Resourceful Oklahoma Man Uses Cheese Balls To Survive Coronavirus Pandemic

As you probably know, healthcare organizations and governments across the globe are running out face masks as they battle to prevent the spread of the Coronavirus. This is leading to resourceful people like this Oklahoma City Walmart shopper to invent facemasks of their own:

Yep, while you were out there buying toilet paper, Clorox and canned beans, this wise sage was hoarding the product that really matters – Cheese Balls.

Seriously, what a smart idea! I’d say it’s the best life-hack I’ve seen to make it through the pandemic unscathed. Not only are Cheese Balls a highly-nutritious superfood coated in a synthetic material that can kill the Coronavirus on contact, but the canister can also be used as a primitive facemask. In addition to that, those soft yet crunchy delights can also serve as emergency toilet paper in case you run out. Just make sure to toss them in the garbage disposal as opposed to the toilet.

Anyway, now that the word is out on Cheese Balls, expect a run on them to be made at all Oklahoma grocery stores, and Governor Kevin Stitt to authorize that state prison system to make them by the hundred of thousands.

Photo courtesy of Ogle Mole Network

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13 Responses

  1. Wow. Just wow.

  2. Resembles the robot from some cheesy outer-space movie, but I can’t recall the name..just as well, I suppose

    1. Lost in space!

  3. Literally a WalMartian.

    1. Tweedledee: Good one!

  4. Given that the world has clearly gone off the rails I suspect tin foil will be the next shortage.

  5. Gotta be a Burnie bro with that socialist healthcare

    1. We know Bernie, but not Burnie.

      And there is no “socialist healthcare” here, like VA, Medicaid, or
      Medicare. That guy paid for those cheese balls and helmets out of his own pocket.

      1. My bad (Bernie) I’ll take that correction on the chin.

        But if you are implying that the VA medical care is socialist healthcare bud you are a nut because only veterans get that joke of a health care and had to sacrifice a lot to do so.

        As far as Medicaid/Medicare goes if you have worked all your life and have hit retirement age you have paid taxes into it that the government has “borrowed” from without paying it back so at retirement age that’s what is called an entitlement.

        However the comment that I left the other day was nothing more then a joke but if you really have an issue with people getting “free” health care and you aren’t if you are under 45 years of age (I am not telling you have to) may I suggest military service with an m.o.s. that puts you in harms way so you can have crap health care that you would be happy with.
        P.s. the military has free health care that gives you more ibuprofen for any and all illness and injuries and nothing more. And also education is free for 3 years as well as as long as you are in so that’s a plus

        1. I still don’t know what cheese balls have to do with “socialist” healthcare – or what point your joke intended.

          VA healthcare is still socialism, even if not everyone is eligible. Same with Medicaid and Medicare. And the people I know who use VA healthcare are very happy with it. Perhaps private healthcare is better, but only if you can pay for it.

          1. You are a moron funny thing is in your mind you probably think you are the smartest person alive VA healthcare is no socialism
            Let me brake this down for you
            Socialist healthcare is where everyone gets the same amount of care from the government unless you are a crooked politician then you get way better healthcare still for nothing while the people who actually need it usually get little to no treatment because the government doesn’t want to spend money on you or I but keeps it for themselves.

            VA healthcare is when you sign up for the service and you get hurt or develop PTSD it’s in that contract that you sign saying if you get messed up while you are under military contract and it wasn’t a result of an illegal activity the government is responsible to fix you.

            The only similarity between the two is the government will spend as little as possible on you.
            I am also willing to bet you think that police and fire departments are socialist entities just because they are paid for by the state that we pay taxes to. But all they are is a public service

            1. Let’s define our terms. Socialism is defined as government or common ownership or control of the means of production. Yes,that includes police, fire, and many other government functions for the general welfare.

              What is your definition?

  6. Well let’s see here in a socialist country that have police and fire departments if they are lucky
    If the police or fire Department are costing to much tax money socialist countries just hike up the taxes like nobody’s business (yes in that country you might be a doctor and I might be a ditch digger but we both only get $5 and a turnip a day (exaggeration) but you get my point then we have to give 68-99% back to the government to keep those places open without any choice or say so.

    Now here in a capitalist country if one of those places start hemorrhaging money they have only a set limit a year to spend of taxpayers money then that following year we take a vote if we should take a tax hike to pay for them or not if not they get shut down and then the nearest PD OR FD takes that area over and in small towns they usually only have 1 PD and a volunteer FD but the truth is we as a people have made the decision to pay for these services because nobody wants to wait hours for the cops to get here half a county away when they have a home invasion or wait until their home is already burned to the ground before the fire department shows up

    So the difference is socialism is usually forced upon people and capitalism is a choice I.e. we chose to have these services however way back in the day even before you were thought of but we still pay for them now because we found it better to have them.
    I mean you can try to put out a house fire with a few people and buckets but good luck.

    And yes the state government does own them but it is ultimately up to us willing to pay taxes to keep them open but we are not forced to.

    And as far as healthcare not being affordable I call b.s. I pay for health are on me and 2 kids my wife has healthcare from her job so usually if you cannot afford it you probably are working a part time minimum wage job designed for a kid in high school or not at all and I am saying this from experience from when I first got out of Active duty and at the time I could only find a part time gig until I got a full time job and every full time job I’ve had has healthcare bennies

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