Kevin Stitt Attempts to Proselytize Way Out Of Coronavirus Pandemic

Last night, in an attempt to “bring and unite all Oklahomans” together in this time of crisis, Oklahoma Governor Kevin Stitt hosted a televised prayer rally that excluded every religion, faith and set of beliefs in this state except for one.

Titled “Let Hope Arise: Together in Prayer for Oklahoma,” the ritual featured a godly all-star roster of Oklahoma evangelical church leaders, musicians, and other people who spread faith for profit, and was broadcast live over the air in primetime on every single network affiliate in Oklahoma City.

The event was also aired all over social media. Check it out:

Before I make fun of this, I want to be very clear that I don’t have a problem with people worshiping their god or deity of choice. Although big, organized, for-profit religions give me the creeps and seem more focused on controlling, judging and taking money from people than spreading the word of god, if you turn to a deity or god for hope, guidance or introspection in these scary tunes, good for you! Hell, I’d encourage it.

That being said, I do have a problem when elected officials – and their allies in the news media – pander to one dominant religion while excluding all others. As a result, I decided to casually troll the thing on Twitter, and call out the blatant hypocrisy in using one religion to bring all Oklahomans together.

Naturally, my tweets set off some irrational, conclusion-jumping responses from the evangelical crowd. My favorite came from a guy who (I’m pretty sure) married into the Hobby Lobby family and now works for the Museum of the Bible – the same bible museum that recently learned all of its treasured Dead Sea Scroll fragments were fakes:

Once again, I’m not offended by people praying for the sick. That being said, I do get a bit irritated when politicians used the premise of “praying for the sick” to proselytize to people on TV for an hour.

Instead of telling the dude that, I went the more pleasing ad hominem route:

Anyway, if it’s your cup of tea, you can watch the prayer rally here.

Also, I do hope all these prayers of hope to the all powerful god that apparently created the Coronavirus in the first place works out. With Kevin Stitt in charge of things, prayer seems to be the only chance we got.

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39 Responses

  1. Gov is going to KEEP ON and finally his dream of trump noticing him will come true. His type just LIVE for dear leader to acknowledge them.

    1. Kevin will never be accepted till he dyes his hair some form of blonde and can speak in tongues when played backwards says give me all your paycheck.

  2. Trump could have been streamed in for prayer.
    God knows -he really does – where that would have ended.
    Miraculously though, Oklahoma is doing fine.
    We’re broke, but grass and gas is inexpensive – if you cut off cable.

    1. Cheap grass? Sure not up north.

  3. An obvious case of “My god’s dad can beat up YOUR god’s dad.”

    1. That’s how it all got started. “The gods” (elohim) created heaven and earth. The Hebrews claimed that their god (Yahweh) could beat up those other tribes’ god (Baal, for one).

      They were right. No that I know of worships Baal anymore.

  4. yeah, way to incorporate the Catholic and Orthodox Churches, which actually have Apostolic Succession…… oh they didn’t. Well, likely your heathen prayers went unheard.

    1. Freaking funny. Thanks.

  5. I assumed “all” faith leaders would have included the Catholic archbishops as well as the Moslem Imans and at least one or two Buddhist or Hindu leaders and some Rabbis Appearx that Stitt focused on his Tulsa roots and threw in a couple Black churches for inclusion. A couple of those leaders came across as less than learned men of the Book . The music was a nice break from some of these talking heads.

    1. You forgot to include the female pastors from the Progressive branch of Christianity.

    2. Agreed. I was super disappointed that no Other religious leaders were included. In a time or unity, it seemed a little divisive.

  6. for not believing in God you sure are offended by those that do.

    1. ^

    2. Bill, you obviously didn’t read the post.

      Patrick is offended (as I am) by pandering politicians demonstrating their disregard for religious beliefs different from their own.

      As far as the progress of the virus is concerned, it doesn’t matter that a few versions of the Deity were ignored in Stump’s prayers. Any real omniscient god is already well aware of the human problems caused by the virus that He created.

    3. Could simply be that every time he has seen some random politician, like a Stitt or a Lankford, or some random businessman or woman start throwing religion into a situation it has usually been a total set up for a good old fashion money screwing of some sort or another.
      Combine religion with business or government and time will teach you those lessons.

  7. It also was shown on all major Tulsa outlets. FYI

  8. You just know that at some point, probably in the near future: they are going to make some kind of connection between this and the great “rapturing” (not mentioned in the bible by the way) and maybe pack their churches with the faithful for Easter (as their true god..the Orange Deity of Money commands) and then just say – “It is in gods hands”.
    The one persistent sickness that may well doom us all.
    It is more virulent and deadly than even the current biological problem : Ignorance.
    If only it confined itself to those who have been seemingly infected by it.
    The most evil virus. A virus of the mind. A virus of bad information. A meme.

    1. +1

    2. that sounds a lot like herpasyphagonaclap.

  9. Glad I was watching MSNBC & had no idea it was on. Props to the local TV stations for pulling the plug on the great cheeto at 5PM so they can run their car ads. Instead of putting “in God we trust” on everything, they should put “SHOW ME THE MONEY!!!!”

  10. Baphomet demands equal time!

  11. I haven’t seen that many Oklahomans praying so hard since the Powerball Jackpot hit $500 million.

  12. Such a disappointment. Given the opportunity to hear from leaders of faith from the full spectrum and maybe learn something new, we get stuck with handpicked glory be to prosperity hucksters. Imagine that!

    1. Did donald’s tongue talker show up? Not really enough cash around Oklahoma these days for her to work her con.

  13. Stitt is nothing more than a Trump puppet…or as I call him A Trumpet. He makes a lot of noise but says and does nothing.

  14. What a biased miss guided fool you are. You don’t even know how to call a spade a spade. God didn’t create that virus, but He can sure stop it. satan rules and causes the turmoil, diseases, unrest, etc. that is in this world. Get your facts straight before you blow of a lot of hot steam. Anything else but the one true God, is just a man’s figment of his imagination. Religion won’t get you anything but a hot seat in hell.

    1. “I form the light, and create darkness: I make peace, and create evil: I the Lord do all these things.”

      – Isaiah 45:7

    2. Justin, I totally agree with you. If a person does not believe the Bible is God’s Word, then there is no way they would understand. Faith comes by hearing and hearing by the Word of God. Christianity and religion are opposites. Christianity is following Christ and His Word. If you don’t believe God’s Word then you don’t believe Jesus is who He says He is. And the faith of a Christian is not from himself but from the Spirit who draws him. So if you don’t believe in God’s Word, you don’t believe in the Spirit of God. So you are unable to understand. I believe the Bible calls it hardening your heart.

  15. The Bullstitter must have taken his cue from his role model like the never ending Doctor Donny’s Ego Show which seems to air on every channel. Yikes!

  16. Too bad we can’t have a do over…Mayor Mick sure looks alot better than bullstitt

    1. Vote Democratic next time. It’s safer.

  17. I’ve said it before (maybe not *here*, but I have said it): The people who make a blockbuster Broadway production of how pious and holy they are seem to always have the most to hide.

    Also these freaks need a reminder that Matthew Ch. 6 advises against that very thing: Making a blockbuster Broadway production of piety. ! It tells people to pray in secret, to not do charity for show, etc. Obviously I guess they didn’t study that bit?

    1. I watched Channel 6 for 5 hours last night after reading your post and I didn’t see mentioned one single time anything about praying or religion for that matter? Are you sure you have the correct channel? And just for your knowledge they don’t have one single newscaster named Mathew either. I looked it up.

      1. You’re kidding, right?

        I don’t usually care to feed the trolls, but I was referencing Chapter 6 of the Book of Matthew in the Bible. It’s a good “How to Spot a Hypocrite” primer. FTR, I am not a religious person.

  18. Pep rally cloaked in religion. Playing to his base.

  19. ridiculous

  20. Governor Stitt’s vulgar display of cramming down our throats religion when this state is at the worse pandemic crisis in history. What a lunatic. He is incapable of leading this state. He will get more Oklahomans affected and die from #Covid19 by his bigotry and false ideology. He is useless.


  22. I wish Jesus would stop threatening his fucking rapture and get on with it. Then when the social-distancing order is lifted the sane among us can finally live in peace without having to listen to evangelical idiots babble to their imaginary buddy.

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