Free Queso: Wings Talk With Flawed Laws

With Free Queso, we always try to bring you a different perspective from the food and beverage industry. This week, we stretched out and had our friends Clint and Jeff from the Flawed Laws podcast come out and do a crossover. Think of it like one of those TGIF ‘URKEL IS ON FULL HOUSE TONIGHT!’ things, where we were on each other’s shows.

Clint and Jeff have their own podcast where they break down really dumb legal rules from state to state, but they’re also longtime service industry employees. From flipping burgers to chopping fruit at a grocery store, these dudes have put in their time.

We get weird about a lot of topics in this episode. Have you ever wondered about horrible kitchen injuries? Would you like to know more about the secret room at Whole Foods where all the fruits and vegetables are chopped up for your enjoyment? What kind of music plays in the kitchen at S&B’s Burgers?

We also delve deep into wings talk after our fantastic experience at Wings Supreme, which is an amazing chicken joint near the OKC capital. We could talk with Clint and Jeff about chicken wings all day every day, but had to condense it into the last half of our hour-long episode of Free Queso.

You can listen to us on Apple Podcasts, Stitcher, Spotify, and probably other places. If you like what you hear, leave us a nice comment and a 5* rating, and follow us on the social meeds at @freequesopod on Twitter and @freequesopod on Instagram.

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