Hey Joe, Where You Going With That Indigenous Slur in Your Name?

Many times—more than I’d actually like to count—people have asked me if I was ever going to review the legendary Eskimo Joe’s in Stillwater, Oklahoma. Usually, I’ll try to change the subject because I didn’t feel like getting raked over the coals that day, but the truth is I’ve always had a problem with the name and never felt right about going there.

Sure, they’re an Oklahoma staple, mostly for their world-famous shirts and other merchandise featuring a Native Alaskan and his husky that’s had a home on every local’s chest for over forty years now, but the truth is the corporate mascot of a stereotyped “Eskimo” with overly-caricatured features, not to mention the name, is damaging to all Indigenous peoples.

And now, Natives in Oklahoma are finally speaking out about it, using everything in their Creator-driven power to change the name and image, from petitions to the press; the good news is that it seems like Stan Clark, the owner of Joe’s, might be listening, asking for people to voice their opinions directly.

There are those—there are always those—that believe this is just more racial nitpicking from “uppity Indians” always looking to cancel more beloved traditions in Oklahoma. But, when those traditions include hate, mockery and ridicule, maybe it is time to change the name. I mean, is it really that hard for the population to accept Indigenous people as, you know, people?

Let’s get rid of Mexico Joe’s and their offensive imagery too, while we’re at it.

While there might be little to no Inuit, Yupik, or Aleut people living in Oklahoma, for Indigenous people to see a surviving tribe that shares their historic blood dehumanized for a plate of chili cheese fries and a beer, it can have long-term, damaging effects, the same way sports mascots have been proven to.

As a matter of fact, in countries like Canada and Greenland, the term “Eskimo” is considered a racial slur on par with Redskin and has been replaced with “Alaskan Native” or the proper names of tribes represented, but I guess they’ve always been a bit more progressive than Oklahoma when it comes to the First Nations, which is a bit sad.

That being said, I promise that the moment that Joe’s changes their name to something a lot less controversially prejudiced, then I’ll head over to Stillwater and review it, giving a more food-based review instead of the 400 or so words where I would basically do what I did here.

At least then they’d have a chance.


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105 Responses

  1. Louis ……how many things are YOU offended by.. my gosh…get a grip. get some help.

    1. He has to be.

    2. Just the racist things…so a lot, I’d imagine. Why are YOU so offended that other people are offended? My lord…

      1. its not a racist thing…yall get butthurt sooooeasily

    3. Agree, his list is never-ending. Whines like a little girl.

  2. Still trying to get over the loss of the Frito Bandito.

  3. No fan of anything “Okie”.. went to a local “seasonal” store once a long time ago.. It was just more popular pap for the local shitheads to conform to their local shitheadness..

  4. The fries are really good. You should try them if you ever have the opportunity.

    That being said, I had no idea that the term “Eskimo” was a slur. Like with the Land Run monument piece that was recently written here, I also didn’t know that this was offensive. Personally, I believe these are teachable moments, and we as adults don’t often like to admit that we don’t know everything.

    If he were to change the logo, I’d still eat there. I always thought that the guy looked like an extremely corny cartoon character anyways. I definitely don’t eat there because of the cups and shirts. They always looked like something that was worn by some lame, senior citizen Beatnik types anyway.

  5. Good Lord Louis you poor itinerant soul. Are you just looking for something to be offended by?

    Stop playing the victim and get over yourself bud.

    1. Snowflake!

  6. Another attack by the Libtard left! I’m offended by Tony the Tiger not!

    1. My guess is that if there was a restaurant name you could identify with, it would be Cracker Barrel.

      1. Isn’t “cracker” a racist slur?

        1. Yeah, I was replying to Brad’s comment. I agree Eskimo Joe’s needs to change their name – I’ve never understood its appeal in general.

        2. Congratulations! You got the joke!

    2. Brad would like to speak to the manager of TLO. He has received poor service and would like a refund.

  7. Things really change. We used to hang out in there when it was just the local 1/3 clean hippie dive bar and that was it. Nothing more and I never knew the owner but I’d still bet offending Native Americans was the very last thing on his mind at the time.
    The guy was probably just like everyone else, just hanging on financially by the skin of his ass looking for a niche that was provided for him because the Gray Fox down on the corner was packed to the rafters every night with the Frat crowd and the rest of us needed a place to call home. He was probably far more concerned about finding a handful of bartenders who wouldn’t drink and free beer to anybody who wasn’t a guy him out of business, oh and would show up to work straight.
    He probably could have named it George Armstrong Custers Hideaway Bar and Grill and who’d have cared that is till it became the Oklahoma Behemoth it has become.
    What a mess. You want to talk about a company that is totally “branded” to its name?
    When will it become totally uncool to call someone an “Asshole”?

    1. It’ll always be fine to call someone an asshole – it’s non-denominational, non-racial, non-sexual, non-discriminatory, non-disabled, non-political, pretty much non-everything and can apply to everybody.

      1. That’s right. They are like opinions. Everyone has one, and they all stink.

      2. I have an ostomy, so I take offense to this…

        1. See, that was my way of thinking but I’m talking about the millions and millions of hemorrhoid sufferers.
          It’s definite discrimination.
          Caused me to drop my suggestion for the new Redskins team as the Washington Assholes. Politically incorrect.

          1. It’s a body part that is much maligned, and much needed. People should have some respect.

            1. And mine has the delicate scent of rosewater.

      3. Then I take it you aren’t offended when a person calls you an asshole?

  8. Check out the #notyourmascot hashtag on twitter or instagram and listen to multitudes of native leaders, organizations, and voices say in their own words why using caricatures of indigenous people and racial slurs as mascots / business names / logos is hurtful and harmful. Don’t just listen to this one guy writing on TLO. Hundreds if not thousands of native organizations called for changing the Washington football team name and “Eskimo” is just as much of a slur as that name is. Sports teams in Canada have already changed their name from that slur. It’s easy for people who have never personally been called racial slurs and been directly harmed to sit back and argue in comment sections that something isn’t harmful. This doesn’t affect you at all. These slurs do directly hurt living people right now. Native people are not making it up that these names are harmful. Seek out and listen to lots of different native voices. Here’s a good twitter thread: https://twitter.com/renee122169/status/1285761604081127424?s=21 or again Just check out #notyourmascot

    It’s not just Louis personally who takes issue with the name. It’s pretty easy to attack him personally in comments sections though, right? He’s not some isolated snowflake going around just being offended by stuff just for funsies… At least not on this particular issue.

    1. Not attacking or making fun of Louis but it certainly seems obvious because of the timing of the current outrage that has finally spilled over to even Oklahoma that a long time, well run, employee based establishment is potentially in a world of shit just because what was most likely a very small group of people passing a joint with the stereo playing and came up with a simple name that just happened to sound ok at the time. Just guessing.
      Mr. Clark will come up with something and keep on going but anyone who thinks political insanity can’t lead to business insanity should work a case study over the last 3+ years and the worst is possibly yet to come.

      1. Probably true it was “most likely a very small group of people passing a joint with the stereo playing and came up with a simple name that just happened to sound ok at the time.” Intent is not the same thing as impact. It’s hurtful now decades later and it was hurtful then regardless of the origins. The impact has caused harm regardless of innocent intent. “But I didn’t *mean* any harm!” doesn’t absolve someone of actually causing harm.

        We as a society can do better and it’s good that societal pressure has gotten to the point where things are actually changing a teeny tiny bit now. “Eskimo Joe’s” and lots of other establishments / sports teams will need to rebrand but they’ll do fine after the transition. No one expects things like letterhead and stadium signage to change overnight. I mean, the Washington football team name for the next year is… Washington Football Team.

  9. It is very unlikely that all those sports teams whose nicknames reference Native Americans intended disrespect. It is very unlikely that they gave the matter any thought at all. But times change, and if you don’t change with them you wind up as the uncle that everyone hopes will keep quiet at Thanksgiving.

    So many changes, just in my short lifetime. The generally accepted “polite” word used when I was young to describe Black people (begins with an N, ends in an o) is now considered a slur, although MLK himself used that word all the time over 50 years ago. “Indians” are people from India, not Native Americans named wrongly by Columbus because he was comically lost.

    And now “political correctness” is coming for “Eskimeau” Joe’s. Oklahoma’s leading apparel merchant with a bar/restaurant sideline surely meant no disrespect to Arctic natives when he named his establishment and commissioned a cartoon of a man and his dog as a marketing gimmick. But the E-word has long been used as a slur in Canada, and consciousness of that fact has finally made its way to distant Oklahoma.

    Here’s something else that your uncle won’t understand: “Political correctness” is a slur favored by that Thanksgiving uncle, but all it really means is treating other people with respect – and maybe changing your ways if that is what it takes. (Is change THAT hard?)

    I feel badly for Joe’s. (Or E-Joe’s. Or Joe-E’s. Or Cowboy Joe’s. Whatever.) He innocently built a clothing empire in the 1970s that is being challenged in the “woke” 2020s. Will the successful cartoon and its namesake have to go the way of Aunt Jemima and the old Sambo’s restaurant chain? Perhaps, but life will go on.

    1. Well said Greychin… I worked for several years at Joe’s & it never once crossed my mind that someone would be hurt by the name & the logo & for that I now feel ashamed. I should know better I grew up with a mama that was a first generation Italian American & heard horror stories all my life about they way she & my Aunties & Uncles were treated as kids & into adulthood. She once said she was glad that myself & my siblings took more after my dad’s Scottish side of the family so that no one ever thought to tease us about the color of our skin… makes me so sad
      The name is easy, since many just call it “Joe’s” anyway
      But the “Big Grin” logo… wow, that’s gonna be a hard one
      But I know that Stan will do the right thing… because he’s just that guy!

  10. As a white woman who has lived in Oklahoma all her life I would really like to say that I understand how this is an offense to indigenous people, but we all know that a person like me can’t truly understand what it’s like to feel like a business is profiting off a slur and caricature of people like me.

    So I’ll say this. My view of racism in the U.S. is that we see white as the standard for humans, and any deviation from white is just that. A deviation from the standard human. Think about that, uncomfortable as it is. It’s the way we look at one another through a lens of how people of color or any differing ethnicity aren’t equal to us white folks. It’s sick and wrong but I believe it’s how our society was built and continues to function.

    That said, removing “Eskimo” and calling it just “Joes” would in effect, white wash the title. Take the parka off ol’ Joe and he’ll become some standard white guy with horse teeth and a dog. Changing anything indicating heritage or ethnicity to prevent offense will only reinforce our white washed, white standard society. Aunt Jemima, Uncle Ben and Eskimo Joe without their well-known titles and pictured labels will become plain old empty names that represent a product amongst the static of other white washed names and products. White power in action. No thanks.

    I believe racial and orientation slurs are venom to everyone, but where is the line of what is offensive? Sex offenders and pedophiles are trying to get the white wash as well, while it’s not an ethnic thing they will argue that their sex drives are genetic and therefore deserve equal status as BLM and other activist groups. Overweight folks are fighting back about being treated differently and used for marketing purposes too. Alcohol and drug addiction is a disease, can you imagine when addicts in and out of recovery push to ban movies or marketing that glorify being drunk or high? Bye bye Cheech and Chong. Better shut down the entire country music industry, too.

    Louis, I’m sorry you have been affected negatively by Eskimo Joe’s all these years, but I’d like to know if you also avoided Aunt Jemima and Uncle Ben, never went to Sambo’s back in the day, decried Gone With the Wind and avoided churches with their pictures of white-skinned-blue-eyed Jesus because of their titles and references.

    I honestly want to know where the line is. It has to be drawn soon. Who draws it?

    1. When talking about respect and disrespect, there is no line and there can be no line – only shifting shades of gray. No authority determines the shades – society and culture at large do.

      Society at large shows little tolerance for sex offenders and seems less tolerant of them all the time. Most of us don’t “wish them well,” and aren’t likely to in the foreseeable future in spite of any of their pleas for tolerance and acceptance.

      All I know for sure is that if you stand still long enough, you’re going to find yourself on the wrong side – like that uncle at Thanksgiving. What we did out of ignorance back in the day matters much less than what we think and do now.

      Trying to cling to ignorant former attitudes and actions eventually stops being ignorant and morphs into actual malice.

      1. With what you said wouldn’t you be surprised that a decent percentage of people attach themselves to a proven / 20K and counting liar?
        Why would a person attach themselves to a habitual liar? Did they date one throughout high school? Did they open a business with a habitual liar and it worked so well they hired a habitual liar as a secretary? Have they lived a rich 40 years of marriage to a habitual liar?
        I thought liars weren’t cool up till 2016? I thought lying was a black and white issue?
        But I’m just an old guy. I also thought a con artist would never be the President of the United States.

    2. I’m a boring old white guy, and I’ve always thought those shirts looked offensive. When I was in the military, I used to wear a lot of Oklahoma shirts to show my Oklahoma pride in the other states and countries I was in. I always considered those Eskimo Joe shirts off limits, I mean, come on, it’s always been a racist caricature, I’m amazed it’s taken this long to call it out.

      And please, get out of here with the pedophile nonsense, you sound like the idiots that would always go on about people being able to marry farm animals if we allowed gay people to marry.

      1. I would never marry one of my chickens. And, whatever some of you may have heard, that Buff Orpington that is always hanging around the back door lies, lies, lies.

    3. All the mascots & racially insensitive brands had one purpose only & that was to marginalize the people they depicted. It was to remind everyone of their place in society, that this is a white person’s country & they had better not forget it.

      I have yet to hear a legitimate argument to keep a mascot that is offensive to the people depicted in the mascot. We draw the line at doing the right thing & acknowledge that it is hurtful & get rid of it.

      1. I don’t believe that those mascots were chosen maliciously. But holding onto them today may be malicious.

      2. If I’m understanding your thought I’m being told Mr. Clark had to bring in a KKK consultant to be sure he was marginalizing Eskimos to the fullest extent possible? If you were around back then you must have hung out with a really different crowd than I did.
        God damned girl are you saying our minds were so cynically warped by the time we went to college that we had it out for Eskimos? I think you might be running the bases backwards.

  11. Why don’t they name it honestly and call it T-shirt Joe’s? 😊

    1. Seriously, it’s an easy fix, just ditch the guy, name the dog Joe, and call the place Malamute Joe’s, or Husky Joe’s. Maybe just Joe’s. The dog’s adorable, it’s better all around.

      1. And it’s an excuse to sell more T-shirts!

      2. I just responded to Eskimo Joe’s opinion survey with almost the exact same suggestion. Rename to Alaska Joe’s, ditch the stereotyped human, and keep the dog. His name can be Joe!

  12. Let’s see…Fat bitch breeder right wing christian karen looney dumb okie hillbilly Joe’s Bar or Eskimo Joe’s Bar with a cartoon picture of a supposed Eskimo that vaguely resembles the Warner Bros cartoon versions of “Japs” back in WW2. I just don’t know. There’s a lot to be concerned about these days but frankly I’m of the opinion that if the owner just slaps Stillwater Bar & Grill on his place there’ll be somebody pissed off. Teachable moments.

  13. I agree 100%. If the old Sambo’s Restaurant mascot was considered racist, how is Joe’s any different?

    1. We didn’t realize that “Eskimo” is a slur. Now we do.

      Sambo was always a slur.

  14. The higher ups at Eskimo Joe’s have been worried (in private) about this for many years. Stan Clark and Company have made millions of dollars using a racially insensitive mascot that they knew would be called out one day. That day has arrived. Change the mascot and the name Stan, it’s the right thing to do.

  15. Shouldn’t the Sooners change their nickname?…

    1. Yes!

    2. how about the OSU cowboys…didnt they shoot Indians? about as much sense as wiping out Joes!!

      1. What about the OSU Cowboys? You’re drawing a false equivalency.

        Inuit and Yupik are people. Cowboy is a profession. People choose to be cowboys. The Indigenous of Alaska don’t choose their race. That’s the difference. Logos like Joe’s contribute to the fact that society doesn’t see Indigenous as human beings. We’re just mascots, logos, 2 dimensional representations of what you’ve decided we are. It’s gross.

        And we aren’t indians. Indians are from India. It’s a name forced on us first by murderous, human trafficker columbus and then by society in an attempt to eradicate our tribal identities. It’s just a continuation of the “Kill the Indian, Save the Man” ethos that perpetuates cultural genocide. It’s also gross.

        1. BS

          1. Thank you for your well spoken, erudite response. Truly you have contributed the most
            thoughtful, meaningful comment of this entire conversation.

            You should definitely take the time to simply say “BS” to the owners as I’m sure such an educated argument will sway this in your favor.


            1. well, grannie, the owners are hopefully calling BS on this too..get over it & yourself

        2. My two neighbors and good friends call themselves “Indians”. One is Comanche and the other Caddo.

        3. But you have to admit you are getting the last laugh.

    3. Definitely. Controversy is coming soon to a stadium near you.

      That and our nickname, the “Sooner State.” “Sooners” not only benefitted from theft of Native land, but cheated other white people by grabbing land “sooner” than the rules allowed. Something to honor? No.

      1. Why is it that people fight so hard to hang on to a less than stellar past history by glossing over the ugliness with revisionist fairy tales & scream bloody murder when anyone rewrites that history with the truth?

        Own & move on. We will all be better off for it.

      2. something to change?..NO

      3. The content providers of this blog would approve of The Oklahoma State Rednecks and The University of Oklahoma Meth-Heads…Since they are anti-Oklahoma everything…

    4. Yes. It’s on the list along with the Indians, Chiefs, Braves, 49ers, etc.

    5. And specifically which Oklahoma “Run” were they referring to? There were several you know. I would imagine it would be offensive to those whose Great Grandparents were Sooners in the incorrect “Run.”

      1. “Sooners” were cheaters, just as Confederates were traitors. If it’s offensive to some to recognize that, so be it.

  16. Rename it OKIE JOE’S with a couple of folks in a Model T that is stuffed with personal belongings.

    1. “Okie” is a slur in California, resulting from the Dust Bowl migration. A guy from San Jose who I knew in the army referred to an “Okie credit card.” That’s a syphon hose.

      Gov. Bartlett did his best to rehab “Okie” into something inoffensive, and he was partly successful. Times change. Adapt or get left behind.

      1. Oops. Should be spelled “siphon.”

    2. Actually to follow along with its rich history “Smokey Joe’s” , lose the hoodie, shorten the teeth, insert joint, dog’s fine where he is.

  17. I’m offended by the term Ginger. As a red head I have always been offended by that bullying term. But I don’t see anyone complaining about that. It is hurtful, degrading and meant to kill a person’s self esteem. Get rid of what really hurts instead of just looking for nothing.

    1. How offended would christians be if Jesus on the cross became a satirical mascot? Perhaps their take on indigenous people as nitpickers would change.

      Never happen. When Jesus is depicted as a middle eastern man, white christians have a total freak out.

      1. The Fightin’ Christs!

      2. Yes, Jesus on the cross with that big cartoony toothy grin, and maybe a smiling buzzard on his shoulder, beak dripping blood.

        Nah, they still wouldn’t get it.

    2. There’s a derogatory mascot/logo of a stereotypical redhead being marketed and sold, making millions of dollars off your pain for non-redheads?

      Please show your work.

      1. What was the gals name on Gilligan’s Island?

      2. Kim writes about how hurtful it is to be made fun of because of having red hair & you, Frances make light of that sentiment with a crass dismissal comparing it to making money.
        I am certainly happy that you meet all the markers of perfection so you never have to experience cruel, mocking behavior directed at you.

        1. Bless your heart.

          I’m Mvskoke Creek and Seminole. I know good and well how damaging and hurtful representations can be.

          My point, which you physically ducked from so it would go sailing over your head, is that while “ginger” is offensive and harmful it’s not being monetized and normalized in logos and mascots as what the Indigenous experience.

          As for dismissal, Kim herself wrote “Get rid of what really hurts instead of just looking for nothing.”, contemptuously reducing what is happening to us as not even worth a thought because redheads, which are 2% of the population, being called ginger on occasion is far more important an issue than the degradation of an entire race of people. You want to talk about dismissal? Try learning what the word means first.

          1. My Jewish paternal grandmother lost all her family in Germany & the Netherlands to the death camps.

      3. Wendy’s

    3. I appreciate Kim’s point of view. There are numerous other nicknames/slurs related to hair color: Blondie, Red, Carrot Top… probably lots more I can’t think of right now. Perhaps my own screen name?

      Never thought of those as slurs, but bullies gonna bully. If it’s not hair color they tease you about, they’ll find something else. Context matters.

      Ginger Baker was a legendary rock drummer.

      Actually, I’ve always had a thing for red-haired females. My first junior high crush, then Ann-Margret, Tina “Ginger” Louise, Donna on Suits to name a few. Be red and proud, Kim!

      1. Oh for Christ’s sake.

  18. I’m afraid KFC isn’t going to survive the current culture. Southern Colonel selling fried chicken.
    Other things that might not survive……white bread, brown bread, white sugar, brown sugar, white gravy mix, brown gravy mix.
    Does this only appy to foods and food service ?
    Lets keep drawing lines and forcing people to choose a side. Before long we’ll change the name of the country as well. The Ununited State of America seems to have anice ring !

    1. Don’t forget Redskin potatoes.

  19. I guess I just don’t have enough free time.

  20. Damaging to them? Has any one asked the Inuit people if their damaged by Eskimo Joe’s in Stillwater Oklahoma? My guess would be no because their out working trying to provide for their families in really tough conditions. WORKING FOR A LIVING, IMAGINE THAT.

  21. I can’t believe I have to explain this to you but the Indigenous are not types of food. People do not routinely eat them. The things you listed are inanimate. They do not have humanity that deserves the same respect as actual people.

    This may come as a shock to you but the Indigenous are actual people. I’ll give you a second to clutch your pearls as that sinks in.

    It’s a mark of how dehumanized we’ve been by sports team names, logos, mascots, tropes, and stereotypes that the first thing you thought of to compare us to was a bought and sold commodity instead of human beings.

    We are people, not products.

    Thanks for proving the point of the article though.

  22. The Alaska Native Language Center: “Although the name “Eskimo” was commonly used in Alaska to refer to Inuit and Yupik people of the world, this usage is now considered unacceptable by many or even most Alaska Natives, largely since it is a colonial name imposed by non-Indigenous people. Alaska Natives increasingly prefer to be known by the names they use in their own languages, such as Inupiaq or Yupik.”

    It’s time to let the Indigenous have a say in how they are referred to and portrayed.

    If you don’t like it then draw a “typical” white person with as many derogatory racial stereotypes as you can think of and slap it across peoples t shirts for profit that will only go to POC.

    You’re cool with that, right?

    If so, you’re down with the worst examples of your race being a representative model of who you are so you should take pride in that and push to have the logo changed.

    If not, then you see the issues inherent with derogatory stereotypes and should push to have the logo changed.

    Either way means it has to go.


    1. Yeah your right, they should change it to Joe’s and have a sweet cartoon version of Joe Dirt and Charlie the dog. I would so wear that, they would make a lot of money off of those.

      1. REDNECK JOE’S that’s what I meant, I can’t believe I missed that. They could even serve Wah burgers and french cries. You have good Ideas Frances.

        1. Bad idea to name anything “redneck.” They’ll be coming for that soon enough, and rightly so.

  23. I’m trying to figure out when the fuck ANY of us were promised a life in which we were never offended by anything.

    1. I’m offended by the perpetually offended.

      but hey – it’s good for clicks on the site.

      1. You do have too much free time.

    2. No guarantees, but that doesn’t give you permission to be purposefully offensive.

      1. The Constitution gives everyone that right. It’s called free speech. Anything can offend anyone. That why our founding fathers were so brilliant.
        That being said it’s not nice , but there certainly are alot of assholes.

        1. The Constitution only keeps the GOVERNMENT from interfering with free speech. Public shaming of offensive speech is perfectly constitutional, and often virtuous.

          That congresscritter who called AOC a “f**king b*tch” yesterday is protected by the Constitution from prosecution (unless his remarks are construed as “fighting words,” per the Supreme Court). AOC cut him into mincemeat today on the House floor. I’ll bet he uses the same hateful language around his wife and daughters. I’m sure of it. Hateful is as hateful does.

          1. Guess you ran out of your Lithium before the first of the month. That was a unhinged lunatic rant. I’m just guessing you don’t have a significant other in your house.

          2. the congressman was spot on…only thing she ever shredded was napkins behind some bar

        2. Some people refer to them as “comedians.”

    3. watch it, dangerous francis will be all over you!!!

  24. You could teach a class in logical fallacies from this thread.

  25. How about “Buy your clothes at racist Joe’s”?

  26. Call a foul on Fowler he’s lost his mind, the Joe Biden of Oklahoma.

    1. “Person. Woman. Man. Camera. TV.”

      I know it’s a tough gig to be a Trump apologist these days, but man, you guys are going to have to come up with something other than comparing their respective mental health. I mean, as a Democrat, I’m ecstatic with the comparison, so keep it up I guess. Like Trump, I guess you guys don’t know how idiotic you sound.

  27. Their cheese fries taste like every other cheese fries you can get at any other mid-priced casual dine in restaurant in Oklahoma, and the rest of the food isn’t anything to write home about. Even when I went to college there, I ate at Joe’s maybe twice. Not worth the drive

  28. I’m pissed that you have are destroying the name of a good family by calling this thing the “lost ogle”, you know that’s there family name and you are using it to make money… and insult them.
    How about you change the name of the website????? Everyone is pissed about something just grow up and get over it.
    I’m tired of all this bitching!!!!!!!

    1. It’s ironic that you’re bitching about the name of a website being satirical.

    2. thank you, but understand they will probably remove your post like they do some of mine…Poor lil Louis, dangerous francis & gray chin will probably hammer you..no big deal..

  29. To Louis: Big News. The Laredo Taco Company is coming to 7-11s in the OKC area. I’m telling you, they’re the best gas station food there is. They make their tortillas from scratch right in front of you. Barbacoa? Yes! Fajitas, pollo asada, yes, yes! Here’s the announcement. http://www.portlavacawave.com/news/state/laredo-taco-company-brings-authentic-mexican-food-to-oklahomas-7-eleven-stores/article_6d3f6d2d-169a-57ff-8505-2a0c0e712cdb.html
    Great tacos! You’ll love them like I do in the Rio Grande Valley!

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