The Oklahoma Gazette Is Sorry It’s Bi-Curious…

Back when the pandemic hit, The Oklahoma Gazette quietly announced it was taking some time off to not lose money, hash out some operations stuff, and, apparently, explore its identity and sexuality.

Well, at least I think that’s what happened. Earlier today, the once-proud paper announced it’s transitioning from a heterosexual alt-weekly newspaper to a bi-weekly, bisexual publication:

Yep, the once-influential OKC news source that virtually disappeared during arguably the second-largest news event of the century – thanks for that, by the way – is coming back. Edgar Cruz better get to work on his new ad fast!

Unfortunately for The Gazette, the crowd that gets mad at hot dog stands for telling stupid jokes got mad about this stupid joke as well. As a result, The Gazette deleted the ad and issued this apology:

In other news, we have learned that OKC Talk has also shelved its new 2020 slogan – “OKC Talk! We’re Gay For OKC!”

I guess the question here is should The Gazette apologize? I don’t know. The answer to that probably depends on where you fall on the “I’m Offended” scale. I didn’t think it was offensive or funny. To me, it was just lazy writing – something I know well.

Then again, I can see how it could offend a few people in the LGBTQI+ community, who then use social media to amplify and broadcast their outrage, making it feel as if an entire army is against you. Once again, something I know well.

Anyway, while you debate that, I’m going to slowly exit stage left and dust off my stock apology template that any male who thought he was funny on the Internet between 1998 – 2018 should probably have handy. Also, there’s a whole lot more I’d like to write about The Gazette drama over the past couple of years, but I got a bit caught up in it and should refrain and — instead — count my blessings that I didn’t get more involved.

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27 Responses

  1. Well… the writing was on the rag.

  2. Who they’re REALLY afraid to piss off are the weed shops.

  3. It was a cute joke. Everything is offensive these days, apparently, which takes proper light from things that are truly harmful.

  4. I’m unfamiliar with the Gazette. But seeing the ad here for the first time, I thought it was memorable, clever and yes, mildly funny. A bit of silly double-entendre. Nothing wrong with being bi-curious, if that’s what you’re into. Apparently the Gazette is left-leaning and usually LBGTQ+ friendly.

    But I see how the ad might be deemed offensive by some in the LBGTQ+ community. It’s a tough line to walk. No one ought to care if homophobes were offended. They are probably offended by everything in an alt-(bi)weekly.

    Alt-(bi)weeklies fill a needed niche, particularly in cities with traditional media dominated by the likes of the Oklahoman and the never-missing Ogles. I hope that everyone will give the Gazette a pass on this stumble.

    1. Incredible that you’ve never seen the Gazette – it’s been published pretty much weekly for 40 years and available at hundreds of locations…

      1. I live about 20 miles from the Arkansas border. How many of those hundreds of locations are this far east?

        1. Nevermind then, it’s pretty much only distributed in OKC, thought you lived in/around OKC for some reason.

  5. I’m disappointed in you Patrick. My slightly right leaning libertarian views don’t often align with yours but I personally would have expected better journalism out of TLO on this one. I saw the original post on the gazette Facebook page and I thought it was funny. Not everything in life has to be political or serious. Maybe some people, I say some people because I’m tired of defining people or communities with labels that really don’t define them, should have took it and run with it???? Just my thoughts. Took it and been like?? The Gazette is finally coming out!!! IDK really… I just hate living in a world where everyone is offended by everything and there’s a political agenda to every post or comment on the internet…

    1. But!!! You weren’t being political or serious I guess…..

    2. Huh?

    3. I’m offended that you don’t know the difference between “took” and “taken”.

  6. Can’t see where anyone but Mike Pense would remotely think the Gazette was “left-leaning”
    since it never was exactly the Village Voice or LA Free Press. Anyone that considers the Flaming Lips or Tyson Meade as avant-garde are woefully mis-informed.

    1. You have obviously never read the Gazette.

  7. Gazette: “Sorry, LGBTQ+”

    Patrick: “Then again, I can see how it could offend a few people in the LGBTQI+ community…”

    I’l one-up Patrick who one-upped the Gazette. LGBTQIA+ community.

    Feel free to one-up me.

  8. Gazette founder Bill Bleakley was a class act in OKC journalism. Sad he sold it to a wannabe, who’s turned it into bird-cage lining, not unlike the Jokelahoman.

  9. How bored or hopeless must one be to wake up each morning searching for something to take offense to.
    Must be nice to have no real problems…

  10. A public flogging is in order, a little burning and looting won’t do.

  11. It’s too bad that a one of Oklahoma’s self-billed “trendy” newspapers challenged their best and brightest to create a catchy slogan and all that they could come up with was the punny equivalent of a dad joke.

    It’s just another indication of the sad state we’re in.

    1. You should check out the other “red” ads, not sure if they’re archived somewhere online, but they usually ran on either the front inside or back page of the print edition, and almost all of them made me laugh (or snicker at the very least) or say “Man, that one hurts” (for the ones directed at local politicians or journalism). This one wasn’t the greatest, but it was kinda funny.

  12. I am part of the LGBTQ community and I thought the ad was a good one.

    1. Me too. Never saw the add until now, and I think it’s clever. Respectfully, I’m thinking that your “stock apology” can remain dusty.

      Should the Gazette apologize? Nah, they accomplished what they wanted, and so did you. There are far more important pots to be stirring.

  13. Well as a member of the QWERTY community. I’m here to declare humor and comedy dead.

    From now on anything you say that is even remotely humorous will be used against you by a group of angry acronyms.

    1. Since anything that one says that is the least bit edgy is likely to offend someone, the best strategy is simple: be yourself…and don’t be an asshole.

  14. I had two thoughts when I saw the add.

    1) Eh, kind of clever.

    2) The OKC Twitterati will be offended by it.

    Water is wet, so this wasn’t an amazing prediction on my part. They are a rambunctious, overzealous group of justice warriors that mean well on some issues, but they have been going way over the cliff lately. It’s almost a competition between them to find out who is the most woke. But if they were to examine their own lives or if someone were to examine theirs, they would find out just like everyone else in the world they have had biased tendencies from time to time. I really don’t see how they are able to function day to day if everything in the world to them is completely wrong and broken.

    If was the publisher and someone were to show me the ad for approval, I would have chuckled, but I wouldn’t have used it on any medium. For better or worse there is an air of hypersensitivity in the country and you must be mindful at all times on how something will affect someone else no matter the scale of it.

    1. You were doing great until your last paragraph which seems to contradict most everything that precedes it . Why in the world does everyone have to surrender to the loudmouths who wear their hypersensitivity on their sleeves or on their keyboards? Everyone is not responsible for other’s taking offense. Certainly one should adhere to the “don’t be an asshole” rule but deciding on what you want to say is your right and ultimately your call. Let the chips fall where they may.

      1. agreed.
        those who let others affect their mood are weak-minded or just like to get off on conflict. Take responsibility for your own feelings and don’t let strangers have so much power over your well-being.
        Do you really care that much about what others think? Why?
        Care about those who are closest to you and to hell with the rest.

        Everyone has a right to their own opinions, tastes, likes/dislikes. And no – not everyone will agree with you and not everyone will like you.
        so what?

  15. Patrick: “Your article has gotta have at least 5 points, be over 500 words and littered with okie references.”

    Also Patrick: “Hehe, copy pasta quotes add length”

    😜 love ya boss

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