Antiques and Meats: The Rink Gallery and Some of the Best Ribs in Town

One of my ladyfriend’s favorite hobbies is antiquing on the weekends. While she typically enjoys finding things like rustic furniture, unique jewelry and other semi-conversational items on the cheap, I usually tag along to seek out somewhat collectible records, but, sadly, only coming up with a water-damaged and badly-scratched copy of Foghat’s Tight Shoes.

On a recent relic run, we stopped by one of her favorite antique shops, the Rink Gallery, 3200 N. Rockwell Ave. in Bethany. While she found a couple of art-deco necklaces and other vaunted treasures of the price-tagged past, I, of course, came up empty-handed, disappointed by the lack of listenable vinyl recordings that I had hoped to find.

Still, as I was looking at a stacked bookcase filled with mostly aged textbooks, I could smell the strong scent of barbecue hovering in the air; like an animated dog with a hungry nose that whimsically floats him to the source, I found myself at the somewhat blocked—for Covid-19, of course—snack stand with a glass case on the counter where, wrapped tightly in butcher paper, sat one last slab of meat.

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