racists.

Also, why does it feel like every column or editorial written in support of Trump was composed by someone in a windowless solitary confinement cell who just watched a video of themselves being peed on by Russian prostitutes?

Here’s more:

With the partisan bickering and the attacks our president faces daily from political foes, important missions like this one could have easily been overlooked and sidelined. Instead, his focus remains on what is good for our country and puts its priorities first.

The House of Representatives should take a page out of his playbook and turn our focus back to the American people. Playing political games only distracts us from improving the lives of everyday Americans.

Yeah, “playing political games only distracts us from improving the lives of everyday Americans,” says the guy who’s only skill in Washington is to play political games that only distract us.

Anyway, Markwayne’s “Go Trump America No Collusion Qui Pro Quibid USA Eagle 1” barnstorming tour concludes today in Durant. I wonder if the people there will greet him like they did President Obama in 2015?

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64 Responses

  1. Mullin is the perfect example of why the Okie mentality is the butt of so many jokes. Inhofe, Langford & Markwayne=the modern day three stooges of Trump without the humor.

  2. Being too dumb for most things is what makes Okie’s desirable to the other Okies… there is a reason that this is considered “flyover country”

  3. Randy Newman had a line in the song Rednecks: “Well he may be a fool but he’s our fool”. He was referring to Lester Maddox, and this could also refer to MarkWayne, and explain his political popularity in the Sooner State.

    1. Did you listen to the Gladwell podcast on that song/story? Trump is also very much a Maddox.

  4. He makes me ashamed of our state. He’s gross and stupid. As long as we keep electing these kinds of idiots, we will always be laughed at. And someone should tell him he needs to get rid of those tight-ass jeans, they are NOT flattering to him. He needs spandex.

  5. He didn’t have enough brains to snake a toilet, so he decided on politics and kissing a TRAITORS ass!! Much easier life path for the CTE infected moron…hmmm, might be the reason he and the dementia riddled TRAITOR get along.

  6. Speaking of hypocrisy…

    Did you catch the report of Mullin’s meeting in Miami, where he blamed Congressional divisiveness on liberal Democrats from “safe” districts where they can ignore folks on the other side?

    Meanwhile, Mullin represents a 100% “safe” district as a VERY conservative Republican and totally loyal Trumpster. So Democrats from safe districts are the problem, but Republican Mullin is not?

    How safe is Mullin’s district? He won his re-election in the Democratic “wave” year of 2018 with 65% of the vote. He will be able to hold his seat for as long as he wants to keep using the Congressional gym to chisel his fine physique.

    Mullin is in his fourth term now, after promising to serve only three. Why did he break his promise? Because he prayed about it and thought he could “make a difference” with more time. I would like to ask Mullin how much of a “difference” he thinks he has made this term as an undistinguished back-bench member of the minority party.

    Mullin is my Congressman, and a sorry excuse for one at that. I see no hope of getting rid of him anytime soon. My nightmare is that Mullin will run someday to replace Senator Jim “Snowball” Inhofe. Mullin would probably be just as awful as Inhofe (not an easy achievement), but he’s a lot younger.

    1. The Republican Party wants a totalitarian theocracy, which is reason enough alone that the Republican Party needs to be, at least at a minimum, rendered irrelevant.

    2. Markwayne Mullin is a career politician. Because of that everything he does is to keep his job. He will follow the playbook of his party and do all the things a non qualified employee will do to keep a plum job. I’m sure he would rather have a plum, perk filled jobs rather than what he was before, a plumber.

      Our Founding Fathers never intended for there to be career politicians, it was always to be a duty of the citizen rather than a way to enrich the leader. Politics don’t attract statesmen, it attracts con men (and women) who say whatever it takes to get elected. I don’t see his charisma, but am not in his district.

      Sadly he does represent in more ways than the elected representation of those who voted for him. He would take any side just to keep his gig in Washington.

  7. Let’s break this down, shall we???

    Under the guidance of President Trump (Ha!!! What guidance) , our nation continues to make the world a safer(Tell that to a bunch of Kurds in Syria, freer (for who, women in El Salvadorian jails and coming soon to states like Alabama, Georgia, Oklahoma,et al), and more prosperous place(For vulture, oops, venture captialists). While Pelosi Democrats are busy playing politics on Capitol Hill with secret impeachment proceedings and closed-door hearings (This is what grand juries do, since the Justice Department is now part of the Trump Organization) , our president is hard at work for the American people (Strike out American people and insert the words himself). This leadership is what our country and the world needs. (We need this type of leadership like we need more endless wars, which us what this type of leadership will get you, more endless wars with people who used to be your allies)

    1. Wars went from 2 to 7 under Obama’s leadership…

      1. Iraq and Afghanistan qualify as wars. All others don’t meet the criteria. We have no large scale ground forces with requisite air support, massive logistics and casualties. The Special Operations folks are providing training and some air support assets. It cost the Kurds 11,000 soldiers to retake all the territory ISIS held. It has been stated that we lost six Americans during the campaign. THAT is smart warfare on our part.

        1. Tell that to the dead innocent Yemeni citizens…

          1. Yeah! What about OBAMA?

            Maybe someday I’ll hear a pro-Trump argument that does not begin with “What about OBAMA?”


      2. Obama inherited an extremely crappy geopolitical climate and was a bit of a warmonger himself.

        Trump has a dictator fetish and is a complete idiot when it comes to global politics.

        Neither was stellar at this, but for wildly different reasons.

  8. Markwayne is the poster child on the dangers of inhaling too much pipe dope.

    1. Well done, Sir. Well done.

  9. He brought his roadshow to Durant today. I couldn’t make it since, conveniently, he booked this during the middle of a workday, so the only people who could make it would be old retirees who could afford to stop watching Fox News for an hour to come out and see him. However, a few of my commie Democrat friends have a bit extra freedom to go to those things, so I’ll have to ask them if he at least gave people time to ask questions or hold up red cards when they disagreed with him.

  10. Markwayne Mullin and Adam Schiff …two sides of the same coin …can’t stomach either one!

    1. Adolph Hitler and Mahatma Gandhi….. Two sides of the same coin…..
      Can’t stomach either one of them…
      Oh wait, just remembered: I’m not an idiot.

    2. No comparison. Mullin is a nobody. Adam Schiff, as chair of the House
      Intelligence Committee, is actually doing his job and doing it well.

      But Trump and his minions need to identify an Inspector Javert who is pursuing and persecuting poor Trump just to be mean, and Schiff is their choice. It doesn’t need to make sense, but the Fox-informed, 100% loyal Trumpsters will run with it anyway.

      1. Plus the fact that “shifty” Schiff also serves as a dog whistle anti -semitic trope fits the bill in Trump World.

      2. You know…you really don’t see comments like Dennis’s there or the other various Hitler youth who frequent this place outside of maybe – Youtube? Yahoo?…and here.
        On the big sites, I comfort myself by thinking they are just Russian troll farms or the like..but here – are the true believers.
        These people are actually this stupid and they are standing next to you in line at Target.
        This is truly the darkest timeline.
        Watchmen has nothing on 2019 OKC.

      3. Schitt is doing his job well – you are as goofy as they come. There is better TV out there than The View, and CNN!

        1. I knew you wouldn’t be able to stay away. Can you name one way that Schiff isn’t fulfilling the obligations of his job? Likewise, can you name one way that Mullin is fulfilling the obligations of his job? You know, the job that required him to take an oath to uphold the Constitution that Trump pisses daily while Mullin fawns?

        2. Frankenberry beat me to it. Mike can’t make a comment without engaging in stupid name-calling. If he had other points to make, he would probably make them.

          I never watch The View, and only rarely watch CNN. But I suspect very strongly that Mike watches Fox News. Am I right, Mike?

        3. Following the law and the Constitution really sucks.

  11. Schiff has a BA in poli sci from Stanford and a law degree from Harvard. He worked in the US attorneys office in LA. Definitely part of the deep state and not nearly as qualified as Mullin.

  12. Reading the left wing Really Lost Ogle comments can be likened to watching The View with Whooppi Goldberg and Joy Behar – a little bit goes a long way. The Really Lost Ogle is a Russian Asset wherein the ‘regulars’ constantly repeat lies so often they have begun to believe their own lies!

    1. You are one sick puppy Mike out West. I mean, you are straight up fked up from the get go.
      When I read your delusional bullsht..all I can think is: Who is in this moron’s basement? What kind of anti-psychotic medicine is he not taking? When will he appear on CNN?.
      I am as serious as a heart attack: Get help dude. You are living in a sociopathic dreamscape.
      Let me know where you are so I never ever go there.
      Seriously, is this what non-stop Fox news does to people? Can it even penetrate the fog of your insanity that Fox is a tiny sliver of what the vast compendium of information has to offer?
      Just stop watching it for a week. Watch anything else. No Blaze?
      Step out into the real 95% of the world and absorb real world information.
      If you believe half of what you post here – your are out of your fucking mind.

      1. I feel precisely the same way about yourself and your cohorts that infest the Really Lost Ogle. But that type of thinking is exactly what this site is set up to solicit. Birds of a feather flock together and spread their manure on each other.

        Most of you folks are the result of Oklahoma having little or no money available for mental health. The gift of discernment is unfortunately absent from the comprehension abilities of many of you. I wish you folks the best as you watch and believe the likes of the fools on CNN, MSNBC, NBC, etc., where the very real Russian Assets lie! They have brainwashed a good part of America, but you and many others believe all the B/S spouted by the Russian Assets.

        1. This entire diatribe is as close to sad as I have seen since my sister wore that tube top and daisy dukes to her job interview at Braum’s in Durant. She didn’t get it and neither do you. PS discernment really is just a fancy word for judgey.

        2. If you feel so strongly about the people who regularly visit this site, why do you continue to frequent it? Doorknob-ass…Well you know how that saying goes.

          1. Great question, Sir!

            My guess: trolls gonna troll.

          2. Great entertainment!

            1. Trolling is fun for you, isn’t it?

    2. Mike must be Muslim. Loves self flagellation by reading the Lost Ogle. Impeachment makes people do such strange things.
      Just think Mike, when donald and mike are in prison, Speaker Pelosi will give the next Democratic President a “jump start” on damage repair President Obama never had.
      Maybe they can turn the disaster around in just 6 months instead of a year?

  13. You would think there would come a time when the GOP would grow weary of defending the Republican president. It took a long time with Nixon but his support collapsed almost overnight when they finally saw no political advantage to it. I’m wondering if and when that will happen today.

  14. OK libs…here is TRUTH…Let’s start with RUSSIA….you listening TLO…what happened? Turns out is was all a BIG in a long series of LIES…Muller Report was never suppose to be written. Trump was suppose to be LONG GONE, driven out by leaks from….GET READY…anonymous sources, people inside the Administration, persons close to the investigation, members of the INTELLIGENCE Community…not ONE ACTUAL PERSON was ever named…FACT. Trumps poll numbers were suppose to tank and weak kneed Republicans were suppose to abandon him forcing Trump to resign to avoid impeachment. But HE DIDNT. Much to the chagrin of pathological lying hacks like Shiff for Brains…REMEMBER…HE SAID for two YEARS…HE HAD THE EVIDENCE…well he DIDNT…BUT nobody on the left seems to care MSM, CNN and MSNBC LIED…they dont even pretend to hold them accountable…for some reason its Barr’s fault???? WTF…Mueller worked for the left, had 17 DEMOCRAT Lawyers, spent $30M and got nothing….these ARE FACTS.

    Now it’s on to Ukraine…which admits it interfered in the 2016 Election…for HRC!!!! Additionally, Quid Pro Joe brags, on video to the Global Elites at the CFR, about withholding $1B from Ukraine unless they FIRE a prosecutor who WAS INVESTIGATING BURISMA…Hunter’s company…but the MSM says those allegations are unfounded. Who declared them unfounded? the MSM…WHO told them they were unfounded…JOE BIDEN….hahaha. The investigation was haulted by Quid Pro Joe. NOW COMES DESPERATION…Ukrainian documents recently released showed the investigation into Burisma did involve wtf Hunter was doing…until Joe stopped it. FAST FORWARD…three months BEFORE Orange Man’s nothing-burger phone call to the Ukraine President…the BURISMA INVESTIGATION WAS REINITIATED…WHOOPS….but hey, keep on believing Shiff…he soooo honest.

    Meanwhile the Horowitz and Durham investigations will NAME NAMES…REAL EVIDENCE…REAL CRIMES…REAL BAD FOR MSM AND DNC and IF the Impeachment makes it to the Senate…first THREE WITNESSES…SHIFF, JOE AND HUNTER….UHH OHH!!! Not even Hateful Madcow OR Anderson’s Pooper Loves 69 can save there lying asses…but you keep on believing anonymous sources and colluding whistle leakers…I’ll pop the popcorn.

    1. Gulf Coast Gumbeaux You are one ignorant mofo…but what can we expect from the state of stupid!! Go back to sucking on crawdads and your hero THE FAT ORANGE TRAITOR! Ignorance and Hate are the basics of life in that God awful POS swamp you seem to be so proud of!

      1. Ignore the facts, wallow in your own ignorance…………I wish you and those of your ilk Happy Wallowing!

        P.S Your screen name shows others how Really Lost Ogle (and dumb) you are! As you were:Wallow On.

        1. Mike, I must agree with you this time – to a point. That screen name isn’t very “woke,” is it.

        2. But Mike – people who live in glass houses shouldn’t throw stones.

          You aren’t averse to stupid and crude namecalling either, are you?

          1. It depends…….but I do TRY not to use foul language. His “moniker” casts much doubt on his intelligence………………. makes him look like the dumbazz he is!

    2. The Mueller investigation led to actual indictments and prison time for several individuals involved with the Trump campaign. He did not conclude no collusion, only that there was no smoking gun. If he is a Democrat shill, then the Democrats led a far, far, far more successful investigation than the Republicans did into Benghazi, which lasted way longer, likely cost way more money, was caught on tape to be political, and yielded exactly nothing. The Republicans either wasted millions on a political hunt or just suck at investigating. I’ll let you decide which one you prefer, but you only have 2 choices there, champ.

      As far as the Ukraine thing, all the evidence seems to show nothing there, but I’m open to waiting to see if the Republicans can actually score a hit on it. I doubt it, but there’s possibility. Meanwhile, it’s funny how they’re railing against Biden for the nepotism on behalf of a president who created roles in the White House for his family members and has used his status to boost his own personal business. Hey, at least Republicans are fully open about their hypocrisy.

      1. East of Java?

    3. That’s quite a rant from Gumbeaux. And his capslock key keeps flickering on and off.

      The result is text that resembles a cross between RNC fundraising mail and some deranged person on Twitter.

  15. By the way, my comments should in no way be viewed as an endorsement of Markwayne Mullin , the original subject of this thread. I wouldn’t even call him if I lived in his district and needed a plumber. I almost feel sorry for you Graychin for residing in his district…………almost, but not quite there yet. He at least provides you with something more to complain about.

    1. I would be complaining almost as much about Kevin Hern if I lived in the First District. The congresscritters from “out west” aren’t quite as bad as those two.

      Not quite as bad.


    “Ummmmmmm. You was askin’ me why I voted fer Markwayne. I reckon any man with two first names hasta be some kinda genius, mmmmmmmm hmmmm. Also I heard he was gonna make it so’s people has French Fried taters every day, like they do in Paris, ummmmmm hmmmm. Some people call him Republican, some people call him a dipshit, ummmmm, but I reckon it’s more or less the same thing.”

    1. I think your biscuits are burning…. the guy is a plumber…. look at the professions of most politicians….. he probably has more practical life experience than most…. corrupted by Pac money and religious zealots perhaps…..

  17. First I live in the aforementioned Congressman’s district. Moved here from OKC almost 20 years ago. Some of the most beautiful areas of the state are here. Most of the people here dont fit the often mentioned stereotype that most commenters here repeat. However, they do exist, I teach their children. I am not sure, but insulting folks doesn’t seem to be the best way of changing their minds. We are living in an increasingly illiberal society. The above comments from both “sides”are prima facie evidence for this. Americans no longer search for evidence to discover truth. They just look for anything that provides evidence for their beliefs. What’s the answer to change this? Straw man arguments, ad hominem attacks and the outright embrace of ignorance doesn’t appear to be working. I am as concerned, as many are, that we have a large segment of the population that see a President that speaks and behaves in a manner that would result in a public school teacher’s firing were they to replicate it, and they literally think this is preferable. We are now at a place where Dwight Eisenhower could not be elected as a republican. What is the solution to this reactionary, illiberal swing in our politics and culture? Perhaps we begin by not looking at each other as enemies, and dial the rhetoric back a bit. Nahhh, I am now returning to my ivory towered fantasy castle in the sky, waiting for someone from Mullin’s company to snake my toilet. Cheers…..

  18. You never snake the toilet…. in a worst case scenario plunge or use chemicals….

  19. Thanks for the trade secrets, thinking of using a small tactical nuclear device, about 12 kilotons should do.

  20. I am just so fed up,sick and fricking tired of all of this god damned winning.
    .25 cent per hour raise,Fuck YES!
    Thank You Donald!
    Thank You,his precious little self-entitled Trumpists!

    1. You must be one of those uneducated, low mentality democrats who depend on the government for their existence. Either that or a Never Trump, Trump hater, Crooked Hillary loving fool with blinders on (blind to her crookedness exemplified by foreign donations to the Clinton Foundation during her stint as Secretary of State – a real QUID PRO QUO)!

      I’m not sick of winning – people are working again, more people in the work force than in history, unemployment at historic lows, stock market going great, rebuilding of the U. S. Military that obama let sink to dangerous levels as he sold out our military forces, reducing the welfare rolls, and on and on and on!,!

      And then there”s fools such as those like yourself.

      1. The president gets simultaneously too much blame and credit for the state of the economy they have, when most of the factors that influence it are far outside of their control. Trump’s impact on the economy won’t be fully felt for probably half a decade or more, the same way Clinton’s policies helped inadvertently fuel the great recession (though the burst, which no president had any real control over, was likely a way bigger factor) and Jimmy Carter’s holdover policies made people think that trickle-down works when it obviously doesn’t. The economy is cyclical, and still in the recovery phase from the great recession.

        The stock market is the likely the only rel measure of the economy that the current president directly influences so much, because it is so volatile. Trump has had a relatively steady stock market growth, but so did Obama (at this stage of their presidencies, Obama’s stock market had had a 50% growth since he entered office, where Trump’s stock market has had a 39% growth). Because, again, we’re still in great recession recovery mode.

        The notion that the military sank to dangerous levels is pretty funny to me, Obama was practically a warmonger and was very aggressive with his military policy. The biggest knock you could have was that he didn’t take ISIS seriously until it was too late, but forces had been beating back ISIS steadily since ISIS’s heyday when Trump took office. We’ll see how Trump’s policy affects ISIS, because despite us being stuck in this quagmire (and honestly, I’d be pro pulling out of foreign conflicts), our intervention into foreign political affairs has created such a crap show that it’s likely that pulling support will make things even worse than trying to be involved will be. Beyond that, we could refuse to grow the military for a decade and we’d still likely have the strongest military in the world by far, despite what the fearmongers say.

      2. Democrats are both the college educated elites and the uneducated at the same time. Just like how Democrats are cowardly snowflakes while also performing a “soft coup” of Trump’s presidency simultaneously. I would bet that you don’t know much about Democrats because you don’t interact with people who don’t share the exact same beliefs as yourself. You are clearly a miserable and pathetic person just based on your comments here. I can’t imagine how much clearer that is to the people who know you in real life.

        1. “Soft coup” my azz and a hearty laugh at your comments about myself. That all you got Frankie?

          1. Keep laughing. It doesn’t do anything to change the fact that you are clinically lonely.

  21. It appears there are a lot of butthurt conservatives that don’t find The Lost Ogle amusing, yet keep coming back. It’s like watching an abused girlfriend, but without the physical violence or economic blackmail that keeps them from leaving.

    Why don’t you right-wingers just start your own site? Get somebody who knows how to build a site in WordPress (ask your nephew if you need help) put together a blog of conservative snark where you can make fun of liberals, millennials, women, gays, Jews, and folks who know what the word “halal” means.

    I’m sure it will be every bit as successful as other conservative comedy ventures like The Half Hour News Hour and The Flipside.

  22. Strange and stranger, how certain folks don’t understand how their own government works. But hell, you can teach a chimp how to wave a flag. To anyone who is listening, an inquiry is not a trial. It is just weird to read aggressive ignorance. Whether that is inoculation by way of Fox News or just the ” I’m taking my ball and going home” model of political thinking, it’s just bizarre how people decide to shut down mentally to anything that challenges their belief set. Again not pointing fingers, but I figure you know who you are.oh, and before you’ve decided I have voted both sides of the aisle. Not recently though. This will wig out some of you, the Oklahoma state constitution is a…wait for it…socialist tinged document. Let the insanity commence.

  23. Oh and Stephen A., the reason conservatives don’t start a humorous website is because conservativism is innately unfunny. P.J. O’Rourke was funny writing at National Lampoon, after that it ended and right quick.

  24. Dear Frankenberry:I suspect I interact with more people on a daily basis than many of you and your cohorts do – local and with people across the U. S.. You and your cronies can be likened to those inside the beltway – you have no idea what the real majority of people think of the so-called “Soft Coup” you mentioned.

    You are the one who doesn’t circulate and get out of your cocoon long enough to know what the majority of American people think of you and others of your ilk from The Really Lost Ogle to the halls of CNN, MSNBC, and the like! Keep thinking I know nothing about democrats – worked around them in numerous venues in numerous place outside of our little state. I know them and know them well. So stay in your cocoon, consort with like minded lefties, and “think” you know all the answers. You don”t!

    In the meantime, I’ll enjoy people working again across America with historic numbers of employed people , historic unemployment rates, historic stock market highs, historic lows in welfare dependence, rebuilding the military, and on and on. Only miserable and pathetic people mired in their hatred can’t enjoy the recovery of the U. S.

    Check you later for your distorted, pathetic view of reality!

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