Jeff Lowe is hanging out at Kong’s Tavern with Las Vegas magicians

The world is breaking down and becoming more surreal moment to moment. What day is this? Who knows! But nature is healing, and wildlife is returning to its natural order during lockdown.

Proof of this is Jeff Lowe, current owner of the GW Exotic Animal Park, visiting his natural habitat and making new friends. From TMZ:

A famous Vegas magician is looking to pick up where Siegfried and Roy left off — so, naturally, he went to go see the biggest cat man in the game right now … one Jeff Lowe.

Sources tell TMZ … Murray SawChuck — who’s got his own residency show at the Tropicana Hotel in Sin City — recently linked up with Jeff to talk shop and discuss the possibility of obtaining some tigers for a potential new act he wants to introduce on the strip.

Our sources say Murray took note of Roy Horn’s tragic passing of late, and saw an opening for another tiger magic show that he might just wanna fill … and in light of the hit Netflix series, figured he’d get in touch with Jeff to see if there was a deal they could make.

Murray the Magician (as he’s known in Vegas) ventured out to Oklahoma City to make it happen, and stopped by Jeff’s ‘Tiger King’ Zoo — formerly known as Joe Exotic’s GW Zoo — and toured the grounds. Later … Jeff and Murray, with their ladies in tow, hit the town and ended up at a packed bar called Kong’s Tavern, where they got the VIP treatment.

It totally makes sense that Jeff is a Kong’s guy. They are both the embodiment of Monster Energy Drinks, irresponsibility, and a swinger lifestyle. I have no idea who this magician dude is, but his bleached hair and 90’s frames makes him a perfect candidate to be mauled by a tiger on-stage at the Tropicana.

The idea that people are willing to go to bars right now is baffling to me, but do what you must to get that Vegas money. Risking dying alone on a ventilator for Red Bull & vodka is insane, but if it means you can rent out caged tigers and make a few thousand dollars, go for it.

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27 Responses

  1. Looks like Andy Dick finally cleaned himself up and dropped to a lower level from drugs to Magic Tiger Kang. Gross.

  2. The reason that going to bars is baffling to you is because you are a sheep and believe the bullshit the media is feeding you. Had we let this disease run it’s course such as the recent seasonal flu that killed more than 80,000 people (for which there IS a vaccine), swine flu pandemic, etc., we would probably be over this by now without ruining the economy and America’s livelihood. We could have done this while protecting vulnerable populations. The reason the media is scaring people is because sensationalism sells. The only reason I wear a face covering in public is so that idiots like you don’t sneer at me.

    1. So Lucas is a sheep, but the guy anonymously spewing lies, misinformation and propaganda from some 4chanDrudgeStormer message board is a free and independent thinker? Good to know.

      1. Not sure what that is and I see you don’t offer an actual opposing viewpoint, only typical garbage. I will sit back and enjoy all the liberal crap I am sure to hear. Tits out.

    2. Says the guy who struggled to make a c in high school science.

    3. There’s a nearly-new moon right now. Guys like this are more likely to come out at the time of the full moon. Must be a hard case.

      This is Darwinism, at work right before our very eyes. It’s a darn shame that the morons infect other people on their way to dying alone on a respirator. They let the 1918 pandemic “run its course” like doofus recommends, but that didn’t work out very well. “Only” 550,000 Americans died, 20 million worldwide. President Woodrow Wilson never mentioned the pandemic, although he even caught and survived it himself. There wasn’t a vaccine for that either.

      Media sensationalism about the virus may sell, but it doesn’t sell to me. I’ve pretty much quit reading the news since all they talk about anymore is the damn virus. Ask Patrick how well his own advertising is selling these days. Not enough virus coverage, perhaps? 😀

      1. Graychin on Feb 6 –
        The latest FluView surveillance from the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) reports that as of January 18, 2020, there have been 15 million cases of flu, 140,000 hospitalizations, and 8200 deaths in the US this influenza season.
        That’s just in the USA!
        And everyone is freaking out about the Chinese virus? I don’t have any idea why. The common flu that arrives every winter is much more dangerous – and it’s already among us.

        Nice 180, dude.

        1. Although we usually disagree, I thought that you were smarter than this.

          There is a vaccine for the seasonal flu which I take every year – although many do not, either through anti-vax attitudes or simple laziness.

          Heck, even DJT is worried enough to take non-recommended pills to keep from catching what some of the worker bees in the White House have already carried in.

          I see that you also talk the talk about the “Chinese virus” as recommended by the CIC (but not the CDC).

          Do you and H.T. hang out at the same bars?

          1. Some people cannot take the flu vaccine because eggs. I am one of those people.

            1. 1. Why do people who hate this site, regularly read and comment this site? Oh, yes – misery loves company.

              2. Just an FYI – but there are egg free alternative vaccines for both the flu and pneumonia. Source is the Mayo Clinic.

    4. The seasonal flu does kill a lot of people, but over the course of a years time. The virus has killed over 90,000 in three months. Plus, less than half of the public gets vaccinated against the flu. If more people were vaccinated there would be fewer deaths. I won’t sneer at you because you wear a mask in public. I wear one also. You see, I have respect and compassion for others. I don’t want you or anyone getting infected because I may be asymptomatic. Yes, this whole thing could and should have been handed differently, but here we are. Let’s do our best to rid ourselves of this menance.

    5. I’m glad you wear face coverings in public. It means I don’t have to smell your turd breath.

    6. Where the hell are you getting your numbers? The CDC estimates there were up to 62,000 flu deaths in the US this flu season. They only have estimates because no one tracks specific flu deaths. Johns Hopkins has the total number of current Covid deaths in the US at 82,000. And that 82,000 is with the stay at home orders and business shut downs. It is safe to say their would have been significantly more Covid deaths without the measures local governments enacted and are still enacting.

      Here is another study for you: The average number of US deaths over the last 5 years, during the peak weeks of the flu was 752 deaths per week. During the peak week of Covid the US had 15,455 deaths. So 752 flu deaths vs 15,455 Covid deaths

      The Covid death toll is significantly higher than the seasonal flu. Do some actual research and quit talking out of your @ss.

    7. …………Wonderful of you to join us today, Doctor.

  3. Jeff Lowe dresses like a LifeChurch pastor who finally left the church and started doing drugs out in the open instead of behind closed doors.

  4. sleazers

  5. I do recognize the magician from an episode of Pawn Stars, he was one of Rick’s endless list of “buddies”, he called him in to appraise, I think, a leather straight jacket once owned by Harry Houdini.

  6. Thanks for wearing a mask, We appreciate it!

  7. I knew starting a google news alert for ‘Kong’s Tavern’ would lead to some interesting content.

  8. Lowe couldn’t find a leather mask that matched?

  9. This is the actual context about what’s going on:

  10. I will not tip toe through life only to arrive safely at death.
    Chris Ayres

    The masks have been proven to be ineffectual and quite possibly dangerous as they concentrate any covid molecules in a warm damp environment right in front of your face. Research it yourself.

    But sheep gotta sheep.

    1. Ok, I researched it, I couldn’t find any source saying what you claim. Every health organization from the CDC to the Mayo Clinic says the exact opposite. I did find an article warning that wearing them improperly would make them ineffectual, maybe you saw that headline and went from there. Granted, I didn’t go to Stormfront or 4chan message boards, which is where I imagine you did your research. Sounds like you’re a kind of sheep yourself.

      1. I have no idea what you are talking about.
        I was just reading the latest medical evaluations .
        Hi mal

    2. If the virus is concentrating inside your mask, it means that you are already infected with virus and that your mask is protecting other people from YOU.

      Home-made masks or cheap paper masks don’t do much to protect the wearer from getting the virus. Their main purpose has always been clearly explained: they protect other people.

      You don’t know this, do you? Or care much about other people?

  11. actually nah – never mind
    Done with this site

    1. Don’t let the door…

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