Internal Documents Reveal More About 7-Eleven Acquisition…

Yesterday morning, we went deep undercover and broke the news that all Central Oklahoma 7-Eleven stores are being acquired by 7-Eleven’s corporate conglomerate in Dallas, ending a nearly 60-year run of local, independent ownership of all metro 7-Elevens.

The news spread quickly across the local gas station scene like an infection in a Love’s bathroom, with patrons, current and former Seven-11 employees, and people who like to play lottery scratchers all discussing the news on social media.

Due to the clandestine nature of acquisition, initial details were about as murky as a cola-flavored ICEE… or Slurpee. Either way, not too long after we published the news, the Ogle Mole Network lit up with more information.

One Mole sent us this document:

We shared the document on Twitter, which led to QuikTrip responding to us:

In addition to that, another Mole forwarded us screenshots of what appears to be an internal employee Q&A about the deal that explains what employees can expect from their new corporate overlords. Because we believe that sharing is caring, we included screenshots below:

Regarding question #18, 7-Eleven should make sure their phone lines are working before directing employees to send the media to the corporate office, otherwise there may be even more people in the media going undercover as loyal 7-Eleven customers. Then again, perhaps that’s part of their plan.

Anyway, thanks to this story, and Lucas’s funny OnCue article from earlier this week, I think we can say The Lost Ogle’s inaugural “Gas Station Week” has been a resounding success. If you know of any more news or info about the deal, send us a tip via email or on the socs. Stay with The Lost Ogle. We’ll keep you advised.

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14 Responses

  1. As Loves is the Corporate sponsor of the OKC Thunder, do you think your infection comment to be wise?

    1. What does that have to do with TLO?

    2. Well, TLO doesn’t work for the Thunder, so what does it matter?

    3. FFS! Lighten up, Francis.

    4. Dean must be kidding. Corporate sponsorships shouldn’t insulate any business from unrelated criticism. Not even if the business sponsors a professional sports team.

      1. Part of the Oklahoma Standard. No TV station would ever say anything bad about David Stanley or any of the other car dealerships that advertise with them. Even the Oklahoman had to do a lot of damage control since that “loose cannon” Barry Trammel disrespected Russell Westbrook.

        Look at the “cotton picking” comment which ended the career of a Thunder broadcaster. In states with poor economies the businesses run the state, and yet another place where Oklahoma is a Top Ten state, and that being controlled by the people who own the elected officials, the remaining few business owners, or those that own businesses in Oklahoma.

  2. I’m enough of an anarchist to enjoy seeing an obscure local blog break a story like the 7-11 buyout while the papers and TV stations are shut out.

    TLO, NonDoc, and sometimes The Frontier have become my best sources for state and local news that isn’t about violent crime or car wrecks. (Because on TV, “If it bleeds, it leads.”)

    Our state’s two major newspapers have mostly backed away from actual journalism, probably because paying good investigative reporters costs a lot of money.

    Maybe they need Mole Networks too.

    1. Just got a renewal notice for the Oklahoman – $656.00 for one year ! And there is NOTHING in it. So after 42 years of daily readership, adios mother fucker !!!

      1. the Oklahoma looks like a grocery store circular for $2. For what , new about city politicians and boring news about the thunder. ………sigh.

  3. south r sir I threw that rag out like 10 years ago when they shrunk it to a half size fired all the seasoned reporters and staff then had the nerve to raise the price!! delivered the times and Oklahoman in the 60s the height of the Gaylord era, then they took all of our okie money to Nashville and Orlando and without a word they adios mother fuckerd us!!!lol oh well the gaylords suck and still do… example who is the chairperson of the ok county jail board?? do the reaserch it would be funny if it wasn’t so sad!

    1. I worked for them at the time of the layoffs, and left voluntarily after one of the rounds of them. There are very few people I knew from then that are still writing for them, which is sad because for all of the crap the paper gets (a lot of it justified), there were some good writers there.

      1. I didn’t ask much….a Sunday paper delivered on time. 50 weeks out of the last year, I had to call in order to have one delivered, often not getting it until mid-afternoon. I dropped it.

  4. Does this mean we’ll finally get to drink a Slurpee?

  5. Changes they are a coming in newspapers and about everything else so a newspaper owner in Arkansas, The Arkansas Democrat to be exact, saw what was happening to his circulation and advertising and did the following: He bought a computer for every remaining customer, went totally to on line and doesn’t print on newsprint anything. Expects to return to profitability next year. Alternative was extinction.

    Risky, maybe will still fail, but at least still in the game and most subscribers have stayed with him.

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