Brave Patriot Defiles Salon Signage Over Face Mask Policy

The alt-right Karen pictured above is Carmie Holloway. Earlier this week, she bravely stood up for her rights and freedoms, and ripped down a flyer that outlined a metro salon’s totally authoritarian social distancing policies.

Here are the details via KFOR:

A metro woman claims that making hair stylists wear a mask while working is unconstitutional, but a salon caught in the middle of all of it says they don’t need any help.

A social media video surfaced when Carmie Holloway recorded herself leaving Salons by JC on Tuesday afternoon, ripping a COVID-19 sign straight off the front door.

“It says all who enter the salon must wear a mask,” Carmie Holloway said in her Facebook video. “I am not wearing a mask!”

“That is state sponsored propaganda,” Carmie Holloway said. “This is an abuse of power. Well, I know it is.”

Yep, instead of just going to a different salon that cares less about the health and safety of its customers and employees, Carmie stood up to the evil authoritarian business by removing their sign. That’s awesome! We need more heroes like Carmie out there protecting privately held businesses from abusing their own free will. That will show the sheeple!

Here’s the FB video that Carmie shared from the incident.

I don’t know about you, but that totally changes my mind. Before watching the video, I was convinced that social distancing guidelines and wearing face masks, could help slow the spread of Coronavirus. I had no clue it was all just propaganda issued by Mayor McSelfie as part of his scheme to control society. Props to Carmie for laying it all out there and explaining it so convincingly.

Carmie then left a vlog where she “doubled down” on her actions, and threatened to go to the salon again.

Wow. I haven’t heard a speech that inspiring since I last watched Braveheart. Trump should hire Carmie as a speechwriter, or at least a subject to showcase how well is propaganda is working.

After learning that her original video tirade was sent to KFOR, Carmie left another video:

Yep, Be free, Fight back against the fear of tyranny, says the lady who wants to impose her will on other businesses. Good to know.

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51 Responses

  1. I wonder if she thinks signs that read “no shirt, no shoes, no service” are unconstitutional?

    1. No shirt, no shoes, no mask…

      Our maskless President has an odd effect on some people.

  2. What an entitled snowflake. There’s a pool party at Lake o’ the Ozarks just waiting for you.

  3. I wonder if her plastic surgeon’s office requires her to wear a mask for her monthly appointment.

    1. She has apparently waived her Constitutional right to natural eyebrows that the framers of the Constitution fought so hard for! I heard James Madison was a big natural brow rights guy.

  4. What an assclown! This Karen needs to call all of sorority sisters, march right on down to that hairdresser and vow to never again get their hair did there. What a bold and patriotic stand against tyranny!

  5. No shoes, no shirt, no service. UNCONSTITUTIONAL! 🤦‍♂️

    1. No shit!!

  6. Get a life Connie bo Bonnie fi fi fo Fonnie.

  7. Is it constitutional for the salon owner to operate (within the law) as they deem appropriate, or must they follow this person’s views only? Asking for a friend.

  8. Poorly remembered middle school lessons on Revolutionary history do not a Constitutional Law scholar make. Those who think otherwise should try to read (doubt they’d make it through) Compagnie Francaise de Navigation a Vapeur v. Louisiana Board of Health, 186 U.S. 380 (1902), a Supreme Court case from 1902 ruling that state and federal quarantine laws are constitutional. Even the Libertarian think-tank the Cato Institute agrees that quarantine rules are constitutional.

    Just because you don’t like it does not mean that it is against the constitution.

  9. My dear dear loving Mother died a horrible slow death from dementia and Parkinson’s over a 10 year period. This was during the Obama administration. During that time, she was tuned to FOX and well you can guess the rest. This woman was an RN over 40 years, loved all people and accepted all into her home. She confronted bigots and assholes her whole life. She would have walked on coals for me and any other person she encountered being mistreated.

    Fox was her friend on the TV day in and day out and thus had her convinced Obama was coming for her and was leading the country to the abyss. She answered every bit of Repub literature, NRA, what have you, with a check and a strong letter. She said things about Nancy Pelosi that still haunt me. This was not my Mother.

    My point here is my Mother is representative of many folks that have been led astray by Fox and other Repub hogwash whether they be, as in my Mom’s case, very ill from dementia, or just straight up jack shit cray.

    This Carmie woman is out of her mind and I sincerely hope she does not have children.

    I also think the CDC should extend a warning advising of the danger of being in close contact with Botox lipped dragon bitches because that spray is lethal.

    1. “I also think the CDC should extend a warning advising of the danger of being in close contact with Botox lipped dragon bitches because that spray is lethal.”

      Now tell us what your mom said about the skeletor that was so “outrageous,” please.

      1. I don’t think she was aware of Lankford.

        1. I’m talking about the real one from CA. The one that stashes gourmet ice cream.

    2. “This Carmie woman is out of her mind and I sincerely hope she does not have children.”

      One can assume she uses her personality as an effective form of birth control.

    3. So sad but true. So brain washed that if anything is reported (factually) that these people scream that it is a liberal media outlet, which simply isn’t true. Brainwashed just like Nazi Germany did to some people. Dangerous, Dangerous times.

    4. There’s a doc called “Brainwashing of My Dad” that is about a similar scenario. It really is sad what that cult-right programming has done to otherwise caring, loving people. It reminds me of that Bird Box movie, kind if.

      1. I watched that. It’s outstanding.

  10. Honey, I’m not enraged at your actions, I’m completely baffled. I guess I missed the part where you were called upon by the masses to speak for us. Or the Salon Owners of America. You need to take your collagen-infused azz to Nowhere, Oklahoma. But keep posting those videos because each one makes you look sequentially more stupid, if that is possible.

  11. I wish I had a lot of spare time on my hands. I wouldn’t do something foolish like this woman, have the same ideology as her, or paint my eyebrows with a sharpie, but it would be nice to have more time to accomplish things.

  12. I’m sure she’ll agree fully the next time a baker has to make a cake for a gay couple. Cause, you know, these folks are all about logical consistency and intellectual honesty.

  13. I know a real estate agent I’ll never hire……..

  14. Stringy hair Karen doll probably struggled to get a c in high school civics.

  15. Ok. I tried to watch her videos. I couldn’t do it. Try as I might, my fight or flight sense kicked in and I had to save those brain cells that were briefly exposed. I might need a bleach cofefe smoothie. She needs a V for Vendetta mask to change her expression.

  16. She makes a video and posts it, and then she is bewildered that not everyone has her same world view. And compares wearing face masks to nazi Germany. Wow! The next thing you know people will be required to wear shoes and shirts. Probably jackboots and brown shirts with a nice armband. She probably licks the produce at the grocery store. Is that unconstitutional?

    1. She is completely disgraceful, comparing herself to Otto Warmbier for Christ sakes. All because a PRIVATE BUSINESS wants her to put a mask on. Funny, because that is the same salon I go to. Went there a few weeks ago to get my hair done. You know what? I WORE A MASK. I wore it because the salon required it and because my stylist asked me to. Not sure who she is speaking for, but it isn’t the number of hair stylists that I saw there working that day. Stupid asshole needs to focus her energies on something that matters and stop with her false “outrage” to get internet points.

      1. Isn’t it ironic (or ignorant not sure which is most appropriate), that it’s tyranny-unconstitutional-propaganda to force her to be aware of and practice safety measures should she “CHOOSE” to enter a privately owned business and follow their rules/requirements, yet it is okay for her to tear off something she doesn’t own in a business she doesn’t own because she “believes” it’s wrong?

        Wonder what her video would have said if she had witnessed a person of color tear down a trump poster/confederate flag/10 commandments in one of the restaurants that post political items?

      2. You might even say that she is “deplorable.” But that might offend someone…

  17. Think I might leave a video protesting Carmie as a legitimate name. Breathe it in Carmie. Breathe. It. In.

  18. This lady seriously just compared mask orders to freaking Harvey Weinstein? Does she not have family who love her to take her phone and keep her from making a complete ass of herself for the entire world to see.
    Carmie, babe, please just stop. Someday your grandchildren are gonna be absolutely mortified about all this.

  19. It is required by state board of barbering and cosmetology of Oklahoma for all salons to require masks. Good luck going to any salon without the policy.

  20. To prove this Commie mask-wearin’ is a plot by the guv-mint to enslavenize us, she should go into a crowded room with fifty other people and breathe real deep while everybody sneezes and coughs.

    A couple of hours ought to do it.

  21. Shave that dog and teach it to hunt!

  22. The narcissism is strong in this one.

  23. I work at Salons by JC in Moore. They do but require masks anymore and it saddens me. Myself and my clients do. Good for the north business sticking to what helps others.

  24. She tore down that terribly offensive sign. …after her hair appointment was completed. Glad to know her priorities were in order. And, just because I want to know, what kind of silly-was name is “Carmie?”

    1. Apparently “Carnie” was taken. Apparently.

  25. The next time she has something did to her face or other body part, she should demand that the doc not wear a mask during the procedure. That’ll show ’em!!

  26. If she’s just a crazy, why are the media devoting so much attention to it! Two local news stations and you, the lost ogle whoever you are. I find that telling. She tore a piece of paper off of a window. Why is that news worthy of the high journalistic standards of the Ogles? Should make you think. Fake news standards alive and well in OKC!

    1. This website makes fun of stupid Oklahoma people whose idiotic antics make the news. It’s what they do here. Now you know.

      Or do you agree with her?

    2. The business had a sign posted about a public health policy in the middle of a worldwide pandemic. She’s not the owner of the business. She had no right to remove it. What would she do if people started taking down for sale signs at the houses she’s trying to market?

    3. So reporting on something that actually happened and then providing access to her videos so you can make your own decision on her motives/mindset is fake news? Seems like for people like you any news you don’t like, don’t care about or feel shouldn’t be shown is fake news.

      Damn and I thought “fake” meant false-untrue-forgery-counterfeit. Call Daddy Trump and see if he can add general reporting to his executive order where is demanding his right to post false-untrue statements on social media.

      To answer your question it’s news because it shows the level of divide and how far some people will go to enforce their will and beliefs on others regardless of the dangers they might cause to others so they can have their “rights” protected.

  27. I’m not afraid of this woman. I am more in fear of the fact that her own parents or grandparents might succumb to COVID19 (God truly forbid that). She will be at a loss to understand explain why.

  28. I had no idea there was a real “Girl You Wish You Hadn’t Started a Conversation With At A Party.” Someone should send these posts of her to Cecil Strong for inspiration.

  29. Since she has provided filmed evidence of herself, could the salon call the police and press charges for vandalism? Especially since she has threatened to do it again? Stupid behavior should be fittingly rewarded.

  30. What strikes me as odd is that, in my opinion, Carmie would look a whole lot better in a mask.

  31. What in the corn dog hell is this craziness?!!!

  32. Moo

  33. Ok while I am so not a friend of being told what to do (10 yrs active duty) I don’t want to be responsible for getting someone else sick…I’ve been injecting with all kinds of shit from my service in the Navy, but so what. I hate the public and now is the perfect excuse not to be around anyone…

  34. Let me guess. She’s Groucho Marx’s great granddaughter? The resemblance is striking, except she didn’t inherit his sense of humor.

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