Oklahoma Announces Hydroxychloroquine Closeout Sale!!!

When Kevin Stitt said he was going to run Oklahoma like a business, I never thought he meant we’d be venturing into the pharmaceutical sales business.

Yesterday, News 9 announced that the Oklahoma Department of Health is looking to sell Kevin Stitt’s $2-million stockpile of hydroxychloroquine – a malaria drug that, like any good snake oil being peddled by a spray-tanned conman, is being touted by some as a miracle cure for the Coronavirus.

Via News 9:

The State Department of the Health said it’s now working to sell its stockpile of the anti-malaria drug hydroxychloroquine.

Earlier this month, the FDA pulled the emergency use of the drug to fight COVID-19.

Boy, I can’t wait to see those commercials on TV!

SALE-SALE-SALE NOOOOOOOOOOOW – at Oklahoma Discount Pharmaceuticals! We got hydroxychloroquine tablets 199.99!!! 199.99!!! 199.99!!! SALE-SALE-SALE NOOOOOOOOOOOW – at Oklahoma Discount Pharmaceuticals! Threegreatlocations

At this point in the story, you’d think News 9 would interview a physician from a local hospital about hydroxychloroquine, explain why it’s not an effective treatment, and maybe dispel some of the myths about it. Yeah right. Instead, Mike Gundy’s favorite local news channel gave Clay Bullard – Stitt’s “medical consultant” who helped the state buy the $2-million worth of malaria drugs – a platform to spread bullshit. He’s not a doctor, but he does have a PR degree from someplace called Bob Jones University:

Medical consultant Clay Bullard secured $2 million worth of medication at the Governor’s request.

Even though the FDA and doctors across the country concluded hydroxychloroquine wasn’t effective in fighting the virus, Bullard is still hearing from those wanting the medication.

“I get calls weekly from police officers, firefighters, emergency techs asking what doctors prescribe hydroxychloroquine as a prophylactic because they are on the frontlines with patients every day,” Bullard said.

The member of the Oklahoma State Board of Medical Licensure and Supervision pointed to a half-dozen studies showing hydroxychloroquine is effective in treatment for COVID-19.

Bullard said the medication used daily by many lupus patients has fallen victim to politics.

“Right now, the negativity on hydroxychloroquine is to prove Donald Trump wrong,” Bullard said.

He is right about one thing. People do want to prove Donald Trump wrong…especially when he’s pushing an ineffective treatment for a novel coronavirus!

Local doctors can still prescribe hydroxychloroquine off-brand to treat COVID-19.

Bullard said it’s not worth putting it out on the market now because the state will only receive pennies on the dollar in return.

The medical consultant to the Gov. Stitt thinks the state should consider it insurance if more research proves the drug is effective against COVID-19.

“It would be my advice to hold on to it for a little bit longer,” Bullard said.

I hate to say it, but I agree with Bullard! We should hold onto the stuff for a bit longer. At the very least, let’s see what it’s worth on the dark web. We could also have Kevin Stitt put his businessman skills to work, build a marketing plan and sell the stuff to consumers. I’d suggest some sort of pyramid scheme. Snake oil always sells well that way.


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48 Responses

  1. You guys are ignorant of the truth completely!

    1. Ignorant of what truth? The Lost Ogle or News 9? Use your words, Norma. Elaborate, please.

      1. Come on Mike. Think man. You know. “The Truth.”
        Can’t you buy that in the Fox News bookstore? I think it was written by lumpy hannity.
        Foreword by Wally George.

    2. Sorry, I presumed you would understand I was committing on Chloroquine. Thousands of Drs have used it across the world with with success.

      1. It is being used in Houston Texas for the treatment of demon sperm impregnation. So there is that.

      2. Unfortunately, thousands of others haven’t had success, hence why it’s not recommended. That’s how science works.

        1. Those who haven’t had success either…

          1. used it in a way for treatment not in accordance with how past successful results were shown.

          2. Forged data causing those and subsequently other studies to be shut down for safety.

          I don’t normally believe in conspiracy theories, but we are seeing a conspiracy to trash this drug with connections to the Gilead drug company who happens to manufacture Remdesivir which costs a lot more to buy.

      3. Only if chugged with Clorox spiked with everclear. Amazingly you hardly taste the everclear. Even better than using a watermelon. Another plus is there’s no need to disinfect the toilet.
        News 9 trotted out some janitor last night from a local hospital who claimed all the policemen and firemen and all kinds of different men were begging him to break into sttttttts Hydrodonald stockpile so they could take it daily.
        Someone should have told the bozo that for 40 cents he could buy one of those pallets of the shit stttttt pissed away our tax dollars on.
        God help us reinstate the “Fairness Doctrine” while there’s still a working mind in 50% of the population of this country or 75% of Oklahoma.

      4. On lupus. Agreed. See we have things in common!

    3. sounds like lil Patrick hasn’t been keeping up!!!

    4. And speaking of Lost in Space the Channel 9 piece on the hydrodonald was a total Sinclair Station audition of the craziest type. A must see. Right out of the Twilight Zone. Top 10 straight forward propaganda.
      It has been mentioned in here over and over and I just hadn’t paid that much attention what with all the fear of a rain cloud David instilled in me but damn they really are a donald propaganda channel.
      Appears Ogle has been on his hydrodonald + Valium for months now.

  2. Phiiit! $2 million is about what most people’s rx deductible is with commercial health insurance anyway!

    1. $2 million for a quack cure for COVID-19, $1.5 million for attorneys to fight a Lost Cause against Tribes who operate casinos…

      This is how we “run government like a business.” Next time you vote, remember where you heard this talking point and vote the other way.

    2. Maybe so but it would sure have fed a few hungry families for a while. But alas, 2 million dollars of nothing more than sttttttttttt landfill ordinance. Possibly there might be another idiot GOPer governor somewhere? DeSantis maybe. Can those pills be used as a flotation device? Hear there’s a hurricane coming?
      If it was spent on anything else than to please a grifter who owns stock in the hydrodonald factory then it could possibly be considered anything else but insanely stupid from a business standpoint.
      I bet the used car salesmen or women do a sprint to the door when they see stttttt pull up.

  3. Here’s an idea. Make it available to people, like my sister-in-law, who have Lupus.

    1. I suspect that many who suffer from lupus have no medical insurance, and can hardly expect treatment for a chronic condition like lupus in the emergency room. Next year many of those folks will be eligible for expanded Medicaid coverage.

      That is thanks to voter activism, and NO thanks to our Governor and Legislature who did their best to block it. Voter activism WORKS, especially in states like Oklahoma with backward, footdragging leadership.

  4. There is a legit use for people with lupus and some other conditions. The state should give these people as much of the drug as they can use.

    1. Appears they took a case of hydro, melted it into a giant snowball looking thing and mailed it to the “Piss Off Inhofe” campaign?

    2. What it has done for lupus patients was made it extremely difficult to fill their prescriptions for several months, imposed limits and raise the cost 3 to 4 times. Some insurance companies changed the med tier of it.

  5. Perhaps Stitt and company can sell it to Louie Gohmert. I’m sure he’d be mighty receptive! These lazy Oklahoma bureaucrats need to get off their butts and start peddling this stuff to Republicans all across Amerikkka! There are some special people in Oklahoma that would be interested as indicated here in the comments section. Get with it, Oklahoma!

  6. Oh, the irony. In the video, you see Carroll Fisher campaign ad accusing his opponent of all sorts of shenanigans.

    Fisher would later on go to prison on a campaign corruption conviction, and then later got a conviction on bribery.

    Oh, those krazy kooky kandidates of Oklahoma…

    1. Fisher also let the door to door health insurance salesmen come round and sell worthless health insurance to thousands of Oklahomans.
      Very similar to the current donaldcare insurance. Worthless.

  7. Distribute it free to lupus patients.

    1. Can you work a kickback scheme if you give it away for free? Nice thought. Wrong state.

  8. Maybe he will give a free dose to the kids he (& the unstable nimcompoot) are almost forcing to attend classes.

  9. Gov. Stitt surely took some of this stuff (“his own medicine”) before and during his recent infection with COVID-19. He seems to have had a very mild case, bounced back quickly. None of his family members are reported to have been infected, likely because they took the stuff too as a preventative measure.

    President Trump is reported to have taken a two-week course of the stuff a while back (in addition to Clorox treatments?), and he remains the healthiest and most mentally acute president ever to serve (according to his doctors). Those two cases alone prove beyond a shadow of a doubt that hydroxychloroquine is effective against the virus.

    I have no idea who Norma’s “thousands of doctors” are. Perhaps she will enlighten us.

    Why is the Deep State hiding this information? To hurt Trump’s re-election chances, of course!

    Ignore those clowns at the CDC, y’all. All those scientists like Fauci are in the bag for Biden. If you want the TRUTH, you only need to keep reading those posts on Facebook from friends of friends of friends…

    And whatever you do, DON’T GET VACCINATED when they start to distribute a “vaccine.” The payload will include a trackable silicon chip developed by Bill Gates. (I read it on Facebook, the only source of reliable news!)

    /snark (in case you can’t tell)

  10. In the Air Force ,before being deployed to SE Asia we were given 34 shots and 2 months prior to deployment , we given primaquine before each meal. I never caught malaria nor have I ever had the flu in my adult life

    1. Correlation is not causation – especially not for one solitary case.

      Hundreds of thousands of GIs who served in Vietnam got the same treatment as you. I’m not aware that their susceptibility to the flu thereafter has been studied.

      I’ve never had malaria, and I credit my annual flu shots for my avoiding the flu.

      1. I would highly doubt that most GI’s were like me in medical treatment. I spent 6 years ( 69/75) in the Laotian Jungle in rescue / recovery of American pilots. Each year we got the same 34 shots ( 17 in each arm ) I ate primaquine for 6 years. Going to school at Central I worked for the OU School of Medicine as a Child Development Specialist , working with the children with special needs, that were wards of the state 3rd Floor Don H O’Donoghue Hospital . Getting my M.Ed. in P.E. Sp.Ed I spent the next 10 years teaching school with special needs children, and as you know these children are sick all the time. So no flu shot ever needed , so I have never had a flu shot , but I did try a pneumonia shot in 2014, I was never sicker in my life ER 6x’s from Dec -June for uncontrollable coughing, bronchitis, pleurisy upper respiratory distress . Stay Well- Stay Healthy

  11. I say give it away. Every Trumpista who wants pills, gets pills. Tell ’em to wash it down with gin and they’re immunized from covid-19, Wuhan Flu, the Chinese virus, Kung Flu and halitosis. Once they become ill remind them that the novel coronavirus and heart attacks weren’t on the list and count our blessing that the Stupids have permanently left the building.

  12. I’m staying out of this one, if for no other reason than arguing about it will ruin my ongoing LSD experience.

    I now return you to your regularly scheduled programming, already in progress.

    1. Share.

  13. I don’t know if it is effective or not. I’ve heard MD doctors, with some impressive credentials, on both sides of the argument. I do think there has been a lot of misplaced blame on this and every other theory on the pandemic. The CDC is the main culprit. Don’t mistake me for being anti science or a conspiracy theorist but think how much flip flopping, wrong information and suggestions have come from that group. Not a threat to the USA but then it happened. No need to shut down but then it was. HCQ works then it doesn’t. Masks don’t help but now they do. They’ve created the distrust they are now receiving. Real life stories are what I believe. Masks have been proven to work, I’ll wear one in public. Social distancing works, I’ll do that. If an FDA approved vaccine comes out, I’ll be in line for it. Does HCQ help, Hell I don’t know but if my doctor thinks it will help, I’ll take an approved dose. Use your common sense and quit thinking everything is a conspiracy. It may save you or your loved ones life.

    1. Um, that’s how science works. Hey, this might work, let’s test it with multiple hypotheses and see………… OK, we’ve found out how the coronavirus mostly gets transmitted, it’s through the air in droplets, so wear masks, they’ll probably help. 2 months later – Oh hey, we’ve found out it can be aerosolized, let’s test masks with that new knowledge. OK, found out masks *do* work, WEAR MASKS! This hydroshit has gone through enough tests and situations, go read actual peer-reviewed studies from respectable outlets/organizations and you’ll find it doesn’t do anything to help COVID-19 patients.

      1. Exactly. Findings of good science change when more and better data becomes available.

        Bad science clings to old beliefs even after data proves them to be false.

      2. actually they said masks don’t work, apparently to keep people from buying them, so the healthcare workers would have enough. they, at best, misled and at worst lied. Tell the truth, we can handle it. this administration , and the previous one let the stockpile dwindle. Brian B: I will trust my doctor and what he suggests over anything you or any Einstein on face book has to offer but thank you for you educated guess… Um, that’s what a real, board certified doctor does. research and treat.

        1. Plenty of board-certified physicians (probably smarter than yours and actually working in the epidemiological field) have written about masks and the information is available on the internet, do yourself a favor and educate yourself, do not just trust your doctor blindly. I don’t. BTW, the previous administration did not let the stockpile dwindle, the CURRENT one did, stop reading your BS news sources and read real ones.


          1. You’re wrong again Brian B; “Bloomberg News reported similar findings last week, noting, “after the H1N1 influenza outbreak in 2009, which triggered a nationwide shortage of masks and caused a 2- to 3-year backlog orders for the N95 variety, the stockpile distributed about three-quarters of its inventory and didn’t build back the supply.”

  14. What a way to wrap up the comment section, for now. Lord Skiffington III. Perfect.

  15. Above Medical consultant’s is about 40-50, has attended Bob Jones University, but graduated? courses: business or science courses taken? He has been in medical sales for for several years prior to starting PGrx in Edmund, where he is CEO. possibly a good medical middleman skills for procurement and sales. I don’t understand the reason he is tv spokesman for this med on channel 9? Is there something missing here?

  16. Early Outpatient Treatment of Symptomatic, High-Risk Covid-19 Patients that Should be Ramped-Up Immediately as Key to the Pandemic Crisis

    Harvey A Risch

    American Journal of Epidemiology

    If anyone cares to read it the article above, it will describe and lead you to 12 studies of the drug and countries that are using it and have death rates well below ours. Dr. Fauci’s wants a controlled study with a placebo. That’s his biggest argument against these peer-reviewed studies. This drug is not a cure. These studies do show that it keeps symptoms from worsening and lowers the death rate. Leave these decisions between the doctor and patient. If you need protection from your doctor, you don’t need government or politicians interfering. You just need a new doctor.

    1. Of course Dr. Fauci wants that, that’s the way science is supposed to work. Double-blind randomized placebo controlled studies are the gold standard of experimentation, have any studies of it been done using that method?

  17. Clay Bullard-“He’s not a doctor, but he does have a PR degree from someplace called Bob Jones University.”

    Bob Jones University, also what I personally call the Oral Roberts Eastern Campus. That place in the foothills of the Blue Ridge in Greenville, SC where up until 2000, interracial dating was forbidden. The place where women were finally allowed to wear pants and sandals in 2018. Finally, a potential hot spot for Covid-19 in the Fall of 2020.

    1. He’s not a doctor, but he plays one on TV. With a degree in PR from BJU.

      God help us.

  18. Can tbe shit be cooked into something fun?

  19. GT Bynum, in Tulsa, had a decent shot at getting Tesla in Tulsa until Kevin Stitt joined the process. Elon Musk probably thought he was talking to Gomer Pyle (Stitt) and decided to go to Austin.

    Surprise, surprise, surprise!

  20. kaiser news network has a democrat leaning daily news section that has lots of covid related medical news and politics and other medical issues. a bit much to read on a daily basis for me and other ordinary folks. It has many online links to newspapers and other sources of medical and medical technology articles link: khn.org

  21. I read that POTUS owns stock in the drug company that makes this drug. Now you can understand why he promotes it. Not a secret or too difficult to understand. Guess he owns stock in Clorox also. Dont listen to Doctors , listen to a failure at motel management so next time ur kids sick call trump.

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