The OU Seed Sower Statue Is Happy To See You

Is the fame OU Seed Sower statue now sponsored by Patricia’s?

On Friday afternoon, The OU Daily went for the low hanging fruit and provided breaking-news coverage over a dildo being placed on the famed OU Seed Sower statue.

Here are details via the OU Daily:

A dildo was attached to OU’s Seed Sower statue Friday.

It is unclear what time it was attached to the statue, but The Daily became aware of the object at 3 p.m. Friday. 

In the past, unknown members of the OU community have placed items in the Seed Sower’s bag on occasions related to athletic events. In 2018, when OU went to the Orange Bowl, oranges were seen in the Seed Sower’s bag and in 2019 when OU went to the Peach Bowl peach cups were placed in his bag. 

Ha…ha…ha. Someone put a sex toy on a statue. Classic! And they even got the OU Student media to cover it. It’s nice to know the OU student newspaper is as desperate for clicks as everyone else! Those professors are teaching them the realities of the new media world very well!

That being said, I’m less concerned about the defacing of a statute, and more concerned about the placement of the dildo. Do they not teach anatomy anymore at OU?

Here’s more:

The statue is an iconic symbol of the university, and can be seen on the university’s official seal. The statue is a monument to OU’s first president, David Ross Boyd.

Whew. I’m just relieved that they didn’t try to deface the David Boren statue. His past acts deserve way more than a mere dildo.

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7 Responses

  1. Damn, I was going to offer up a pithy comment til I read your mention of David Boren. Now I got no steam.

  2. It’s difficult to sow seed if a dildo replaces the real thing.

  3. Is nothing sacred? Nothing at all?

    Our state is going to hell in a handbasket. What’s next? Sex toys gracing the statues of OU’s Heisman Trophy winners?

  4. “OU Facilities Management will work to remove it”

    What, do they need a committee meeting to form a steering committee to decide proper removal? Or are they waiting for a team from OU Medical to come out?

    1. I think the decision to make is HOW many members of the HAZMAT team will be needed to remove the object and decontaminate the area.

  5. David Boren, President for Life is alive and well. SOONER PRIDE.

  6. The girls in my book club piled into my buick le sabre and drove down there just to see this for ourselves. bernice and crystal got some photos for next years Christmas cards. We were by gawd offended after we stared at it for about 10 minutes.

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