Dr. Jill Hicks-Keeton and the Crusade For Truth at the Museum of the Bible

Whether they’re smuggling stolen artifacts from war-torn countries, displaying forged antiquities, or simply using the guise of a museum to promote, affirm and elevate their own Evangelical Christian beliefs, it seems like there’s always something in the news about the Museum of the Bible – the $500-million philanthropic pet project funded by the Green family of Hobby Lobby fame.

As a result, Marisa and I thought it would be fun to have Dr. Jill Hicks Keeton – Assistant Professor of Religious Studies at OU – on The Lost Ogle Show to talk about her new book “The Museum of the Bible: A Critical Introduction.

While drinking some cold Anthem beer, we discussed the book, what it’s like to teach religion in Oklahoma, what it’s like to be atheist in Oklahoma, and lots of other god stuff. You can follow Dr. Jill Hicks-Keeton on Twitter as @JillHicksKeeton. You can subscribe to The Lost Ogle Show on Apple PodcastsSpotifyI HeartStitcher, etc. Stay with The Lost Ogle. We’ll keep you advised.

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13 Responses

  1. When the Greens create an exhibit that reflects their obedience to Matthew 19:21, Mark 10:21, Luke 14:33 and Luke 18:22, I’ll take their museum seriously.

    1. So you’ve sold or given away all of your possessions? Very noble.

      1. No. But, I also don’t profess to follow Biblical principles. It’s only hypocrisy if you’re actually hypocritical.

  2. Goddammit! So now Patrick is gonna drag me kicking and screaming into the 21st Century by making me start listening to podcasts. Shit. Next thing and I’ll be on InstantGrits and Twaddle and Snapchit and all those other wastes of time.

    1. Ha, thanks for making me laugh, I feel the same way and haven’t bothered with podcasts until now, they just take way too much time and if they’re any good, you can’t concentrate on anything else while you’re listening. I’d much rather just read an article than listen, but this one and Ed’s are probably worth listening to, dammit, just gotta find the time to sit and listen.

    2. I’ll third that notion. Keep the good stuff coming our way.

      1. I finally figured out why all those kids keep their heads down focused on their phones and whatever social media platform is popular. They’re young and the silly little bastards think they have all the time in the world. Someday they’ll be like me, 64, carpal tunnel in both hands and still living in their Mother’s basement and wondering where the time and their career went..

        1. A carpal tunnel cure: Extend your arms out front, make fists. Then explode the fingers outward and back into fists 75 times. And repeat as necessary. This actually works.

  3. I have taken courses from Dr. Hicks- Keeton at that atheistic overrun, socialist dominated, commie infested campus in Norman. It was packed with wild eyed, blue haired older women of a certain age as well as a handful of aging 60s hippies who knew their Bible inside and out…….and then there was me. Dr. H-K is a superb instructor, very knowledgeable, quick witted and brilliantly educated.

    She is a great asset in OU’s Life Long Learning Program for seniors like me as well as a popular and effective professor on the main campus. Thanks for including the interview with her on TLO.

  4. Interesting podcast!

    No one should be surprised that a bible museum created by deeply religious people (like the Greens) presents their religious point of view to the virtual exclusion of other interpretations. Who would have expected otherwise?

    What IS disturbing is something I learned for the first time from the podcast: that the MOTB requires their visiting “scholars” to execute non-disclosure agreements with respect to their work there!

    Nothing says openness and “academic freedom” quite like non-disclosure agreements. Right? I guess it wouldn’t do for the MOTB scholarship to wander very far from the viewpoint of evangelical Christianity as practiced by the Greens.

    Scholars like Dr. Hicks-Keeton are Kryptonite to biblical literalists. In a similar vein, pick up a copy of “(Isaac) Asimov’s Guide to the Bible.” Very readable, interesting and informative.

    I cut the Greens some slack with respect to their purchase of fake or stolen artifacts. The Greens are babes in the woods when they wander into the sleazy market for biblical artifacts. They must have been easy marks for crooked dealers: naive, and with lots of money to throw around.

    “A fool and his money are soon parted.” (Sometimes attributed to Franklin’s “Poor Richard’s Almanac.”)

    “There’s a sucker born every minute.” (Attributed to P.T. Barnum)

    “… and two to take him.” (My old friend Chester.)

    1. I’d be cautious about how much slack you want to cut the Greens. Ancient cuneiform tablets from the Cradle of Civilization were labeled “ceramic tiles” or “clay tiles (samples).” Three hundred such “samples” were valued at $1 each instead of the $84,000 that better represented their value.

      Furthermore, the Greens had their black market booty — funding no telling how many terrorist attacks — shipped to three different OKC addresses.

      They were fined $3 million for smuggling 5,500 looted Iraqi antiquities into the country. Various shipping manifests claimed that the stolen goods came from Israel or Turkey.

      And many archaeologists were outraged that a case of this magnitude was handled in civil court.

  5. I’m really surprised you hate the Bible, that is truly a shock, you are just a tad predictable.

  6. WTF? Who hates the Bible?

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