Oklahoma House Passes First Unconstitutional Abortion Bill of 2020

Give Oklahoma lawmakers some credit. They don’t mess around when it comes to pandering to their fellow Evangelical voters!

Yesterday afternoon, the Oklahoma House decided to close the first week of the 2020 legislative session by passing yet another (likely) unconstitutional anti-abortion bill that, this time around, would revoke the licenses of physicians who perform abortions – which, at last check, is still a legal medical procedure.

The bill – which is backed by the Oklahoma Republican party, religious groups and the Oklahoma Back Alley Abortion Association (OBAAA) – has naturally generated the typical amount of media attention and controversy.

Here are details via The Tulsa World:

In its first meaningful action of the 2020 legislative session, the Oklahoma House of Representatives on Thursday passed and sent to the Senate legislation that would effectively ban almost all abortions in the state by revoking the licenses of doctors performing the procedure, except in situations threatening the life of a woman.

House Bill 1182, by Rep. Jim Olsen, R-Roland, 71-21 along party lines, with eight members absent or not voting. The measure would revoke for one year the medical licenses of doctors performing abortions except when a women’s life is in danger. It specifically excludes the women’s mental state as a consideration in such decision.

Whew. That’s a relief. I was worried the State House was actually going to focus on important issues facing Oklahoma, before they passed unconstitutional legislation that wastes our time and resources. It’s good to see they have their political priorities straight!

The fact that Jim Olsen wrote this bill isn’t very surprising. As we learned during his bizarre social media rant over “silly” women wanting to go topless, telling women what they can and cannot do with their body is an obsession of his.

In typical Rube-publican fashion, Olsen came up with a weak, overreaching analogy to justify wanting state government to overreach into other people’s lives.

Constitutionality is no longer viewed as the obstacle it once was by those intent on banning abortion. Aside from changes in the makeup of the federal courts, they take inspiration from state legalization of marijuana.

Olsen, in an exchange with Rep. Jay Steagall, R-Yukon, noted that marijuana remains illegal under federal law but allowed for medicinal use in Oklahoma. Olsen said Oklahoma should assert the same principle regarding abortion — to in effect ignore federal court decisions.

I’m confused. Does this mean Olsen is advocating for recreational abortion?

Seriously, that’s an absurd analogy, even by Derplahoman standards. There’s absolutely no connection or correlation between states passing laws that legalize marijuana and states passing laws that obstruct constitutionally protected rights.

Olsen probably realized this, so he went with the God angle:

“We are told the (U.S.) Supreme Court is the supreme law of the land, that we cannot protest its decision,” Olsen said in debate. “There is a court even higher than the Supreme Court. There is the court of God. Abortion is a violation of the law of God.”

First of all, who’s telling this dude that you can’t protest Supreme Court decisions? There’s nothing wrong with that! Also, if abortion is the violation of the law of God – I think he’s referring to the Christian one – maybe we should let Judge God decide when the time is right?

Fortunately, a handful of our sensible representatives in the House made logical arguments about why this bill is a bad idea:

Democrats argued in vain that the measure amounts to “big brotherism” — an intrusion into personal safety, and that the ethics and morals of abortion is far from established. Rep. Collin Walke, D-Oklahoma City, pointed out that the Southern Baptist Convention once argued in favor of legalized abortion, and that the Puritans did not consider abortion wrong.

Rep. Monroe Nichols, D-Tulsa, said abortion rates have gone done most in states that have not tried to further restrict it and argued the most effective measure to reduce abortions has been easy access to contraceptives.

“Folks, this is not an easy issue,” said Minority Leader Emily Virgin, D-Norman. “It’s not black and white. There are situations with a lot of nuance. For us to wade into the nuance, the most personal details of a person’s life, of a family … for us to say that we know better, that we know what’s best for you, to insert ourselves into this most personal situation, I think is just wrong.”

Wow. They made some smart, reasonable, and logical arguments as to why abortion — regardless of your moral or ethical stance — should be a legal medical procedure. Expect them all to be voted out of office next year.

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27 Responses

  1. So the Okie tribe of the Talibaptists are at their old dominionist games again… Wonder how long it will take to get the anti-gay marriage bills to start popping up. if there was a god.. he would cause the roof to collapse when these redneck fucks are in session.

  2. There is God and He gave us free will to choose whether or not to follow His laws and guidance. If this dipshart wants to impose God’s law maybe he should start there. However, it is about time for this effing state to make national news for stupid crap like this, so it might as well be about another time our lawmakers prove their lack of understanding of the law.

  3. What IS an easy issue: That these decisions are best made on an individual basis by the persons involved, not by a one-size-fits-all rule written by fanatical culture warriors enacting their own religious beliefs into law – and enforcing them through the criminal justice system.

    Republicans used to oppose Big Government. No longer.

    News on the radio this morning said that this bill makes no exceptions for pregnancies resulting from rape or incest. Nice, eh?

  4. Can someone please show me in the Bible, where God or Jesus speaks against abortion? I have the one where God says life begins at first breath.

    1. It’s towards the back, following the chapter where corporations are people.

    2. Where are all the bible scholars who believe that “Abortion is a violation of the law of God”? We need them to enlighten us.

      Surely many people can find at least one such verse. Can’t they?

      While they’re at it, I hope they cite verses where Jesus condemned homosexuality as he did divorce. There is stuff about it in the obsolete Old Testament – along with the prohibition on eating shrimp.

    3. Jeremiah 1:5 Before I formed you in the womb I knew you, before you were born I set you apart; I appointed you as a prophet to the nations. So He says he knew you before you were born. I say that’s solid.

      1. That’s it?

  5. Abortion is a difficult issue because reasonable people can disagree. But this right here that bothers me: “There is a court even higher than the Supreme Court. There is the court of God. Abortion is a violation of the law of God.” You can’t have a country that treats people of all religions, and people of no religion, equally if we are going to pick one of those religions and say that our laws need to conform to that religion’s beliefs. But I suppose people like Jim Olsen would rather not have a country that treats everyone equally.

    1. I mean, even Christians didn’t really (or don’t really) agree on abortion. Baptists used to believe that life began at birth and considered abortion to be a personal issue. Clearly there’s room for interpretation, but we’ve become so polarized with it that there’s really no room for disagreement about anything anymore.

    2. HULK SAYS: Invisible man in sky create rules! RULES GOOD! Underling humans disobey rules, invisible man in sky say to me HULK SMASH!!!!!! Hulk does what invisible man say. Is easy being green!

  6. Hmmm sarcastic comment or troll or real comment from a derplahoman? We may never know.

  7. There is no way to fully ban all abortions. All you can do is ban all SAFE abortions.

  8. well I swan, there is so much here to untangle. I would try but it’s time for my judge judies.

  9. I believe the bill was originally to be heard on Wednesday, which was also Rose Day at the Capitol. When all the pro-lifers bring their elected officials roses to thank them for their pro-life stance. So this bill would of been the icing on the Rose Day cake so to speak.
    It turns out, Rose Day was cancelled as was the House and the Senate due to a snow day.

  10. “Dangerous especially to women”? Men are getting abortions now, but they’re much less dangerous?

  11. Why is everyone so surprised? The swallows come back to Capistrano, there’s the opening pitch of baseball season and the first abortion bill of the Oklahoma legislative session is passed. This year the honor went to Uncle Fester, R-Roland.

  12. Couldn’t you have called it the Oklahoma Back Alley Medical Association? Much better acronym that way.

    1. Very funny. But the acronym doesn’t fit at all.

      Back alley abortions happen only when there are no safe and legal options, which is what the author of this bill intends.

  13. YMAA:

    Please cite your source of that information. Your ass is not a reliable source.

  14. Ah, it must almost be spring if the unconstitutional bills have already started.

  15. They want them to be born but after that they are on their own, they aren’t concerned about their welfare after that. Those tardos will never learn.

  16. Killing defenseless babies is the ultimate cruelty it is impossible to argue with those who don’t understand such a basic truth.

    1. How’s Boren?

  17. I for one am thankful that Don Rickles’ son has moved to Oklahoma and now serves in the legislature. Obviously he has a sense of humor by passing another unconstitutional piece of legislation knowing full well the Oklahoma Supreme Court will laugh him and his new law out of their courtroom. However, back home in Roland, the goobers will giggle while thinking he has done something, anything, to earn his inflated salary. Truthfully, they’re mostly happy he is in OKC for four months a year so his bald and empty head doesn’t blind them every morning at the coffee shop.

  18. You don’t need Religion to argue for or against abortion. It comes down to is that a life in the womb. Not about privacy, or my body, or “why don’t you care about it after its born” or any other asinine issue. When does life start? Conception? Some random number of weeks? When the baby is viable outside of the womb (with advanced medicine is getting better)? The central argument is when are you destroying “a clump of cells” and when are you murdering a life. If I can’t kill another human, outside of self defense, then you can’t kill one no matter where they are, inside the womb, in a walmart, etc.. I am sure 100% of “unwanted” babies born appreciate the chance at a good life vs not..

  19. Perhaps they could sell tickets to baby killings, dedicated leftists might consider buying for friends and family. CNN/AT&T would surely televise the event and Hollywood would furnish the commentary.

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