Free Queso Podcast: Ian Clarke & Sparkling Wine

Welcome back to Free Queso, the podcast where we give you the inside scoop on the Oklahoma City food, beverage, and hospitality scene!

We’re settling into that Auld Lang Syne season, which means it is time to enjoy some BUBBLES! Yep, sparkling wine, and it’s not all champagne.

Judie and Lucas are joined by wine expert Ian Clarke, who is a representative for some of the most incredible European wines available in Oklahoma. He shares five different sparkling wines, and must undergo a 60-second challenge to describe what he’s pouring. As it turns out, not every bubbly wine is the same.

Ian also talks about his journey from being a 95X on-air dj to moving to New York to write for Pop-Up Video, and how that transitioned into his current job as a wine professional. Not only does he drop some knowledge about how to taste and approach wine, but he also gives some behind-the-scenes experience about what it’s like to be a booze rep in Oklahoma. Consumers just see what they want to drink at their local bar or retailer, but the reps are the ones who help get it there.

Whether you’re someone who casually enjoys a glass of cava every now and then, or a serious wine drinker, this conversation has something for anyone who is interested in stocking up their fridge with crowd-pleasing bottles of bubbly for the New Years.

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