The Oklahoman’s Editorial Writer Apologizes for Calling Protestors “Thuggish.”

The state’s “Most Trusted” news strikes again!

In Wednesday’s paper, The Oklahoman Editorial Board let people know they still exist by publishing an editorial that praised “business owners” for how they responded to the “thuggish” behavior of alleged protestors who vandalized property across the metro during this last weekend’s George Floyd protests.

Here’s a screenshot:

What the hell? Is this part of a new effort by The Oklahoman to increase subscribers in rural Oklahoma? Wait. They don’t deliver out there anymore so nevermind.

In case you live under a rock – or you’re an aging, out-of-touch person who still values editorial input from a newspaper with a strong racist past – “thug” has evolved into a controversial word over the past decade due to its racist connotations. Sure, you may be tempted to make the argument that the technical definition of the word isn’t racist, or it’s all the result of political correctness gone amuck – and I guess it’s your right to be labeled a racist on that hill – but I’d say it’s no longer a word that should be used to describe people, especially when it’s associated with a nationwide movement that’s protesting police brutality against Blacks in America.

The editorial naturally set off the local Twitterati, leading to scores of complaints and carefully worded tweets from current and former employees with the paper. As a result, The Oklahoman’s stodgy editorial board writer – Owen Canfield III – added the following apology to the piece:

The headline to an editorial published on this site Wednesday, June 3, caused considerable pain for some readers who felt it was insensitive at best and racist at worst. For this, I apologize.

The editorial was about business owners in Oklahoma City who showed forgiveness and grace after having their buildings destroyed or badly damaged by lawlessness Saturday night/Sunday morning. The headline, and one line in the editorial, called the vandals’ actions “thuggishness.”

The website defines “thug” as “a cruel or vicious ruffian, robber or murderer.” However, it has taken on a more sinister meaning in current jargon. In writing the headline, I failed to take that into account.

Some on social media have criticized our editor, Kelly Fry, for this episode. She has been on furlough all week and had nothing to do with writing the headline.

Yep, Owen is totally sorry. As the editorial writer for the state’s largest newspaper, he failed to take into account the more “sinister meaning” behind the word, and /or that people would read it or even care. I guess you can’t blame him. He did get away with calling out “thugs” in this 2017 editorial that attempted to place equal blame on the left for the violence at the white nationalist rally in Charlottesville:

I have to ask – Was Kelly Frye on furlough that week, too?

We actually tore a piece that editorial back in 2017. You can read it here if you’re a Lost Ogle member. For what it’s worth, just a few weeks later, The Oklahoman published a syndicated editorial that also labeled anti-white nationalist protestors as “thugs.”

Anyway, I guess that concludes this installment of “The Oklahoman still has an editorial page, and it’s still kind of racist, and knowing the paper like we do, that’s not really a surprise.” I’m sure we’ll be back with another installment soon.

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84 Responses

  1. Until dictionaries cuck and go woke, it’s perfectly acceptable to call a spade a spade (south throbbinson, where you at?):

    1. Dictionaries don’t create language, people do

      1. In that case, there should be a formal process to go thru before making arbitrary decisions on what’s *still* considered appropriate.

    2. “Call a spade a spade”? I see what you did there.

      Language evolves, and it evolves faster than closed human minds. I can’t remember the last time I heard a white person called a “thug,” but it’s been a very long time. Like decades.

      Dude, when The Oklahoman’s editorial board is more “cuck and woke” than you are, you should tale a long look at yourself.

      1. That horse. Growing by the day!

        Maybe you should get out more often. Did you attend any protests or were you practicing social distancing?

        1. It’s not about me, but I can see why you’d like to change the subject.

          1. I’m glad your vision is on-point today. So did you or did you not? I’d expect you to be in the cannon fodder rows of the crowd by how ardent your sjw posts on here usually are.

            1. Fruck off.

            2. You’re so sexy when you’re triggered! Xoxo

              P.s. What did you do with that reply button again, graychin? Now it looks like I’m replying to myself…

  2. Kelly Fry was not in charge in 2017. She was one of seven on the editorial board at that time, which was run not by Kelly, but by Gary Pierson and Chris Reen.

    1. She wasn’t the Editor in Chief in 2017???

      1. Over the newsroom (news, features, sports, business). But while she was on the board, it was under the command of Chris Reen and Gary Pierson.

  3. Any one who destroys public or private property is a thug and a criminal. Doesn’t make any difference if they are white or black.

    1. Would you call the police thugs then?

    2. There were “very fine people” on many sides. That’s the word from the top.

  4. This is the reason and so many others I stopped subscribing and supporting the Oklahoman years ago.

  5. The Oklahoman is going through its last days. Everyone would be doing the state a great service if they were to cancel their subscriptions to it. The death of one entity that has a very sordid past and has been on the wrong side of history through opinion way too many times will bring about better journalism in this town from upstarts like the Frontier.

  6. Member when Obama called rioters thugs when he was president when the many police brutality cases were kicking off under his watch? What was it? 4 cases that caused riots? Glad Biden has it all figured out. He didn’t oversee 8 years of riots from the Oval Office already or anything.

    Leave it to the extra “woke” to defend these protest that will kill thousands when corona spreads again.

    1. Did Biden figure out which office he’s running for and who’s who from his sister/wife squad yet?

      Biden: “I mean, you got the first mainstream African-American who is articulate and bright and clean and a nice-looking guy”

      Also Biden: “If you have a problem figuring out whether you’re for me or Trump, then you ain’t black”

      But Trump is the racist one.

      1. If you actually know any black people, ask them if Trump or Biden is more racist.

        What they say matters less than what they do.

        1. Kameltoe had a problem with his busing policy, but she’s all over that vp spot now.

          Trump did pretty good for black people so far. Change my mind.

          1. That’s probably not possible, but the opinions of black people are worth much more than yours.

            1. Try it. How are black people worse off now than 4 years ago.

          2. A three year old could dump 3 trillion along with the Fed’s 4 trillion and that doesn’t count the close to a trillion a year deficit since the con slithered into office into any economy in the world and it would heat up in the short run enough to hire some people into low paying jobs. Keep in mind that’s all “printed” money.
            donald has done nothing he’s not done in his personal life. That would be take a really good thing he was handed and fuck it up one side and down the other.
            He was conning Veterans just before the election and he’s conning Americans now.
            Change my mind.

            1. Lol you have to change my mind first. That’s how that works.

              P.s. How many trillions did Obama dump? Dumping is the name of the game.

      2. I’d use the term hate monger over racist.

    2. Sam, I just had to double check you, but it was well worth it:

      “Obama stands by the term ‘thugs,’ White House says” (usa today, no less)

      1. facts and logic have no place on this site. its all reaction and “feewings” here.
        you know this.

        1. The more dislikes I get, the better.

          Q: How can you dislike something that’s a fact?
          A: You have to be a liberal lol

          1. A comment can be both factual and stupid, as in this case. Obama using the term doesn’t make it right.

            See now?

            1. But I thought Obama could do no wrong? Don’t you pray to him every time before bedtime? He’s black, btw, so should be ok to use it, no? Damn, that’s three questions in a row. Can your handle it? (That’s four)

            2. You are sadly mistaken.

          2. A real comedian but politically dumber than dirt. If I want to listen to lumpy hannity’s bullshit I’ll tune into fox who’s listeners have proven to actually know fewer facts than those who watch or listen to nothing but just use common sense.
            Why would Graychin need to comment about anything at all. Just like donald ol vix flies his “I’m Stupid” flag proudly and demonstrates it constantly.
            Tell us all about our suffering under President Obama? Specifically, not just some bull nuts off the back of your flatbed pu thoughts. Tell us about the economy, stupid.

            1. KC been hitting the bottle tonight again? Are you graychin’s diaper boy? Pretty sure he can handle it by himself with a fresh one on, but you must’ve been slacking today.

              P.s. I don’t drive a truck, but I got a pair of deez ready for you.

    3. SHHHHH! They don’t want to talk about that. Or about Bill Clinton Standing in front of St. John’s holding a Bible in a nearly identical fashion as Trump.

      Biden just said that 10-15% of the country are not good people. Wonder if he meant conservatives who won’t vote of him, or the looters who might?

      That’s why the left will never be taken seriously. There is never an honest discussion, just a field of strawmen to be lofted and accusations to make.

      1. Clinton was there to go to church! There are no reports that he had people gassed to clear his way there.

        1. Neither did Trump. Unless you think he makes every single decision on every thing. I mean he’s good, but not THAT good. maybe in the next four years we’ll get to witness his full brilliance.

          1. The buck stops… where?

          2. Praying my hardest that doesn’t happen.

      2. Random thoughts our just some laura ingraham copied rant? Laughable. If you don’t think there’s a % of people in this country that are simply bad then you must be a 1st grader typing on Mommies laptop.
        You want an honest political discussion? Then make some honest political points.
        When you do, like vix, you’ll be shredded to ribbons and you know it. This is the point where most gopers head for the hills.

        1. For somebody that loathes fox so much, you sure know all their key players very well. “Shredded”? Lol I’m like Muhammad Ali around this bitch. Floating like a butterfly and stinging like a bee.

          1. Actually most people with open minds will watch/listen/read news sites with opposing opinions. Then we analyze that information & use logic to make an informed decision. I admit it is really difficult with the stupidity of what trump is doing & the cult-like behavior of right wing media, but we do it.

          2. Floating like a piece of feces in dirty creek water is more accurate.

            1. You punch above your weight better than graychin, I’ll you give you that. Maybe if you team up your can bring me down to your level.

  7. call them thugs or petunias. it doesn’t change the results of the behavior.
    which is abhorrent – unless someone has banned that word too.

    How would the woke posters on this site describe these folks?
    I’m not talking about peaceful protesters – power to em. I’m talking about those who desecrated the OKC memorial bombing site, and a company that provides hospice care and another place that provided clothing for people who are trying to get a job but couldn’t afford professional clothing.
    I genuinely want to know what the correct term is now for the brave souls vandalizing these places.

    1. Why do you need a name? Calling people by ugly names isn’t productive. It’s dehumanizing and divisive.

      Division seems to be actual policy from some elected officials, because they win if their side of the divide is even slightly more numerous than the other.

      Willful destruction of property is criminal behavior. Gassing and beating peaceful demonstrators is criminal behavior. I condemn bad behavior… on many sides. On many sides.

      Those behaving badly remain human beings. I won’t call them thugs, or n*****s, or any other dehumanizing term. You shouldn’t either.

      1. By putting *** on that word you’re making the reader say that it. Don’t be putting that shit in my head, graychin. Is your vocab so weak that you couldn’t find a suitable replacement?

        1. It’s a word with which I am sure you are already very familiar.

          1. The fuck is that supposed to mean? You sure know and use your slurs a lot. I recall your slur for a Mexican person in a different thread a while back. It’s kinda weird when a white sjw like yourself dabbles in these terms on a regular. Closet racist much?

      2. I didn’t make an entire post about a label – Patrick did.

        He’s getting very good at generating traffic for his site. Gone are the fun days of gravytrain’s posts and state fair photos and hot girl Friday’s. It’s all about the clicks now and generating traffic through conflict and angst and spite.
        I guess I’m guilty of contributing since I’m here commenting. It’s just disappointing.

        Thuggery is an actual term describing a set of behaviors. It isn’t derogatory or ugly. It is descriptive.

        1. “Vandalism” is descriptive. “Arson” is descriptive. “Assault and battery” is descriptive. “Murder” is descriptive.

          “Thuggery” is not.

          1. Graychin
            The cliff Clavin of tlo…..

            Always a know-it-all and always wrong.

          2. Google “thuggery”
            Geeze dude. At least try to have a valid argument…..
            You’re just embarrassing yourself now .

        2. Since this is Oklahoma, and not the 19th century British Raj, it’s not descriptive. Even then, it described bandits waylaying travellers, which is not at all what’s happening.

          1. So it described bandits…. therefore it is descriptive. Thank you

            Again – look up the definition.

            And if it doesn’t describe what is happening then please offer an alternative term if thuggery is offensive to you.

      3. Is this supposed to be irony? That’s literally the only thing people like you do. It’s always name calling. Everyone is racist, a fascist, a traitor, an Uncle Tom, a boomer, a everything. It’s only insults and identity politics from the left.

        I mean look. Is Trump some genius president that’s doing great? Absolutely not. He’s a hot head that the media bates into outburst and he takes it. It’s cringe tbh, but the behaviors we have seen from his opposition are horrific. I’m a millennial college educated atheist. I should be (and have been) the perfect Democratic base. I have voted strait democrat since I turned 18. But what I have seen in the last 4 years has been an absolute disgrace to democracy and decency.

        We have a Democratic Party that simply can’t accept they were defeated. They have tried everything they can to not accept the results of an election. We had years of conspiracy theories of Russian collusion mixed in with a clown show of a Supreme Court confirmation hearing were democrats brought a high school year book. We were supposed to reject him because he was “accused”. When Biden was accused it was then don’t believe all women? Massive hypocrisy. When that failed we had a failed impeachment circus. That followed by trying to blame covid deaths on him. We had every Democrat banning gatherings and protests. We had bloggers and media calling people who want to earn a living called idiots. They were “sacrificing people for the economy!” “KILLING GRANDMA FOR HAIRCUTS!” now what do we have? The same people encouraging massive gatherings. It’s blatant hypocrisy. It’s blatant dishonesty. We have major cities on fire, looting, riots, more than 14 people are dead. 14 dead! 14 dead bodies consisting of protestors and cops as a direct result of these looters. Not to mention the 1000 of cases of covid that will pop up. Nurses and doctors will be back in harms way. At risk of dying. And we have many people encouraging it. We have a political party and many in the media encouraging actions that KILL innocent people. And no. I am not even counting the people that will be killed from covid. I’m talking about the literal people killed in the literal streets.

        It’s obvious what has happened. The democrats, my registered party, lost an election. They tried to overturn it by conspiracies, impeachment, smears, and when non of that worked they are trying to do it through violence on the streets.

        1. That was quite a diatribe on the democratic party. Are you sure you are a registered Democrat? I am still trying to get may head around your post. Are you blaming Democrats as an ” absolute disgrace to democracy and decency”? Maybe you missed the 20,000 documented lies from trump over the last 3 1/2 years. I assume then that you are in agreement with trumps attack on environmental laws, using his office to line his pockets, his attempts to strip millions of Americans of their health insurance, & so much more. I would like to take it on point point but it would be a waste of my time.

          1. 14 dead and thousands more dead coming because of these riots. Real people. And what do you say? “But environmental issues” lol what a joke. Ask Biden about lining his family pockets with access to the Oval Office. Ask Biden about kicking thousands of their health care.

            Oh and while you at it, ask Biden about the me to movement. Hypocrites gonna hypocrite.

          2. Please provide proof that disproves one thing he said

            1. It is out there. All you have to do is look, analyze, & apply logic. It is called critical thinking.

        2. I just want to be clear. You’re saying it’s the demonstrators that murdered Mr. Floyd in Milwaukee and started this latest ordeal?
          Do you frequent trials where witnesses are not allowed to testify?

    2. UHHHH, scumbags?

    3. Words that describe specifically what they did, such as “looters” or “vandals”, especially if they are the legal terms describing the crimes.

    4. For what you’ve described, “vandals”.

  8. Dear God please spare me the semantics of bigots.

    1. Amen.

  9. Imagine the outcry if one of these pieces of shit got shot? Oh, baby. TLO lives for spicy stuff like that. Just like their weather counterparts that get hardons for weather porn.

    1. Imagine the outcry if someone was murdered by a cop while his colleagues watched and helped.

    2. Vix your point is that because there’s 5% of demonstrators are lawbreakers and so you’re STATING that 95% of the peaceful demonstrators agree and back the lawbreakers. That’s your point?

      VIX does that mean that because 5% of all Priests like to have sex with little boys and that means the 95% of the good Priests must agree with the 5% and furthermore all that attend the Catholic Church must be good with sex with children? Is that your point?
      Please expound on how people think further. You’re points sound like they’ve been formulated by lumpy hannity?

      1. 95% of all statistics is made up.

  10. A fair number of name-calling trolls comment here.

    1. The Main Objective of the Conservative movement these days is “owning the libs.” Why else would any person with the intelligence support Trump? They’ve gone from loyal opposition with whom discussion was possible to being nothing more than a fly in the potato salad at a family picnic.

      1. You sound bitter.

      2. You know, upyours, I used to think it would be horrible to watch donald take away poor people’s Medicaid, and Social Security if he gets re elected.
        You’d probably be proud if donald took yours. Just as long as hannity told you it was ok.
        In my entire life I’ve never watched propaganda convince the masses to vote against their own best interests. Truly amazing.

        1. You guys are hillarious they are gonna take it anyway you think that they care about you? You really think we can tax our wAy out of this mess.? Guys listen to me the govt doesnt make any money they can only tax us. Why would you think they care about you? Its WWE at the top and you guys think they have sides, they are using the sides thing to divide us. its a big club and you aint in it !!! I uses to wonder why people didnt vote. I dont wonder any more because i realized its all the same side

        2. Do you people believe everything that’s spewed out of your “news” organizations?

      3. I like the Russia, Russia, Russia thing. Trump’s FCC just changed the rules. Previously foreign owners could only control no more than 25% of a U.S. media company. Trump now allows foreign agents to own 100%.

  11. Has anyone else noticed how ugly the posts have gotten from the trump crowd here? If it is is even possible there are more conspiracies, more whining, more name calling, more deflection. Do you suppose they are getting desperate as trumps numbers slide in free fall. Even Barr has walked back his involvement in Trumps photo op the other day when they cleared the streets of peaceful protesters that included clergy just so trump could hold a bible upside down.

    1. I just like to come here and try to figure out the logic of the people on here. They claimed everyone wanting to open the state was killing people for the economy. Now it’s gather in mass! Go for it!

      Just trying to figure out what happened that so many people can be so integrated in double speak and have no idea. It’s scary that so many people have so much cognitive dissidence to actually be able to hold both of those views at the same time and actually type it out without realizing how absurd it is.

      Don’t go to restaurants! You are literally killing my grandma! To “fuck grandma! Smash windows! In like 2 days. It’s funny.

      1. I imagine you were probably one of those people in the mid 2000’s that showed up on message boards saying you just couldn’t understand how people could be against the war, but support the troops, it was cognitive dissonance, yada, yada, yada.

        I would explain where your muddy thinking is here, but what’s the point, it would just bounce off the invisible shield you’ve created for yourself.

        1. What a cop-out. Woulda, coulda, shoulda. I don’t know why I always expect more out of tlo’s dwellers.

  12. Since your expectations are not being met, why continue to stay? Maybe you should question your motives for being here.

    1. “The object of the superior man is truth.”

      1. You aren’t interested in discussion or debate. You just want to pick fights. Seriously, dude, you need a new hobby. Peace be with you.

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