Louis Fowler’s Pandemic Journal: The Push Back

I used to own a 30-30 rifle. It was supposed to be for hunting, but I was far too much of a beta-male to actually kill anything; I mostly shot at coffee cans on mounds of dirt at my mother’s farm, deep in the Oklahoma country.

But, after seeing this weekend’s roundly circulated photos of right-wing idiocrats looking to re-open America by any means necessary—flattening the curve be damned—I have been looking into purchasing a handgun, mostly for protection.

You see, last week Godhead Trump, in a call to arms via Twitter, told states such as Virginia, Michigan and Minnesota to “Liberate,” leading to scores of covidiots – some heavily armed – marching on their respective capitals in protest of their leaders’ stay-at-home orders, many protesters comparing themselves to Rosa Parks.

While the protests made it to Texas with a more apocalyptic bent, this insanity seemed to momentarily skip Oklahoma, but you know how much Stitt, the state GOP and their cronies love to intimidate people with their loaded weapons; it’s only a matter of time before they’re proudly marching through your neighborhood in the name of this diseased freedom.

And then, I ask, who will liberate you?

I’ve been walking up to the various pawn-shops in my area, my sanitizer-dry fingers eagerly flipping the debit cards in my wallet like an itchy trigger finger, always on the verge of almost buying a used piece; some of these places even do layaway!

If I buy a gun, will I be any different than them?

The 30-30, a gift from my ex-wife, was an instrument of death that I didn’t need in my life so I sold it, thinking that I would be able to get along just fine without, seemingly miles away from the racial tyranny of angry men that are just looking for a new flak-jacket and a clean shot, whatever comes first. I didn’t need it anymore.

Is it fucked up that I’m far more scared of my fellow citizens than I am of the Coronavirus? Maybe that’s the point.


This weekend, the death toll in the United States from Covid-19 crossed 40,000.

I saw a few grade-school kids playing in a yard a few houses up from me today. As I spent a few minutes talking with my neighbor Carlos as he watered his lawn, I wondered aloud how kids are doing in this pandemic—this has got to be messing with their fragile minds, don’t you think?

Most parents—at least the ones I personally talked to—did the best job they could do with Easter, holding egg hunts in their home and so on. They younger ones seemed to enjoy it, but the older kids are getting restless, some upset about having to be behind closed doors most of the time. How do you explain this to a kid?

I have to ask…is Halloween going to be a return to normalcy this year? Is it possible to trust strangers to fill children’s bags and buckets with untainted candy on October 31st, this virus hopefully a memory? I don’t have kids and probably never will, so I’m not sure about those things. Maybe that’s my great failure in this life.

Even though they never came to my house, I always bought candy anyway. I’m still going to buy candy this year.


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15 Responses

  1. Last night I thought I was going to have a stroke, which of course made me think of you Louis, aww. The almost stroke was in response to a post a relative put on their Facebook, and it sent my blood pressure soaring. Have you seen it? It’s a repost of some guy (likely camped out in Russia) named Tony Phillips, not a FB post of his but some format I’ve never seen before where Tony types:

    “I have a friend who is a friend of Joe Diffie. They labeled his death as a COVID-19 death and it wasn’t! So the family asked why it was listed as the COD and the nurse told them they’ve been labeling as many as they can with the virus because that’s how they’re getting funding. So there ya go! Now we know the numbers are false because many who have passed didn’t die from the virus, but another cause. That’s how they are getting the $$$$ and that’s the truth!”

    Friend of a friend plus a nurse going rogue and letting the cat out of the bag about how he or she’s able to get paid for working at said hospital. No red flags there, Tony.

    These little seeds of half baked crazy are being scattered all over by gullible Trump lovers like my family. You should see the other crap coming across from all walks of life about the hoax of the disease. Wait, I’m sure you have seen it! It’s Oklahoma! I’m just stunned that so many are believing this crap just because it aligns with what their cult leader wants them to believe. These dip sh!ts who got out and did donuts in front of the capital are just the top of the dip sh!t iceberg.

    Now, I wouldn’t put it past some hospitals to try to get extra funding by coding CODs as the big money grabber, but it’s not as simple as calling the CDC and leaving a verbal report that, “we got one, where’s our cash?!” There has to be positive tests, a physician determination of COD of the witnesses death or an autopsy if death was unattended. In a hospital it’s always an attended death, so yeah no autopsy. But the positive tests plus treatment for the COVID would have to be in place.

    Maybe if the Oklahoma Hospital Association knew beforehand about the big cash payout for positive deaths they would have made the eff sure to have had tests up and running immediately back in February. Plus each hospital would admit everyone testing positive in hopes for a physician-attended death and those big bucks which would follow. Our numbers would be much bigger than they are. I believe those numbers are under reported already, but some docs still believe it’s a hoax. And they would want to share the “truth” about the scam , not make money for their hospital. Ha, yeah right. Perhaps the docs are getting kickbacks too?

    I’m not naive. I wouldn’t put it past Integris to hope for a few extra deaths on their campuses for the cash and the sound bite glory. BUT THIS IS PLAIN MANIPULATION AND BULLISH!T.

    Great, there goes the blood pressure again. Fkn people.

    1. Hospitals get the majority of their money on “non-essential” procedures. Transplants, joint replacements, MRI’s etc. Large hospitals are losing tens of millions of dollars weekly due to this virus, and small hospitals are at risk of completely shuttering.

      People who want to pass this off as a hospital plot to make money have absolutely no clue as to how hospitals are affected by this. They want this to end as much as everyone else.

    2. I heard Bill Gates is the one who is paying hospitals to label them coronavirus deaths. I also heard that every time someone dies from corona Bill Gates cranks up the 5G broadcast strength so even more people die from it!

    3. Damn straight. “FKN” hospitals. Between donald and kevin who has the Medicaid plan for Oklahoma that mimics “Right to Work”in its effect on unions. It screws the needy thus most rural hospitals, and I consider 50K rural.
      Hospitals closing down all over Oklahoma after losing most all their Medicaid patients.
      How dare a hospital that’s totally desperate to stay open in order to save people’s lives act in a totally desperate manner! “FKN” hospitals. How dare someone in rural Oklahoma expect to have the right to live! “FKN people.”
      If you have a blood pressure problem quit listening to non stop propaganda bullshit from lumpy hannity and rush “oxy” limpbaugh before you find yourself at some country store getting fitted for a brownshirt.

  2. I have a number of family and friends who are in full blown Trumpitis. A few years ago you saw the occasional crazy post. Like the Globe or National Enquirer was providing it’s staff to write them. Now it’s All Crazy/All The Time. Every once in awhile after a long, patient conversation I could talk them off the ledge. Now it’s Guyana and Jim Jones 24/7. Their mantra is simple: “Trump said it, I believe it, that settles it.” I’m worried that the imbeciles are gonna go completely Colonel Kurtz on me I’m gonna have pull in self-defense. Damn I’m gonna miss Grandma.

  3. If only there was a magic bullet which, if fired into a person’s BS (Belief System), would give that BS the sudden shutdown it so richly deserves.

    Thereby creating space for a more nuanced Belief System to come into being, and flourish.

    But, nah.

    1. Well, a real bullet fired into a person will shut down the Belief System. Come to think of it, maybe there IS a good reason to go buy a gun.

      1. Now that’s out there.

  4. I think everyone needs to have a common sense, open mind. I don’t believe all that either side has to say. I believe some deaths are listed as covid19 when there wasn’t a test given. I know, Channel 4 reporting, that hospitals do get $39K extra government $ for a Covid patient. test or not. I don’t think the number of occurrences of this happening is affecting the numbers much either way. I believe what the doctors and scientist have to say about all the peaks, recoveries, safety etc. I will stay at home until the scientific community tells me it is OK to venture out and start a semi normal life. I will not listen to Stitt, our lawmakers, Trump, Pelosi or people who know a friend of a friends aunts brother twice removed who post on TLO. Good luck and Godspeed.

    1. great post – thank you
      I agree completely.

      for the record, I am much more afraid of my fellow man than I am of this virus but for reasons that probably differ from the author’s.

  5. Last time I checked, firearms neither prevent nor cure a deadly virus.

    I saw a sign in a photo from one of the”liberate” protests that said (closely paraphrasing) “If protests don’t work then bullets will.” There are some crazy mofos out there taking their cues from the Tweeter in Chief. Be very afraid.

    It’s odd that Trump only called to “liberate” states with Democratic governors, while many states with Republican governors are equally shut down. What’s up with that?

  6. I sincerely hope that none of our usual commenters will be butthurt because of this latest installment of Trump-bashing. 🙁

  7. Not with a bang but a whimper.

  8. I cant complain. I’ve completely sold out my entire stock thanks to Commander Marmalades socialist checks and the mass of mouthbreathers buying into this apocalyptic who ha. What I love the most are the numb nut trumpsters that came in bitching about Democrats and socialism while spending their stimulus checks on a piece of crap AK made in China. These things are better at jamming than firing so rest easy, your local militia type wannabe is out there with a subpar firearm they bought off a Democrat who marked them up and made a mint.

    1. Anyone who believes a convicted con artist, trump u., over a Doctor or scientist and that news organizations who have kept Americans informed for over a hundred years but all of a sudden are fake when a proven con artist grifts his way to the WH.. probably shouldn’t be allowed to carry a gun.
      They’d be a danger to themselves.
      I bet they’d even be stupid enough to vote to cut off their own Medicaid, SS, and or Medicare. Oh wait , they’ve already done that when they voted for donald.

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