White Edmond Man Confronts Black Delivery Driver For Being In Gated Community

Earlier today, multiple Ogle Moles sent us a Facebook video showing a white Edmond man by the name of David Stewart going full-Karen on a black appliance delivery man named Travis Miller in a gated Edmond neighborhood. It’s since been picked up by most local news outlets.

From all appearances, Travis committed the “crime” of being a black man driving a delivery truck through an affluent, predominantly white neighborhood where rich people live, which caused David to call the police and block Travis from leaving the gated community for nearly an hour.

You can check out the full video below. Like other social media videos that show privileged white racist samaritans letting their inner biases and prejudices shine, it’s a sad and disturbing thing to watch:

First of all, our hearts go out to Travis. People shouldn’t have to deal with B.S. like that, and it was heartbreaking to watch. He talked about the incident to KFOR if you want to check it out.

Second, David Stewart can go suck a bag of little dicks. He looks what would happen if Grimace became a Harry Potter fan. Do you think he would have done the same thing if it was a couple of white guys, or Gentry from Hahns, driving through? Probably not.

Also, we’re pretty sure this is the same David Stewart that owns – or owned – Raven Resources LLC. It’s an energy company that did well enough to have an employee steal $5-million from them. Here’s a Q&A he did with The Oklahoman a few years ago about a marina he owned on the Gulf Coast.

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137 Responses

  1. Thank you!

  2. Saw it, disgusted by it and him. Spread his shame, if he has any.

    1. I’m white and disgusted by it this is racist hate crime just like auhmid arbery and Trayvon martin they should not get away with these racists actions I wonder if he would’ve stopped him if he was white this man was in his work truck and his work uniform The driver is obviously a good Christian man thank goodness he wasn’t shot he did the right thing I hope this comes back to that man tenfolds revenge is mine sayeth the Lord!!

    2. While this seems disturbing, consider this: a gated community pays for the upkeep of its own streets. That’s a cost to them, not taxpayers. So Mr. Stewart seems to have some right to be concerned that some very large & heavy truck is perusing the neighborhood. What’s more, when asked a simple question “where are you going?”, it appears that the driver’s response “I don’t gotta tell you shit” is inciteful. All of this could have been diffused if they had each shown the other some respect, which they both deserve. I watched only what was shown here so I don’t know how the confrontation began. If you ask me, this is media hype to divide people. I dismiss this as trivial. Glad nobody got hurt – although reading these posts it would seem as if y’all would like to see physical or financial harm done to Mr. Stewart. That’s sad.

  3. That’s your typical Oklahoma SubStandard.

    1. Nah, this is pretty standard

      1. No it’s no the Standard here I can assure you! Hopefully his ass will get run out of the state!

  4. Same David Stewart that lives in Ashford Hills neighborhood at 2420 NE 131ST PL in Edmond?

    1. Yes..

  5. Still fuming from this. Seeing Travis go from surprise to anger to traumatized broke my heart. Being white or owning a house on a street does not make unfunny Leslie Jordan his authority! Property values need to plummet in this hood.

    1. Perhaps they should go ahead and let Warren Theater build on the south side of the turnpike like they wanted as payback. He probably has something to do with all the complaining about them trying to build there.

    2. About property values:

      After this, who would want to live in a community and be subject to a HOA where someone like David Stewart was chosen by the other residents as its president?

    3. I’m gonna say this. This b.s has to stop. If not I can promise u we as blacks are gonna quit being nice and start shooting back. Enough is enough!!! If it was me it would have been his last time doing some dumb shit like that!!!

    4. No, we need this hood’s value to stay as is, as we want to isolate and quarantine all the rich racist snobs in one neighborhood from the rest of the society.

  6. Embarassing. An old fart showing his ass.

  7. Sickening. Another white neighborhood vigilante. Thank God that David Stewart didn’t have a gun lest we have another Ahmaud Arbery. I

    1. Oh I assure you he had a concealed pistol. Where do you think he got the courage to do all of this to a man he’s clearly afraid of?

  8. POS scumbag. This guy’s picture needs to be spread as far and wide as possible. I hope his family is proud.

  9. I’m kind of proud to be the first person to call this worthless piece of shit a racist cracker asshole.

  10. So… I’m white. In case other white people need to know what white privilege and black discrimination looks like, Exhibit A. Mr. Miller, you handled this situation with patience and grace and truly exhibited more emotional intelligence than both of the other men, combined, x 100. Mr. Stewart, you have a lot of room for growth and learning. I like that Subaru though.

  11. I think the guy would have stopped anyone going in or out that he didn’t know. All secure private neighborhoods, have this guy or gal and it really does keep the crime rate down. I know they are going to say it is “driving while black”and that could be true, but I don’t think this video is that.

    I’ve walked up to cars just parked on my street too long and asked if they were lost? I know it’s unusual to live like this but we are safer for it and we like knowing our neighbors.

    1. Mind ur own business. Is it that hard?? What makes u think u have the right to walk up on somebody in their car just cuz they’re on ur street?? The public street at that. Ahhh yes I know it’s That white privileged mentality of course! U walk up on me ur gonna find a gun pointed in ur face! Mind ur own business idk why it’s so hard for white folks to mind their own business. Ur nose should be on ur face not in someone else’s business. U white folks have ZERO AUTHORITY OVER ANY ONE but y’all think ur superior and do shit like this. Now do this old man was killed during this then y’all be making the black out to be a horrible person but since it’s an old white man “oh we are just protecting our neighborhood “ bull shit!

    2. Marilyn there’s always someone like you that will deny racism no matter how obvious it is to most people.

    3. I would assume that gated neighborhoods get more box truck deliveries per residence than any other types of neighborhoods, for obvious income and square-footage reasons. The runt had zero probable cause to detain the driver. He should’ve been arrested, and he will be sued for a violation of the driver’s civil rights. Public service announcement: if you have sincere cause to think something is wrong, use your cell phone, civilian Tackleberries. The real irony here is that the old runt went bankrupt, robbing his creditors of hundreds of thousands, if not millions, that they were rightfully owed, but here he is pretending to care about stopping an alleged box truck appliance or furniture bandit? It’s disgraceful bullsh*t, and so is your [email protected] attempt to excuse the coward.

    4. Wow.. really? He is a delivery man. This definitely was a racist situation. I have never known anybody caucasian and be stopped for delivering a package. I live in a gated community and we welcome all. You definitely are blind to what is going on in this world. This is coming from a vacation woman too. Wake up

      1. Maybe he is a racist but My husband is as white as he can be and he gets stopped in gated communities all the time and has has the cops called on him. He drives a truck with his company logo on the back.
        This man is just a overly privileged human, that gets his kicks off making people feel beneath him. I pray that Travis realizes he is an amazing man and hard working. Please don’t let this jerk ruin your beautiful spirit.

    5. More Karen that nobody asked for. I am grateful NOT to know you and your neighbors. Y’all seem like truly awful people.

    6. We have our own Super Troopers in my neighborhood.

    7. Hmmm, Marilyn. I live on a private road that I own and maintain. There are people who get lost and turned around nearly everyday. The ONLY time I approach someone is if they have been sitting there for a good 5 minutes AND they are in a car. I usually ask if they need help and we both go on with our lives. I have NEVER in the 15 plus years I have lived here detained someone for nearly and EFFING hour.

      While you and I cannot know what was going on in little Napoleon’s mind, that is true. Riddle me this, Sis…do “criminals” show up in something as inconspicuous as an EFFING semi????? Do better. This ain’t the cross you want to die on.

      1. Best of the bunch.

    8. You listing this man’s address over and over obviously hoping for a violent response is not any better than the original jerk.

    9. GUUUUUURL…SHUT UP..!!!!!
      There was NOTHING suspicious about that young brother. He’s a deliver driver for JB HUNT.

      NAPOLEON BUTTCRACK just wanted to fuck with him because he was black..!!!!
      And little shit fuck probably had a gun on him thats why he was so brave.

    10. Cleary can see it’s a delivery truck..and has a code . So if he has the code ..in a delivery truck…it doesn’t take a genius to see what he was doing!! Stop making excuses for racism!!!

    11. Wow really? Sounds like you are a little racist too. Oklahoma has been this way for too many years.

    12. The driver had to have a code to get in the gate. The delivery truck did not ram the gate.

    13. Your desire to be safe does not give you the right to mistreat, Harris’s, or retain other people. Obviously, that driver was asked to make a delivery to someone who lives in that neighborhood. He had every right to be on that street. Since he was directed to make a delivery by a property owner, he doesn’t owe some dickhead HOA president an explanation.

    14. So how long is ‘too long’? Do you have a clause for that in your Homeowners Association or did you just take it on yourself to decide the duration of ‘too long’?

    15. He blocked him for an hour. Thats something you would do? You think Stewart would do that if the driver were white?

    16. The sign of a good neighborhood is one where your neighbors are simply looking out for the best interests of the community. A private neighborhood doubles down on that concept. I see nothing uncivil in the actions of Mr Stewart. If he is the president of the HOA, neighbors may consider him remiss if he doesn’t at least ask “what’s up?” I would want to see the entire clip, but again, showing mutual respect would work for both parties to diffuse this situation.

  12. That wasn’t any of his business where he was going. Why?/ nosey Common Sense will tell you he delivered something to one of the resident . He was really out of line holding him there. What’s wrong with taking a license plate number. If he’s that paranoid they need a guard shack. uncalled for.

  13. I built a house in there about 5 years ago. Some of the most nosey obnoxious neighbors ever.

  14. That poor man was just trying to do his job!
    Yet here comes an egotistical, racist, short dicked, unapologetic, asshole, who held him and his coworker against their will.
    They should pursue legal action against this Asshat!
    My heart hurts for Travis.
    As for David Stewart…..
    Well, I’d like to kick him in the balls.

  15. I hope this delivery company refuses to deliver to this neighborhood. I hope other people in this neighborhood wake up and let these men know what they did is NOT acceptable.

    1. That Racist POS has called Travis’s job and is bitching about the video. Threatening to file defamation charges. He’s not sorry, he’s fragile and feeling entitled and victimized when HE is the Assailant!

  16. If he thought that the truck was out of place, or somehow suspicious, all he needed to do was take down the tag number, and info on the side of the truck. In no way is he justified in demanding information, or blocking him from leaving! Keeping your eyes open in your neighborhood does NOT include holding someone hostage! And , yes, I also live in a gated community. We often keep each other informed of odd or suspicious activity, but we don’t stand for this kind of vigilante activity. At least most of us don’t!

  17. This David Stewart is perfect example of the kind of racism that still exists in our country. Mr. Stewart definitely should apologize to the driver of the truck, but I doubt he has the balls to do so. And just so you know, I am a white registered Republican voter, not a “liberal leaning Democrat!”

    1. Hate to say this, David’s racism is only a symptom of a larger issue. David’s number one issue is that he’s an absolute [email protected]#hole control freak, drunk on power, who’s the type that lords it over his wife, kids, people below his social class, people of color, and finally, David’s subjects (fellow homeowners) who live on NE 131 Place in Edmond.

  18. Your theory is pure and utter bullshit. He was going out not coming in, driving a delivery truck, and it’s a gated community. Wouldn’t he need a code to get in??? Someone had to give it to him. Lastly, it was none of his fucking business. Y’all gonna learn.

  19. “Cagney & Lacey” – LOLOLOL. In all seriousness though, can he charge these two racist fuck nuts for false imprisonment or something? Or do the rich racist Trump voters win again?

  20. This is a crime with both civil and criminal penalties. It’s called false imprisonment. Even if the DA doesn’t bring charges, he should sue this cracker.

  21. Boy….for an “affluent” private community, they sure have crappy looking streets. Perhaps Mr. Stewart should devote more of his time and misdirected energies to complain to his HOA about something that actually needs complaining.

  22. This is totally unacceptable for any F#%cking idiot to block a Delivery truck from doing their daily business. This so called “President of Homeowners Association” thinks he has the authority to stop anyone he chooses in his neighborhood?David Stewart, you are nothing but a piece of Shit Motherf#%er!!! You stopped this gentleman just because he was Black! Yes you Racist Mothet#%er! People like you should eat shit and Die! The driver, Mr. Travis Miller was so polite for being held up against his will for over 30 minutes! Not mentioning that it is illegal to hold anyone against their will if no crime haS been committed. Next time you feel like a Big Man and looking to hold up anyone email me you ignorant Motherf#%er! FU#K YOU CO%K SUCKER!!!

  23. https://www.courtlistener.com/opinion/4626086/david-stewart-v-united-states-bankruptcy-court-for-the-western-district-of/

    Pretty ballsy for a guy in bankruptcy…

    1. What’s wrong with bankruptcy? He’s a businessman, taking advantage of the laws of the land as any patriotic American flag-hugger would.

      Bankruptcy shouldn’t have anything but a positive effect on his future political career.

      1. How true. Look how well it worked out for tRump.

  24. This broke my heart. I’m am so sorry this happened to you Travis. I am so thankful you are smart and recorded it!

  25. The 1 percenters showing their true colors !!!!!!!!!!!

  26. Everyone else said it better… But I need a T-Shirt with “I don’t care what your name is, get out the way” on the front, and “I’m going out, thats where I’m going!” on the back. Who’s a Graphic Artist that can make a T-Shirt campaign happen and send some profits Mr Miller’s way?

  27. Also at the end of the KFOR video when the KFOR people were trying to reach Stewart – they said Stewart called the employer and DEMANDED they take down the facebook video – ya know, NOT apologizing for being a racist dumbshit. Share that video!

  28. How is this not kidnapping?!

    1. Because it might be false imprisonment?

  29. This was appalling and heartbreaking. How do you treat people like this. This won’t change the hearts of men like David, but Travis my friends and I want to take you out to dinner to let you know you are supported and cared about. I’m just grateful the guy didn’t have a gun.

  30. Unfortunately white is still right in Oklahoma. That neighborhood will be in high demand. Edmond prospers on this hidden evil. White flight isn’t because its a better school district its because we didn’t want blacks or mexicans as our neighbors in the first place. Tell the truth, shame the devil we are who we are. Silent because we’re guilty racist.

  31. Maybe this wonderful affluent neighborhood in Edmond – Mecca should build a little house for a 24hr guard. Little Napoleon had to be exhausted with all of that walking back and forth with his little.short legs.

  32. I saw nothing to suggest race was an issue. I’m concerned this is being twisted into race bating. No question the property owners were wrong and went over board. They really showed their butts. However let’s not bring out the race card just to get viewers interest.

    1. You’re kidding – right?

    2. Hey, Matt. I’d love to hear from the neighbors about the other “suspicious intruders” Mr. Stewart has detained. If he doesn’t have a type, they should be able to clear this situation up fairly easily. I’m sure this poor, misunderstood fella will be completely absolved. I’ll just be over here, holding my breath.

  33. Skippy, Buffy, Trey, and Karen were sipping Mimosas by the pool one sunny afternoon, and Skippy was just about to tell the others how easy it is to make even more millions by scooping up failed businesses and foreclosed homes at 10 cents on the dollar, when suddenly their neighbor David Stewart appeared, waddling toward them at a fast pace!

    “You won’t believe this,” he said. “I just saw the leader of a burglary ring driving a big truck in our neighborhood!!! He was trying to get away but I blocked his escape and called the police! Whoa, Nellie! I sure could use a drink…”

    Trey poured David a Mimosa and asked, “This burglar….was he, uh….COLORED?”

    Everyone leaned in to hear the answer. David gulped his Mimosa. “Yep. COLORED!”

    “Is there any other kind of criminal?” asked Muffy. It was not a rhetorical question; she actually didn’t know. Muffy was not very smart, but the others tolerated her because she had large breasts, which her husband had paid $5000 each to implant.

    Then life went back to normal and everybody made a lot more money and Mimosas, and had affairs with each others’ spouses, and then went to church on Sunday and thanked Jesus for their bounty, but did not chide Jesus for allowing them to catch herpes. That last part was the devil’s fault.

    And things were beautiful in Edmond.

    The end.

    1. Priceless!

  34. Those men were really rude to this young man he has a job to do and they were holding him up from leaveing. They need to grow up and act there age. He doesnt have to tell them what house he delivered to this mail and nun of ther business who gets mail. I am so sorry for this young for being treated this way.

  35. Mr.Miller, I just want to let you know that I think you are an amazing man! You give “manhood” an amazing name! Your patience and intelligence in this dreadful situation is beyond compare. That said, I am deeply sorry and ashamed that you endured such a disgusting act of racism. I was terrified the entire video for you and your workmate. I sobbed with you at the end, both from joy that you were physically unhurt, and heartache that this is something you as a person of color, live with every day of your life. The pure exhaustion of that is only something I can try to understand, but never truly completely feel. I am so sorry. All I can do, is continue to call it out when I see it, and I will always do that. You are worth a gazillion of that small , stupid and worthless piece of crap that proved he is NO man! Just a piece of white trash!! You shouldn’t have had to go thru that, but you showed what true honor is. You are amazing!

  36. As an attorney who both represents HOAs and represents property owners dealing with HOAs, it could be, but I wouldn’t assume this is racially motivated. I would assume it’s HOAs doing what they do. That’s especially true of gated community HOAs. They can be the absolute worst when it comes to gate codes and delivery drivers, contractors, etc. I think I’ve seen just about every racial combination you can imagine of this exact same situation over the last two decades!

    1. I suppose it’s possible that race had nothing to do with this incident. Nothing at all.

    2. Are you kidding? That’s what they do? It’s ok to block a delivery driver in a community for an hour? If he has the gate code, obviously someone gave it to him. It’s highly unlikely that he stood there at the gate guessing the code, because captain save a hoe would’ve saw him. There is absolutely nothing right about a “HOA President” blocking a delivery driver in a community because he wouldn’t give out personal info. It’s not his business where the packages are going. If you think that this is anything but racism, you’re delusional.

    3. Has he stopped EVERY delivery driver leaving the neighborhood? Must be plenty in a tony place like that.

  37. I love that everybody has a camera these days to catch things just like this. It’s not exactly breaking news that some short bankrupt white guy in a gated community in Edmond is a complete and total racist but it is nice that he is getting the attention he so deserves. Lucky it wasn’t me he was blocking in, I’d kicked his sorry ass to and fro.

  38. This guy is a jerk, thankful for Travis’ patience and that it was recorded. Can’t help but mention the story says an Edmond neighborhood and Edmond man. This neighborhood is in Oklahoma City. It has an Edmond mailing address.

    1. I live in the neighborhood directly 1/2 a mile north of this gated community. It butts up to our edition. We live right on the Edmond/OKC line. My address is also an Edmond address, but we have all OKC utilities (trash, water, police, etc.) It’s a weird no man’s land.

    2. Postal addresses do not always correspond to city limits, there are tons of areas of OKC that have Edmond mailing addresses. The 33rd/Kelly USPO extends Edmond addresses all the way out to at least NW 164th/May (which is in OKC) because a new PO out in far NW OKC will not be built to handle the mail for that area.

  39. Man, he’s really let himself go since his days in the Eurythmics.

  40. First off I can assure you unequivocally these events over the past two months that the world’s inhabitants been experiencing first hand has Everything to due with Tulsa 1921. The 1921 event along with similar “Tulsa type events” over the past 400 years doesn’t spell a good outcome for the balance of the world’s population. Just bear in mind, bad things have Always occurred on the “one’s” throughout recorded history and 2021 will be no exception to the rule.

  41. Play that race card. Play that race card hard. All rich white people are black people haters. Disgusting racist lost ogle. Divide and hate priveledge white people. This is the nastiest hate filled trash and it is not the video that is disturbing but the racist lost ogle that takes top prize.

    1. David…is that you???

    2. If true why are you reading it and taking the time to comment? I for one don’t read neo-nazi or KKK material or visit their websites because I feel about them like your wrote above———sooooooooo why are you here?

      Take off your MAGA hat, take a 5 minute break from Rush, delay sending in that campaign check to Jim Inhofe, just record Kevin Copeland for watching later and just breath……….. and then proceed to completely and utterly “FUCKING OFF”
      Oh and before you say it “I’ll pray for you” hahahahahaha

    3. I’ll believe you if I see a video of him being just a belligerent with a white delivery driver.

      Until then, it takes a special kind of asshole to not find the way he’s treating another human being as disturbing.

      1. I’m sure his neighbors are rushing to absolve him, declaring that he does this to EVERY delivery driver trying to leave the neighborhood. Just wait. They’ll be here any second.


  42. Racist pig. Disgusting. I hope this scum does not represent the Edmond community. Travis Miller was just doling his job providing a delivery service to a neighbor of this POS. He is probably the kind that rants about black peoples not working. He is the product of systemic racism that has no place in our society. Mr. Miller should sue him for false arrest.

  43. First rate Jerk.

  44. His stupid house looks like Casa Bonita.

    1. It’s truly awful taste in a house and decor..I would not live in it if it was free! EEWWWW The smallish kitchen and garage were the best part of the whole house!

  45. Did the truck driver state his business for being there (name & address of delivery) or did he say “none of your business” … that is the big question

    1. It really isn’t the big question. He doesn’t have any right to just stop people at randomly and interrogate them a to what they happen to be doing driving a delivery truck down the street. The guy isn’t a police office, he has no actual authority. He committed a crime in blocking him from leaving.

    2. Michael m,
      Why is that the big question? Under what authority did those two nosey neighbors think they had the right to quiz this man?
      He doesn’t answer to everyone in the neighborhood.

  46. If you listen to the tiny dick bag when he’s on the phone with the police, you can hear him tell them the gate code. I didn’t catch all of it. But, it sure would be a shame if someone deciphered it and paraded through that neighborhood with “Racist David aint got no dick” signs.

    1. Retaliating would only strengthen their so called argument that they need to know and police everything and the racist ideology. Don’t do it. Travis won the battle!

  47. I am so very sorry this happened to u. So one A-hole makes us all look bad. Just know we r not and u may come to our home and neighborhood anytime. Of course, we are not one of those neighborhoods. My bro lives in one of those neighborhoods in Edmond, I know u would not have been treated in such a disgusting way. God Bless u and I’m so sorry for the loss of ur loved ones. Peace Ve With You.

    1. I don’t think anyone is assuming that everyone in Edmond, or in these neighborhoods, is this way. This is just one of those cases where, when one human treats another this way, it should be called out for what it is.

    2. I’m white, and I don’t feel at all that idiot makes me look bad.

      I also don’t believe that misbehavior by a member of another racial group makes that whole racial group look bad.

      No one has done it yet, but let’s not refer to Travis Miller’s exemplary behavior with the old condescending term “a credit to his race.” As if he was the only “good one” out there.

      The trick here is to judge everyone as an individual, not by their racial group.

      1. As Red Smith said of Joe Louis: “He IS a credit to his race — the human race,” which is the only one we have.

  48. This guy seems to be a real power-hungry jerk. There is no excuse for what he did and I would not have had the patience to sit there for half an hour for this idiot. But let’s not pretend he holds the monopoly in racism.
    I, a white guy, had a similar event happen to me in East St. Louis. I got lost, went down the wrong street in the wrong neighborhood and found myself blocked at a traffic signal. I can’t describe the things that were said to me and my girlfriend and I can definitely tell you that when everyone kept raising their shirts to show me their pistols I didn’t think I would make it out of there alive. I ended up jumping the curb and driving down sidewalks and running red lights to escape before I got out of the neighborhood and found a hospital I could go into for help. My only crime was being of a contrasting color and being lost.
    This was the days before cell phones.
    Assholes and racists come in all shapes and colors. Let’s not crucify an entire segment of society on the actions of idiots – of any color.

    1. No, that never happens. And if it did, it would be ok.

    2. Not at all the same thing.

      1. You are absolutely correct. I was threatened at gunpoint and my girl was threatened with a gang bang.
        Good point graychin.

  49. I can see why David Stewart might be worried about thieves getting away with their crimes:

    “34. In the following years after 2002 when Defendant Raven was financially prospering, Plaintiff discovered that Defendant Stewart was misappropriating moneys and assets belonging to Defendant Raven to further Defendant Stewart’s extremely lavish lifestyle and to purchase real properties, oil and gas interests, and personal luxury property items such as luxury boats and jet airplanes that Defendant Stewart diverted to his own use, benefit and gain.

    35. As part of Stewart’s scheme to siphon and divert Defendant Raven’s assets, Stewart formed a series of business entities to acquire and hold real estate interests acquired utilizing Defendant Raven’s assets.”

  50. Gate. No gate.. the guy is doing his job. Why can’t he just do his damn job without having to worry about stupid people. I’m sorry he had to deal with this, but it is reality, like it or not!

  51. I would say this guy deserves some harassment of his own. What do you think?

    1. No, let’s leave it as it is. He is already showing himself to be wounded by public shaming.

  52. Post his address, phone number, email,place of work, and Facebook. Let’s give this guy the attention he is looking for. White trash garbage human needs to learn to be nice.

  53. Seems like telling some random stranger what address he delivered to would be some kind of privacy violation. Probably could have lost his job over it, not that this douche nozzle cares.

  54. What part of GATED COMMUNITY did Travis Miller not understand? That gate is there to keep out his kind! What else would it be for?

    I couldn’t help but think of the shooting of jogger Ahmaud Arbery in Georgia when I read this piece. A n… Black person! Must be up to no good.

    There is still far too much racial injustice in our world, but there must be a lot less since just about everyone today carries a video camera in their pocket. Some people are still less inclined to act like David Stewart if they realize that the whole world is about to be watching.

  55. What a chicken-shoot move to attempt to discredit someone by disclosing a previous bankruptcy filing…got any more dirty laundry on this target?

    1. Right.

      The rascals even did the same dirty tricks to Donald Trump.

  56. While doing my job, I’ve been confronted more than once while being inside a gated community. And i’ve had the president of the HOA come by and tell me that people were checking on me. … THATS WHAT THE GATE IS FOR!

    1. Did they block your exit?

  57. Racist old white men suck.

  58. About seven years ago, the Oklahoman did an interview with David Stewart. Turns out he is originally from Meridian, Mississippi.

    Not that there’s anything wrong with that.

  59. Say, is he the same David Stewart who is part-owner of Zeke’s Marina in Orange Beach, Ala.?

    1. Yes.

  60. David sounds a lot like Hank Hill when he speaks in that Audio!

  61. Can we organize a drive through? Get as many people as possible to go drive down good ‘ole David’s street, and then just take turns blocking his driveway?

    1. That only punishes his neighbors which I can only assume are being punished enough by being Naploean Stewart’s neighbor.

  62. most of the people labeling the man a racist is not fit to sit on a jury… you haven’t heard any facts…what happened before the video started? who said what to whom? what if a white truck driver was confronted in a minority neighborhood? then what would you “judges” be saying?

    1. Oh please. It a clear case of racism and white privilege. And you only need to look to the white truck driver who was beat to death in the riots after the Rodney King incident to get your answer.

    2. I is fit to sit on a jury. 😀

      I is fit because I’m perfectly willing to hear Mr. Stewart’s side of the story – if he has one besides demanding that the TV station take down the video. Until then, what’s wrong with judging from the video evidence?

      No doubt the homeowners there receive deliveries all the time. What was special about this delivery driver? Has Mr. Stewart ever detained a delivery driver before?

      Mr. Stewart definitely didn’t have a valid reason to detain the driver. If he did, he would have called the police – right?

    3. If a man accosts someone else for the color of his skin, he is a racist no matter which side of the demographics it falls under. But that’s irrelevant to this situation. What this man did is borderline illegal and completely and totally assholish irrespective of any racial overtones.

      1. This this this this this.

        The racial implications are impossible to ignore, but what Stewart did is terrible irrespective of skin color.

    4. Michael: Stop. Just stop.

      I don’t know how many times I have heard the white couple getting lost in a black, brown, red …pick a color or ethnic… neighborhood & just getting away with your lives.

      I have been lost many times before GPS & I never, ever had an experience like that nor have I ever known anyone else either & I am a petite woman.

  63. Travis was spot on with the privilege comment. It’s what it was all about. It made me mad and sad. Good on you Travis for standing YOUR ground!

  64. Really, Marilyn? He would’ve stopped ‘anybody’ going in or out, in a Uniform AND Delivery Truck? STFU and sit yo @$$ down. I’m sick and tired of mfs like you always trying to justify these racist @$$ peoples’ actions.

    1. The only thing she didn’t say is “I’m not racist but…” or My favorite ” My best friend is Black…” before she launched into her actually racist reason why it was ok to stop & harass a man just trying to do his job.

      Damn, I’m sick of this country under tRump.

  65. Can David be charged for detaining someone illegally? Isnt that kidnapping basically?

  66. David Stewart is actually from meridian Mississippi. Crakas from Mississippi are evil to core.

  67. This is truly fucked up. White folks need to sit down and mind their business. Enough is enough. This land you are claiming and defending was stolen by your white counterparts. This entitlement/privileged bullshit is going too far. I wish a mofo would. David Stewart is a whole Ass in a community of racist Asseholes. Do better White America.

  68. Common sense tells you if someone has the gate code then they should be there. If it’s a delivery truck, common sense tells you this is not the first time deliveries have been made. The council rep for that area should mandate that all deliveries should be dropped at the gate and their sorry racist asses can go to the gate to pick up whatever bullshlt that was ordered. White privilege is a man made delussional concept and any white person who believes otherwise is a bigger damn fool then anybody. Mr. Miller should press charges for racial and ethnic harassment. African Americans are a protected class for reasons well known.

  69. Here’s a little insight into the “character” (or lack thereof) of David Stewart. He tried to hide his assets from his debtors in bankruptcy court a year ago by moving them into his mother and children’s names. Guess what–it didn’t work. He still had to pay his debtors, after spending $400K in legal fees trying to fight them. Wonder how he can afford to live in a mansion if he’s “bankrupt.” Angry white man upset over losing his millions, decides to take it out on a Black deliver driver. POS. Hope he’s homeless soon. Let’s make sure ALL HIS STUFF goes viral.

    Read all about it here: https://www.leagle.com/decision/inbco20190722462

  70. Discusting, there are so many people who feel they are better then others and they can act better then others. It may have been in this case, but most cases isn’t about race. It’s paranoia, it’s feeling more privileged then others, it’s being a busy body, it’s having no life and they have to make others miserable with them. My husband (Who is a roofing and construction, project manager) gets stopped by people in gated communities all the time, he too has had the cops called on him. They get real suspicious of outside people. Sorry that they made you feel like you did something wrong.
    I just hate that it is blamed on Race. Its about hate. I have a feeling this jerk would have stopped anyone, because he thinks he is above everyone and had nothing better to do.

  71. I haven’t seen this much reaction since President Obama landed at Tinker AFB!

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