Mike Gundy May Have New Career as Right Wing Political Pundit

Earlier today, a photograph that shows Oklahoma State head football coach Mike Gundy in a One America News Network (OAN) t-shirt made the rounds on Twitter. It was apparently taken last week at Lake Texoma:

Wow. This Mike Gundy redneckamorphosis has been something to watch. In the last 10 years, we’ve seen him transition from a fiery, respected football coach who protects his players from bad sports columnists into a noodling troll who taunts them with dead fish and right-wing logo apparel.

The fact that Mike Gundy is wearing an OAN shirt should not be surprising. This is because:

A) He’s conservative

B) He lives in rural Oklahoma

C) He has a mullet

In addition to that, check out the nice words Gundy had to say about the network during a press conference he’d eventually have to apologize for back in April:

It’s One America News. And it was so refreshing. They just report the news. There’s no commentary. There’s no opinions on this. There’s no left. There’s no right. They just reported the news. And I’ve been watching them the last week, because they’re given us the news and given us more information — in my opinion — some of the positives are coming out. So, that was refreshing.

Gundy’s glowing show of support of a right-wing cable propaganda channel that peddles alt-right conspiracy theories doesn’t sit too well with some of his players. Earlier today, star OSU running back who should have turned pro – Chuba Hubbard – sent a tweet stating that he was done with OSU “until things CHANGE:”

Wow. Those are strong words. Chuba was immediately backed up by OSU’s best linebacker:

The O-line voiced their support, too:

Other players on the roster, as well as formers players in the NFL, also voiced their support for Chuba. You can find them on Twitter.

Some people fans – especially the ones who think facemasks are for pussies – are defending Mike Gundy. They fairly point out that he technically didn’t do anything wrong. Sure, OAN is a biased network that pushes a right-wing agenda and is more toxic and soulless than even the regular media, but it’s just a t-shirt with a logo on it. Hell, maybe Mike Gundy hates the shirt and network, which is why he wore it go fishing in the gunk water of Texhoma!

Okay, we know that’s not the case. Either way, wearing a shirt with a logo on it shouldn’t prevent you from keeping your job and earning a living. Well, unless you just happen to work for Mike Gundy:

Contractor claims OSU coach Mike Gundy fired him because he wore an OU shirt

A contractor claims Oklahoma State football coach Mike Gundy fired him because the man wore a University of Oklahoma shirt to work at the Gundy’s house in Stillwater.

In a breach of agreement lawsuit filed in Payne County court, contractor Brent Loveland claims he lost more than $30,000 in possible income because of the time he devoted to Gundy’s home. Gundy and his wife, Kristen, are named as defendants in the case…

Loveland’s lawsuit says when he showed up to work on the Gundy’s house wearing an OU baseball shirt, the Cowboys’ coach unleashed a profanity-laden tirade and fired him.

Okay, so maybe people can lose their job based on a t-shirt. Based on this cryptic statement tweety by OSU Athletic Director Mike Holder, it’s a fate Gundy may have to deal with:

Even in today’s day and age, when athletes of all levels have more ability and power than ever to share their voice and opinion, it’s pretty rare to see players speak out against their coaches on social media. This makes you think this isn’t the first time Mike Gundy has done something to offend Chuba, Amen and other players on the roster. It also makes you wonder if Mike Gundy’s days at OSU are numbered, or if he even wants to be there. Once again, he could have a nice career as a right-wing pundit ahead of him.

UPDATE: Mike may have to wait until he’s fired for football field reasons to join OAN:



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83 Responses

  1. All of this because of a tee shirt. This political correctness is getting a little out of hand. When a player can dictate what shirt a coach wears, the player(s) need to go.

    1. Did you even bother reading the part where Coach Mullet fired a contractor for wearing an OU shirt? In addition, his program has been trending down, and if the slowpokes keep him on board, they will be stuck recruiting players whom even Kansas didn’t offer a scholarship.

      1. “Coach Mullet” didn’t fire a contractor for wearing an OU shirt…simply didn’t happen and anyone who believes that is an idiot…seriously…that’s the dumbest thing I’ve ever read in my 44 years. I’m an Oklahoma graduate, however enjoy seeing the school up N succeed as well. I want everyone and every organization to succeed as long as they are living up to standards that the man above would approve of and what’s crazy about that is none of us know what standards he approves of and doesn’t approve of. Why would you want the school up N to not be a success…why wouldn’t you not want all to be a success? Just curious, BobsUrUncle…

        1. Are you accusing the Oklahoman of printing fake news? Yes, you surely are!

          Low as its credibility is, I’ll think I’ll believe the Oklahoman before I believe you.

        2. So your saying that the only way OSU can be a continued success is by keeping Gundy on?
          OAN is Fox on steroids. Non stop propaganda. Great how people support liars as long as the lies match up with your own delusions.
          As far as Gundy and the OU tee shirt scandal you should be yelling at every major news outlet that covered it.

    2. At least the player owned up to his mistake and told the world he should of been a “man” and went about it in a private way…that’s a great start. Twitter and Cell Phone cameras are probably two of the best and worst inventions of all time…be careful before hitting send and if you see someone getting their ass kicked step in to stop it rather than filming it.

  2. Maybe he & Jim Gardner can score a gig with fellow knucklehead Mark Wayne Mullin if they keep their shirt-tails tucked in.

    1. Mullin and Mullet. Nice ring to it.

    2. Cool comment Petey+Wheatstraw…what a “gem”!!!!!

  3. Right-wingers gonna learn that their comfortable, racism lite ain’t gonna work any more. It’s time for the white privileged to join the human race, or vote Trump. A hint: If you love Jesus, he’s not on your side.

  4. I’ve never even hear of OAN before this, but a quick trip over to mediabiasfactcheck.com grades them the same score as CNN on the bias scale. Dumb move on Gundy’s part to not be able to check the political climate and stay out of it.

    Everyone has gone insane basically. Organizations are bowing to mobs of angry internet tweeters, armed hipsters are cosplaying insurgents occupying territory, the news networks are stating the dangers of allowing normal life to resume due to covid and the next segment cheering on crowds of thousands gathering. There is absolutely nothing that makes since right now. You more than likely have just as good of a chance getting actual news from AON than any other outlet now days I guess. Like I said they are rated extremely biased with mixed factual reporting, the exact same as CNN. That should give everyone pause right there.

    Looks like they have already met and everyone seems to have realized the overreaction to this. Cooler heads seem to have prevailed this time which is refreshing at this point in history. I mean it could be worse. They could have students and fans yelling the “N” word like they do in Norman.

    1. OAN did have the same score as CNN; however, there was additional language describing OAN which was not found in the description of CNN:
      “ Overall, we rate One America News Questionable based on far-right bias, lack of sourcing, promotion of conspiracy theories, and propaganda as well as numerous failed fact checks. OAN is not a credible news source.”
      Detailed Report

      Reasoning: Far Right Bias, Poor Sourcing, Conspiracy Theories, Propaganda, Failed Fact Checks

      1. Exactly. CNN is a famous international news organization and is on parr with an unknown right wing news network no one has heard of. CNN is OAN with better citing. That’s not something to brag about. I think it’s a main reason we are in this turmoil as a country. Is that the standard? You can support biased news only if it is biased toward a certain direction?

        Again, I think Gundy missed the mark wearing that shirt at this point of the unrest, but this inquisition to eliminate anyone that doesn’t support the party is very Orwellian in my opinion. We want a coach fired for thought crime but no one gave a shit when a coach down south kept a man on scholarship that used homophobic slurs and shattered a woman’s face.

        Seems we may have our priorities wrong when we care more about a t-shirt with a tv channel on it than coaches the condone players sending coeds to the OR for facial reconstruction surgery for the crime of telling him to stop making fun of her gay friend.

        1. They sure still proudly wear that sweatshop Nike gear, while proudly victory-tweeting from their latest iphones made in foxconn suicide-proof factories. Where does the rabbit hole stop?

          1. So wearing the “gear” the university has signed a contract with and is contractually obligated to and actually owning a mobile phone now makes these college kids evil?

            1. You have to be consistent in your virtue-signaling. Do the lives of those kids and people manufacturing this crap not matter? Let’s ask Kaepernick what he thinks about that…Hypocrites.

        2. It can get Orwellian if we become the thought police. But is this a good time for Gundy to be letting his freak flag fly? He isn’t an old man yelling at clouds. He’s a high-profile sometimes-respected leader of a squad that contains a significant number of black men whose lives matter.

          Gundy is entitled to his bizarre taste in media. He may even be auditioning for a job there. But wearing that shirt is a display of horrible judgement.

        3. OAN propaganda reaches far more people than a bar fight in Norman.

      2. That’s funny, that “additional language” is all the same things I’d say about CNN.

        1. Did they ever teach you the difference between actual “journalism” and opinion journalism?
          CNN is mostly journalism where as OAN and Fox are almost 100% opinion journalism.
          It’s night and day difference.

          1. The Commie Non-Option network would have no viewers if it was not blasted to unwilling people in airports continuously.

      3. It’s all the GOPers can say anymore. “They all do it.” Truth is only liars appreciate a great liar/con like the don con.

    2. “CNN typically utilizes loaded emotional words in sensational headlines such as this: Trump pounces on Justice Department report findings. They usually source their news properly through credible reporters/journalists and through hyperlinking to credible media sources. However, CNN has failed several fact checks from Politifact. It should be noted that these fact checks were almost exclusively from guests on their numerous talk shows and not from the reporting of actual news, which tends to be factual. TV hosts have also failed fact checks by IFCN fact-checkers. Further, CNN has retracted published stories that have been deemed as lacking evidence. Finally, CNN has published misleading information regarding GMOs that utilize loaded fear-based headlines such as this: FDA allows genetically engineered ‘Frankenfish’ salmon to be imported to US. CNN has also utilized known purveyors of pseudoscience as experts on discussion panels such as the Food Babe.”

      So, according to that site, CNN’s hard news stories tend to fine, their panels and talk shows tend to be their biggest sources of error.

      “Overall, we rate One America News Questionable based on far-right bias, lack of sourcing, promotion of conspiracy theories, and propaganda as well as numerous failed fact checks. OAN is not a credible news source.”

      Whereas OAN is not considered by them to be a credible news site at all.

      So, according this site, both sources are similarly biased, but on opposite ends of the spectrum. One has genuine value as a news site and the other doesn’t.

      I do like this site though, I’m gonna fave it.

  5. Anyone who would equate CNN–milquetoast to my taste–with OAN is barmy. The latter is a completely illegitimate news outlet, whereas the latter does uphold objectivity–factuality (need we sat truthfulness)–in reporting.

    Let the dogs howl.

    1. You said “the latter” both times. Don’t think that’s what you meant.

  6. Both dudes Canadian, go figure… Surprised Justin “Aladdin” Trudeau didn’t complete this trifecta outrage.

  7. OAN is Trump’s favorite source these days, because Fox News hasn’t been fawning over him quite so shamelessly of late. Do with that fact what you will.

    There is no such thing as a completely unbiased source of news. Just by choosing what stories to cover, bias creeps in. Comparing CNN to OAN is beyond dumb. I’m ok with bias if they tell the truth. OAN is little more than right-wing propaganda, I.e. fake news.

    Gundy is an idiot and an asshole. A college football coach going neck deep into divisive politics will piss off a big chunk of your fan base, whichever side you pick. Not to mention your black players who are likely sympathetic to BLM and not to OAN.

    Chuba will win this one.

    1. They both spread conspiracy theories and spin the news to push an agenda. A third party rating system grades them the same on the bias scale. That was my point. Should you be fired from your job for liking The conspiracy Theories of CNN? No. Why should it be different to like the biased news of OAN?

      Going on about Going in on divisive politics and complaining about how that makes you an asshole and it will “piss off half the fan base” is a funny argument. Correct me if I’m wrong, but that was the EXACT SAME THING THE RIGHT WING ASSHOLES SAID ABOUT KAEPERNICK!

      Can people be this ignorant and hypocritical without realizing it? I hope for our country’s future people like this know what they are doing when they say things like this. I really hope they don’t actually think they are making valid points when they hold such contradictory views. If they truly believe this then we are in trouble, if they know they are being dishonest and just don’t care I can at least respect that.

      I mean look what this Graychin acts like he believes. He thinks athletes and coaches should steer clear of divisive politics, while defending athletes that involve themselves in decisive politics. He thinks corona virus is to dangerous to open businesses while supporting protests that spread corona virus, he thinks bias news organizations are very bad while promoting bias news organizations, he thinks being fired for political stance is good while saying being fired for political stances is bad, he calls the rednecks protesting opening their businesses that cause no damage and harmed no one “violent” while calling the current protest that have caused over 25 deaths and millions of property damage “mostly peaceful”.

      We either live in a world of complete brain dead partisans who have absolutely lost the ability to critically think, or we just have tons of people that have decided the ends justify the means to further their ideology. I hope it’s the latter. I could at least respect that.

      1. I agree with some of your points, while I disagree with others. The fact that ALL of your arguments are logical and well-reasoned tells me one thing: You won’t do well on this site. Reading comprehension, following logic, and thinking before responding are not attributes of this site’s readership.

        Good luck. God be with you.

        1. Yep – wrong site for civil and logical discourse but I enjoyed reading your comments.
          I like to come here, make some popcorn, and watch the circus. Sometimes it is entertaining.

      2. I didn’t say a lot of the things Sam said I said, and don’t think a lot of the things that Sam says I think.

        So Austin is right in a way – but not in the way that he believes.

        1. What? Of corse you believe those things. Now I don’t think anyone could actually believe those things, but you say them. Prove one wrong. Is Gundy an asshole for being politically decisive and alienating half the fans and Kaepernicke is to? Or should both not be bothered about quietly promoting their views? You can chose one over the other without some major mental gymnastics. No? Can’t do it? Well I think both are well within their rights to do what they did. It’s a shame Kapernick was black balled for his, but the NFL recognized their mistake today. Do the lesson get lost on you?

          Next one. Is it to dangerous for businesses to be open due to corona is it not that big of deal? Because if it is to dangerous I’m sure it’s not any less dangerous to have tens of thousands of people within inches of each other, no? Because I’m sure you are suggesting that it’s important to keep everything in lockdown because of the dangers while thinking these protest aren’t causing massive spreading without purposefully ignoring the part of your brain that processes logical thoughts. But hey, I’m no expert. I would take my warnings from experts on the matter. Either we need to continue to all lock down because of the danger or we don’t. I’m open to either. But if you think it’s rational to continue lockdowns or closers while protest continue you are kidding yourself. If the protestors can risk their lives and the lives of everyone else to protest for their cause (and more power to them) then it’s not going to matter of Karen goes and gets her mom haircut. Same with the anti lockdown protest Where they “endangering millions of lives” or “killing Papa for the EConOmY” who should be shut down and arrested? If so, are the current protest doing the same? Should they be shut down? Arrested? My opinion is the first amendment isn’t selectively applied based on what you are talking about. Either we suspend protest gatherings (as some states did) for all, or everyone gets to exercise their rights. It doesn’t matter if one group is protesting something as stupid as bringing back the McRib and the other is protesting something as noble as ending oppression in Hong Kong, you can’t parcel out constitutional rights based on you agreeing with the people they apply to. That’s not how any of this works. But I’m guessing it will be impossible for you to come out and admit.

          While you’re coming to grips on you hypocrisy, go on and tell us how dangerous far right militias and hillbillies are a threat to are democracy who’s armed fake militias will rise up when trump loses in a fit of rage and fed by conspiracy theories stated by OAN news. Yes. Tell us about these future dangers of extremist groups. All while at this very moment armed left wing groups are pretending to take territorial gains, set up liberated zones as an occupying force while groups all over the country destroy statues of Thomas Jefferson. I know the hipsters eating vegan meat substitutes and ordering takeout to be delivered to their zone seem funny and harmless. But the fact they all look like michael cera doesn’t mean they aren’t pretending to be an occupying force. But imagine if it wasn’t Byron and Braden? What if it was Cooter and Jimbo claiming land as independent from the country by force? What would we say then?

          I know it’s impossible for you right now to be able to come out and actually agree that you have been a massive hypocrite. It’s not you. there are plenty just like you on the right and the left. Watch so much CNN and OAN and read so many 4chan and blue check twitter threads, neither extreme can see past orange man racist and Obama is Kenyan. You guys have so much in common.

          1. Right wing hillbillies who take land by force and claim it as their own? Like Ammon Bundy who is a cult hero to the anti-government crowd?

            As far as the difference between Gundy and Kap, there are marked differences. For one, what each is standing (or kneeling) for does matter. Sure, everyone has the same 1st Amendment right speak out on whatever subject they choose–that’s not really the issue. But just as anyone can speak out on a topic, so can those who agree/disagree with such a stance. The constitution doesn’t protect you from backlash for espousing unpopular or assholish ideas. Kaepernick was protesting a noble cause; Gundy was just being his usual clueless, arrogant self. He was not protesting injustice or making any stand for free speech or even conservative causes. He was wearing a shirt of an outlet that promotes racist conspiracy theories and Russian propaganda (I think that based upon players and former players’ reactions, that there is way more to this story than just his shirt). That’s not mental gymnastics at all. It is easy to see the difference. If you choose not to see the differences, it’s only because ideology has you blinded. Second, Kaepernick is not paid over $5 million a year by the State of Oklahoma to be the leader of its (predominantly black) football team and the de facto face of the state university. Gundy is the highest paid and most visible employee of OSU–being such requires him to purport himself in a certain way. The university cannot afford to have bad press or appear to be racist or intolerant (or in other words, piss off half the fan base). Part of Gundy’s contract insists that he not bring ill repute to the university. His conduct often borderlines on it and for no good reason except that he’s an arrogant asshole.

            Now, you make think you’re a pseudo-intellectual because you write long-winded diatribes on the Lost Ogle, but remember the point of this website. It’s for making fun of people and Gundy is always a good target.

            1. Yes! Exactly like Ammon Bundy! Thank you!

              I am making fun of people. People like you. Now if you’ll excuse me I have work mandated tweets about how the huge spike in coronavirus cases is caused by people going to get their nails done and not due to the thousands of people gathering together to post. Wouldn’t want to be fired!

      3. I watch CNN & so am curious what conspiracy theories they spread?

        1. How about “Russian Collusion” as an appetizer?

          1. Hmm. So why was the report full of redacted statements? There is definitely something in there that Trump & Bar don’t want the world to see.

            Also that is only one “Conspiracy.” What are the rest?

            1. Dog Gamn it, mom! I thought you’d know how to use Google by now…

              Just some examples of their Trump admin “coverage”:


              How about that Covington school kid that was demonized by every single liberal-leaning media outlet (including cnn)? Thank Dog he got rich off these idiots:

              Shifty Schiff with his “damning” evidence of collusion fueling CNN’s delusions:



              that’s just from less than 5 mins of “research”.

      4. You have provided the most accurate description of the lunacy that is graychin.
        I fear that he truly believes what he says. And tries so very hard to prove it to the point of absurdity.
        I used to think he was Patrick in disguise and performed as a tool to jump-start the commentary and generate views but sadly I think he’s a very real, very confused lonely person. This forum is his primary means of social interaction.

        1. You complain a lot about the discussions here lacking tolerance, logic, etc. Then you spend a whole comment attacking me personally, rather than my ideas to which you object?

          Personal attacks usually appear when someone has no counter-arguments to things he doesn’t like to hear.

          1. Graychin’s second paragraph is how he normally ends his debates with me.

            1. Because personal attacks are your usual fallback position.

            2. just having fun at your expense, old sport. flush that coolant more often so those gaskets don’t blow.

          2. What else can they do when they aren’t capable of researching anything that requires more than one paragraph?
            To these clowns Civics is what they take after a 30 pack of Keystone Light.
            Only true idiots like these two will vote against their own best interests. Propaganda, it works.

        2. I’m guessing you must love donald which means you associate with and agree with a proven habitual liar and con artist. You yourself have 0 credibility. 0.
          Using Fox or OAN to prove any point is a joke. Why don’t you try a comic book for your quotes.
          Propaganda, it works, and the cultists vix and option a are proving my point daily.
          The majority of the folks in this room blow more intelligence out their nose in the morning than these two cultists exhibit.

          1. The only thing you blow is what real men have in between their legs.

      5. Your entire assumption is flawed. You don’t know the difference between actual journalism and Opinion journalism

  8. Some of you are missing the point. It wasn’t a t-shirt issue. It is a mindset issue. Gundy is okay with the way the ‘news’ station is run, the BS they ‘report’ and the station is praised by the racist in the white house. The network is clearly biased against people of color and the people of color don’t appreciate they guy they play, played for being a proponent of the network.

    So Gundy says, “I look forward to change!” He has one conversation with a few of his players and all of the sudden he’s seen the light. Talk about BS.

    1. I like how you can tell someone’s “mindset” by a shirt they wear to a fishing trip… Chuba, that you?

      1. We’ll keep this in mind when you wear a random “Fruck the police” tee shirt.

        1. I’ll wear that shirt only if you are an ex-cop, sweetheart xoxo

          P.s. You have to be a graychin to equate some obscure news outlet acronym on a t-shirt to a phrase that has quite some history behind it. Don’t ever go full graychin.

          1. Vix it’s fun having fun at your expense. Too bad you don’t know much about politics, history, or the United States or it wouldn’t be so boring. An actual debate could take place.

            1. You can’t even make a coherent sentence, but already want to take on undefeated champion of this blog’s comment section? Bitch, please. Earn your keep first.

      2. So Vix, you wear a DNC shirt out in public all the time? Moron.

        1. I’m glad the short-bus brigade finally arrived… It’s gonna be another long day in special ed class.

  9. He’s a shitty coach too, for all those who think being a tone deaf plantation boss is no enough for a firing

    1. There is that 2-13 thing against OU.

  10. Mike Gundy gets paid $5 million dollars to run a Division I football club. To get the talent he needs he has to spend a lot of time in a lot of African American living rooms convincing the parents they’re sending their son to a respected institution where they have the opportunity to receive a first class education and maybe a shot at an NFL career. He has lots of competition for those young men. I’m not African American but somehow I think Mom and Dad might have misgivings about sending their kid to a school with a head coach who dresses like a welder, acts like he’s on meth and has a deep admiration for a poorly run Fox wannabe news station that thinks Black Lives Don’t Matter.

    1. We’ll just have to wait until CHAZ gets a football team going, so mom and dad can sleep tight. They’re trying to figure out how to grow food in their garden of peace as we speak. Can you order them some pizza in the meantime?

      1. Nothing more hilarious than some moron who by association with don the con believes some of donald’s so called orange gut intelligence might rub off.
        No, Vix, your an obvious donald voter. You prove it every single time you put anything in print for all to see.
        Vix is one reason why money from Blue States has to continually be pumped to the Red States. Welfare queens who think donald cares about them!

  11. It’s not like he got the shirt from the lost and found bin, he said before he liked OAN because they reported the news “without commentary,” when their handling of the news is more or less the right wing version of the Daily Kos or Young Turks. The questions they ask and the news they report is, in itself, a commentary just by the nature of what they choose not to do.

    That said, I don’t really judge people based solely on their preferred news outlets (we should all try to get news from a variety of different outlets to minimize the inherent bias). What I will say is that he’s a coach at a major institution, and part of that really does mean being hyper-vigilant about how what he says and does (and yes, wears) comes across. He is the face of OSU, and fair or not, he is the representative of the university to the country at a large. When you’re recruiting, especially young black men, little things like that matter. These players being recruited to Division 1 schools have a lot of options, they don’t really have to have a sit down with Mike Gundy to really see if his mindset matches his news outlet’s when they can go with a more self-aware coach who doesn’t potentially wear his politics on his sleeve (or his chest, in this case).

    1. I can agree with most of this, minus the automatic assumption that being black equals being on the left/a democrat. Yes, black people are generally leaning that way, but when you equate the color of their skin with a political ideology, how is that better than any other form or racism/prejudice?

      I can give senile Joe a pass on his “you ain’t black if you don’t know who you support” – he’s, after all, had questionable legislative records and multiple prior gaffes (Freudian slips) that show who he truly is. His “dog whistles” aren’t loud enough for a lot of people who call Trump a racist, yet can’t reference anything of substance that would back that view up with facts and show how much worse the black population has it today under his administration (record low unemployment, multiple acts and reforms passed, etc.).

      1. As long as 95% of black people who vote continue to vote for Democrats, I think that K’s generalization is appropriate.

        It’s not quite as extreme as the generalization that Oklahomans are pro-Trump right-wingers, but it’s the same sort of thing.

        1. Here we go with that 95% figure again. Which hole did you pull it out of this time?

      2. You can be black and be a conservative, or anarchist, or green, or libertarian, or moderate, or, hell, maybe even a neo-nazi somehow, that’s not really relevant.

        The relevance is that the current climate is a dispute over systemic racism, which largely affects minorities, largely in impoverished areas. As a football coach, you’re going to be in a lot of homes recruiting those kids, some of whom have probably experienced or known people who have experienced that type of racism. You don’t really want to associate yourself with outlets that attempt to delegitimize those protests because it’s going to bias those kids against you.

        You don’t see football coaches at that level take on politics for a reason, and that’s it. It can hinder their ability to perform their job, and unlike, say, violations for improper benefits, you’re less likely to be given another shot if you failed because recruits don’t want to play with you due to your perceived leanings on social topics that greatly affect them.

        1. You weaseled out of that nicely. Have you ever been in the hood and actually spoke to people that live there to gauge their opinions on things and what’s holding them down? Why do white liberals always know what’s best for minorities? The “poor kids” in question are both Canadians (ok, one of them lived in Texas before), and for some reason I don’t believe they’ve experienced anything what a kid in a hood goes thru. Looks like Chubs had a family unit, so he was already miles ahead. Can you call him privileged?

          “He admits that his mother, Candace, took it easy on him growing up, but his two brothers dished out some tough love when he needed it.

          “They got me ready for the real world,” he says. “I wasn’t allowed to cry over the little things.”

          When they weren’t around to look out for him, he says, his sister kept him out of trouble.”

          Looks like we might need to call his sister in, as he’s crying over a t-shirt his coach happened to wear on a weekend fishing trip…


          1. I’m not “weasling out” of anything, I’m talking about the protests and the current political climate and how they relate to each other. Whether Chubba has been negatively affected by that personally doesn’t mean he can’t identify with the cause.

            Also, I’m not white.

            1. My fault for making that assumption.

            2. I also am not really a liberal, in that I don’t buy into the full democratic party platform. I’m socially liberal but I more consider myself a pragmatic conservative fiscally (I think we should learn from what works, but that government should be as small as it needs to be to perform it’s function and no bigger).

          2. Vix do you actually have a formal education? I know you learned to type and spell but beyond that it’s not really clear.

      3. Vix do you understand the impact of 3 TRILLION dollars of our tax dollars and at least another 5 trillion dollars dumped into the economy by the FED will get a few folks hired. Are we winning at 13% unemployment yet?
        You are one who whines of socialism when the “helicopter” cash is being dropped and has been dropped for almost 4 years.
        Obama and Biden brought 8 years of relative economic and political stability. If you owned a business you’d know that.
        If you can count past 10 try adding up the indictments and convictions in the Don Con administration and I know you can count them up in Obama and Bidens Administration because with all your whining and crying like the little bitches GOPers are and your endless investigations you produced what? 0. There’s a fact you can take to the bank. That’s if you actually use a bank.
        It’s so fun having fun at your expense Vix.

        1. Do tell how many trillions Obama added during his tenure. If you were an actual business owner during Obama’s tenure, you’d be singing a different song. When’s that short-bus picking you up today, btw?

  12. Is it a crime to be conservative now?

    1. Not a crime, of course.

      But how tolerant is your workplace of you littering your work area with Trump regalia? Especially if you are visible to the public.

    2. What is conservative now?

    3. Define conservative? Dwight D. Eisenhower or don the con? Don the con is not a conservative. He’s a lying con artist. Always has been and always will be.

  13. Gundy has always been a Mr. Macho Man, arrogant prick, so it’s no surprise he’d be a supporter of our tough guy President … also not surprising he thinks OAN is unbiased and tells the truth, which means it aligns with his personal viewpoint … what’s funny is that he apparently quickly realized, “Oh sh*t, my best player is actually not a dumb jock and realizes what I stand for and oh sh*t, he’s being backed by current and former players and oh sh*t, my school president and athletic director recognized my extremely poor judgement. I guess I’m not untouchable so I had better apologize quickly because I may actually get fired because we may have a really good team this year.”

    1. Ironically enough, Chubs was the only one apologizing in that video. Apparently, Gundy gave him his signature “what men do in such situations” talk. He’s a quick learner.

      1. Chubba probably realized that he had more to lose by sitting out a year, because if he has a repeat performance he’s a potential good draft pick, whereas OSU is not likely to fire Gundy unless a lot of new stuff comes out of the locker room.

  14. Gundy is the epitome of someone who has had a large amount of success/fortune/fame from being an athlete/coach and now believes because of that success, he is now qualified to be an expert on everything. Happens to a lot of people who start making money and equate that with now being in the know on everything. Of course Gundy should be worshiped and every idea he spouts should be adhered to…………because in his work that’s what happens everyday from players, coaches, staffers and the almighty can’t wait to sniff a jock fans.

    Gundy should be able to wear what he wants, say what he wants, but only if he’s willing to reap the results of those actions, you know like being a “MAN”.

    If he wasn’t a former D-1 player and current D-1 coach in a major conference, he’d just be the guy everyone argued with at the local bar on Friday nights.

  15. The one thing I remember reading about OAN is Rudy Giuliani being associated with it doing investigations – enough said… I won’t torture my eyes with OAN.

    I wonder if Gundy ordered the T-shirt?

    Don’t watch CNN. Anyone watch “Newsy”?

  16. Wear whatever shirt your want, but understand that actions have consequences. Our state is majority racist bigot. Didn’t the Switzer compound host Trump a few years ago? Why is anyone surprised that a lot of coaches see their players as chattel? The reality is that grown adults trying to relive their glory days by drinking in a parking lot of college games and wearing children’s jerseys don’t care either way.

  17. Gundy shouldn’t worry. He’s good to go till assisted living time with HVAC, car dealer, plumbing, roofing, men are u over 50 & tired and hair plug commercials for Oklahoma Sinclair stations.

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