Kevin Stitt Puts Ignorance On Display For Entire World To See…

Happy Pandemic Monday, Oklahoma!

I hope you’re alive and well and got some of your panic shopping and bar hopping out of the way over the weekend, while it was still probably too late. Our fine and dandy Governor sure did!

During a global pandemic, a time when we must all rally as one to commit to common sense social distancing measures just to put a dent in a global health catastrophe, Oklahoma Governor Kevin Stitt – the guy who doesn’t vaccinate his own children – took his family to a hip and hopping food hall on Saturday night, and even worse, bragged about it on social media:

Jesus Christ. What a tone deaf, arrogant fool. Would he also tweet about going to a restaurant if a PDS tornado watch covered the metro? I can see it now:

Stitt eventually deleted the tweet, but not before he infuriated the social media nanny state, who instantly, and deservedly, shared their outrage. Even K-LITE 102 mainstay Richard Marx got in on the action:

As I mentioned on Twitter, the sad irony about all this is that Kevin Stitt is probably a Richard Marx fan. Hazard will now have a whole new meaning.

In all fairness to Kevin Stitt, he wasn’t the only person out on Saturday. I, along with millions of other foolish lemmings, also may have irresponsibly gone out for a few drinks, but at least I wasn’t stupid enough to flaunt it on social media. You keep that shit secret!

That being said, at least Kevin Stitt has obviously learned his lesson and is now practicing safe and sound social distancing measures, and best of all, avoiding the social media spotlight.

Okay, maybe not. During this time when public health experts are begging and imploring everyone to keep safe distances, Kevin Stitt – a guy who probably thinks prayer and essential oils can stem any pandemic – stopped by a local Italian restaurant to get all huggy with the staff. Even Mary Fallin has to chuckle about that.

On that note, is anyone else concerned that Kevin Stitt is morphing into a Mary Fallin 2.0? His gaffes and political blunders are starting to add up. First he made that unsuccessful, miscalculated, one man charge against the Native American tribes for more gaming fees, which inadvertently uncovered dark secrets about his own tribal citizenry. Now he’s showing his aloof privileged ignorance by encouraging people to gather in close proximity during a pandemic. Next week, expect one of his daughter’s to die her hair pink and start a Grimes cover band.

Although Kevin Stitt doesn’t seem too worried about the Coronavirus, there are some responsible Oklahoma officials who are taking it seriously. For example:

Okay, that was probably a bad example. That being said, I do agree with Sheriff Derpy in the root theme of his message – I am also having a hard time 100% buying the Covid-19 panic.

Don’t get me wrong. I’m 100% concerned. The science and warnings from health officials sound legit, the social distancing and quarantine measure come across as reasonable and imperative, and the videos and stories from Italy are terrifying, but… if bad actors can manipulate social media algorithms to play on human psychology to swing a US presidential election, they can also use those same tactics to fuel a global meltdown over a pandemic, altering global financial markets and making the world a more unstable place. As The Onion reported, “We Will Not Repeat The Mistakes Of The 2016 Election,” Vows Nation Still Using Internet.

While we watch all that unfold in a social media timeline over the next coming weeks, I’m going to encourage people to do what Kevin Stitt didn’t do – keep you distance from other people, try to avoid congrating with large groups of other people, and when you fail to do both, don’t brag about it on social media.

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52 Responses

  1. Gov. Stitt is a Pickle.! His buddy at the Tulsa Health Department said on Channel 4 not for people to go out and spread rumors and then he spread one on a another County moments later.

  2. The Governor meant well. People in the service industry will suffer, and so will providers who do business with them, and so on.

    I’ve come to expect really hateful comments from Richard Marx. I get mad all the time, but not that mad. Any opportunity to pile on. You grabbed it too.

    The mean kids on twitter hope the Wuhan Virus is more deadly than the Spanish Flu. Because that would hurt Trump.

    1. “Meaning well” does not excuse willful ignorance, nor the flaunting and spreading of it.

      Perhaps you even meant well when you wrote your third paragraph. Trump may think that everything is about him, but most of the rest of America does not.

      I will confess to some schadenfreude if the virus deniers and scoffers catch the plague while ignoring sensible precautions – like avoiding handshakes and keeping one’s young family out of crowded restaurants.

    2. Trump hurts Trump. Have you ever heard him even once express sympathy or concern for those who have been stricken? In his mind it is all about him and how he feels he is being perceived. He is the most reprehensible person that has ever held that office. And for all of you Republicans out there that always jump to his defense, or are too cowardly to stand up to him, his stink will hang on you forever. And “mean kids on twitter”- are you fucking serious?

      1. Well said South Robinson.

        1. He’s a Bully ! They have NO sympathy or concern for those whom have been stricken unless it’s to their advantage

      2. 👍👊

    3. Trump is a serial know-nothing, so the garbage that constantly spews out of that simpleton’smouth hurts him more than any new disease possibly could.

  3. Whistling past the graveyard ……………….


  5. Lest we not forget, OKC mayor David Holt was doing the same thing. Then made a 180 yesterday saying things had suddenly changed and declared a state of emergency for the city. Things didn’t change, they have been on the same projectory, he just irresponsibly ignored it. Plus it has been disturbing that he’s been playing “out of sight, out of mind” with the covid cases that have popped up in counties that are part of the city boundaries (Cleveland), but saying they are not part of the city in a weird attempt to make the city appear safer than it is.

    The whole thing has been a bizarre and disappointing display of leadership by the city and state.

  6. Hard to tell who bigger fucking idiot is stitt or trump or the Fucking moron Christian conservatives who worship them

    1. Careful there Atheistokee, you may hit a nerve or two.

    2. Perfectly said.

      1. We need fewer evangelicals and more non-prophets.

    3. Convicted fraudster and former jailbird Jim Bakker has a plan for keeping us safe! He’s peddling some concoction that will keep you from getting sick. Jesus must have whispered into his ear about it.

      Tune in!

  7. There is no leadership in Oklahoma. What you have is a group of clever marketers living the good life from the taxpayers. Stitt was at the Thunder game which is why they were able to immediately get over 50 test kits for the Jazz and their support staff.

    Stitt, and then Mayor Holt then took a page from the everything is fine go to a restaurant playbook from terrorist attacks and went downtown announcing it safe. While his motives might have been to help the downtown businesses, it was more to improve their standings and stroke their egos.

    Speaker of the House Charles McCall this weekend said this:

    “In my eight years that I have served, this is the first time we’ve ever had a bipartisan joint caucus meeting,” he said. “That’s how seriously we’re taking this issue.”

    Pretty shocking admission that politics are more important than the business of the state.

    The state will get through this despite these idiots.

  8. But but but gov. Stitt was at a restaurant and posted pics of it he is a bad bad awful man!!!

    If a politician posting a pic at a restaurant with his family triggers you but the rest of the population doing the same thing doesn’t while you are going out buying a 3 year supply of TP that if you even got the virus you would kick the bucket in a manner of weeks so you would never get to use it anyway but you are willing to get in a fist fight over. You might just be what Red Foreman would call a dumbass

    And this statement is for either side of the political spectrum.
    Because I could give a rats you know what if it was J. Edgar Hoover in drag taking a picture at a restaurant

    1. Stitt is a dumbass for taking his young family to a crowded restaurant in spite of warnings not to, then bragging about it, then deleting his tweet, then becoming the 47th governor to declare a statewide state of emergency. What did you say Stitt’s message is?

      Toilet paper hoarders are dumbasses too. Neither side of the political spectrum is free of dumbassism, although it isn’t clear that only one side is hoarding.

      I have no idea how sj’s rant jumped to J. Edgar Hoover in drag.

      1. Well graychin not to say 100 wrongs make a right but he wasn’t the only one doing so.
        I would be willing to bet if he was a liberal governor y’all would say he’s brave to do so.

        And looks like i have to spell things out for you. On the J. Edgar Hoover thing. SO IM TEXTING IN CAPS FOR EASIER READING FOR YOU OLD MAN. WHAT I WAS SAYING IS IT DOESN’T MATTER WHO DOES WHAT AS LONG AS IT DOESN’T AFFECT ME SO WHO REALLY GIVES A SHIT IF STITT WAS OUT IN A CROWDED RESTAURANT (A CROWDED RESTAURANT) for it to be crowded he and his family wouldn’t be the only people there so not saying he is right to be so but just to single him out because he’s the gov.

        1. But he can and should be singled out as the Governor. He holds a public office. Providing guidance and structure is the place of the elected official.
          Partisan politics completely aside it’s astounding at how we cannot work together for the common goal to not get additional people sick. Anyone who goes out right now and has the audacity to comment/post about it online is doing so to make a statement. “We’re safe because I know better.”

          We’ve earned this virus.

          1. Yes hold him to a higher standard I do agree with that but what he does with his personal life is on him. And he was out and about before the s.o.e. was given
            In the same aspects he is the gov. and he should not have done that neither should anyone else because no virus cares if you are dirt floor poor or hold the highest office or how old you are if it’s going to get you then it will get you no matter if you lock yourself in a bunker like a nut job or walking the streets of bricktown

            1. Does Stitt’s conduct in the face of the incoming plague look like leadership to you?

      2. And just to clarify I do agree with you that dumbasses are everywhere and im willing to bet that the selfish hoarding has no party line am I saying it’s a bad thing to stock up. No I am not but the way people are acting in doing so is.

        I’ll make this clear if someone is willing to fight me at a store over TP fine just take them shit tickets if things get that bad I’ll be cutting shirts up however if someone kicks my door in to take what I’ve got like food,water,or even TP at that point then only one of us is walking away from that (not saying that it will be me but they will have to earn it)
        And before you go okay Rambo.
        Look at how people are acting now when things are not bad. Do you think it will be better if and when things go south?

  9. RENOWNED EPIDEMIOLOGIST: Now, Governor Stitt, let me explain a bit about how this virus spreads—

    STITT: I don’t reckon I need to be hearin’ anything from someone with a bunch o’ fancy BOOK-LEARNIN’! Hey kids, you gonna eat the rest o’ them French-fried taters? Then pass ’em over here to yer Daddy! YEEEEEEE-HAW!!!!!

  10. Biden and the rest of the administration might have told the truth instead of floundering over policy and fawning over their leader’s genius.

    But… handled?

    1. No virus here. Not even as much as a cold.

      So sorry to disappoint you that the VC didn’t get me and that I’m still here, in excellent health and very likely to survive the virapocolypse no matter how bad it gets.

      You sound almost as compassionate as our Dear Leader, who actually IS a boomer. And for the Dear Leader to remain in office, he is going to need a big turnout from all those boomer white folks. A true “boomer remover” would be terrible news for him. It might even “remove” him!

      1. What are you gonna do when Mommy dies and you have to leave the basement?

    2. Dude, it’s a shame your mom didn’t have a Planned Parenthood close to her house.

    3. Ha that’s the funniest thing you have ever said. Joe Biden telling the truth! That’s a good one😅😄😄 look I know medical marijuana is legal in oklahoma but I think you need to refrain from smoking and posting.

      Like most politicians creepy Joe flip flops on everything with the added “I’ve never said that in my life” even with video evidence that says otherwise

  11. Stitt is a trump lacky……would kill half of Americans to get reelected. Like trump , Stitt will spread the virus and doesnt worry he get free medical and his family. We as simple citizens have no one we can trust. They are looking for monetary profit from everything. Trump is most likely selling the masks and other supplies with his buddies the CEOs. Did trump start this pandemic?

    1. Trump didn’t start the pandemic, but he damn sure helped to spread it across the United States.

  12. Is there some kind of super college for the ignorant and corrupt, attended only by the future repubtards of the country? All this stupidity has to be taught to these right wing morons some where!

    1. Cox channel 789.

  13. Biden wouldn’t have been a dumb fuck like trump and ran off all the scientists because he has the bigly bestest brain, disband the pandemic response team and then lie, suppress information and not allow testing because he likes the numbers where it is. Tillerson nailed it, he’s a fucking moron as are the people defending him. Try again greenhorn twit.

  14. While our trailer trash guv adores the orange man he runs a close second to him in the dumbass department (a la Jethro Bodine). Like his third place trumper Kelly Ogle he thinks he knows it all but in reality isn’t worth two cents! BULLSTIT!!!!!!

  15. Blaming the Trump presidency on manipulated social media algorithms is complete ignorance. Do better.

  16. Leave the Minutemen out of your BS.

  17. Oklahoma is, by far, the biggest shitshow in the USA, with Stitt as the Clown-in-Chief.

  18. Colbert picked up Stitt’s pic at restaurant with his kids in his monologue last night. Imagine that!

    1. Seeing how Colbert and Trevor Noah is comedy news that’s designed to make fun of any and every situation I would put much stock or my eggs in that basket for any real argument. Not saying they aren’t entertaining but their jobs are designed for the purpose to be entertaining nothing more just like SNL’s news skit

      1. The point is that Stitt (and Oklahoma) are national laughingstocks.

        1. So I would then guess that everyone they have made fun of like Joe Biden, Burnie Sanders,lizz warren, Mike Blumberg, Donald Trump,Mike pence all are laughing stocks is that what you are saying because they have made a crack at all of them but if all it takes is for someone to make jokes about a person for something they have done then we are all in that same boat and that sucker is on fire and sinking the only question is now do we jump ship and get eaten alive or let the sharks have a hot meal

          1. Exactly. I don’t give a rip if Oklahoma is a “laughing stock”. Who cares? Those people aren’t paying my bills. As far as the Governor going out to eat on Saturday, who cares? The mistake a lot of people make is looking to a President, Governor, Football coach, etc. to be their moral compass. Folks will be waiting a LONG time to find a perfect person to look up to. I was raised that your morals start at home.

            1. Thank you Teresa. Everyone is wrapped up on well so and so did this and what’s his face did that. Well guess what we have all done/said something stupid or regrettable we have all told a lie at some point in our lives and if someone says they have never told a lie I’ll point out a liar. But to just single someone out for doing what everyone else was doing is ridicules again not saying 100 wrongs make the action right but in this situation we can’t truly determine if it was right or wrong

  19. As Waylon Jennings said “this is gettin funny, but ain’t nobody laughing”.

    I continue to believe and state, all of these so called Christian-upstanding legislature people who have sold their soul (either out of fear of losing their office, or blind loyalty) to a man who, almost everyone one of us if we spent a day with in real life would most likely be so disgusted we would try to beat the dog crap out of him) will be forever tainted and will suffer from their actions for years to come. If the Obama backlash was harsh, the Trump backlash at some point will be one of the things that will be bigger than anything in history. I don’t care what political party you associate with/support, Trump is a confirmed liar, cheat, groper, criminal, idiot, narcissist, and on and on……….when he becomes un-defendable, which he will, if it weren’t so disgusting if would be funny to see the backward running gymnastics of the likes of Lankford-Stitt-Inhofe-every other dipshit who jumped on the bandwagon and ignored common sense/decency to retain an office.

    PS once he is out of office, it’s most likely he will be convicted of real estate and tax crimes by the state of NY.

    1. I hope you are correct in that we will see “backward running gymnastics of the likes of Lankford-Stitt-Inhofe-every other dipshit who jumped on the bandwagon and ignored common sense/decency to retain an office” but I can’t believe it will ever happen or what would be the circumstance that will sink Trumps support.

      What I can’t understand is how such a morally repugnant person has anyone following him let along with such cult like devotion!

  20. Wait, there’s more. The Huffington Post headline today says it all: “Oklahoma Governor Says He’ll Still Take His Family Out to Dinner Despite Coronavirus.” I guess they’ll be swinging by the Drive-thru windows and then riding around town eating in the car.

    1. Quit too soon. I guess he’s fine exposing his security detail and their families to the dangers…Is this his comment on the First Lady’s culinary skills?….Are his and the wife’s parents still alive? If so, how do they feel about being potential collateral damage to the ignorance he embraces?….It was once said of a (failed) Supreme Court nominee that mediocre people need representation, too. But, what about others who are trying to do better — and keep getting out-voted?

  21. S.J.


  22. Is it possible to convert a heater treater into a working still to make rubbing alcohol? Is stitt’s I want to make all Oklahomans healthy as Hell and kiss trumps ass to Medicaid what “Right to Work” was for Unions and the working man?
    Will Oklahoma even have a tax base this year? You can still buy white towel “bricks” at Sherwin Williams.

  23. All theses blow hard post area riot! LOL

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