Craig Groeschel loses cushy six-figure board gig with Gulfport Energy…

Keep mega church pastor Craig Groeschel in your thoughts in prayers.

Yesterday afternoon, Oklahoma City based Gulfport Energy – one of many floundering energy companies that may not be around in a year or two – announced they are laying off 13% of their workforce.

In addition to that, Craig Groeschel announced he is stepping down from his cushy $207,443 seat on the company’s Board of Directors – a position he’s held since 2011.

Here are details via

Gulfport Energy recently completed a process to cut 13% of its employees as part of ongoing efforts to reduce costs, the company announced Monday.

The staff reduction is just one of several steps company officials said they are taking to provide the best value they can for shareholders.

Those efforts involve retiring debt early, which officials said the company plans to continue to pursue, while at the same time suspending its repurchase program for common shares.

Also on Monday, Gulfport announced two of its board members and its board chairman don’t plan to continue with the company.

Board members Craig Groeschel and Scott E. Streller plan to resign from the board before the end of the year.

That’s interesting. You may be wondering why an energy exploration company would put a mega-church pastor with no experience within the energy industry on its Board of Directors? If so, please keep in mind…

A) From Jerusalem Fish Co. to Water-2-Wine Inc., Jesus Christ served on a wide variety of corporate boards during biblical times.

B) Oklahoma also has an Oil Field Prayer Day, so it makes a lot of sense.

Here’s more:

Board Chairman David L. Houston, meanwhile, announced he will not stand for re-election to the board when his term expires next year.

Gulfport said it is working with an outside firm to identify and evaluate new independent director candidates, with a stated hope they will represent shareholders with “fresh, diverse voices with strong expertise and qualifications.”

Translation – They’re looking for people with knowledge and expertise in the energy and banking industries to keep the company afloat, and not someone who knows how to build a good Bible app.

Anyway, although I’m sure this post will piss off everyone holy-rolling around town with a LifeChurch.TV decal on the back of their Nissan, I’d like to clarify that I’m not blaming Pastor Craig for taking the job. He’s served on the Board of Directors for Gulfport since 2011, so when you combine his annual salary with his insider stock trading, he’s probably earned close to $2-million this decade just to show up to board meetings at Gaillardia, nod in agreement while looking at reports, and then maybe conclude the meeting with a prayer. Even after the 10% tithe, you’d be a fool to turn that down.

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40 Responses

  1. Got canned for non-performance. Prayers for higher commodity prices weren’t getting thru.

    1. Love it!
      No one pushing for an investigation into corruption?!
      A non-qualified board member of an energy company?!
      What is this the Ukraine?!
      Come on!
      : )

  2. When is Kanye expected to visit Life Church?

    1. They had Justin Bieber’s questionable pastor and even Kevin Durant—and right after they did his interview during a church service, he was caught smoking a joint. LOL So much for discernment. So to answer question, probably next week and I’m serious.

      1. CLARIFICATION–caught in a video

  3. Seems there has been a similar story going around recently with someone’s son benefiting to a much larger extent due to his dad’s power and position.

    Something about a Ukrainian energy firm paying HUGE monthly checks to a young man who knew nothing about energy but got the sweet deal simply because his dad was VICE-President of some country and the Ukraine could somehow garner favor from the father of said son. And then the father forced the country to fire one of their own who was investigating said son’s sweet deal or the U. S. government would withhold foreign aide or military aid or something. i.e., sort of a quid pro quo of some kind.

    At any rate The Really Lost Ogle probably covered that sweet deal in ad nauseam detail, but somehow I missed it I’ll check in the archives. You’d think the energy firm would have wanted people on the board who actually had “knowledge and expertise in the energy industry” and not someone whose only asset was being the son of someone said country could use to curry favor or something – not to mention said son getting kicked out of the U. S. Navy for testing positive for cocaine use. Oh well……

    1. How does it feel to be smug and inaccurate simultaneously?

      1. What’s inaccurate?

        1. Biden threatened to withhold foreign aid until they fired the investigator because he failed to investigate corruption in the Ukraine, which was an extremely corrupt country, not because they wanted to investigate the company Biden’s son was joining, which was occurring both before and after Biden’s son was a board member. While the question of conflict of interests is fair, it’s unsubstantiated.

          There’s also the insinuation that being on the board of directors is unusual for someone with no experience in that field (in this case, energy), but if you actually know how big business works, and Trump is banking on his supporters not knowing, then you know that it’s not unusual at all. Boards of directors don’t manage a company’s day to day operations, they help guide major strategic goals and fire the CEO.
          Is it a tad shady for Hunter Biden to use his father’s name in that way? Sure, and hell, they probably wanted to use it to curry some favor with the administration, but that’s not illegal as much as it is just shady. Steve Jobs was on the board at Disney, despite having knowledge of animation. Bobby Kotick runs a videogame company and sits on the board of directors for a fine art museum. Sometimes there are even direct conflict of interests, like Google’s Eric Schmidt being on Apple’s board. A former CEO of Dunkin Donuts serves on Six Flag’s board. A lot of board members just come from the finance world.

          There’s also the fact that people involved in the investigation have said that there was no US pressure to close that investigation.

          So yeah, Hunter Biden may have been shady, but Trump’s case is clearly quid pro quo where Biden’s isn’t.

          1. So little comprehension, so much B/S! Damn it gets deep on here.

            1. I don’t even like Biden, I think he’s a shady, creepy pervert. But the Ukraine thing hasn’t panned out to anything.

              But feel free to actually show me where I made a mistake. I’m always open to seeing opposing viewpoints.

            2. Not surprised to see you actually identify what was BS. When you’re neck deep in the habit of parroting conservative talking points that you don’t understand, you risk becoming a sheep.

      2. Nothing inaccurate –you lost in space lost ogle minion?

    2. Considering the fact that TLO only covers, get this -> Oklahoma, then I can definitely see why you’d think that Burisma, Biden and Trump would have made the list of things to cover. But what do I know? I just a “do nothing veteran liberal (commie?)”.

    3. I’m confused, are you saying that Groeschel committed some sort of crime, or claiming that Biden didn’t?

  4. Perhaps Gulfport believed that by having a megachurch pastor on its board and paying him handsomely for his attendance at meetings, God would smile upon the company’s endeavors – creating bountiful wealth and prosperity for Gulfport’s stakeholders.

    That’s the best reason for having Groeschel on Gulfport’s board that I can think of. Nothing else makes a lick of sense.

    Sadly, God seems to be turning His back on Gulfport’s endeavors in spite of Groeschel. Maybe someone with relevant business and energy experience on the board would have been more help.

  5. Try reading a September 2013 Reuters article entitled “Exclusive—Gulfport Ex-Chairman Received Millions in Free Equity” about a series of transactions approved by the Gulfport board.

  6. Wow, great journalism, not! What a disgrace you are to the journalism profession. Obviously your deep rooted pain towards the church shines through loud & clear. I really hope you find peace before you find the need to write more garbage. I guess if you’re a pastor of a church, under no circumstance can you use your LEADERSHIP talents for personal gain. Hope your life gets better before the rest of us have to suffer through more of your articles.

    1. Another snooty dick from Edmond.

    2. “Not!” Current reference bro. Getting rich through religion. Did I miss the part of the bible where Jesus accumulated disgusting wealth? The good news is that the whole thing is a lie, so feel free to give your money to whatever “godly” millionaire you’d like.

    3. ” Obviously your deep rooted pain towards the church shines through loud & clear. I really hope you find peace…”

      Religious apologists often like to assume that a satirist who pokes fun at the likes of megachurch evangelists or traffickers in fake or stolen religious artifacts is in “deep rooted pain” and needs to “find peace.”

      A few angry atheists no doubt fit that description. But it seems more likely that this stereotype is device to comfort insecure religious people with little or no sense of humor about their faith.

      It likely makes Mr. McColl feel better to believe that someone who doesn’t buy into his version of religious truth, or even finds it silly, is probably in “deep rooted pain” and needs to “find peace.” I probably fit that description myself, except for the part about being in pain and lacking spiritual peace.

      So many readers here seem to need to frequent reminding that if you’re looking for great journalism, TLO isn’t where you’re likely to find it (with the possible exception of Louis Fowler’s restaurant reviews). What they do here is social satire about Oklahoma happenings.

      And what a rich lode that is to mine!

    4. There is no devil. It’s just God when he’s drunk.

      1. And He’s a mean drunk!

    5. I love Jesus, church, and the Word. In regards to a few statements here, I would encourage anyone to read when Timothy warns people who are “depraved in the mind and deprived of the truth who imagine godliness is a means of gain.” (1 Timothy 6:5)
      Or as Jesus simply put it (Matthew 6:24) “You cannot serve both God and money.”

      “If we claim to have fellowship with him and yet walk in the darkness, we lie and do not live out the truth.” (1 John 1:6)

      1. Those texts pretty much destroy the underpinnings of the “Prosperity Gospel” that is so often peddled today in Christian circles.

  7. Gulfport Energy is going straight to HELL now because they they fired the world’s highest paid chaplain.

  8. Well, I can’t really fault him for taking the post. If Gulfport were to ask me to be on their board with my limited knowledge of the oil industry (which appears to be more than good ol’ Aubrey had) I would have to accept as well. The shareholders are the ones that should be questioning this and wondering how their investment was handled by people with very little experience in the company’s primary source of income.

    It does kind of remind me of when Chesapeake used to hire the only the most beautiful and young for various positions in their company that the hires had no knowledge or experience in. Where are they now? Definitely not with the company, they were dropped when the new CEO came in to attempt to right the ship. But it was nice to see their pretty faces on Sundays in the former local paper the Oklahoman as the most recent, best hires for the Chesapeake team.

  9. Ripping Pastor Craig checks all boxes for this liberal rag website….Christian Pastor, from Edmond and employed. Very despised by this website

    1. The liberal rag you read and commented on. Make sure to click an add while you are visiting.

    2. There must be a church prayer chain going around, asking the faithful to come here to slam this “liberal rag” that “despises” employed pastors.

      Is there something about religious devotion that creates the medical symptom of Dermis Delicatus (extremely thin skin)?

  10. I worked within Gulport for a couple years and this company has been headed in the wrong direction for years, there’s no turning it around. Now the ones that did the taking simply want to try and quietly fold without calls from Johnny Law. When it should of been reinvesting profits it wasn’t, it was take take and take again. Check out the miny castle in Sugar Creek off route 66, or the back to back Liddell Nichols hills lots or actually any Liddell home. In laws need a gig, here’s a drilling outfit, or hey Reese here’s a frozen yogurt company for the ol’ son in law lol, that’s the worst of em all but that’s for another day. I do say kudos for all making/taking the investors money all these years but it’s not really insider trading whats being floated around those halls of Gulfport and if it is, there is a LOT of executives and formers from the top down that need a call in town. To the family though I will say thank you for the employment, a lot of great people work there and some at least would make a valuable asset when let go. This cut is the first, they are making several that’s a fact but go slow as too big looks weak and also your talent will begin to jump ship. That’s from the boardroom!

    1. Nooo… PLEASE go on about the son-in-law. Lots of failing upward.

  11. Just another phony ass evangelical getting rich using his phony church to avoid paying taxes atheist

  12. Yea, enjoy some of tour reads but this one is about as classless as they come. You mention a salary amount, do you actually know what he does with this money? Probably not. Maybe look and and take the time to listen and browse through his leadership podcasts, maybe it would help you learn how to run this basement Wayne’s World” type web page. Just a thought.

    1. What difference does it make what he does WITH the money?

      What did he do FOR the money? The amount seems… excessive.

      1. One could easily say the same about Hunter Biden…..thanks for feeding me!

      2. He served on a board of directors for the money.

        Those are pretty much the cushiest jobs in the business world. They’re not running the company, they’re making decisions at the broadest level and it really doesn’t require the massive time investment or knowledge base of a CEO, meaning CEO’s can still make the massive time investment required to run a major company and serve on the board for another.

        You can be damn well sure that 98% off the people here and elsewhere would take that position at a mid to large company.

        1. Only if they carried excellent “acts and omissions” insurance coverage for board members.

  13. THAT DIRTY PHONEY BASTARD. Money is really the root of all evil.

  14. Gotta love the give and take on this string. Jesus……love him or leave him. Oil and gas companies………..ditto. Politicians…….hate em AND leave em.

    But then there is the recent Oklahoma opioid trial and Johnson and Johnson’s final defense witness warning about influence from drug running cartel gangs as the real problem in America’s opioid crisis.

    He should know. That gentleman has now recently been indicted for laundering dirty money down in Florida. And people wonder where Hollywood gets outlandish ideas for their law and order TV manuscripts. Probably from most any street corner in America, in corporate board rooms, prayer circles or legislative conference rooms. And finally walls in bathroom stalls.

    Ukrainian oligarchs, Bolton and drug deals? Nah, that’s just child’s play led by America’s Mayor Rudy Howdy Doody and The Bone Spur Coward Tweeter Trump. But as The Liberal From Lexington I am against the impeachment of The Donald for my own selfish reasons. Can you imagine twelve months of reading about a new president of the U, S of A who calls his wife ‘mother’? Talk about a good reason for moving to Canada or even that other foreign country Texas best known in their mega churches for hypocrisy………Sunday morning give it up for God and whatever is left give it in the afternoon to the Chickasaws at Winstar. Gotta love those hypocrites south of the Red. So proud of the state that leads the nation in uninsured children, jack rabbits and has Ted Cruz as role a role model.

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