Angry Normanites Fight To Take Back Town That’s Passing Them By…

Earlier this week, a group called Unite Norman – a collection of Oklahoma GOP operatives, Derplahomans, Qanon footsoldiers, law enforcement sympathizers and other angry conservative white people with draconian views – gathered at a BBQ restaurant to discuss their plans to recall Mayor Breea Clark and other members of the city council for being too radical.

Via The Oklahoman:

An effort to recall Norman Mayor Breea Clark and four city council members for cutting police funding and other actions is picking up momentum, with hundreds of volunteers set to begin collecting signatures this weekend.

Unite Norman’s purpose is to remove “divisive and radical” figures from local political office, according to its Facebook page.

“We think that the city council legislates their own agendas based on national trends that are radical,” group co-founder Russell Smith told The Oklahoman on Thursday. “They attempted to make Norman a sanctuary city, they have discouraged development as well as discouraged and insulted job creators.”

If you read that quote in the voice of Spicoli or a Ninja Turtle, then you’d probably think Russell Smith would be supportive of the City Council’s liberalism.

“Yo, Mayor Clark. Those are totally radical ideas! Hang Ten and stick it to the man, man! Cowabunga, dude!”

Unfortunately, it looks like Russell Smith is the opposite of that. Here’s a pic of him from the Norman Transcript. He’s the dude on the left:

Holy shit. If some artist ever wants to make a statue of a man waiting to speak to the manager at Chili’s because his queso is cold, I think we found your model. He kind of looks like comedian Todd Barry, only without a sense of humor, and a huge pole shoved up his ass.

The guy on the right who’s gently massaging Russell’s shoulder like a tender pork butt is Unite Norman co-organizer Dave Spaulding. A long time sufferer of meat sweats, he’s the chair of the Cleveland County GOP and a former Norman City Councilman. He’s an old school Sally Kern-style Republican who says things like this in documentaries:

“Homosexuality is an abomination. You need to reach out to those people, or we need to reach out to them, and share with them the Gospel and show them that what they’re doing is not conducive to making heaven.”

Anyway, those are the two right-wing nutjobs leading the charge to recall local politicians who – at last check – were elected to office by a majority of voters. But don’t worry. Even though the effort is being organized and funded by authoritarian right-wing conservatives, it’s a “bipartisan” effort.

Via The Norman Transcript:

Smith said the movement to recall these council members and Clark is a bipartisan effort.

“I’m in a room full of Republicans — and I’m a Republican myself — but it’s going to be a bipartisan effort,” Smith said. “We have pure insanity on the council right now and the mayor’s office. What city do we live in right now? It feels like New York City or LA.”

Yeah, I don’t think that’s how bipartisan works. That would be like Dave Spaulding saying he’s bisexual, even though he only has sex with brisket. Also, I was in Norman a couple of months ago, and it sure didn’t feel like New York City or LA to me. Sadly, it just kind of felt like Norman.

Anyway, you can read more about this at The Oklahoma or Norman Transcript. It will be interesting to see if these groups can A) get enough signatures for a recall election, and B) get enough votes to recall the councilmembers. If they don’t, it may be time for them to reevaluate who has the radical ideas.

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70 Responses

  1. Hopefully they are able to get rid of those lefty wackos. That one is crazier than hell.

    1. Round up all your maga buddies and either vote or move.

    2. You know, if they’d bother to get off their meat sweating asses and actually go vote….

  2. Has Norman swung politically more to the right in the past 20 years or is this a loud, small sect of old folks? They could always move to Moore, it would be paradise on earth for them minus the occasional tornado sweeping through.

    1. This should probably read ‘[…] minus the occasional tornado GOD sends sweeping through.’
      Perhaps I’m being a little unfair since He does send all those First Responders in afterwards.

  3. Great headline. And yes, this is totally bipartisan it just happens to be exclusively white, male Republicans and the targets all women and noted police antagonist Stephen Holman. That’s just a coincidence.

    1. Yep it’s totally a coincidence. Came here to say that. It’s super weird it’s 90% that particular demographic.

  4. These are west side Edmond wannabes. I can’t wait to see the Karens walking my neighborhood. They don’t like to think the east side of town exists. This may not be safe Karen. You may see black people. You may get a cussing from an old white guy (I promise). The cops you want to fund WILL be called on you if you aren’t wearing a mask (I promise). Better go to the aquatic center & think about this first. Besides, ward elections are by ward only. We’ll just elect them again!!

    1. Send me your address and I’ll knock on your door and ask if you’d like to sign the petition. (I promise)

    2. Yep!
      -A Ward 7’er

      1. 1

    3. There are few of us Democrats on the westside. In fact, I’ll take Edmond over Norman on most days. Those cops in Norman are out of control IMO, even compared to Edmond.

  5. Attempting a coup in “radical” Norman, but meeting about it in friendlier Moore? What’s that about? No one in Norman would have them?

    “Passing them by” is exactly right. William Buckley defined a “conservative” as a lonely soul “standing athwart history yelling Stop.”

    When anyone is that obsessed with what goes on in a gay bedroom, you can be pretty sure he has some unresolved issues of his own.

    Small red-state college towns tend to be blue islands, like Norman and even Stillwater. There is no way that the same Norman voters who elected the present council are going to vote them out. I almost feel sorry for guys like Smith and Spaulding. Almost.

    1. Dave Spaulding’s involvement in this effort tells me all that I need to know about it. I remember his hateful screed at the infamous City Council meeting over the LGBTQ History Month proclamation many many years ago. A young man became so despondent at the hate turned his way that he killed himself some time after (Zach Harrington). Spaulding ran and won the Ward 5 seat for a time and I remember him being rather divisive and smug … trying to pit city people against country people, teaming up with another erstwhile right-wing Councilor whose name escapes me to put “In God We Trust” on the wall behind the City Council bench. Yet another now-former Councilor struck a compromise by also adding “E Pluribus Unum” (the real national motto no matter what anyone tells you–a Latin expression that means “Out of many, one”) to the display.

      These people are what they are — they’re right wing culture warriors trying to drag Norman down to the level of Fox-watching reactionary boobs. I will not have this in my city. Never. If anyone comes up to me and asks me to sign their petition, I’m going to explain to them why they are wrong and if they want to be belligerent and ignorant, I will walk the hell away.

      TBH that’s not likely to happen. I go to work, but unless I must go to the grocery store or the laundromat, I am still practising isolation/safety and staying home. On that note, if they come knocking on my door for whatever reason (and they shouldn’t because I live in an even-numbered ward), I WILL slam the door in their face.

    2. They did meet in Norman, in a building under construction. However, they plan to spend their hard earned money in Moore….after some have said they know they are hurting their friends that own small businesses in Norman. SMH!

    3. Unite Norman meets in……… Norman. The Cleveland County Republicans met in Moore which is in…………Cleveland County. Try harder. You’re not good at this.

    4. FDR: ‘A conservative is a man with two good legs who can’t move forward.’


  6. These are the same people in the Re-Open Norman group that has people who made death threats against the mayor. There is a counter group now called “United Norman” on FB in the process of making I stand with the mayor/council signs, etc.

    Norman FB politics are wild, man. Watching the city council meetings with live scrolling comments on YouTube is even wilder. It’s educational and interesting AF.

    1. Oh sorry the counter group is called “Norman United” at the moment.

      1. Sounds like an oxymoron. Norman Torn Apart might be more appropriate?

  7. Don’t forget this Spaulding quote from yesterday’s Oklahoman article: “They took measures in response to what I feel are lies regarding the true nature of the so-called pandemic,” he said. “I think we’re being lied to by the national media and others in an effort to derail the 2020 Trump presidential election.”’

    1. Like I said, Spaulding’s involvement tells me all I need to know. He’s a nutjob.

    2. 130,000 so-called deaths in the US.

      The national media just has to report the tangerine spittoon’s words. He’s got the lying part down.

      Somehow he missed Obama/Clinton/Soros/Cosmic Pizza/Deep State/Liberal/Moooslem/BLM/Antifa talking points.

      This guy mainlining QAnon or what?

  8. Russell Smith is a douche canoe. His oil and gas business, which does not have a good reputation in the industry, is obviously struggling so he had to find something to do with his free time. Therefore he gathered a group of his wealthy white and mostly older friends, who appear to be scared of masks, Black and poor people and formed the group Norman United, the name of which is exactly the opposite of what they are attempting to do. Norman United has created a go fund me page, attempting to raise $100,000 for their recall efforts. I wonder who is going to be responsible for managing all that money, maybe the less than reputable business owner spearheading the group?

    1. There’s no formal PAC formed. The money raised on GoFundMe violates their policy. Election related fundraising has to be raised transparently under municipal political committee rules that are similar to those for PACs. I wish someone would report on this!

      1. Has anybody brought this to the attention of GoFundMe?


    2. Their group it Unite Norman. Divisive bovine excrement! The *counter group* is Norman United.

    3. Norman United is pro mask and pro council support. Unite Norman is the group Russ and Dave started…fyi

      1. Thank you for that clarification.

      2. That’d suck if you were dyslexic.

        1. I know, right? It will lead to confusion / obfuscation.

  9. There’s only one solution to this problem, and that is for the embattled people of Norman to leave for the green, green, GREENER (!) pastures of Del City, there to start a new life based on the principles and concepts that once made Olde Norman great.

  10. Ok, wating to talk to the manager at Chilis and meat sweats made me laugh out loud. Thanks for being you!!

  11. This guy…this group. Did their parents ever teach them, there are consequences to choices; in this case the choice to not exercise their right to vote. Now they are living those consequences. I’m not here to say the Norman Mayor is a great fit for the community…she should likely be replaced and a few of the council members should also not be re-elected, BUT a community needs representatives from all walks of life in order to support all walks of life within the community. Now back to Russell Smith and his WWW (wealthy white west-side). The police department was not “defunded” by city council; they received an increase in budget for the 2021 FY…to the tune of $100k+. Check the facts.
    And this whole thought that the requirement of masks was made to fizzle their efforts aimed at collecting signatures via door-knockers, is also hogwash. Last I checked, it would be quite the challenge to collect a signature from a distance of 6 feet.

  12. Pleeze publish her information from her Cell phone!
    Bbbuttt wait. That’s not legelizzed.

    I was a draconian parent and was never above vacuuming their phones.

    The CON has multiple “Sting Ray”phone interceptor units mfg by Harris Corp. a military contractor. Maybe the OSBI used the city’s of Norman’s police tools to solve a rape?

    If she has noooothing to hide in her phone why so serious? Lol

    I’m pretty sure I saw her little gap tooth self and hubby with a bbc staring in a mature a mature porn. Bbcm…oooh

    Maybe they can release her web browsing history too!

    Sign me up…

    Play the stupid game…win the stupid prize…..


    1. What?

    2. Are you trying to make a point, or are you having a stroke?

    3. Where did you buy that last oz.?

  13. Oh no! Law enforcement sympathizers!!!!
    The horror.
    So if someone is breaking into your place at 3 am and threatening your family – do you call the cops? I mean I don’t because they won’t get past my front door….

    1. Maybe you call the cops. But what if you’re afraid that they will mistake you for the intruder because you don’t look like you “belong”? What then?

      Or what if you’re afraid they will turn you over to ICE if they want to see your “papers”? What then?

      In the case of your implied solution, what if they came to your house by mistake on a drug raid, and you open fire on the cops? What then?

  14. No one who is relevant is seriously suggesting eliminating the police department. They’re suggesting that the police department has evolved in a way that has become problematic in some ways, and tactics and equipment that they deploy should be evaluated and pared back.

    Demanding more from a police force isn’t unAmerican, saying that they should be beyond all reproach or criticism, however, is. We’re a society of questioning authority.

    1. If we are to continue having police departments, those departments need to be proactive in actually PUNISHING those who commit crimes while wearing a badge. And this doesn’t seem to be happening on the scale it needs to be. You arbitrarily kill an unarmed Black person who wasn’t threatening you, pay the price–murder conviction and time served, if not capital punishment where applicable; loss of your pension/benefits, loss of community respect and self-respect. That should also extend to non-violent crimes like corruption, evidence tampering/planting, stealing (not just civil asset forfeiture — that’s a whole other can of worms), whatever. Why are we sending heavily armed cops (who are trained in, perhaps, combat, but not things like negotiation or crisis management) to deal with people having mental health episodes, or sending heavily armed cops into situations better handled by social workers and the like?

      And look at how police departments are heavily militarised, with DoD leftovers from Iraq and Afghanistan. This may or may not be applicable to NPD, but I kinda still think NPD is pissed off (for years) at Councilor Holman for not letting them have a tank or some kind of assault vehicle better suited for the streets of Fallujah rather than Asp on a Friday night. If memory serves, it was that little temper tantrum that may have been the catalyst for the whole Friendly Market affair. Of course this group is targeting Holman, and not just because he’s in an odd-numbered ward.

      But I digress. It seems people have been calling for that kind of reform, and it has fallen on deaf ears. The next step is “defunding.”

      And yes, let me point out that the Norman city budget actually *increases* the budget for the Norman Police Department, and that the “defunding” was actually just the elimination of a bunch of already vacant positions. But don’t try to tell it to these right-wing goons. One, they can’t do maths. Two, it screws with their narrative of “Norman has a buncha OMG RADICAL SOCIALISTS* in city government and we need them to be removed, because Make ‘Murica Great Again” or whatever.

      * Also these people have no idea about a multifaceted and complicated thing like “socialism.” Most of the “socialists” I know advocate the model set by countries like Norway, not countries like Venezuela. Also socialism =/= communism (the former Soviet Union, the former East Germany, China, DPRK, etc., which are models of authoritarian socialism that’s just as repressive as right-wing authoritarianism — which these Norman yahoos are all about, apparently).

      Sorry the more I think about what’s happening here pisses me the F off even more and more and more. Middle fingers up in the air for everyone!

      1. Yeah, that, x1000.

    2. Norman cops are great at harassing folks driving through town (like me) for driving a “teenager’s car.” Or arresting a city councilman multiply time for selling rolling papers. Now they dox a councilwoman and her neighbor gets raped by mistaken identity?

      Quite a friendly Okla town there. Maybe just get rid of the counsel and let police run the town?

      I hope they’re defended with a capital “D”.

  15. We were not angry. Wish you were there and could have enjoyed how people mange themselves when they have differences. We speak honestly. No anger.. Please spread the truth

    1. Not even angry enough to recall the whole city government? Not even that angry?

  16. Tear down the nude statue of David Boren, Norman’s number one dude, a Sooner legend.

    1. Still obsessed with nude Boren, eh?

  17. Norman has a lot of people at the extremes of the political spectrum, and I suspect the folks in middle lean a little right overall. (This is Oklahoma after all.) Of course, we’ll never know based on municipal elections because so few people vote and participation is skewed either by issues or candidates involved.

    It seems no matter who is in charge — liberals or developers, Norman wants to project an image as a dynamic, progressive college town. There are some cool things in town, like the overblown new library. But Norman has a shitty transportation system, a shitty park system, a police department the dwells too much on drug enforcement and keeping east side residents in check, lots of vacant retail and office space, a stupid affinity for cyclists with a half-ass biking system, and a homeless problem.

    Sanctuary city? What does Norman have to offer immigrants when it can’t take care of its homeless?

    Education, retail, cultural center? Just ok; nothing special.

    Norman just doesn’t live up to its aspirations.

    1. Pretty much sums up Norman. A long ways from the early ’70s when “possessing” a joint was a $5 fine. Back in the days when Lloyd Noble had some great bands (Clapton, Dylan, Dead, Little Feat).

      A long ways, the wrong way. FTF happened to Norman?






    They actually got a budget increase, whereas many line items in the budget for cut. Please educate yourself on this instead of throwing out false narratives!

    1. This. Infinity percent.

      Of course the Unite Norman people are pushing the false narrative about the NPD being defunded because they also know most people won’t go check for themselves.

  19. Don’t forget that when Thurgood Marshall and company came to Norman to desegregate OU, the only restaurants they could eat at were the penny machines where you could get peanuts and gum. It wasn’t that long ago.

  20. You guys are missing the real story. The police budget issue is just rube bait to hide their real motives. The powers that be behind this are Sassan Moghadam and Chris Dragg who are developers. They are ticked off that the city council didn’t pass some corporate welfare earlier in the year. So, they are trying to get a more compliant city council that will give them that sweet, sweet taxpayer money.

    1. Mikelf I think you nailed it. Sounds like Oklahoma Politics 101.

    2. Correct!

    3. Came to the comments to say the same thing. Follow the money — the crazies are entertaining, but it’s the developers who are managing the recall.

    4. Oh absolutely. The real motivations are hidden behind the red meat stuff (masking ordinance, BLM/police stuff) that gets ’em every time.




  21. The Karen in my neighborhood came by on a golf cart. No surprise there. Didn’t answer the door as I didn’t want to let all the hot air in.

  22. I smell the law of unintended consequences. This group is likely to succeed in getting one or more the council members recalled. (If it were a different time and for other reasons, I’d fully support removing some of them. I mean who presents a resolutions, argues for it vehemently, and then votes against it when the time comes.) The conceit of these people requires they believe someone like them will be elected. However, they fail to recognize that more people came out for the “defund” meeting and were just as vocal, if not more. Its just as likely they will get people farther to the left.

    As a resident of Norman, we do need to change the city council because they are truly a dysfunctional group (save a few) and have worked hard to set Norman back. They lack the necessary foresight and ability to plan for the future. That being said, I oppose removing current members and replacing them with right-wing zealots who don’t believe in science, lack compassion for anyone other than themselves, and embrace the past. Its the lack of compassion for others that really gets me in all of this. Wear a face covering vs. infecting someone or potentially killing them? After all, WWJD?

  23. If they want to defund the police then Do It but have all 911 emergency calls go straight to the mayor & other left leaning council members!

  24. Get David Boren involved, he is the King put him back on the throne where he belongs.

    1. Your obsession with David Boren borders on creepy.

      He’s done with public life. He’s old, he has health issues, he probably isn’t long for this world. His harsher critics (and even some of his lighter critics) have gotten what they wanted. Leave the old man to live out what’s left of his days.



  27. There was never any official (or even serious) discussion of or vote on becoming a sanctuary city by any Norman city council configuration, regardless of what’s being spread by Unite Norman. The issue was raised at a city council study session during a report by a subcommittee of the Human Rights Commission. The city council made it abundantly clear at that point that it wasn’t going to pursue any action to designate Norman as a sanctuary city. If you can prove me wrong by posting the date of the minutes when it was seriously discussed in an actual city council meeting, I’ll stand in the middle of Owen Field and eat my voter registration card while people piss on me from the stands. That’s just part of the bullshit Unite Norman is spreading, including via a paid political consultant who did work for….Scott Pruitt!

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