James Lankford no longer wants to replace Columbus Day holiday with Juneteenth

Last week, in a rare display of compassion and understanding, Oklahoma Senator James Lankford – the more sane and skeletal of our two hardcore right-wing Senators – surprisingly announced he was sponsoring an amendment that would make Juneteeth an unpaid federal holiday in place of Columbus Day.

Yeah, that’s right. He wanted to replace Columbus Day with Juneteeth. Considering a good chunk of Oklahoma voters either have a second-grade, mythological understanding of Columbus (or simply adore many of his most heinous achievements), the news took a lot of people by surprise. What is Lankford doing crossing his base?!!! When I first heard the news, I was immediately concerned about the Senator’s health:

Well, it looks like Lankford got that temperature checked. Just days after the news broke, he walked back the idea thanks to protests and outrage from the people he needs to be elected to another term as Senator – Derplahomans.

Via his allies at The Oklahoman_:

Responding to an onslaught of criticism, Oklahoma Sen. James Lankford said he had proposed to replace Columbus Day with Juneteenth as an act of fiscal responsibility and that he was not trying to “rewrite history or join the mob.”

In a Facebook video posting late last week, Lankford said, “A lot of my staff and I did a lot of phone calls today just to be able to answer questions from a lot of mad people.

“Quite frankly, I’m not sure they’re mad at me, other than they’re just mad at everybody right now and frustrated because they’re watching our history get attacked as a nation. I’m not trying to attack our history. I’m trying to deal with our finances for the future, as well as to be able to honor our continued history.”

Unless Bill and Ted land their phonebooth on Genghis Khan, how exactly do you “attack” history? I know you can definitely reinterpret it, and develop a more honest and well-rounded understanding of how historical events impacted all people, both then and now, and make a more informed personal judgement on who and what should or should not be honored and celebrated in today’s day and age, but attacking it? That’s just a stupid, idiotic thing to say to your insecure, unsophisticated base to make them feel like they’re victims in a some sort of culture war. I guess it’s good to see the Tylenol worked and James Lankford is back to normal again!

Anyway, you can read the entire article here. If you’re bored and want to talk more about it, leave a comment or something.

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40 Responses

  1. Knew something was up with him when there were photos of him wearing a mask several rows behind Inhofe at the Tulsa Trump rally. He also wore a mask when the VP arrived, which magically disappeared when he met Trump.

    Perhaps Terry Nease will point out he isn’t protecting Trump when she runs against him in 2022 after her unsuccessful Congressional run.

  2. Columbus lit the fuse that brought Caucasians and their African slaves to the Western Hemisphere. People already here discovering Columbus lost at sea was one of world history’s most significant events.

    Is that any reason to honor this horribly dishonorable man? That he and his crew stumbled onto something important while failing to find what they were actually looking for?

    The greatest immediate beneficiaries of Columbus’ exploration? Europeans, and no one else. It spread their supremacy from their native continent to two more continents across the Atlantic.

    This is why revisiting and downgrading Columbus’ legacy makes some folks uncomfortable and unhappy, as Lankford has discovered. Juneteenth, marking the end of human slavery in the USA, is much more worthy of a celebration.

  3. I remember having special lessons in elementary school on Columbus Day, and that’s basically it. It’s not like it ever had a celebration attached to it. So I really wouldn’t know why Oklahomans would be so attached to it, but I’d suspect it has more to do with what they want to replace it with.

    It didn’t even become a federal holiday until he 1960’s.

    1. Oklahomans weren’t attached to “The Wall” either a few years back. Appears to be just another chunk of read meat for the cultists.
      All most Oklahomans understand about Columbus is we kicked their asses back when Switzer was still around.

    2. I know some in the Italian American community that don’t want it changed, since it’s the only holiday they have celebrating someone from their heritage, even if it is honoring a shitbag. Other than that, it’s never been important to anybody in OK, except maybe for the owners of Sleep Number Mattress.

      1. I’m largely German, and I wouldn’t cling to monuments to certain shitbag Germans.

  4. Maybe Banjo Boy will finally do something decent and force all his “Christian” churches to either pay taxes like the rest of us or give back all that federal free money they recently gobbled up. Anyone for an Eric the Red Viking Day?

    1. Let’s fix this from Erik to Lief Erikson Viking Day and then we can turn the Runestone Fest in Heavener into the largest Viking Festival in North America. Herring and Akvavit for everyone!!!

  5. Nothing like American exceptionalism to exploit & enslave the indigenous population.

    1. The indigenous people literally kept slaves. Even African slaves. Haha

      1. That’s correct.
        Slavery by anyone was also wrong.
        No one is celebrating that.
        We as a country should be getting better.

        1. That’s my point. Karen, I mean Brenda, was somehow equating Christopher Columbus with American exceptionalism of enslaving indigenous people.

          Columbus was an Italian splintered by Spain to sail. Not sure what those to European countries have to do with “American Exceptionalism” lol. And she also is implying that Americans? from Europe came and enslaved a population. What she missed is that the native population was already Enslaving each other and didn’t need white men to being that custom to them. When African slaves, also introduced by Europeans, not Americans, were introduced to the new world many native tribes gladly took up that practice as well.

          As we look to removing statues associated with traitors and slave owners, there are a bunch in Native American statues that need to come down as well as they also owned slaves and fought for the traitorous confederacy.

          1. That’s too real.

          2. No Benny Kenny, that was not my point. My point was if Americans were so damn exceptional & such holier than thou christians, how is it they created an economy based on enslaved African Americans, indigenous people & indentured europeans?
            Yes I know, indigenous people enslaved each other but they were rank amateurs compared to white christians in fine tuning the slave trade.
            And how about that genocide that that those exceptional white christians practiced on New World inhabitants?

            1. Ok Brenda, your obsession with a particular religion and race of people is concerning. It’s like you are obsessed with focusing on the negatives of people based solely on their skin color and religious practices making people evil. I’m sure there are some groups that share your worldview you could join that misrepresent human beings based on those qualities like quoting made crime statistics about certain races and calling certain religious followers terrorist. I mean you are already are using their talking points.

              The United States is not a Christian nation. Of course the founders were smart enough to not marry our fledgling government to religion and laid the ground work for the country we have today by allowing amendments and changes to come to the point we are today.

              There are statues and celebrations to many invaders all over the world. Genghis Khan killed 40 million people and has a national holiday on Mongolia. Denmark has Viking statues galore and they invaded and killed tons of native people across Europe. Statues of Atilla the Hun across Budapest, and the list goes on and on.

              That’s human history. Every culture conquered and enslaved people. From Africa, Asia, Europe, and yes even the Americas. History is full of brutality of the most extreme. It’s not a man American, white, or Christian invention. The plains Indians would kill, rape, and enslave tribes they conquered as a standard practice. It actually shocked the first white explorers how brutal they were in their conquest. Lol

              It’s just history. No group of people is evil because of their history. Or their skin color. That’s just stupid. You want to punish white people for the acts of their distant relatives? Only one other country punished an entire bloodline for the crimes of their ancestors that I can think of and that’s North Korea. You have some real progressive ideas there. Haha

    2. America is exceptional – thank you.
      I never understood why people would live in a place they obviously hate…
      Indigenous people slaughtered and tortured each other and promoted slavery…..just so you know.
      But damn that white man!
      He only invented everything that makes your life bearable today: computers, cars, electricity, ac, indoor plumbing, tv, radio, everything your house is made of, microchips, cell phones, engines, planes, trains, anything made of plastic, internet, light bulbs, dishwashers, refrigerators, aluminum, modern medicine, microwave ovens, etc.
      The name Brenda and Dachshunds .
      You’re welcome.
      Btw – I don’t know of anyone who has enslaved or has been enslaved and neither do you / it’s just selective outrage and it’s unimaginative – do better Brenda

      1. If we want to erect a statue to famous inventors, I doubt anyone would have a problem with that. Thomas Edison was a bit of a douche, but his contribution to the American way of life is unmistakable. Alexander Graham Bell, Henry Ford, the Wright Brothers, Ben Franklin, Granville Woods, and many others would be worthy of statues to celebrate their achievements.

        Columbus didn’t make any of those things, and he didn’t even land in the US. We’re not even talking about an otherwise great man who did a lot but happened to own slaves because of the time he was in. He naively believed that the Earth was smaller than it was, luckily (for him) stumbled on some peaceful natives, didn’t find the riches he wanted, so slaughtered and enslaved his way across the Caribbean. He took and sold children as sex slaves (something he bragged about it in letters), and mutilated natives for minor slights against him. He was even imprisoned for what he did and had one of his own men publish a book condemning the atrocities.

        It’s not really selective outrage, it’s saying “oh, hey, maybe we shouldn’t put capital into honoring a homicidal maniac who believed in wholesale slaughter and started a pedophile slave ring just because he landed somewhere that had already been discovered but not recorded.”

        1. Henry Ford was such an anti-Semite that the writings he funded inspired the nazis.

          1. There are times I wish I could edit posts, and this is one time. I never dug that deep into Ford’s personal views.

            1. Ford was deplorable, but he did revolutionize American industry. At least there’s that.

      2. I don’t think anyone has said they hate america, as you are claiming. They are simply pointing out its flaws, which there are many. If you can’t handle that, then that is your problem. The facts are the facts, accept them and deal with them. Or go get a cabin in the woods off the grid and leave the rest of us alone.

      3. Bet you’re a slave to lumpy hannity.

      4. So your point is because the indigenous people did it, it was ok for exceptional white christians to do it too?

      5. “Indigenous people slaughtered and tortured each other and promoted slavery…..just so you know.
        But damn that white man!”

        In the American Civil War, people slaughtered and tortured each other and promoted slavery…..just so you know.

        Apparently you are the one who forgot.

  6. Guess his next great revolution will be turn Columbus day into a national nambla holiday…at least that won’t piss of most of rural oklahoma and ALL of congress…if old imhoff could still remember anything he’d vote yes in a NY minute for that!!

  7. From Patrick: “I guess it’s good to see the Tylenol worked and James Lankford is back to normal again!”

    I don’t think it was Tylenol that cured James. I think it was a combo of Hydro that was swallowed with Clorox and Tide Pods chasers, along with sticking a bright light up James’ butt is what cured James from his brief moment of sanity.

  8. Looks like we’ve honored the Genocidaire Christopher Columbus for long enough. Good riddance.

  9. They … brought us parrots and balls of cotton and spears and many other things, which they exchanged for the glass beads and hawks’ bells. They willingly traded everything they owned… . They were well-built, with good bodies and handsome features…. They do not bear arms, and do not know them, for I showed them a sword, they took it by the edge and cut themselves out of ignorance. They have no iron. Their spears are made of cane… . They would make fine servants…. With fifty men we could subjugate them all and make them do whatever we want.

    -C Columbus

    1. “A hundred castellanoes are as easily obtained for a woman as for a farm, and it is very general and there are plenty of dealers who go about looking for girls; those from nine to ten are now in demand.”

      Also Columbus

      1. No, I’m pretty sure that was a conversation between donald and Jeffrey Epstein.

        1. Unfortunately, no. It’s part of the historical record that the shitbird did, in fact, basically do sex trafficking of the underage without remorse. For that alone, we should punt Columbus Day from the calendar.

  10. We should be honest about Columbus. He did change the course of history by really igniting the age of European colonization. You can argue a lot about whether there were good things to come out of that or not, but he did do that. He was also the first European of note to stay in the Western Hemisphere.

    But with that, we should also be honest about the bad. He only made the voyage because he was grossly wrong about how big the Earth was and managed to convince some royals to give him a token crew. He found a peaceful people and, when he couldn’t find any other riches, dove right in to committing atrocities against them. He did view them as little more than commodities, and had no issue selling children as slaves and giving them to his men.

    One of his own crew mates wrote “There are two main ways in which those who have travelled to this part of the world pretending to be Christians have uprooted these pitiful peoples and wiped them from the face of the earth. First, they have waged war on them: unjust, cruel, bloody and tyrannical war. Second, they have murdered anyone and everyone who has shown the slightest sign of resistance, or even of wishing to escape the torment to which they have subjected him. Given that the Spaniards normally spare only women and children, it has led to the annihilation of all adult males, whom they habitually subject to the harshest and most iniquitous and brutal slavery that man has ever devised for his fellow-men, treating them, in fact, worse than animals.”

    Christopher Columbus was not a good man. Not by any stretch. And his biggest contribution to the American way of life was not only a complete accident, it only happened because Vikings didn’t write down their explorations. We shouldn’t feel attached to him as a historical figure, we should recognize what he was and really, really evaluate if we think he deserves to celebrated nationwide in spite of the well documented atrocities that, even for his time, were considered horrific and landed him in prison.

  11. You hate America, they hate America, I hate America more, no me I hate America more, more, more. Let’s do some burning and looting and tear down some stuff to see who really hates the most.

    1. Poor guy equates wanting to acknowledge America’s flaws and correct them with hating America.


  12. He mentioned something about trying to save money. Here’s an idea Why don’t you legislators give up your Cadillac health plan & sign up for Nobama care & give up your lucrative pension & participate in Social Security like the rest of America?

    1. Looks good. Can we still get that on the ballot?

    2. Lankford and his conservative colleagues won’t do that. They feel *entitled* to their Cadillac health care plan (which is socialism by definition, BTW). Compound upon that the fact that they endorse the wealthiest among us getting sweet tax breaks while taxing the working class and working poor. Conservatives/GOP has been responsible for the *upward* redistribution of wealth for generations while bitching about the evils of … the redistribution of wealth. Screw ’em all (raises middle fingers in the air).

      Also: These people get their knickers in a wad because OMG THEY’RE SAYING BAD THINGS ABOUT ‘MERICA. The following doesn’t belong to me, it’s often attributed to Al Franken, but it’s VERY fitting (and don’t get at me about the stuff that got him driven from office — AFAIAC he was railroaded): He said (paraphrasing) that people like this love America the way a toddler loves their mommy — she’s pretty and she can’t do anything wrong and if you say anything bad about my mommy I’ll pound you. People like me (and liberals/progressives/Dem Socialists in general) love America but with an adult’s understanding of what love is — taking the good with the bad, and offering constructive criticism in an effort to CORRECT the faults that hurt the relationship and strive to do better going forward.

      And in general, “going forward” is not something Lankford and his conservative culture warrior colleagues and minions care about doing. They want to stay put, if not go in reverse. That’s unacceptable.

  13. Let’s define “exceptional,” shall we?

    We were the last place in “Christendom” to abolish human slavery. Exceptional?

    We have one of the worst responses to the pandemic on the planet. Exceptional?

    We are one of the few advanced countries that allow a big part of our population to go without access to non-emergency healthcare. Exceptional?

    1. But that is how the republicans roll. If they say ”American Exceptionalism” loud enough & often enough, the masses will believe it & accuse any one that points out our substandard health care is more expensive with lower outcomes than 36 other industrial nations as hating America. The same goes for the insanely expensive cost of post secondary education that will put many people in debt for a very long time. And on and on it goes.
      Case in point is the rural vote that voted against the Medicaid expansion that will help keep rural hospitals open & just maybe save the life of someone they love or themself.

      1. It seems you’re arguing something everyone recognizes: Propaganda works. Modern day propaganda is almost impossible to defeat. Ie. Fox News.
        It’s why Stalin and most Communist takeovers require the murder of almost all the educated people.
        The GOP simply decided it would be easier to take a few decades to “Dumb Down” the masses. It’s worked better than they could possibly imagine.

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