Update: ImageNet Abandons Plan To Pocket Employee Stimulus Payments

Yesterday afternoon, we revealed that OKC-based ImageNet Consulting – a premier supplier of enterprise-level scanners, copiers and bad corporate HR policies – devised an “Emergency Employee Compensation Plan” that would essentially swindle employees who earned less than $75,000 out of their government stimulus checks.

Well, it looks like that plan is now officially in the bad idea trash bin – a place it never should have left in the first place.

We’ve obtained via the Ogle Mole Network an email that Image Net Consulting President / CEO Pat Russell sent to his company’s staff earlier this morning.

In the memo, he admits the company did ask “a small group of employees to potentially reduce their compensation temporarily if there was a government stimulus plan,” but thanks to “President Trump’s Coronavirus Stimulus Package… ImageNet will not be asking any employees earning under $75,000 to reduce their pay.

You can check out the full email below:

That’s good news! From large companies to obscure bloggers, we all make mistakes from time to time, with some being more idiotic and tone-deaf than others. In that regard, Kudos and Attaboys goes out to ImageNet for realizing how incredibly dumb their plan was, and reversing course.

Also, it looks like ImageNet, after feeling a negative employee response, was at least reconsidering their decision by Friday, March 27th. We obtained an email they sent that morning the “clarified” parts of their plan:

It’s good the ImageNet had a change of heart and everything, but you have to admit it’s still very disturbing that they thought this was a good idea. There are lots of other less controversial ways for wealthy business owners to screw over employees. The fact that they went this controversial route really makes me question the decision-making of the company’s leadership.

Anyway, I guess this wraps up this story for now. If something else comes through the pipeline, we’ll let you know. Stay with The Lost Ogle. We’ll keep you advised.

Update: The company has issued the following response:

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18 Responses

  1. No bad deed should go unnoticed.

    1. If he’s sterling from employees he’s doing the same to customers

  2. Everything’s all fine and good till you get called out as greedy dick!

    1. what’s your fascination with dicks?

  3. They are still doing it but only for those making above 75K. Also deferring their stimulus stealing plan until after the government decides on the legal language to use? Ridiculous backpedaling from them.

  4. One asshole plan down. Hey, Greens, now’s your chance to show the world what Christianity is all about! What? God stopped talking to Mrs. Green? Can’t help ya there, bud.

  5. This episode shows the power of a free press – even if the press happens to be an obscure online social-satirical blog. Some greedy bastards still aren’t immune to public shaming. Sadly, many others haven’t developed that immunity either.

    You probably noticed that no one at ImageNet getting paid more than $100K per year would have been affected by their proposed stimulus clawback. Only the peons earning less than $75K would have affected. The penalty was more if the employee had kids or a domestic partner.

    Anyone who needs to engage an HR consultant to help navigate through the present crisis should contact ImageNet right away. Really smart HR people running that company!

    1. As we used to say, “Turn on the lights and the cockroaches go scurrying toward the darkness.”

      Way to go Patrick & Co.

  6. Also this isn’t Trump’s stimulus plan. It’s not money coming out of his wallet. It’s taxes WE have paid and this was the Congress/Senate’s plan.

    1. What a bunk pointless thing to incorrectly point out. All stimulus plans come from taxes… anything the government pays out comes from taxes… it’s the Trump administration and the house that works to author and ultimately signed off on the plan. Like him, hate him… it just makes you look petty.

    2. President Trump would beg to differ. All good things that flow from the Federal government come directly from our magnanimous Dear Leader. Problems? Blame your governor.

      We got a postcard in the mail last week from coronavirus.gov – not addressed personally, but apparently delivered to every postal customer at government expense. On one side are the all the common-sense recommended safety precautions that most of us are already following.

      But on the other side, it says:


      Yes, in all caps.

      Thank you, Dear Leader.

    3. And here’s more:

      “Mr. Trump has told people he wants his signature to appear on the direct payment checks that will go out to many Americans in the coming weeks, according to an administration official. The White House didn’t comment.”

  7. Excellent reporting… this story spread like wildfire and so many people were looking at these guys as example of who NOT to work for. Because I work in the same field, I’ll have to keep my identity anonymous, but well done on the reporting and following up… this story spread further than you know. Damage minimized, but PR is already affected for these clowns.

  8. This is a lie.
    It was to apply to every employee under $75,000.
    They were instructed to ask how many dependents to help determine pay deduction.
    They said it wasn’t fair for the employees to receive a handout from the Government, The company will use this to offset loss.
    It was completely calculated.
    It was not a mistake.
    It was not a small group intended.
    They got caught .

    Everything was exactly as they wanted it, it was not a mistake and the apology is not an apology to the customers or the employees who work for them. These employees will never trust their employer again, but they all need jobs for now.

    1. The German language has a word for a face in dire need of a fist in it: Backpfeifengesicht.

      Does any language have a similar word for a window that needs a brick through it?

      Never neglect that last punch after they submit. It, alone, establishes authority and forces the child, or in this case its imaginary friend the company, to accept its punishment and submit itself to society.

    2. They are withholding on commission as well. From what I heard, the execuse was the quarter didn’t end prior to laying off so they don’t get the commission even though the work was done.


  9. Looks like ImageNet has an image problem

  10. One way to make up for this “unfortunate” gaffe would be to run ads in The Lost Ogle. Help defray expenses.

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