Edmond Facebook Group Tries to Rally Brave Anti-Facemask Shoppers

Earlier this week, an Ogle Mole pointed me to a Facebook group called “Brave Shop – Edmond.” Before I clicked, I figured it was another one of those Facebook groups where people applaud local businesses that require masks, and shame the ones that don’t, so consumers can make informed choices on where to shop and where to avoid.

It turns out I was right…kind of. Check out the group’s description:

Tired of being the only unmasked shopper in an entire store? This group was created for folks to consolidate shopping trips to certain days/times, making more of us visible at once. Let’s get together and storm the castles! No one needs to feel like a weirdo for shopping without a mask.

Awesome! I think I speak for all the sane people living amongst us when I say that non-mask wearers coordinating shop crawls is a great idea. It will let us know where to not shop, and also help build some much-needed herd immunity. They just need to make sure to use the hashtag #BraveShopEdmond. Well, if it’s not copyrighted.

That being said, I hate to break it to the tin-foil hat wearers that put this page together, but whether you’re alone in the produce section, or mouth-breathing on 20 other non-mask wearers in the bread aisle, you’re still going to look like a weirdo when you’re not wearing a facemask during a global pandemic.

Also, I know I’m not a paranoid Edmonite who doesn’t have the cognitive ability to comprehend the science of why everyone wears masks, but if you don’t want to “feel like a weirdo for shopping without a mask,” maybe you should just – I don’t know – wear a fucking mask? Seems pretty easy to me! Not only will it save you the public shame and embarrassment of having everyone look at you because you are a weirdo, but then nobody will actually know you are a weirdo. They’ll just think you’re a normal, courteous person taking one small step to help slow this deadly virus. 

Here are the rules for the group:

All the usual rules and guidelines apply in this group (be kind, no cussing, don’t be a jerk, etc.–follow these rules or get kicked out, yo), and ESPECIALLY when you patronize local shops. Let’s ensure that businesses know we aren’t the enemy, and that we should be heartily welcomed into their establishments. I encourage you to form your own group if you’re shopping outside of the Edmond, OK area. Happy shopping!

Yep, please follow the rules of our forum, otherwise you’ll get booted. But following public health guidelines and mandates to help slow the spread of a novel coronavirus that’s killed more Oklahomans than every tornado since the 1950s??? Let’s storm the castle, bitches!

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33 Responses

  1. So..the group that doesn’t want to get kicked out for not following the rules.. insists that you follow the rules or you will get kicked out. Got it.

  2. Be nice if they could infect themselves and let natural selection take its course (yes, I know that’s not really how it works, but it’s shorthand…), have them all catch it and reap the consequences, whatever they may be. But unfortunately the virus doesn’t discriminate between absolutely stupid, science-denying, non-constitutional-understanding, idiotic room-temperature dumbfucks that don’t care about anybody else except themselves and the rest of us that are sane, believe in science, and actually care about other people *and* the economy.

    1. No the virus doesn’t discriminate … except if you get vaccinated (whenever an effective vaccine becomes available). So I urge the Brave Shoppers to forego the vaccine as well as the masks. I have feeling these idiots will do just that.

  3. A group of unmasked Edmond shoppers is known as a “Gohmert”.

    Ex: “There was a Ghomert in Target today. They seemed kept asking each other if they looked weird.”

    1. A Gohmert of Karens?

    2. If “Gohmert” is to become a collective noun, let’s find a definition for a “Stitt.”

      1. How about “Right wing nut job political TURD”!

  4. delete *seemed*….sheesh

  5. #imatrumpsupportingmoronthatdoesntbelieveinscienceandimwillingtoinfectallpeopletomystupitidyandcovidbecauseitsallingodshands

  6. I believe this is the secondary pandemic known as Karenovirus.

    1. Amber: When I read this, I cackled like an entire coop full of hens! Thanks for a great pick-me up!

  7. The fact that you can be that ignorant and still somehow afford to live in Edmond is ‘Murica at its greatest.

  8. Now let’s not be to hard on our Edmondans. The EPA has recently discovered that the leather seats in Lexus’ and BMW’s contain a chemical known to induce self-delusions of grandeur.

  9. We’re still in the first wave, it won’t be over any time soon.

    1. Unfortunately, this is true. Idiotic Edmondites are a major part of the reason why.

    2. I wonder if you explained it to Oklahomans using the “wave” at an OU football game to reference how the virus works? Just don’t mention Fauci.

  10. Word is that the group has already folded. The administrator couldn’t take the pressure of an onslaught from sensible people.

  11. As a person of Edmond, I have seen small herds of these people around in different stores. I didn’t realize they had formed a group. They seem far from being worried about rules or making store owners mad, as they are usually walking w a purpose and seem to be seeking someone to point out they aren’t wearing a mask.

    But to be fair, the City of Edmond is so worried about the pandemic, that the passed a mask mandate…a month from now. And only for 2 weeks.

  12. Maybe they should all congregate at Life Church, were they can all not wear mask and praise their twisted version of God on a jumbo tron screen. Then they can all go to some shitty Edmond buffet (plenty to choose from) and afterwords head out to do the Lord’s real work in Edmond, go shopping!


  13. Ever get the feeling you’re living in the middle of some kind of bizarre “art film / horror movie” made by a bunch of lunatics from the State Hospital?

    All humans, no matter their age, gender, political or religious beliefs, etc. possess something called a “respiratory system.” That is to say, they inhale and exhale.

    Sometimes, stuff gets into this “respiratory system” that is BAD, ummmm kay? Stuff so bad, that if you exhale it, and it gets into other peoples’ “respiratory systems” it can FUCK THEM UP REAL BAD, feel me?

    But: what if you could wear something over your exhalatory exhaust ports such that a lot of these bad particles can’t spread quite so easily, thereby reducing the chances of fucking other people up? Would you do it?

    Or would you pretend there’s something SO SPECIAL about the shit that gets expelled from YOUR precious nose and mouth that mask-wearin’ not only ain’t necessary, but in fact it’s a by-God COMMIE PLOT? and therefore you should REJECT THE MASK!!!!!! Like the “patriot” you really “are.”

    This is what it’s come to in the Year Of Our Lard 2020 in the country known as the USA. A fuckin’ mask, an innocent thing, designed to help inhibit the spread of a goddamned virus, has become something worth politicizing.

    The gods slap the chronically stupid REAL hard upside their heads. And the stupid deserve it.

  14. Edmond: The largest entitled enclave in the Oklahoma City Metro where the Bougie Mayo residents will complain about people that don’t look like them, yet become mortified when they can no longer blend in with the crowd.

    It’s just hilarious how these clowns will call the cops to murder a black teen, but create a whole damned Facebook group because they don’t like being discriminated against because of their stupidity. THE IRONY! How can you have all that money and be that fucking dumb? Sad…

    1. In many cases, they got their wealth the old-fashioned way. They inherited it.

    2. News Flash: Everyone in Edmond does not live in a McMansion. The stereotype of rich, white escapees from the City fleeing Edmond is 40 years out of date. Edmond is approaching 90-100 thousand population. This population is diverse not only in ethnic mskeip but also economic groups. With the explosion of homes and apartment complexes, the poor and working poor are well represented. Painting a population with a wide brush is just as “racist “ as your implication stated. I don’t believe there is a group of anti maskers going into stores like a herd of protesters.

      1. Except that there was just an article written on it, and the group actually existed.

        As for homes and apartment complexes, those aren’t going to exist in harmony anymore. The idiot in the White House just got rid of the fair housing order that allowed for apartment complexes to be built in the suburbs, so the white flight stereotype will continue to reign for years to come.

    3. A McMansion and a new car do not always equate to having “all that money.” Most times it equates to all those notes on McMansions, etc..

      1. They got the money to pay for all of that, right? The working class lives from paycheck to paycheck, so yeah. They DO have ALL THAT MONEY.

  15. Following advice of medical experts to wear a mask and practice social distancing seems like a small sacrifice to make for ourselves, our neighbors, and for our country during a pandemic. Think of the sacrifices that our WW II generation made for the common good during the crisis of their era.

    Are Louie Gohmert and Jim Inhofe responsible for creating the idea that wearing masks is only for wimps and liberals? Did they create this entitled assholery? Whoever is ultimately responsible should be treated as a pariah and shamed for the rest of his days.

    1. That pariah would be Agent Orange and all the assfucks that follow him, but him mainly.

  16. I kind of wish the Del City “anti-maskers” would form a FB group for themselves. So tired of trying to explain science to a bunch of flag-waving “freedom fighters” about why they should wear masks to protect OTHERS. The argument appears to be that “not everyone can wear masks.” Okay…then wear a face shield at least, or better yet, stay the fuck home and have your stuff delivered! I’d happily run to the grocery/pharmacy/liquor store to keep your germs out of my path.

  17. I guess this group found out that the medical supply store didn’t carry intubation supplies.

  18. First of all, amid a global pandemic, seeking out others to be able to blend into a crowd and be socially acceptable while flouting public health guidelines and posing a hazard is pathetic. Secondly, can we build a wall around Edmond so they can’t get out of their city and spread the disease?

  19. Tribal dancing a day before in Edmond and now a concerted effort to employ commercial venues to infect.

    Appears the new campaign strategy might backfire. On the other hand, in line with many mis-judgements on the part of the handlers of the stable genius.

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