Bice and Neese squabble over Mike Pence endorsement

Just like a classic football game between Oklahoma State and Texas, the race between Terry Neese and Stephanie Bice for the Republican nod in OK-CD5 has quickly devolved into one of those “Is it possible for both of them to lose” runoff elections.

In fact, things have gotten so sad that they’re now fighting over the support of Vice President Mike Pence!

Here are the details from a Chris Casteel report in The Oklahoman:

Republican congressional candidate Terry Neese received a campaign check from the political committee associated with Vice President Mike Pence, apparently refuting the claim by state Sen. Stephanie Bice that Pence was on her “team” in the race.

The Great America Committee sent Neese a check for $1,500 last week and the same letter that was sent to Bice on June 30, the day the two 5th District candidates emerged from the crowded GOP primary as the top two vote getters…

The letter to Neese and Bice, signed by Pence, says, “Through Great America Committee, I am committed to support our President’s allies in Congress. Please accept this contribution as a sign of my appreciation of your support for our administration and our agenda.”

Bice, after receiving her check and letter, posted on her social media sites that Pence was on #TeamBice.

Yeah, that’s right. Stop the presses and notify the President – a person running for public office may have knowingly misrepresented and embellished something on social media. Whatever will we do!

Here’s the actual tweet from Stephanie:

First of all, like any of this matters. Outside of Mike Pence, who gives a fuck who Mike Pence endorses. Second, you can’t really blame Bice for interpreting a letter like that as an endorsement. Sure, it may be a form letter and full of propagandist lies, but if I got something like that in the mail along with a $1,500 check, I’d take it as a general sign of support, too.

Also, I don’t see the big deal in Mike Pence sending the same letter to Neese. In these open, inclusive and waffling times, it’s totally okay for the Vice President to support and endorse both Neese and Bice. In fact, I think that makes him bi-endorsal!

Anyway, in case you’re wondering why a GOP newsletter like The Oklahoman is helping make this topic an issue, I present the following tweet from Neese:

Yep, the Oil Overlords have shifted their money and attention firmly into the Team Neese camp. That’s not a surprise. In 2018, Bice voted to raise Harold Hamm’s taxes to help fund education during the big teacher walkout. It was a sane and reasonable decision then, and it looks like Bice is being punished for it now.

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35 Responses

  1. A pox on both of their houses.

  2. How anyone that considers themselves a woman could admire the “unstable idiot” is beyond my comprehension.

    1. I feel the same way about men, and anyone else we’ve left out.

  3. “Top” “conservative” “leader” = Mike Pence?

    Conservative, maybe. If by “conservative” you mean “religious nutjob who got picked by a moron to be second in command of MoronLand, Home of Endless Bankruptcies.”

    But “top” and “leader?” He couldn’t lead me to All You Can Eat Taco Night! at TacoTown if I was starving to death and the salsa was free of charge. Nor would I follow him there if he tried.

    And this is the guy whose endorsement they seek? Fuckin’ pitiful groveling, that.

    1. It now appears the reason Neece is pulling the 44 out the glove box of her old man’s pick up truck and if she can get the damned thing cocked she’s going after Lord Skiffington III by God.

      1. There are easier ways for Neece to get my endorsement.

        1. How? Making an attempt to become a human being?
          Actually switching her weapon of choice to something she could actually pick up and fire and not cut a section out of her forehead when it kicks back?
          I’m not clear what that woman could do to earn my vote?

    2. “Oleaginous lickspittle” is what i believe George Will called him.

  4. Is Neece the new model for “Grandma Karen”? The Do, the goofy glasses, the wheel gun in the glove box. Plus she’s so proud of the thousands of Oklahomans she’s put to work. And why not? Like a pimp they the do the work, she get’s a cut.

    1. She sorta resembles Betsy DeVos. So yeah, that’s a “look” now.

  5. As Kramer would say, “…cat fight?…CAT FIGHT!”

  6. Looks like Pence sent $1500 to Bice, who took this as an endorsement, as generally when one sends a donation it is assumed it is an enforcement of the candidate.

    Schoolyard and gun toting Terry Nease finds out, calls some friends who convince Pence to send the same check to Nease. Nease then has her campaign paint the whole situation as Bice being “untruthful”. Terry Nease believes negative campaigns and negative innuendos on the other candidate is the route to take. Solid decision from someone who has never won an election.

    Nease is the “Oklahoma Standard Republican” and as such feels entitled to be the candidate. She does look like the candidate Kendra Horn would love to face in November. The Yosemite Sam mentality of Terry Nease will be a good contrast to the calm and collected Horn.

    Since Oklahoma Republicans are very emotionally driven, and love the bandwagon approach Terry Nease is their candidate. Pretty soon we will see ads with Barry Switzer endorsing her. For the November election she will be the opponent best for Kendra. If you factor in PACs doing negative ads with all the dirt there is on Terry it really will be fun, and a bonanza for the local media in the OKC metro area.

    1. You just shot my lifetime opinion of Barry Switzer all to Hell. I’d still vote for the guy for Governor if he’d just switch parties. Barry Switzer I would think, wouldn’t get with in a mile of a donald if it wasn’t for politics. Switzer was probably the most NON racist person anyone would ever want to meet. Makes no sense whatsoever.

    2. Who does Frank Keating endorse? That’s the word that OKC Republicans should be waiting for.

      (Keating opposes SQ 805, wants to lock people up as long as possible. That’s the kind of guy he is.)

      1. Learn in here all the time. Frank Keating is Oklahoma’s Ronald Reagan? I guess that makes sense. At least from what little I can remember about the guy, I can’t recall him going public with statements or ideas that were totally insane and unconstitutional to the average voter.
        I don’t think the Lost Ogle could have just teed off on Keating like stttttttt or some of the other crazy GOPers around these days, like Terry.
        I’m Terry Neece and I like criminals and grifters! My favorite movie of all time is “The Grifters” and I love JT Walsh!! It really got me going when the 1st lady used the Presidential election to re negotiate her marriage contract with donald. Now that’s a GOPer woman if I’ve ever seen one!!!! Vote for me!! I’ll make Scott Pruitt look like Ronald Reagan.

  7. This is funny. Their Lord & savior and his lap dog aren’t going to be there even if one of them wins!! Then it’s off to the back row granny or buffy!!

  8. As I recall, Switzer endorsed Brad Henry for gov. Can’t see him being associated with either of these two.

    1. According to OKC Friday, “The Oklahoma News For Trendsetters” and authority of all things Nichols Hills Republicans believe, Switzer already has endorsed Terry.

      She will soon be touring with him with both wearing OU shirts in hopes of convincing the voters that voting for Terry will also make OU the national champs.

      1. Maybe Terry could get Barry to tell donald to stop the tariffs so the Oklahoma Agriculture sector minus pot could get get back up off its back after donald destroyed it.
        Only in Oklahoma will a certified member of the masses vote for someone who helped destroy the 2 central job and tax sectors of the economy, ag and oil.
        Could you imagine what the Indian Casinos could do if they quit advertising and just started broadcasting FOX type non stop propaganda about the benefits of gambling? Truth be damned. With in a month they’d be sucking up the SS and paychecks of every GOPer in the state that wasn’t already giving them every cent they had.
        Throw donald and ivanka out there with a can of Mexican beans standing buy a slot machine telling the cult to march to the nearest casino. The power of propaganda. It works.

  9. Don’t dismiss an endorsement from Pence. Everyone knows that Pence has no independent thoughts or ideas of his own at all, and that his statements are actually Trump’s statements.

    Its not just Oklahoma. Republican primary elections all over America are contests to see who can hug Trump the tightest.

    Republican candidates: “Unlike my opponent, my lips are attached to Trump’s backside as tight as a tick on a dog! Tighter even!”

    That isn’t likely to be a winning campaign slogan in November, at least not in races that are even a little bit competitive. It’s looking good for Kendra Horn.

  10. Bice & Neese are Bi-endorsed by Pence? They’re Bi, and in a menage-a-trois? ROF-LMFAO. LOL

  11. In her commercial Neese awkwardly pulls a 38 revolver out of her pickup’s glove box. She doesn’t know how to handle a pistol. LOL

    1. Bice should take a jab at Neese by pulling a glove out of a holster.

    2. It’s a shame (miracle?) she didn’t shoot herself in the foot!

  12. Glad Neese doesn’t like those “coastal elites”. Like the ones that own golf courses, Marlago, and buildings. Oh, I mean the orange man. Trump.

    1. According to her adverts, she wants to “protect Trump”- whatever that means.

  13. Take heart. Both of them were opposed to Medicaid Expansion which won by 35,000 votes in OK county.

    A pox on them both. Kendra all the way.

  14. I just read on Wikipedia that Neese is a resident of Yukon, but rented an apartment in OKC so she could run for Congress. I find it humorous that they both talk about going to DC to help out Donny. I don’t think Donny will be there much longer. He can enjoy golfing full-time.

    1. Seen his swing? He can’t play “dead”. That’s why he cheats.

    2. They have putting greens in minimum security prisons? And golf carts?

  15. Whichever one throws “I love the uneducated” into their campaign slogan will win the runoff! Why not it got the FAT ORANGE TRAITOR elected.
    Looks like ol pencie baby is learning how to jerk those puppet strings…it’s about time , his have been getting jerked for 4 years and he’s too stupid to realize it. Now if he could learn how to make these puppets kiss his ass he’d be as good as his FAT ORANGE DADDY!! He’s gonna make a hell of a jailhouse preacher though!!

  16. Does “Mother” know Mike ‘Snookums’ Pence is cavorting with, not one but, two women?

    He’ll be in for a good paddling once this gets out.

    Glad these gals are in favor of sexual harassment; adultery; rape, separation of children from parents, caging them, then losing them – no big deal, they were brownish. The admire a man who lies (over 22,000 at last count). A man whose goal in life is breaking every commandment and thinks the “seven deadly sins” are a lifestyle choice. A man who has never been successful with his claimed business sense. A man who the US intelligence services have concluded is a Russian operative (whether a dupe or active doesn’t really matter). A man who passes out Top Secret clearances to his family members over the objection of the agencies responsible for making that determination. A man who brags about remembering 5 words in order from a test that measures whether or not he should be committed to a care facility. Here they are: Putin, Russia, Bounty, Troops, Silence.

  17. I know this is Patrick’s site and all, but OSU fans do exist in this state. Instead of comparing it to Oklahoma State-Texas (or OU-Texas from a Cowboy’s state of mind), the more adequate comparison is when Mick Cornett was running for Governor. In the final televised debate between him and BullStitt, Cornett not only kowtowed to the Oil Overlord portion of the GOP base by somewhat taking back his comments on his own BullStitt campaign, he connected his anchor to the sinking (or long sunken) ship known as Former Governor Mary Fallin.

    During the debate, Mayor Mick lambasted Stitt for doing everything in his power to separate himself from Mattress Mary Failure. Not recognizing that literally the entire state was sick of her stupidity, this ploy lost him any bit of momentum that he had coming into the night. He severely underestimated that most of Tulsa and the Derps would go with the failed businessman, viewing the mortgage guy as Okie Trump.

    Cornett, falling behind in the polls and in a last-ditch effort to appeal to Rural Derplahoma, tried to call his initiatives during his tenure as Mayor of Oklahoma City “real conservatism.” Never mind the fact that bringing in an NBA team and using MAPS to raise funds to build the area that brought that team here looks nothing like the traditional definition of being conservative.

    There are many similarities in this race. Bice is the much more appealing vote to Democrats and Independents for her ability to pass things that matter, State Question 792 being one of her pieces of benchmark legislation. Personally, I thank Bice for modern alcohol laws. They should have been reformed three to five decades ago.

    But, Neese has the Derps on her side. Oklahoma hates moderate Republicans, and much like Stitt over Cornett, this is shaping up to look like the batshit crazy woman over the normal one in a landslide.

    I hope this does more to keep Kendra Horn elected, but who the Hell knows at this point?

  18. According to some the country will have lost 1/2 as many Americans in 9 months as WW2 took in 4 years and we’re just getting warmed up.
    Other than the ability to stick their own snout in the money trough donald has created and get what they think is their share before it’s gone and I would presume not caring one iota about debt or deficits except to say THEY will fix the financial mess in Washington and failing to tell the cult that THEY are the very people who created it and are blowing it up again, just like little bush.
    GOP should send new recruits to Oklahoma to learn the true power of propaganda on the non informed public.

  19. And now remember old Mike, donald, and Neece all have absolutely no problem with the Walton children making right at 10,000.00$ every single SECOND of every single day of every single week while a huge chunk of the Nation doesn’t even know where their next meal’s coming from.
    Oh boy, the Walton kids just made 3 million $ while I typed this. AND as an added bonus, I get to pay taxes to help pay the Walton Families help because they don’t earn enough at Wal Mart to survive without govmt. assistance!
    This, “Trickle Down Economic Theory” is why 82% of the people in this country are totally screwed and the likes of a donald does anything he wants.
    If anyone gets a chance to grill either one of these two GOPer stooges that’s the 1st and most important question to drive home: What’s your view on TDE and why?
    Conservative? donald? You’d have to be 100% stupid to believe that a convicted con/Trump U., who renegotiated his marriage contract with Melmoneya after the election just so she’d drag her lazy ass down to DC and play the President’s Wife next to the guy playing the President, who has a full time religious freak working to take 10% of the Cults income for who knows what.
    If you want to claim to be a conservative: 1. Try to explain what a donald conservative even is. Is a donald conservative one who, if given a tax cut, could care less about the Nation or deficits?
    If it’s guns then why is everyone with a heartbeat “arming up” while a supposed “conservative” is in office? Seems 80% of any type weapon online is sold out and on back order. This is conservative stability? Most businesses are afraid to open in the morning for fear of the latest political insanity.
    We actually have a GOPer wanna be making a fool of herself grabbing a pistol she can hardly get out the glove box to prove what? Pulling out a weapon just for the Hell of it isn’t what they teach you in weapons training. I would really like to ask what, exactly, is her point.
    Someone should ask Neece if the “Wall” is to keep out the criminals from the south or to keep all the sick, broke, hungry, desperate Americans in? Even Mexico doesn’t want us now. Conservatism? Please all you young gopers in here rather than running me, someone you don’t know, into the ground with endless put downs please lay out YOUR idea of what a real Conservative is and what the likes of a donald and his crew of grifters or a Neece who worships a criminal, donald, is actually doing to benefit YOU as a certified member of the masses? It doesn’t have to be a long drawn out line of bullshit like this. A simple T Chart will do just fine. Just don’t do the entire dissertation on what you were just told by lumpy hannity. That just makes you look worse because it’s not factual. Then you become just like donald who was quoted and filmed yesterday stating there were 12000 people at his COVID corral Party in Tulsa. P.S. Herman Caine wants to personally thank Gov. Stttt and donald for his passing. Hope your “fist pump” show was worth it stttttttttt. I’ll have to admit though, I never for a second believed sttttttt could take us all the way to # 1 in COVID case % increase!!!! We even made the front page of the NYT!!! Scary part is I’ve hardly touched on the GOP damage inflicted the last 4 years. Most any Dem. in this room could rant on for another 10 paragraphs on things I forgot. And most likely they’d all be factual. “Fact” look that word up GOPers.
    Are we tired of winning?

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