First Lady Sarah Stitt went to Target over the weekend…

We fed some meat to the Oklahoma Social Media Coronamania Echo Chamber over the weekend when we shared a photo of First Lady Sarah Stitt – a leader and role model for all Oklahomans – leisurely checking out from the Target on NW 50th and N. May this past Saturday afternoon.

I know it’s great for web traffic, clicks and outrage, but I’m starting to miss the good old days when senators buying groceries (or flowers), governors going out to dinner, and the first lady taking the kiddo to Target was just normal everyday behavior, and not some whacko act of ignorance or defiance. Can we return to normal, please?

Naturally, a highly-visible first lady ignoring the advice of doctors and health experts and not wearing a face mask in public while a pandemic rages elicited the typical range of reactions on social media.

Here were the three most common:

1. OMG She’s Not Wearing a Face Mask!!! What a terrible human! Shame! Hiss! Boo!

2. Shut up! Who cares?! I’m Not Wearing One Either! The Coronavirus is a hoax! Bill Gates Wuhan Microchip Illuminati! 

3. Why are her shoes so small?

Out of all three camps, I’d say the people in group three had the best point. Check out the photo again:

Money can buy you many things in life, but apparently not properly fitting shoes! Get that woman to Kenny’s immediately.

Anyway, although I’m team face-mask-in-public, I’m going to cut First Lady Stitt some slack. Sure, it’s irresponsible and selfish to not wear a face mask when you run your basic Saturday errands, but at least she didn’t post a selfie about it. That’s a positive. Plus, she obviously spent some time on her that morning, and a face mask would totally ruin the whole suburban mom look she had going. You need to look good, especially when you’re going to look so bad.


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28 Responses

  1. I went to Sam’s and Walmart this weekend and she would have fit right in. But I was wearing my face mask.

    1. They are just trailer trash pigs. Friggin’ trump wannabees.

      1. John, you are right. I bet Kevin calls Trump daily so he can be on the same page and to get Donald’s advice.

  2. Mrs. Stitt is a role model. For whom? It depends on which “team” you are on.

    There is team “This is bad, but if we all work together we can minimize the damage.”

    And there is team “It’s not such a big deal. Yeah, America has blown through five death-toll estimates in only the past two weeks, but everything is better now, I promise.”

    Mrs. Stitt and her husband are loyal members of the latter team.

  3. Doesn’t the First Lady have a State Trooper security force alongside to fend off virus attacks, push her cart, reach things from high shelves, top off her Starbucks vente grande mocha, get a price check on aisle 4, etc?

    1. I was wondering about that also.

    2. Those boys were outside guarding the helicopter in the parking lot.

  4. This article is a great example of collectivism vs individualism.

  5. Hi Patrick. Look, maybe there hasn’t been enough reporting about the importance of wearing a mask in public just like there has been little coverage of washing hands, maintaining distance separation and other ‘free’ things people can do and do you know who I blame for this reality? KEVIN STITT THAT’S WHO.

    Why? Because he and his ace team continue to dominate the airwaves with other stuff. Like…..the need for new wheels for acting Health Commissioner Gary Cox; like his ongoing pissing contest with a bunch of Indians; like trying to slip a fast one by the notoriously slow leaders of the legislature when it comes to trivial things such as a state budget; like appointing mostly oil men and/or graduates of OSU to jobs that don’t fit their background; like, of all things, making an Italian dude named Gino Demarco in charge of buying stuff from the Chinese. Hell even I know the Chinese have hated the Italians since the days when Marco Polo walked all the way there – and back – primarily to only prove he could do it. After all the Chinese had never done it except Genghis Khan and nobody wanted to remember that!

    So cut Sarah some slack. She didn’t know about masks, etc, or even exposing too much skin to possible infection by wearing shorts. What if some admirer had knee bumped her or some kid ran a cart into her calf and it had the virus on it. Target probably cleans the handles of the Mr. Goldman’s invention (look it up) but I doubt they spray the bumper fronts that kids love to crash into other shoppers just when one is reaching for the Columbian coffee on the next to the top row. That exacerbates the pain because when the leg muscles are tightened, extended, hardened they are also more sensitive. Everybody knows that.

    Come on. If you want to be Oklahoma’s #1 source for meaningful news at least put the blame where it mostly is on any article………..KEVIN STITT. QUIT PROTECTING HIM and start ‘unmasking’ his boo boos.

    1. I don’t have to look it up. I know Goldman invented the shopping cart. But I also know there is no scientific evidence that you can get the killer virus in the way you describe. I’m assuming that was tongue-in-cheek just like the rest of your piece.

      1. Good work on Goldman. You are about 1 in 423,978 according to the most recent Gallop Poll who would know that.

        All tongue in cheek on my part except the First Lady ought to set a first rate example by at least wearing a mask while standing in line at Target. A sneeze, unwanted hug, etc, and she could be infected or conversely, if she sneezed others could receive the unwanted spray. As to catching it on her calf from a cart…..according to Gallup about 1 in 2,308, 517.

        You are either in the grocery business where you must know about Mr. Goldman to be hired or an Oklahoma history major which means you are probably unemployed.

        1. Neither. It’s just one of the many useless factoids bouncing around in my brain.

  6. I was with the group bemused by all the people calling out Governor Stitt for his wife’s behavior. I hadn’t realized so many on the left were so eager for us to embrace the handmaid’s tale dystopic future and that a man evidently reviewed and approved her attire before leaving the house.

    Call her out for it, fine. But implying it’s her man’s responsibility to keep her appropriately attired? Disgusting.

    1. I’m guessing those comments that irk you so are somewhere else. I can’t find anything in the article or the comments preceding yours “calling out Governor Stitt for his wife’s behavior.”

      1. Correct, which is why I didn’t attack TLO for it. But look at TLO’s tweet with this pic over the weekend and the replies to it.

        1. Leave Twitter to Twitter. It and Facebook are cesspools of nonsense.

          Unlike the reasoned discussions here.

      2. And we get to see firsthand actual Oklahoma GOP outrage in action.
        I already feel sorry for the poor governor. I will also attempt this morning to shed a tear for donald whom we all know is the most abused habitual lying grifter America has ever known.
        In fact I think Gov. stitt should open up a fact finding mission in order to “shine some intense light” concerning abusive comments made about our Commander in Bleach.

  7. My guess is that Gino, the assistant tourism director, was unable to provide her a mask for her so she had to brave the elements unprepared. What a brave soul.

  8. Not enough being made of the fact that she took her kid with her, which is also being discouraged. And you know that kid ain’t getting the vaccine.

  9. The reason why Sarah is wearing those platform shoes is because her doctor “experts from Bakersfield” told her that being off the ground will protect you from the ‘rona forever.

    1. I wake up, read some news, get pissed off and have to come to The Lost Ogle to read comments like Angle’s comment to laugh again. We find comfort where we can these days.

  10. Braums open today and didn’t even have tables blocked off. People sitting in booths right next to one another.

    1. The horror

      1. Not horror. Darwinism.

  11. I guess target is the only place that sells the butch wax for gov. Alfalfa’s cow lick! You know that moron ain’t gonna go buy it himself.

  12. The same woman who doesn’t vaccinate her kids? Makes sense.

    1. Cut her some slack SmartAss. The only thing the good Governor will let her vaccinate with is, she gets her choice, clorox or moonshine.

  13. She did have her sunglasses on in case there was an eclipse.

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