Winners and Losers from Trump’s Not-So-Big Tulsa Rally

This past Saturday, the nation briefly focused its eyes on Tulsa, Oklahoma, as hundreds of thousands of sane people stayed home to watch approximately 6,500 brainwashed rubes gather at the BOK Center to see their deranged orange cult leader – President Donald Trump – insult his opponents, complain about Coronavirus testing, and mansplain why he can no longer walk down a ramp unassisted.

To say the event was anti-climatic and over-hyped would be a colossal understatement. Although 6,500 people gathering in an arena during a pandemic to listen to a celebrity politician rant is still impressive, the event was billed by Trump, twitter bots and the media as some sort of WWE Raw meets Contagion meets V for Vendetta meets Woodstock monster truck rally, and thankfully failed to live up to that hype.

Anyway, I monitored and shared real-time thoughts on the rally on Twitter, but also thought it would be fun to recap some winners and losers for the mothership. Here we go…

Winner: James Lankford

Haha! Look at Dorkus wearing a facemask! What a loser pansy!

Actually, I’m kidding. Back in April, social media gave James Lankford a hard time for buying essential flowers during a pandemic while not wearing a facemask, so let’s give him an attaboy for wearing a facemask at what equated to a cult rally for people who don’t treat the pandemic seriously. Sure, Lankford still may still have some frustratingly archaic views, and should never be forgiven for bending the knee to Trump, but wearing a mask in that building took almost as much courage as simply doing the right thing and not attending.

Loser: Jim Inhofe

Jim Inhofe was officially endorsed by Donald Trump at the rally. Although Trump’s endorsement may seem like a good thing in Oklahoma, I doubt it will move the needle in any direction for Senator Senile. It would be like cake endorsing ice cream. Plus, it will probably hurt Inhofe’s legacy in 75 years when they’re renaming monuments and removing statues of Trump supporters.

Loser: G.T. Bynum

Tulsa mayor G.T. Bynum is similar to OKC mayor David Holt  – a.k.a. Mayor McSelfie – in the same way the Lacey Swope is similar to Emily Sutton. Or something like that.

Just like Mayor McSelfie, G.T. Bynum is affable and accessible on social media, has modern views on some social issues, and probably wears sneakers when he dons a suit. He also does a good job hiding that, at his core, he’s a GOP loyalist who follows a conservative ideology, and when put on the spot, will likely choose to do what’s right for his party and its elites over what’s right for his constituents.

Unfortunately, that last part was a bit hard for G.T. to hide when he signed off on an event that organizers claimed would bring up to 100,000 people to Tulsa as it deals with a rapid spike in Coronavirus cases. He could have tried to block the event out of safety and protection for his city’s residents, but instead rolled over and showed his belly when Stitt, Inhofe and the Trump campaign came calling.

Winner: Jack Graham

While G.T. was failing to pull off his balancing act, one of his aides quit:

I don’t know who Jack Graham is, but that’s a badass way to quit your job. I wonder if he also left a mean note on Glass Door?

Loser: Tulsa PD

After being blamed by Trump’s campaign manager for having too strong of a presence outside the arena, the Tulsa PD thanked Tulsa, and talked shit on the media, for the lack of violent protests:

Yeah, outside of the President of the United States ignoring the advice of health experts and planning a massive rally in Tulsa during a global pandemic the day after Juneteeth, there was nothing controversial to report. Well, outside of the Tulsa PD arresting a peaceful protestor at the request of the Trump campaign. It kind of makes you wonder which group was truly bored by the lack of controversy.

Winner: Sleepy OK National Guard Troops

One weekend a month, two weeks a year, and a few minutes of shut-eye doesn’t sound like a bad gig!

Winner: Oklahoma Earthquakes

They’re baaaack! Oklahoma’s man-made earthquakes made a triumphant return with a 4.5 rattler striking near Perry on Saturday night. It was strong enough to be felt in both Tulsa and my living room in NW OKC. It was a reminder that the Coronavirus isn’t the only invisible man-made threat stalking our state.

Loser: Harold Hamm

According to sources, Continental Resources CEO Harold Hamm scheduled the earthquake to strike at 7:30 p.m. CST to show Trump the power and might of American energy independence, but one of his wastewater injection wells got clogged and the earthquake got pushed back nearly three hours. Mr. Hamm should have someone with OU investigate immediately!

Winner: Coronavirus

Sure, the event underwhelmed. Yes, hundreds of thousands of people didn’t converge on Tulsa and ignite a race war. That being said, getting 6,500 hundred people in a room to breathe, sneeze, and yawn on each other was great for the Coronavirus:

Seriously, thanks to this event the Coronavirus will now spread even easier throughout the community, get more people sick and possibly kill some folks, too. Way to go, Coronavirus! You’re a winner!

Loser: Donald Trump

Hopefully, I’ll be able to call him a loser in November, too.

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60 Responses

  1. Only 993,800 no shows! Heads will roll!

  2. I’ll bet Stitt yawns like that when he’s in church.

    Bynum had his ass handed to him by the bigger boys making all the decisions – he made a lot of hay about the spread of the virus being the fault of the people of Tulsa and he’s seen a lot of people not wearing mask & social distancing or being responsible blah blah so it’s not the fault of government & rules & such. He could have put his foot down on all this shit and would have had a lot of support, but hell no.

    I do think though with everything considered, we were better off during the past few years having Bynum handling last year’s flood, and even the early stages of the stay at home plan, than we would have been with former mayor Dewey Jr. At least we’re finally getting sidewalks and some street lights are back on…

  3. In the future, Trump will claim to have had a packed arena in Tulsa on Saturday night and blame the fake news media for claiming otherwise

  4. i think the administration’s hypocrisy has hit an all time low now that have had someone removed for obstruction.

  5. Fact is there were probably so many empty seats from a combination of seats being reserved by trolls and Coronavirus keeping people away. Until November there’s no way of saying if his support has genuinely slipped, because his followers really haven’t seemed to care about a lot of the controversies surrounding him.

    1. There were no limits to tickets. If there were, there wouldn’t have been nearly a million claimed. The fact is, no one really wants to see the Mango Mussolini

      1. But with so many tickets reserved, it’s also possible that people were scared off by the notion of being around a hundred thousand other people, especially in the middle of a pandemic.

        While you may take it as a sign that no one wants to see Trump, I really don’t think his popularity has waned to being a fraction of what it was 4 years ago. I may be wrong, but I still think he’s got plenty enough supporters, especially in Oklahoma, to fill the BOK center many times over in better circumstances.

        1. I’d also like to say that the belief that he has no support is likely why the Democrats ran a terrible campaign in 2016. Trump was not viewed as a serious candidate, even after he won the primary, and Hilary honestly ran a very anemic campaign because of it. There’s a risk in assuming that there’s no support for the other side.

    2. it was first come first serve at the rally

      1. Had to register online, mainly to get data. Then general admission from the registration. Course they were so desperate around 6 they’d let anyone in

        1. As long as they weren’t wearing an “I can’t breath” t-shirt.

        2. Rumor was they were trying to give away tickets to protesters just to get some fights started and some Aks blazing.

    3. Trump’s campaign staff said the TikTok influence was nil.
      “Trump campaign claims they had “legitimate 300,000″ sign-ups for rally, denies TikTok influence”

  6. 7.7m viewers on fox alone, which translates to roughly 1/3 of this year’s oscars lmao

    “Hopefully, I’ll be able to call him a loser in November, too.”

    Don’t get your hopes up.

    1. I think you’re actually Janet Barresi.

  7. You know Stitt heard it from Trump. I’ll bet he is on the Trump shit list now

  8. I am here in Tulsa, and am appalled at the parts of the rally this post covers, leaving out the most important issue-Where are the 5,900 potential attendees, who the trump campaign say went through metal detectors, which added to the Fire Marshals’ count of 6,100 inside the arena would make up the 12,000 the trump campaign said the attendance figure was? Which means (1) The campaign is lying, or, more likely (2) 5,900 able-bodied citizens disappeared without a trace, somewhere between the metal detectors and the front door of the BOK Center. And, to deepen the mystery, this is Monday, and THERE HAVE BEEN NO MISSING PERSONS REPORTS FILED on behalf of the 5,900 Vanished. Coincidence? I don’t think so…

    1. They didn’t vanish. They thought they were supposed to rally at Rock Ridge.

  9. all well said

    1. Thank you.

  10. Bynum also had to walk back some dumb stuff that he said recently on national TV about Betty Shelby’s shooting and killing of Terence Crutcher. With the Trump rally, Bynum has been re-proving the old truism that when you try to please everyone, you wind up pleasing no one.

    But Bynum is still a far sight better than Tulsa’s previous Republican mayor, Dewey Bartlett Jr. That guy had the IQ of a tree stump and a horribly abrasive personality to go with it. I’m so glad he lost the election to Bynum.

    Did you see Trump hugging 85-year-old Inhofe during the rally? No social distancing for them! At least they didn’t kiss, or I don’t think they did. You may recall that several years ago Inhofe ignored health warnings about toxic algae blooming in Grand Lake, and went swimming in a shallow pool of the stuff anyway. And got sick from it. No mask for Inhofe on Saturday, of course.

    I watched the Tulsa cops on TV arresting that little old lady. They were doing their jobs gently and professionally. What pissed me off was that Trump’s staff had deemed her to be unwelcome and trespassing because she was wearing an “I can’t breathe” t-shirt – and for no other reason. Why would that message from a little old lady be unwelcome in the presence of the Dear Leader and his minions? What’s up with that?

    But that was a small and crappy post from Chief Franklin.

    Good for Jack Graham!

    Six thousand is still a lot of people unmasked indoors together during a pandemic. I bet that lots of rally attendees also crowded themselves unmasked into Evangelical church services the next morning. Let’s hope that in two weeks we haven’t seen an explosion of virus infections in the Tulsa area. I am not optimistic.

    1. Trump only kisses reflections of himself in a mirror.

      See Narcissistic Personality Disorder (NPD).

  11. The real loser? Kendra Horn. Had Holt worked a little bit harder the Trump Circus would have set up it’s Three Ring Shitshow at the Chesapeake Arena. Imagine how much easier her reelection would be with 5-6,000 thousand Trump MAGA Morons infected with the covid and spreading it to the rest of the 5th District GOPers.

    1. This circus was fully meant to be held in Tulsa and not OKC. Trump had probably never heard of Juneteenth prior to whichever white supremacist (Jared?) on his team proposed the idea to hold a rally in a city that had experienced a race massacre 99 years prior. This rally was meant to keep division in the nation and once someone planted the idea in his ear he eagerly wanted to double down on this. Fortunately there’s a big awakening happening in the country and he had to call his bluff and move the date to Saturday. Another small factor of why it was held in Tulsa is because our governor is from there and this would give some of his pals a bit of revenue in their pockets.

  12. I am happy to see James Lankford wearing a mask. I called his office on Friday and told his staff I am in his district and I WANT him to set an example by wearing a mask. She said they were all urging him to wear one.

    There were no disappearing people. Only 6200 people attended. And if you noticed (if you watched), when he was going on about no more testing because it creates positive numbers, there were looks of confusions on his cult member’s faces. If Ivanka cares anything for her Dad, she should urge him to just stop campaigning and wait for the November election. He needs to retire — maybe to a home that has a gold course.

    1. Senators to the U. S. Congress don’t have districts because they represent the whole state.
      Members of the U.S House of Representatives have districts.

      Oklahoma State Senators do have districts as do Oklahoma State House Representatives.

    2. “…when he was going on about no more testing because it creates positive numbers…”

      It was a joke, but being a blonde I can see how you’d miss that one… Any other things he said I need to explain to you?

      1. Trump now says that it wasn’t a joke, and that he doesn’t joke.

        1. 3D Chess Grandmaster hath spoken.

          1. Trump very clearly has dementia.

            1. Joe Biden: “hold my beer and watch me try to make a coherent sentence.”

      2. lumpy hannity’s whispering in poor vix’s head again. Odd that today don the con flat out said he was serious as vix’s cult issues.
        Amazing cultists just don’t realize how totally stupid their friends at Fox News make them look on a daily basis.

        1. I need to have a word with your short-bus driver. I’d like for you to be on-time in these threads from now on, so you can get your ass handed to you in real-time.

    3. If you want to see donald’s future check out JT Walsh playing “Cole” in the move “The Grifters.”
      The pressure of the long con drove him insane.
      Any good con knows when it’s time to blow out of town with the cash.
      Seems with Trump U. as the example donald is on a real losing streak as far as getting out with the cash. Greed is keeping him around too long then the roof caves in again.

  13. AND …..

    The REAL losers are our elected officials who allowed this DEADLY CARNIVAL to come to town. They were NOT protecting Oklahomans, only protecting their own political careers. Next election we need to remember they played a part in more positives cases in Oklahoma, making more people ill and dying. Never forget.

    1. They were NOT protecting Oklahomans, only protecting their own political careers …Imagine That !

  14. Trumps ” best and brightest” were trolled by Tik-Tok and K-pop Stans (I had to look it up). That illustrates the level of competence running the country.

  15. Jack Graham a winner, huh?
    Whatever he won for submitting his resignation, he lost for posting said resignation on social media.

  16. Anybody ask the question: how much money did this show cost the taxpayers of Oklahoma and the people of Tulsa?

  17. Yay I’m a winner! I hope my prize is a job

    1. Only with an employer who values integrity.

  18. Watching Trump getting back from Tulsa, Maga hat in hand, I don’t think he has the same feeling you do about it.

  19. If they were planning on attending a massive rally, they’re not likely to be afraid of Covid in the first place, and if they are afraid of a few protesters when Tulsa PD and the National Guard are there, they’re pretty fragile individuals.

  20. Hell to pay? That sounds ominous, like a threat of some kind.

    If it’s not a threat, what the heck are you talking about?

  21. ViX –


    ‘I don’t kid’: Trump says he wasn’t joking about slowing coronavirus testing
    Administration officials have scrambled in recent days to clean up the president’s remarks from his weekend rally in Oklahoma.

    Anything else I can help you with, ViX?

    1. All caps? You really mean business now! Other than leaving mindless comments, what other services do you offer? (Asking for a friend)

    2. ViX is gracious when he’s shown to be wrong, isn’t he?

      But that’s the risk that one runs when swallowing the Party Line, hook line and sinker. 🦈

      1. The master of swallowing hath spoken.

        1. You must prefer the face shot as it happens to you every single time you enter the room Mr. vix.

          1. Face shot is what you get every time you try to rattle the beast. Skeet-skeet-skeet, mothafucka!

            1. Now settle down, Janet. Get back to your bean countin’.

            2. If I hand you a doll, will you show me where she touched you?

    3. Trump’s trolling the left on the daily, unless Fauci is lying to Congress now: “The government’s top infectious disease expert told a House hearing Tuesday that he and other health officials have not been told to slow coronavirus testing, just hours after President Donald Trump again suggested he had asked for fewer tests.”
      You guys are too predictable.

      1. So was trump lying then or is he lying now? It’s hard to keep track.

        1. Whatever he did, it worked beautifully.

          1. “Beautifully” Vix learned that big word from donald or donald jr II. Impressive.
            vix has never offered an explanation of one of his comments, ever.
            How did it work beautifully vix? Explain to non cult members.

            1. I am not your personal special ed teacher. *honk honk* the short bus is ready to take you home now.

      2. Does defunding slow down tests? And vix you’re predictable as well. Predictably stupid and wrong on every comment in following with the narrative that Fox viewers know less than people who simply guess at current events.
        I certainly hope vix was in the military and gave his entire GI Bill college loans to don the con at trump university where don conned over 30 million $ from our Veterans.
        Real class. That type class appeals to vix.
        donald had to pay back the stolen money or not get inaugurated.
        Dregs worship fellow dregs.

  22. Interesting listing to people who most likely need Obamacare, Social Security, and probably Medicaid kneel at the alter of the con don. I’d bet this cry baby will be whining about ANTIFA soon even though he has no clue what it even means. He prefers Nazis and all forms of Fascists over Democracy. Be horrified there mr. douche. When the ANTIFA folks finish with your Fascist mind set you can get back to fighting those damn people who favor Democracy! What a Patriot you are.
    They dream at night of his re election when the don con has stated repeatedly he will go after SS, Medicare, and Medicaid in his next term.
    Only the power of propaganda can convince people who can’t help it to vote massively against their own best interests. Truly sick watching these people blather lumpy quotes as if it actually means a single thing. The Nation’s in trouble when a washed up used car salesman can line up followers on the moron express at will. News flash for all you Reagan worshipers: The “Dumbing Down” process has worked to a T.

  23. It’s sad that the GOP right wing-nutz of our state make us all look like Jokelahoman’s to the rest of the country. Congresswoman Kendra Horn is our only federal politician we can be proud of, and yet the phony evangelical right-wingdingers are DESPERATE to remove her, even though it will be in another generation before the slimy repugs will ever come close to taking back control of the House….hahahaha

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