Emily Sutton celebrates 10 years at KFOR Channel 4…

Earlier this week, Emily Sutton took a break from playing with puppies in fields of bubbly clouds to commemorate her 10-year work anniversary at KFOR Channel 4.

Yes, that’s right. The world’s original Severe Weather Princess has been at Channel 4 for a decade now, and we’ve been there to creepily stalk for every second of it. Naturally, we do this as a service to you – a Lost Ogle reader.

Over the past 10 years, Oklahoma City has literally watched Emily grow in front of its eyes. When she arrived on the scene from small-market purgatory, she was a bubbly, awkward, wide-eyed weather nerd, ready to warm your mornings like a hot cup of cocoa.

Check out this photo:

Wow. I know we’ve all changed and aged in 10 years, but Emily’s gone through a complete metamorphosis. Like the nerdy girl with glasses turned homecoming queen in a cheesy teen movie, she’s literally blossomed before our eyes, shedding her cocoon like golfball-sized hail rolling off a roof.

That transformation didn’t take long. After she arrived in OKC, Emily quickly roomed up with her now rival Joleen Chaney. Under JoJo’s tutelage, they quickly became starlets on the local bar and social media scene.

It should also be noted that this was the same period when Emily started having dreams about us.

From there, Emily quickly established herself as the A-list Oklahoma media celebrity she is today. She charmed viewers, producers and obscure local social bloggers alike with her girl-next-door charm and accurate weather forecasts. This led to her getting to do things like experience weightlessness at NASA, sing the National Anthem at Thunder games, and pee on people during triathlons.

Not surprisingly, Emily has been the focus and subject of some of our most popular articles at TLO. She delivers pageviews like the dry line drops twisters.

The most popular Emily Sutton article happened in 2015 when she called out a reckless, not-based-on-science, Facebook weather report shared by Aaron Tuttle. Our article about the drama received over 86,000 pageviews. My favorite part was getting to create and use this image that has not been approved by any copyright attorney who specializes in copyright law:

More recently, Emily took over the Internet when she confronted some racist dude on Facebook after he complained about a spanish weather forecast. As a result, Emily was rewarded with free Mexican food from San Marcos for the rest of her life:

Although she’s warmed a lot hearts, TVs and queso bowls over the years, Emily’s decade in Oklahoma hasn’t always been rainbows and sunshine. In fact, it’s been quite dangerous. Here’s a list of all the things she’s survived over the years


Close encounters with tornadoes:


Can we blame Anthony David for that? Or maybe it was Trichology? Either way, those threats were miniscule compared to what Emily faced in 2014 when KWTV Channel 9 unleashed an Sutton replicant dubbed “Lacey Swope” onto the local weather scene. She was programmed with a Terminator like mission to steal Emily’s schtick and viewers:

Swope’s arrival, and early ratings success, quickly resulted in an all out fishing war contest between the two channels. It lasted for six-months, and ended only after a News 9 lost five storm chasers and Jed Castles to injury at the battle of Lake Thunderbird.

As we all know, Emily Sutton eventually found love in the 405 when she met a hunky fireman who likes Nickelback named Michael. After a year or so of dating, and few visits to the hypnotist, they got engaged. I didn’t handle it well at the time.

Five years later, and after multiple therapy sessions with Marla Morgan, I’ve gone through the five stages of grief and have learned to accept Emily and Michael’s relationship. That being said, I’m still worried Michael may become a Facebook weatherman:

Anyway, we’d like to thank and congratulate Emily for her 10-year anniversary at KFOR. She’s done a great job and is proof that dreams do come true. Here’s to another 10 of keeping Oklahomans safe, and obscure local social blogs afloat!

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12 Responses

  1. Is it true that Mike Morgan sent her out on that storm chaser assignment on orders of Marla? Trying to eliminate the competition, both his and hers.

    1. I’ve never heard that before. If this story is true, mind somewhat blown!! It also proves two true thing about Oklahoma City that makes the place unique in this country. One, at this time of year, the people of OKC stop everything they are doing and sing along with the BC Clark jingle anytime it airs on all media devices. Two, the people of OKC take their weather so seriously that the local weatherpeople fight for the title of Lord Ruler of All Weather, and to sit on the Great Tornado Throne, which was has been empty ever since Lord England of Seiling stepped down and retired a few years ago.

  2. Emily is a class act who connects with viewers. Wishing Emily the best and hope she stays another ten years in OKC

  3. She also survived (won, actually) a Twitter debate with Gary England regarding climate change.

  4. Emily loves Emily so much!! She has such a huge ego. Makes me sick.

    1. Haters gonna hate.

    2. I’ve known Emily for years and nothing could be further from the truth!

      1. She once said “Hi” to me proactively in a restaurant when I wasn’t even looking for acknowledgment.

        She’s a monster.

  5. Emily is the BEST! Congratulations to her and I hope she enjoys her job and stays here.

  6. So Patrick I guess you’ve forgiven her for the restraining order?

    1. What ???????

  7. Emily has connected with the viewers. She is amazing.

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