Edmond Extends Mask Ordinance…That Starts In A Month

Last week, the Edmond City Council enacted a mask ordinance, but – thanks to a few elected covidiots pictured above – were unable to enact the ordinance as an emergency order, comically delaying its implementation for a month.

Here were the details via a Ryan “Oklahoma Rock” Lacroix article on KGOU:

On Monday evening, the City of Edmond passed a mask mandate by a vote of 3-2. But, it was one vote shy of passing as an emergency declaration, so it will not go into effect until August 26.

In casting one of the two votes against, Edmond Mayor Dan O’Neil said he wouldn’t make it an emergency because he wanted time to make sure that the mandate is done right.

“I just sure hope that we’re right on this thing and we’re making the right choice, but gosh darn, I don’t want to divide this community,” O’Neil said.

The council will meet again next Monday, August 3 to discuss amending the ordinance.

Well, yesterday was Monday, August 3rd. Now that Mayor O’Neil has had the time to examine the issue and consult with city officials and health experts, he’s obviously doing the right thing and voting for an emergency mask order to take effect immediately.

Of course not.

Via The Oklahoman:

After hearing feedback from some residents, Edmond City Council members voted Monday night to extend the city’s ordinance requiring citizens to wear masks in public by almost five weeks.

Council members voted 3-2 in favor of an amendment extending the city’s mask mandate until Oct. 12. The ordinance was originally set to expire Sept. 8. During the meeting, supporters and opponents of the amendment dialed in to the virtual meeting to discuss the mandate….

The Council passed the mask mandate in late July, but it won’t go into effect until Aug. 26. The panel hasn’t mustered the four votes needed to declare the ordinance an emergency, which would allow it to be implemented immediately. An ordinance goes into effect 30 days after passage unless declared an emergency.

Council members discussed whether they would consider extending the ordinance in the future. Mayor Dan O’Neil, who voted against Monday’s amendment, said each council member would have to decide individually whether to vote for an amendment in the future.

“We’ll look at the numbers when we see it and we’ll make our best judgment at that time,” O’Neil said. “I don’t think you can ask us to do anything else. We think that we will have some trend lines that are positive, but you never know, OK?”

Geez, I think we finally know why so many people voted for the dead guy in the last Edmond mayoral election! If it wasn’t clear already, Edmond officially has a covidiot mayor who doesn’t care about the health and safety of the olds who put him in office. Expect Kevin Stitt to name him the next state epidemiologist immediately.

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31 Responses

  1. I suggest the Mayor use one of those new Texas Masks. It’s a clear plastic bag covering the entire head and secured firmly around the neck with copious amounts of duct tape. It allows perfect vision while completely preventing any covid-19 virus from entering the nasal passages.

  2. Pious Assholes playing games with people’s lives. Meanwhile, my Dad’s assisted living called me yesterday for an “update”. Eight residents and four staff tested positive. The positive residents have been moved “offsite”. Can’t find any reference in any online newspapers recording this or any other nursing homes in OK. Sorry for the rant but the feeling of helplessness and rage is overwhelming today.

    1. I suppose they ‘called’ you instead of sending you written initial documentation for a reason.
      Several years ago I started carrying a micro digital recorder velcroed to my cell and have made it a habit of making a record of my important phone calls. Incoming and outgoing. I also take it with me to doctor visits. I then simply move them to the appropriate files on my computer. Of course I back everything up also.
      Sad that in these times we have to live our lives this way but we do.
      Best of luck with your father.

  3. So he doesn’t want to divide the community. He’s right. That would devolve into 95 percent of people in favor of protecting each other over 5 percent who would yell and scream at meetings about their freedom to kill.

  4. Uh oh – Patrick is picking on Edmond again.

    The original ordinance was going to go into effect on August 26 (a month in the future) and then expire on September 8? In effect for two whole weeks? These guys (yes, guys) are really stupid!

    “…gosh darn, I don’t want to divide this community.”

    Gee whillikers, that would be terrible! Better dead than divided, eh?

    Do you realize that if we weren’t doing so much danged testing for COVID-19, Herman Cain would still be alive? Stop testing NOW!

    1. “Now, this here ord-nance is cont-VERSAL, seein’ as how people is already divid-ified over this mask wearin’, and what-not! So what I suggest is, we pray on it until the end of the month, and then we put the ord-nance into E-ffect for a bit o’ time while we all gets our CE-ment ponds cleaned up. Jesus will tell us which way he wants us to vote, just like he did with President Trump (All praise his holy toupee).

      Is there agree-ification? MOTION PASSES! Next order o’ bid-ness: can we still shoot people who want us to wear masks in their e-stablishments, yea or nay?”

    2. To be fair to the majority of the council that supported the mandate, the original choice of the Sept 8 date was to bring it in line with the OKC Ordinance expiration date. Of course, the assumption is that it would have gone into effect immediately. Since they were unable to get 4 votes for yes, unfortunately the city charter requires the 30 day delay before it can take effect. The reason the extension was pushed through yesterday rather than waiting until the mandate was in effect was to ensure the extension would be in place by the time it is needed. Basically, the 3 right headed councilmen were being proactive in preventing more dickery from the other 2.

  5. That’s what we used to call Getting Ahead of One’s Self.

  6. EDMOND CITY COUNCIL DUDE #1: Now, we got befor’n us’ns this here PRO-posal about the wearin’ of masks.

    ECCD #2: Masks, like fur Halloween? Hell, that’s almost…[counts on fingers]…several WEEKS from now!!!

    ECCD #3: Jethro, I think what he means is, if we wear a mask, it means fewer people will get infect-icized!

    ECCD #4: Infect-icized? You mean like with AIDS, or the mumps? Or like when black people move here?

    ECCD #5: I vote we make people wear masks, but to be fair, we oughta give the virus time to E-stablish itself. Let’s welcome it into our community, the Oklahoma way! Then after the grace period we can wear masks and nobody will think we’re anti-virus!

    ECCD #2: Wait Cleetus, is the virus white, or black, or one-a them other colors? Because I’m a bit worried about property values, and what-not!

    ECCD #3: Don’t worry, we got a ordinance against the hangin’ of clothes on a clothesline, plus we want you to have them ceder shingles so’s your house don’t get worthless later on, and if’n the virus don’t honor them rules, well by Gawd—-!

    And so it came to be that after much deliberation, the Edmond City Council voted to give the virus even MORE of a head-start than it already had, guaranteeing that many people in the community will die and leave their widows and children in the position of having to sell their homes for pennies on the dollar, and Edmond will continue to prosper, amen. This has been a Quinn Martin Production.

  7. What a bunch of worthless morons

    1. +1 And people wonder why Edmond is hated.

      1. Because 2 our of 5 people are idiots? I figure that’s a better average than most towns. I mean, folks in Norman have managed to get enough signatures to recall some of their council over mask mandates and police reforms. At least Edmond hasn’t had that happen yet.

        1. Don’t forget – Edmondites elected those idiots.

          1. Trying not to get political…yet…but the Mayor beat a dead guy in the last election.

            And, this is more of a personal thing now, since he shut me down at the meeting as going off topic regarding the extension of the mask ordinance (wouldn’t you think a brief statement that masks work be relevant as part of a longer presentation…).

            Anyway…there is a recall provision for Mayor and council…just sayin’

          2. Well, the voters in that one ward voted for one of them. The mayor slipped in past a dead guy. He won’t survive reelection in April.

  8. The fools in Edmond need to read the story about the COVID patient Sara. Then again, they won’t do anything until it hits them personally if at all.

  9. Wherever you stand on the mask or no mask, This is pure stupidity. Pick a side and stand by it. This just makes the whole town and council look foolish and backward.

    1. LOOK foolish?

  10. What sorry excuse for leadership. But who else do you think would be elected to leadership roles in a town that that’s so far out of touch with reality. Maybe they can all go to a mask-less worship service at LifeChurch and then hurry on down to Golden Corral for a nice covid buffet. Once again, Edmond showing why it’s the asshole of Oklahoma.

  11. Full disclosure, I live in Edmond voted for the dead guy, thinking he was the better fit.

    Now, if the voters had elected someone not living would that have changed how many votes were needed for there to be an emergency clause?

    I believe the mayor’s term is up next year. Let’s start a recall campaign to make him mad enough to resign. You have to wonder if they will bring up an extension of the mask ordinance again next Monday, perhaps until 2021.

    Interesting that Covid was a huge problem when the new cases got up to 100 new ones every day. Now when they exceed 1,000 a day we are supposed to relax and wait 30 days before we do something drastic like make people wear masks. 100 daily cases closed schools and businesses and 1,000 we are supposed to pause and take a breath.

    Maybe they will work, maybe they won’t, but seems to be a better shot to try than to close businesses again and totally ruin the economy. I’m not a fan, of the mask but if might help I’ll be an adult and wear one. Time to leave denial now Edmond, you can be angry and wear a mask, maybe even buy an angry looking one to show the man how you feel by wearing a mask.

    And you wonder why we have the elected people that we do, and why Oklahoma is a “Top 10” multi-level marketing business destination.

    1. In many cases, a dead guy would do a better job than the live candidate. This sounds like one of those cases.

    2. Did a little checking and it appears that had Nick Massey or Mayor Dan O’Neil voted in favor of the mask ordinance the emergency clause would have passed and it would have gone into effect immediately.

      Not sure exactly why the mayor voted against the ordinance, but here is his information should anyone wish to contact him

      Here is the information on Nick Massey
      Evidently he is really, really swamped with calls, and it appears he would prefer you email him, and he will call you when he is ready to deal with you.
      I can only assume he is busy with his financial advising firm, and might be there should you want to immediately contact him.

      The mayor hasn’t decided yet if he will run again in April, a call of support to him to run for re-election might be just the encouragement he needs right now. Nick Massey, on the other hand probably isn’t thinking about his re-election plans in May of 2021 but I’m sure he would also appreciate any show of support.

      The Lost Ogle really should invite the dynamic duo to do some man ‘splaining as to why they are of the “they will put a mask on me when it is my cold dead face” crowd, or specifically the reasons. Perhaps they have some information where as long as you are north of Memorial Road wearing masks isn’t needed. Perhaps they are spraying something at night, or as long as you use Edmond water and electricity all will be safe.

      I can’t seem to get in contact with either of these guys, perhaps there is a 30-day wait period before they talk to anyone also. If anyone hears anything, please report back, or maybe we need to get Val at the Gentner or Professor Irwin Corey on the job, as I’m sure one of these heroes could get to the bottom of it.

    3. I think he just wants to give the Clorox a little more time. Rumor out of DC is Clorox and hydro puts a vodka martini to shame.

    4. I also live in Edmond and disagree with the mask delay. But, this does not make our city the worst in the state; I’m sure there are others that are just as guilty, or more so. We always wear our masks on the rare occasions when we go to a restaurant or store, and all the employees I’ve seen in businesses here are wearing them.

  12. And in typical Edmond fashion, the picture of the City Council could be captioned: “Proud to be white and bougie, save for our token black man to mask our obvious racism.”

  13. Guess they need time to squeeze in those outdoor dance parties and en-masse maskless shopping trips.

  14. The Mayor of Edmond Dan O’Neil (salary $167,517) and Ward 4 Council member Nick Massey were the two that voted against the mask requirement. Not sure what Massey makes, as he is a Financial Planner so am guessing it is his part time side hustle.

    You have to wonder if there are some campaign finance backers that could be in the anti-mask camp. Since David Holt makes $24,000 I can see why Mayor Dan would like to keep his normally simple and cushy job as mayor of the place that they seem to believe is a great place to grow.

    There will be an election in April for mayor, so printing up some campaign masks might make an interesting statement. Who knows they might even extend the mask requirement until April of 2021. If you print up enough cloth masks you could have people wandering around town advertising your campaign.

    Could be a good exit strategy for Terry Nease should things not work out for that Washington gig she is seeking.

  15. Maybe the Mayor had an epiphany while waiting for 45 minutes trying to turn left? I’m not sure about that but just looking at the picture of the fellows I’d guess at least 3 of the bunch are as good as dead if they walk by the wrong college kid at the 7/11.
    But who am I to infringe on their right to die, or kill me?
    It’s already coming out that in some schools that are starting up around half the kids won’t wear a mask. When you take aside the 12-15 year old girls who wouldn’t be caught dead in one and they can’t even vote, that still leaves 30% or so Republican Youth Corps who will give their lives to honor donald & kevin& Herman Caine.

  16. We took a trip last week from Arkansas to Colorado and isolated ourselves in the mountains. Arkansas, Texas, New Mexico and Colorado had mandated mask laws. Coming home, we stopped at Pop’s in Arcadia for something fun. Fun it was not!!! It was like COVID-19 didn’t exist! About half of the customers were wearing masks, not a single employee was wearing a mask, absolutely no social distancing and every table in the eating area was packed. We walked in, took a quick look and got the hell out of that COVID-19 cesspool! These guys need to get their heads out of their ass!

  17. How can anyone be surprised by this? This is the same group that whores themselves out for any business, and I mean ANY business, that wants to come into Edmond. They will rezone any land in the area to make this happen. Tax dollar bills y’all.

    Can’t make the residents too mad about mask, because then they may stop shopping, stopping that tax revenue. Then the city would have to depend on the police for tax collection (traffic stops), wait they do that already.

  18. Please, stay up in Edmond, and away from my beautiful family.

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