Edmond Residents Try To Dance Away The Coronavirus

On Sunday morning, I was doing some mindless scrolling through this poisonous app on my phone called Twitter when a weird video popped on my little screen.

It apparently shows a group of older white people dancing at Hafer Park in Edmond. It was equal parts disturbing and awe-inspiring, and a friendly reminder of how awesome and confident drugs can make us feel.


I know a lot of people are going to complain these folks were disregarding social distancing and public safety measures, and I can see their point, but that doesn’t really bother me too much.

This is because:

A) There is a pandemic going on, and this may just be the only time in human history when it’s okay to go to a public park and dance like you just snorted all the coke at Groovey’s, and not be arrested and appear on the local news.

B) Although I’m probably 15 years younger, have a beard, and don’t act like a Smurf at a rave, I kind of resemble the chubby funster prancing around in the blue shirt, and I find that way more disturbing.

In addition to all that, I think dance moves like that kill the Coronavirus more effectively than ultraviolet light, bleach and the Oklahoma wind combined. At least I think that’s what President Trump said in his last press conference. I could be wrong.

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33 Responses

  1. OMG! I thought I saw my right-wing nut job sister and her Nazi spouse there for a minute. I guess there’s one (or more) in every family.

    1. They were at wal mart wearing there swakita masks I believe in Wisc ? Saw it on facebook ,created quite a stir

  2. They were dancing for the BOGO intubation kits at the Edmond hospitals.

  3. This is something some group put together, as not too many people, even in Edmond have an outside sound system, and a snap together fake brick dance floor to set up in the park. They probably thought this would be a good way to show that Covid can’t damage the spirit of Oklahoma.

    Never underestimate the power of stupid people in a large group. Edmond being Edmond and in denial probably even issued a permit for the group to have the event at the park, you know to keep everyone else who is in denial happy.

  4. Wow, I can’t unsee that.

  5. I hope it doesn’t take an agonizing death or two per family to convince such folks to act responsibly. I hope, too, that they don’t jeopardize the lives of others who are trying to stem the rising pandemic tide.

  6. I just hope at some point this devolved into an orgy.

  7. Edmond (and it’s ugly sister Jenks) has always been the asshole of Oklahoma. Rich, white flight suburbanites who think they’re better than everyone else and somehow above the laws of man and nature. White privilege and stupidity at it’s finest! Puke!!!

    1. That’s a lot of Edmond Envy. You should be a TLO writer.

      1. “I do not think envy means what you think it means”

      2. Nah, that’s a fair assessment of Edmond, ‘Murica. Have no desire to live there. I thought it might been filming for a new movie. A cross between Footloose and Cocoon, called “Darwinism at Work”. Living in Oklahoma is starting to have the same feeling of self loathing and fear that one would have to find in the used car business. Oh well new nightmare tomorrow, “Good night and good luck.

  8. When not discriminating against their neighbors of color in calling the local police department or demanding that they move out of their apartment complex to help increase their property values, Bougie and Caucasian Edmonites demonstrate their horrid dancing and mayonesque lack of rhythm. GROSS!

  9. I’d love to join them but every time I’m in Edmond the cops pull me over. Seems if you’re from Moore they stop you, frisk you and conduct a body cavity search. Then you get a full fledged Po Po escort to the city limits.

  10. I live in Edmond and the only thing that offends me about this is that I wasn’t invited!!

    And for you Edmond bashers, I can assure you that my family and everyone else I know here is taking this very seriously. Oops, gotta run; need to get my Bentley out of the rain.

    1. My OKC property value is still higher than yours and I dont have a fraction of the traffic. But good for you owning a Bentley and thinking it means something other than you have low self esteem and only your only value is what materialistic possession you’re flaunting. I think it’s cute you were able to afford it.

  11. Dance like there’s no tomorrow! I danced like that once in college. But just once. I think they were sober too. I needed a drink after watching that…

    1. In 2020 America, you might be right and realistic about there being no tomorrow for some of those people dancing in the video.

  12. Where the f*#K is Stitt? Running the sound machine? Idiots gathering together like cockroaches.

  13. Over to you, Mr Darwin.

  14. The Edmondites are certainly letting their freak flags fly. Next thing you know, they’ll be wrestling in ranch dressing.

  15. Holy smokes I may be late to this, but this is the first time I’ve read that Carol Hefner quote.

    The hand-shaped bruise on my face will eventually heal, but she’ll always be stupid.

  16. Except for the lack of Covid-19 protocols (masks and 6 foot distancing) I find this charming. Let Disco Grammy and Grampy have some fun! Good to see some light hearted fun and levity in these depressing times.

  17. In North Carolina today, the guy who got off Air Force one said:


    Like the rally ignoring all of those guidelines that he promoted in Tulsa? Like the Republican Convention that Trump moved from NC to Jacksonville to avoid those same guidelines, then moved online after mocking Biden about the Democrats’ pathetic “virtual convention”? The one who advised us early on that the virus would “just disappear”?

    I want answers! What have they done with the President Trump that we knew and loved? Who is the imposter spouting this nonsense? Will the supporters of the “old” President Trump follow the advice of the new “woke” President Trump?

    Apparently not.

    Update: Reasor’s now has a corporate policy requiring customers to wear masks in every one of their stores. Supposedly the policy includes the likes of Jim Inhofe, who recently was photographed in the Langley Reasor’s, maskless, along with maskless Mrs. Inhofe. Will they comply in the future? We’ll see.

  18. Add some Hell’s Angels and a naked Kelly Ogle… …instant EDMOND ALTAMONT !!!

  19. White people are very, very bad and straight white people are worse. The USA is horrible and Patrick a brilliant journalist.

    1. Two days and no comebacks on your comment. Your sarcasm must have confused the liberal self hating sjw idiots.

  20. Edmond just got serious about keeping their citizens safe during the Pandemic. Tonight they passed a mask ordinance 3-2. It will go into effect August 26, yes in 30 days, as in order for it to take effect immediately it would have taken a 4-2 vote.

    So starting August 26 the citizens will be safe, as a mask will be required. I guess they couldn’t have voted for an emergency clause after the vote on the masks, like OKC did. Perhaps the clairvoyant council knows the situation will get a lot worse in 30 days than it is today. They will have another meeting Monday to figure out the exact starting and ending date of their mandate.

    Hopefully there will be another few shindigs in the park before the masks ruin that kind of fun.

    1. Whoever the two morons are that voted against this and pushed it a month forward, shame on you.
      You will have death on your hands, you freaking rubes. Grow an effing brain. I’m embarrassed to live in Edmond.

  21. Stitt’s all good now so balls to the wall. See there-this virus ain’t nuthin.

  22. that feller in the blue shirt looks like he is using his dancin for a form of birth control. but i wouldnt kick him outta my bood-war if he kept the lights off, the rest of um need a couple a shots of wild turkey to kill the bug up their butts.

    1. Cant stop laughing. The chubby guy in the blue shirt is my ex!!! He really can dance though, despite this one 😂😂

  23. I am SO embarrassed for them!

  24. Suppose they could have been cake walking to Dixie Land. Steps–and complexion–seem more suited to the latter.

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