Kevin Stitt didn’t wear a mask to Walmart over the weekend…

Attention Walmart shoppers – Watch for falling viruses!

Not too long after Kevin Stitt announced he’d been diagnosed with Covid-19, this pic of him chatting it up with people at a metro Walmart sans facemask appeared on Reddit. It was taken at the Walmart at N.Penn and Memorial around noon on Saturday:

That’s great. I bet he was asking them where he can find injectable bleach, or talking about his favorite parts of Plandemic.

The obvious irony about Kevin Stitt’s COVID-19 diagnosis is that he – like most conspiratorial Evangelicals who strictly adhere to a non-compromising “Stick It To The Libs In All Situations” ideology – has been very dismissive of the virus since it took a grip in March, seemingly going out of his way to defy public health recommendations, and brushing off the response as some big societal overreaction that was intentionally planned to destroy the economy.

The even greater irony is that his selfish decision to not wear a mask, and possibly spread the virus to others, is now hurting local businesses:

That sucks for Kai. For the sake of their employees, let’s hope the Coronavirus does not  spread via armpit odor.

Anyway, if you were at Walmart over the weekend, or have been in the same room with a tall man with bushy eyebrows who wasn’t wearing a facemask, you may want to get a Coronavirus test.

Also, if you have any other details about Stitt’s whereabouts over the past week, let us know in the comments. We might as well try to contact trace him.


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38 Responses

  1. I know he doesn’t like giving hand outs but kind of dick move not to help that small business that has to close down cause of him.

    He could do something like give them a fake mortgage, or tax advice.

  2. Here’s to hoping his shopping trip doesn’t lead to anyone’s death.

  3. He was at Sgt. Craig Johnson’s Funeral

  4. Nice pics of Stitt working to make Oklahoma a top 10 state.

  5. I think that you mean “stick IT to the libs…” and “does NOT spread via armpit odor.”

    Our Governor becomes more of an embarrassment to our state with every passing minute. Imagine that. If you voted for him, do you regret it hey?

    Coincidentally (or not), Walmart just announced that masks will be mandatory for all customers in all of its stores effective next Monday. I hope it won’t get ugly when some gun-totin’ freedom-lovin’ Okie in a place like Enid faces off against some pitiful teenage “health ambassador” tasked with enforcing the new policy. (Seriously, that’s the job title for the new position Walmart is creating.)

    1. I meant “…regret it YET.” Dang autocorrect.

      1. I liked the canadian accent. eh!

    2. Maybe Walmart needs to hire some armed guards to enforce their mandate. It’s private property, they’re a corporation, which, as we know, is like a real person, so clearly they have the right to bear arms, too. When the Constitutional Conservatives show up and point their gun barrel at someone, shoot them to bits.

    3. And we rejoiced when Mary Fallin went off into the sunset.

      Now this …

      1. Elect a Democratic

  6. Karma can sure be a bitch sometimes.

    Oh, and didn’t you mean “Stick IT to The Libs”?

  7. Republican Governor effectively shuts down whole state by opening mouth.

    Walmart has been a shit show for months. It’s really gonna be on fire now with all the snot slingers being pissed off by being told they have to mask up or hit the road. Can’t imagine they’ll all suddenly find Target an option.

    1. Target has been complying to CDC guidelines long before anyone else

  8. After Monday the antimaskers wont be able to go to Walmart anymore, or Sam’s. So that’s nice.

  9. Bullstitt-19

  10. Meanwhile back at the White House, the stable genius & his groupies continue to bash Dr. Fuaci & science in general as cases continue to rise in the USA but Viet Nam had 372 cases & no deaths & New Zealand has opened up their economy.

    1. Give it a week or two and donald will have it all taken care of. COVID problem gone cause donald has moved all hospital reporting from the CDC to HHS under Alex “bobblehead” Azar.
      If you don’t test the COVID will not be there and if factual statistics on the dead and sick go in the trash then the COVID problem will just go away.
      No big deal. Not like our 20+ trillion dollar economy doesn’t run on statistics. Now, instead of pouring over the numbers in govmt. reports traders, hedgers, bankers, and pretty much anyone who participates in the U.S. economy can now try to guess which side donald and his crew are scalping before they make all their financial decisions.
      I didn’t think it possible to destroy a Nation in only 4 years but, “Sympathy for the Devil” playing in the background, I think donald and his crew are going to get it done.
      Trump Tower and Casino will no longer be donalds largest bankruptcy. God help the bond holders this time around.

  11. I hope he doesn’t shop at the Walmart at Danforth and Sante Fe where I shop. Wonder what he’ll say when Walmart tells him he’ll need a mask from now on, “I’m the Governor and Trump doesn’t wear one?”

  12. ya’ll need a staff proofreader?
    i’m available… call me!

    1. You can start by proofreading your own posts. It’s “y’all”…not “ya’ll”.

      Y’all is the contraction of you all. Ya’ll is gibberish. You’re doing your part to make Oklahoma a Top 10 state. Notice how I used ‘you’re’ and ‘your’ correctly? Keep this for future reference.

  13. It is one thing when Governor Stitt proves time and again that he knows nothing about governing…tribal compacts, signing unconstitutional proposals courtesy of ding dongs in the legislature; whatever, but when through purposeful arrogance and disregard for others he endangers the rest of us that behavior borders on violations of his oath of office. It is not asking too much for him to put on a mask but if that is too tall of a task for this helpless hunk of humanity perhaps one of his contingency of troopers, housekeepers, grounds keepers, wife or six children could fill the bill. After all any child above the age of about one can do it. Please Governor. You are killing us with your irresponsible behavior.

  14. He probably picked it up at the Funeral Thursday. And, here he is visiting Ft Sill/Lawton mask-less of course on Friday.

    1. None of those dumb assess have a mask on….

    2. A 13-year-old dependent from Fort Sill died of COVID-19 a week ago in Lawton.

  15. I just read on news9 that Stitt was asked if he regretted not wearing a face mask and he said he doesn’t second guess anything. What kind of cocky piece of shit says something like that. What if he infects grandma and grandpa? Or his kids? Or other shoppers? Nope, never second guess my supreme judgement. I’m totally comfortable screwing up other people’s lives no matter the cost. What does the face of a narcissistic pig look like? Stitt

    1. But Joe he was marching with Jesus except Jesus was wearing a mask.
      It’s time to worry.

  16. I’m pretty sure that he was there to buy a couple cases of Goya beans.

    1. Excellent!👍


    1. That B beautiful snarcism.

  18. Better get hold of the thousands of people that were at the funeral of the Tulsa policeman on July 9 at a megachurch. There were thousands of people there, shoulder to shoulder, and few if any masks. A Tulsa Police Department officer has been hospitalized with Covid-19 and several dozen are isolated.

  19. He was at North Church on Memorial on Sunday.

  20. News reader Kelly Ogle started off his 6 pm newscast with the line “A surprise announcement from our Gov.” What about the over one thousand other poor souls who tested positive today?
    Apparently not as important as the case of the unstable genius who doesn’t want to cover up his idiotic countenance.

  21. One has to wonder how many people he has infected? Just like his overlord, Stitt has never taken the virus seriously, so karma is a you know what.

  22. This website has turned to crap…..not a single person has commented about the quality of the picture taken inside said Wal-Mart. I mean come on….quit hiding behind the Juicy Fruit and Ice Cubes gum and get up close and take a real photo dammit!!!

  23. Granted, he should have worn a mask, but I think it’s great that he stopped in Walmart to visit with a couple of dreadheads.

  24. What an asshole.

  25. Governor Schitt.

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