Apparently, Oklahoma has had ZERO instances of racial profiling by law enforcement…

The last few weeks have been for the history books. Protests have sprouted across the nation, including in Oklahoma City and Tulsa, that call not only for justice for George Floyd, but also for the end of police brutality and racial profiling by law enforcement.

But as they kneel before the Oklahoma County Jail and plead for peaceful protests, law enforcement doesn’t seem to understand the magnitude of the pain and suffering that systemic racism coupled with deadly force has caused. Maybe it’s because according to their own investigations, there have been zero instances of racial profiling by Oklahoma officers.

Via Oklahoma Watch…

As protests over racial policing practices continue to rage across Oklahoma and the nation, a milestone in Oklahoma’s racial history will quietly pass later this week

Friday will mark the 20th anniversary of the passage of a state law that for the first time explicitly banned racial profiling by law enforcement agencies. The law made it a misdemeanor crime for officers to stop, detain or arrest someone based on their race or ethnicity.

Shortly after the bill was signed into law in June 2000, Maxine Horner, a state senator at the time who authored the legislation, called it “long overdue” and said she hoped “law enforcement officers who routinely utilize racial profiling in their work will think twice before making unfounded assumptions.”

It seems that some Oklahoma law enforcement agencies credit their increase in sensitivity training for the lack of profiling claims. According to the article, Tulsa Police Sgt. and white guy Shane Tuell praised the department’s use of body cameras with improved training and stated, “I personally don’t see (racial profiling) as a problem, but I guess it depends on who you ask.” Well if you ask many Oklahomans, our agencies still have work to do…

But there’s little evidence that the law has brought any teeth to the ban against racial profiling.

A 2018 Oklahoma Watch investigation found that every complaint submitted to the state attorney general’s office or the now-shuttered Oklahoma Human Rights Commission over the past decade was dismissed. The reason often given is lack of proof.

Two years later, as nationwide protests over racial unrest and police brutality have put policing practices back in a spotlight, the picture hasn’t changed

State documents show that 2018 and 2019 produced some of the highest number of complaints the state has seen since the law was approved. Last year a record 21 complaints were submitted, alleging instances of profiling by 19 state or local law enforcement agencies.

None of the complaints was substantiated by the law enforcement agencies, which are charged with investigating their own officers.

That’s right. Any complaint about an officer engaging in racial profiling is forwarded to the officer’s employer…the law enforcement agency itself. Unsurprisingly, this is problematic. Researchers in sociology and justice have coined a term called, “The Blue Wall of Silence.” It suggests that difficulty in mitigating police corruption can be traced back to a reluctance by officers to report their colleagues. Which probably explains why according to the article all 85 complaints of racial profiling by Oklahoma law enforcement since 2008 have been dismissed. It also explains why so many Oklahomans are marching for reform.

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7 Responses

  1. Remember when then-Tulsa police officer Betty Shelby shot and killed Terence Crutcher?

    Crutcher was messed up on drugs at the time, and the cops in the helicopter circling high above had already identified him as a “bad dude.” Shelby thought Crutcher was reaching for a gun with his back to a closed car window and shot him a close range when a taser hadn’t been tried yet.

    It was infuriating to hear on the radio this morning that Shelby had been “exonerated” at her manslaughter trial. That isn’t at all what her jurors said after the trial and their “not guilty” verdict.

    Tulsa Mayor G.T. Bynum said on national TV yesterday that the Crutcher killing had nothing at all to do with racial profiling. I don’t suppose that volunteer deputy Robert Bates’ “accidentally” shooting (rather than tasing) Eric Harris in 2015 while Harris was down and restrained had anything to do with race either. At least Bates got sent to jail.

    The Tulsa World ran an editorial yesterday: “We’ve let police police the police; that model is in obvious crisis and must change.” That change is long overdue, especially in Oklahoma, where in spite of our ugly racist history not a single incident of racial profiling by our fine law enforcement officers can be found… by the police.

    1. VOLUNTEER Deputy Bates should never have been in that situation. Most volunteer deputies are half trained at best as they have to shoulder the expense of taking the CLEET classes. Good training would have taught him to not rearrange equipment until after many, many hours of retraining regarding the location of each piece of equipment. Law enforcement should NOT have volunteers with guns.

      Betty Shelby most likely did indeed fear for her life. Petite, middle aged woman against a younger, large man. TRAINING again would have saved a life. When backup arrived, the officers should have communicated and decided on a plan.

      Good training can save endless lives.

  2. “”None of the complaints was substantiated by the law enforcement agencies, which are charged with investigating their own officers.”

    This says it all!

  3. Kinda like letting a batter in a baseball game call the balls and strikes.

  4. I’ve always thought it was blatantly RIDICULOUS to allow the police do their own ‘internal investigations.’ I mean, isn’t that an OBVIOUS CONFLICT OF INTEREST??? Even the US government is set up in such a way so that one agency is NEVER the one investigating itself. It’s called a CHECKS AND BALANCES system for a reason! Oversight committees are a wonderful thing! As a matter of fact. many large companies and other business institution are set up this very same way. For example, the ever growing popularity and funding of home health. The rules are set up so that one company checks another’s company’s records and are required to report back to the government in order to keep receiving funding and payment. Generally, there is NO incentive for them to deceive as they are not causing their own company to lose money or tarnish their reputation. The practice of the ‘Brotherhood’ and it’s unspoken rules of not stepping in or finding fault or speaking up when their fellow officer commits a wrong — seems a whole lot like…… ummmm.. say, A STREET GANG??? As a mater of FACT~ that’s EXACTLY what they’ve become. LEO’s are, by far, the LARGEST GANG in this country. And they go by the EXACT SAME CODE as the streets!! SNITCHES GET STITCHES!!! If you don’t believe me, then go on and google the Florida police officer who was WOMAN also, btw~ who pulled over another police officer, who was in his police cruiser but off duty racing toward his second job song over a 100 MPH!! She arrested his ass and took him to jail. There video of it on YouTube. Oh the BACKLASH and RETALIATION she endured are SHOCKING!!! She was put on desk duty. She was stalked by other on duty police. Her name and information was ran something like 800 TIMES in a very short time span. Her car was vandalized. She received threatening phone calls, messages and mail. She FINALLY had enuff and had to quit her job and move! She sued tho! And I believe she won! COPS ARE ONE GANG! They have smaller factions or SETS which REPRESENT THEIR TERRITORY ALL OVER THIS COUNTRY. And EVERY single inch of land and sea— are CLAIMED…. Not only are they a GANG~ but they are a SANCTIONED AND LEGAL ORGANIZED CRIME SYNDICATE under the guise of PEACE OFFICERS! RECOGNIZED as COURT APPOINTED OFFICIALS and therefore, any statement made by a LEO is 99% more likely to be AUTOMATICALLY BELIEVED WITH ABSOLUTE NO DOUBT OFF TOP!! Now those are real life FACTS derived from observation and life experience. But what do I know? I’m just a bottom feeder nobody who’s words will not be taken at face value like a LEO’s….. ***siiigghhhhhh***
    Gang Gang 🤘🏻🤟🏻☝️👆🏼👉🏼🖐🏼👋🏼🤞🏼✌🏻✌🏻🤙🏼🤙🏼shaaka

    1. Wow

  5. I remember something happened at the warren theater. Sounded like excessive force and a man died. Maybe his color didn’t have anything to do with that. Saw pictures where they sat on him till he pasted out. What ever happened about that? Oops he must have underlying condition. If your chest cannot expand what going to happen? Is there a save word to use? I can’t breathe doesn’t work. Mama please help me doesn’t work. Please I can’t breathe doesn’t work. Bystanders saying your killing him doesn’t work. Tell people setting on top of them not to kill there fellow human beings. Why are taser so strong? Inhuman. They taser them and then go sit on them and see if there a underlying condition.

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